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If you have ever been fortunate enough to visit Fire Island, the gay vacation spot in NY, the fictional Swift Island seems to be its paranormal cousin. 

Part romance, part mystery, and part thriller Swift Vengeance combines the work of three loved lesfic authors (Jean Copeland, Jackie D., and Erin Zak) in to one fast paced novel.  It’s honestly super impressive this book reads like one fluid story, and yet if you are familiar with these author you can hear the different voices. 

After an accident Brittany is left with visions connecting her to a person with dark energy. Pushed to follow their trail and figure out their plan before it’s to late; she arrives on the island only to get a little sidetracked by Toni who is visit aunts after a  recent heartbreak.
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3 great authors in one paranormal/ thriller book!

I've given Swift Vengeance a 4 star.
The story was unique, it was different from what I've read in the past, it kept me turning the pages. The character have real chemistry and they were all well-liked. ( apart from the bad dude, he was a piece of sh*t, but oddly found myself addicted to his character).

It would be great if this book was the first of a series..... hint hint!

Journalist Brittany is almost killed in a motorcycle accident, her body is still healing, her mind is different. She suddenly starts having odd, violent visions about murder, which sends her to Swift Island... a small LGBTQ + summer retreat.

Toni is still healing from her own wounds. She left heartbroken from her breakup with a womanizer that she thought could change. Aunt Leslie invites her to Swift Island to help work in the brewpub, the second wave while she 'finds her feet'/

Although consumed with their own lives on the island, when Brittany and Toni meet, their attraction is immediate but a killer lurks in the shadows, and the only way to stop one of them from becoming the next victim is to help Brittany focus on the message of her visions
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2.5 Stars

Swift Vengeance is a collaborative effort between Jean Copeland, Jackie D, and Erin Zak. It’s a suspenseful thriller romance with a side of paranormal visions one of the mains starts having. Also, worth noting, the two main characters and side characters first appeared in the authors previous books. Brittany comes from Jackie D’s "Lands End." Toni is in Erin Zak’s "Breaking Down Her Walls" and Alice and Leslie have their own story in "The Second Wave." Reading those probably adds more history to this story but I had no problem and never felt like I was missing out on anything by not reading those first. 

Brittany is involved in a motorcycle crash that leaves her with a traumatic brain injury and opens her up to visions that she has no control of. These visions ultimately lead her to Swift Island where she knows something dangerous is going to occur and it’s up to her to stop it. Right after arriving she meets Toni. Toni is on Swift Island visiting her aunt Leslie after being dumped by her fiancé. 

I found this to be an interesting read. It started out great (if a little slow) with lots of potential and sort of devolved about halfway in. Let me start with the thriller aspect. This has sporadic chapters that are journal entries from the killer, so we get their viewpoint on things. While I enjoyed the end, the build up took a long time to begin. I kept feeling like I was just waiting for something to happen and not much ever did.  It’s apparent things are escalating mentally from the journal entries for the them but they never actually do anything. They just kind of sit and wait for months? Why? It never made sense why we had to wait so long for anything to happen. Then the motivation behind everything seemed a little far-fetched and it was hard for me to buy into it. 

Onto the romance side. I’ll admit I liked it at first, I liked both Brittany and Toni. Brittany is a relatable character. She’s not sure if she really believes in these visions or if she’s going crazy. She heads to Swift Island to hopefully get answers so she can move on. Toni, even though she’s heartbroken and clearly has trust issues, I still found her to be likable and was rooting for them as a couple at first. However, after a while it was apparent to me that Toni was judgmental and really immature. And it was truly hard for me to forgive her for her actions toward the end. I’m not sure I ever really did honestly. By the end I was no longer invested in their relationship. 

I recommend reading other reviews. Others seemed to enjoy this quite a bit more than I did. 

I received an ARC from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A very interesting read. I enjoyed Swift Vengeance although it did feel a bit unrealistic at times. I just decided to go with it and ended up being utterly enthralled and amused throughout. I wasn't bored for a single moment.  It was a relatively fast-paced book and I found myself rooting for the two main characters from the very start. It's nice to see some proper romance in a mystery / suspense novel,  I would definitely recommend this read.
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This book caught my interest from the first page. It's exciting, engaging and anxiety provoking with the creepy suspenseful storyline. I enjoyed all of the characters, each with their own quirks or issues. The scenic descriptions were well done and created an  immersive experience. I loved this book so much I bought it! I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I started this wondering how it worked with three writers? Did they do a chapter each, did one write and others rewrite, did they each have a character? I’d got about ten pages in and stopped wondering as I was swept up in the story. This is a crime novel with many layers and good character development - both the main characters and the ancillary background ones. The romance is will they, won’t they but it feels “real” as each woman struggles with their baggage and secrets. Brittany has survived a near fatal accident but as a result now gets “visions”, and Toni has just been dumped by the woman she thought would be the love of her life. They both pitch up on Swift Island and help each other through their “healing”.

