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At its heart this is a story about finding and creating community, and learning the importance of true friendship and family. It just so happens to be a community of werewolves locked in battle against truly irredeemable vampires. Our main character, Artie, learns about herself, her family, and her community; strengthens her relationship with her mother; discovers the difference between real support and toxic relationships; and has what seems to be her first kiss, with another werewolf girl. All in all, it's a really classic paranormal bildungsroman.
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Artie and the Wolf Moon is a fast-paced, thrilling read!

While the first chapter started a bit slow, the story quickly picked up. I enjoyed the dynamic between Artie and her mom. They weren’t just mother and daughter, but had a special friendship too. She supported Artie, and encouraged her love of photography. 

The werewolf aspect didn’t kick into high gear until nearly the halfway point, but things really took off afterward. The action between the wolves and vampires added the right amount of excitement. 

The artwork is both beautiful and eerie at times. Overall, a nicely done graphic novel.
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Photography-loving Artie discovers that she is a werewolf when she witnesses her mother turn from a wolf back to a human one night. Shifting doesn't come easily to Artie, so her mother reaches out to some old friends for help. Along the way, Artie faces parts of herself that she has avoided and her mother reunites with family. But werewolves aren't the most dangerous things in the woods. Vampires are on the loose and seeking Artie's blood.
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The graphics were okay and the storyline was so-so. I wanted more out of a graphic novel about werewolves. They seemed to be commonplace in this world and it didn’t scratch an itch.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Lerner Publishing Group for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review. <i>Artie and the Wolf Moon</i> is scheduled for release on September 7th, 2021.

Artie Irvin is in eighth grade (which is stressful enough as it is) when she finds out that her mom is a werewolf and guess what? SO IS ARTIE! This story follows Artie as she comes into her own as both a wolf and a teenager over her last year before high school as she meets new family and friends who change her life in a number of ways.

Artie never got to meet her dad, but we learn about her parents’ history over a series of flashbacks that depict their beautiful and heartbreaking story from the first moment they meet to the last time they ever see each other. (yes, i would read a full length prequel about them even though most of their relationship milestones are depicted in here.)

I grew up in the <i>Twilight</i> era, so the werewolf v. vampire story is a tale as old as time as far as I’m concerned, but this story takes vampire mythology in a direction that I’ve never seen before (i don’t consume a lot of vampire media so don’t come for me if you’ve seen it before). In this universe you can’t kill a vampire if you know what’s good for you which raises the stakes of their threat to an incredible degree that never truly goes away. 

This story is a fun, fast, and emotional read appropriate for readers of all ages. I would highly recommend and I’m looking forward to what else Olivia Stephens has in store for us. 
Trigger warnings: images of blood, mentions of death, loss of a parent, pregnancy, mild stalking
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This is a middle grade graphic novel about a girl who discovers her mother is a wolf. I liked this story. It shows issues of race in a supernatural backdrop that make it easy to understand and digest, similar to some of Jordan Peele’s movies. I loved the world building of this book. It takes a familiar bit of folklore are changes it up to suit the subject matter. I would love to see more by this author and more in this series. Overall, I give it a 4 out of 5.
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4 stars - It was really good

After sneaking out against her mother’s wishes, Artie Ivin spots a massive wolf then transforms into her mother. She discovers she comes from a long line of werewolves but werewolves aren't the only creatures of the night. 

This was a wonderful coming of age story filled with family, love, werewolves, and vampires. Artie was a wonderful teenage heroine. She struggles with school, friendship, love, and her new werewolf abilities. I found Artie’s story delightful, and very realistic of how it feels to be a teenager struggling to find their place in the world. 

This was a fascinating world filled with werewolves and vampires, who are their enemies. I loved that the werewolves tended to stick together and form family groups. The vampires were extremely fascinating in this world because they could never be defeated, which was fascinating. This story definitely presented a unique vampire. 

Overall, this was a wonderful coming of age story with werewolves and vampires. 

Trigger Warnings: Artie is bullied at school. Artie’s father was killed before she was born.
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Wonderful artwork and an engaging story that is part family drama, horror story, and action/thriller. This one is great for middle schools and up.
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Artie and The Wolf Moon is a great supernatural story about a girl who finds out both her mother and her side of the family are werewolves, and still grieving the loss of her father, learns how to navigate shifting and her powers while vampires attack in this first volume. The art style was beautiful, the writing okay, and the marvelous queer romance was adorable and I look forward to reading the rest.
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I would like to personally thank  Net Galley for providing me this book for review! Artie And The Wolf Moon is a supernatural graphic novel. The main character Artie is a young pre teen who loves photography. One day she discovers she comes from a line of werewolves. The lore in it is so well done! It is one of the best aspects of the book. The illustrations were great and I really enjoyed seeing Artie with her family! They were great to read about and there is a sapphic  relationship in this book! This graphic novel is a good book to read for October!  If any of this appeals to you, you should  pick it up  when it comes out September 7th!
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Lerner Publishing Group for an advance digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions stated are entirely my own. I thought this book was very enjoyable and fast-paced. I thought the art and illustrations in it were pretty good too. My only complaint is that a few moments and pictures seemed a bit violent for middle-grade. Still, it is nice to see a "wolf/vampire story" being written for a non-YA audience. I am not a big fan of "wolf and vampire" stories but still enjoyed this. There were nice heartwarming moments in the story I enjoyed and a nice message of protecting and valuing those you love.
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I really enjoyed this. The way the story began I was worried that there would be lots of plot holes/things left unsaid but with every new chapter, questions were answered and the world-building became clearer. A small part of me still wishes there were earlier connections ad more excitement/emotion when Artie first shifts and confronts her mother but all of my fears were later addressed. I really enjoyed the Black culture and details within the characters from the hair bonnets to the family dynamics. Not only is it a book that displays Black werewolves but also touches on topics like bullying, racism, grief, queer love, other folklore. Well rounded story with very good world-building and twists for readers of all ages to enjoy.
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I loved it a lot it was so good. If you like werewolfs you will love this graphic novel a lot. I loved the whole thing the story, the polt, the charectors. I def recommend this to everyone.
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Thanks to Lerner Publishing Group & NetGalley for the early copy in exchange for an honest review.

A great story following Artie's exploration of her werewolf heritage and what happened with her father before she was born. It's a coming-of-age story with a bit of a past tragic romance and the werewolves were AWESOME. 

The art style kind of bounced from awesome to eh sometimes. I also feel like Artie's friendship with one character didn't really get expanded on and was confusing because it was clearly toxic but never shown that way. Still, a really cool story with werewolves and family.
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This book both uses and twists tropes about werewolves vs (possible spoiler) vampires and does so in a great new way. I also enjoy the fleshed out characters, the twists (despite being more predictable to me), and the fact that it’s mostly a Black cast. The lore was great and this is highly recommended for middle grade and early teen.
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Cute middle school age graphic novel.   Likable main character with a good relationship shown with her mom with a reasonable amount of teen angst and conflict with her.  I’d recommend for the right age reader.
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Artie Irvin snuck out one night and saw a wolf transform into her mom.  She was so excited to find out she had a wolf heritage that she convinced her mom to teach her everything she knew.  The story is really cute and it is easy to get sucked in.  The story was a bit predictable for me, but this is a book meant for YA and predictability is not a bad thing.  It helps my students learn skills like foreshadowing and prediction.  I enjoyed the book and I think my students will also.

4 stars
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2.5/5 (rounded down)

I thought this overall was very eh. It took me over a week to get through the first half of this digital arc and thankfully the second half was a lot more interesting. I wish it had talked more about the toxic relationship between two of the characters but I don't really have high expectations for middle grades. I loved that there was a wlw relationship in this and I semi enjoyed the series. I disliked most of the characters though unfortunately so I was just kind of annoyed by them throughout the whole reading process of this book.

Thankfully there weren't many plot holes in this which is something I see in most graphic novels and mangas. The story was pretty bland and was a little slow, specifically in the beginning, and then the end wrapped up very fast. this was a semi-short read as it was under 300 pages and didn't have heavy writing but it still took me a while to get through it because I was mostly uninterested in what was going on. I think actual readers that are in the middle-grade age range will be much more invested than I was. 

I would recommend this to middle-grade readers who enjoy wolves/werewolves and a bit of drama and mystery.
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Book: Artie and the Wolf Moon
Author: Olivia Stephens
After sneaking out against her mother's wishes, Artie Irvin spots a massive wolf—then watches it don a bathrobe and transform into her mom. Thrilled to discover she comes from a line of werewolves, Artie asks her mom to share everything—including the story of Artie's late father. Her mom reluctantly agrees. And to help Artie figure out her own wolflike abilities, her mom recruits some old family friends.

Artie thrives in her new community and even develops a crush on her new friend Maya. But as she learns the history of werewolves and her own parents' past, she'll find that wolves aren't the scariest thing in the woods—vampires are.

🐺 The book is a tale of family, community, love,  grief, growing up,  finding your identity- who you truly are , where you come from and how does that affect you.
🐺 The book along with the message that staying together is a strength also conveys the beauty of relationships whether it's between a family or amongst a whole community.
🐺 It also have an amazing story with the folklore of vampire and werewolves. It's a supernatural coming-of-age story which I thoroughly enjoyed.
🐺 The art..Ah! I can never get enough of graphic novels. The illustrations were amazing. 
🐺 The icing on the cake- the protagonist is queer, badass, inquisitive and flawed.
🐺 I completed the book in one go and will be re-reading it for sure.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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Artie and the Wolf Moon is a powerful story about family and freedom that celebrates individuality as a crucial component to community. A community can only grow stronger by accepting members' diverse talents and interests. Artie and her mother learn these lessons as Artie discovers her inherited werewolf powers.

Werewolves, in Stephens' universe, came into being as a family of escaped enslaved persons met a wolf mother on their run. The mothers recognized their shared responsibility for protecting their communities, and the wolf granted the whole family the power to transform into wolves.

The major enemy of werwolves are vampires, who are born from death and thrive on it. Killing a vampire results in more vampires: everyone a vampire has killed will rise when they are killed.

Werewolves in the story are black, and vampires are white, but not every black person is a werewolf nor every white person a vampire -- the story is more nuanced than that. The vampires are not mindlessly evil, either, they are calculating and cruel, and dead set on destroying werewolves for no other reason than they exist. 

Artie is a junior high student discovering not only her wolf powers, but also her sexuality. She finds her first love when her mother finally brings her back into the werewolf community. It's very sweet.

I enjoyed this book, even though I'm not the intended audience. I would definitely recommend it to middle grade and YA comic fans.

I was provided an ARC copy through Netgalley for a fair and honest review.
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