The island, it’s inhabitants and the pub/diner run by Toni’s aunts are all great parts of the narrative with the island and it’s idiosyncrasies almost another character in the story. The book is well written and seamless and the end is satisfying if a little beyond belief. This is fiction after all and it is good storytelling.

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley in return for an honest review.
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Brittany is almost killed in a bike accident. Months later she start to have these visions, she can feel the darkness by whoever it is she can sense. So when one of her visions mentions the name of an island she travels there because she feels someone is in danger and she needs to save them. She meets Toni who is a bar tender living with her aunts whilst recovering from heart break. The pull between the two women is so strong almost love at first sight. But the longer Brittany spends eith Toni and her aunts the longer she is certain the person she needs to protect 

I went into this book with absolutely no idea what it was  about and when I realised it was about physic power but I was pleasantly surprised!! 
Both of our leading ladies are recovering from serious heart ache. Brittany has had such a life change with her accident and no longer feels like herself. She arrives on swift Island almost with zero hope that she's actually really physic because she never was and she never believed in such things. 
Toni has been dumped by her fiancé, she had run off with her and found herself dumped and alone in a city she didn't know. So she has moved in with her super trendy aunts to heal. She is a mess and last thing she expected was for Brittany to walk into her life. 

This book is a great mystery which takes the reader on an unexpected journey. I managed to feel every emotions throughout. 
Also the LGBTQ+ elements of swift isand is amazing  I have never read a book that so openly talks about lesbian relationships with no bias or judgement or making it into soft porn. if you are interested in books written about the community then this is it!! I want to move go swift Island as it is known as the ldsbian Island! 

All in all I just loved  this book. The mystery element is written so well  actually the whole book is written really well. It's so intriguing. I managed to get through it in one sit in. I loved it! It's one of these a good review could spoil the entire book, so this is as best as I can do. But i will say this is one of my favourite books of 2021.

Thanks to netgalley, the author and publishers for the advanced digital copy in exchange for my fair and honest opinions.
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‘Swift Vengeance’ is the product of three incredibly talented writers who have pooled their individual strengths into an intriguing and original plotline.
Brittany is a journalist still healing from a terrible motorcycle accident and Toni is still reeling from a broken heart; both women seek solace on Swift Island. Since her accident Brittany has been having visions of violent actions and is drawn to the Island in the belief she can find the person she is explicitly linked with. Toni feels as though she is running from the humiliation of a broken down relationship with someone she knew was bad news; her aunt and wife have made a wonderful life and business and so feels like the perfect place to escape to. 
These three writers are known for creating excellent chemistry between their characters and this book is no different but what I loved about their story is the new twist on a thriller. The paranormal aspect felt really well tied in and the three writers worked together seamlessly throughout. 
At times it conveys a sparkling romance and at others it evolves into a creepy, atmospheric suspense; an excellent story of vengeance and redemption.
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Wow! this is a psychological thriller, mystery slash romance. Its well written and the characters are fully developed and likeable. The scenery is absolutely amazing. It was an amazing read and quite a page turner.  I totally enjoyed this one. I definitely recommend. 4.5 stars.

I received an ARC copy from the publisher Bold Strokes Books Inc via NetGalley for my honest review.
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This book is like the best part of each author in one thrilling book. I realised that these authors played to their strengths and together created one hell of a story. Jackie D’s chilling and exciting storyline, Jean Copeland’s character development and fun dialogue and Erin Zak’s romance and chemistry skills. I was still dizzy a day later after devouring this to 3 am. 

I recently did a Podcast with these authors (The Weekly Wine Down), and I learned a lot about the background of how this book came to life. On the second reading of the book last night, I realised that after knowing how the authors wrote the book, there were small signs in the sections that they all wrote separately, and I think that made me love it more. I’ll post the link to the Podcast below. 

I loved that the authors brought characters from their previous works. That was really fun and was like a little update, and when someone like me who loves epilogues so much gets more from books that I love, then it’s like a big hug. Kudos ladies!

For me, the romance between Toni and Brittany had me so invested. And I just felt so taken by them both. There was some genuine swoon happening with all the romance and them falling for each other. A few times, I almost forgot a murderer was lurking in the background. Then boom, the scary, twisted chapter would happen, and I’d be back to terrified for these characters. 

I will say this knowing what I know from the inner thoughts of the serial killer and the reasons they wanted to hurt someone really can chill you to the bone. But then feeling sorry for said murderer because of the gruesome things that happened to them as a child… Well that stays with you for days. It still makes me shiver.

Jude hit the nail on the head with the character chemistry! The only thing I’d add is the sex scenes are hot, and even I was left a little hot under the collar!

This book has a little bit of everything. It was amazing to go between the psychological thriller aspect, the epic romance, and the sexiest of sex scenes. It was a rollercoaster ride. Go grab a copy and enjoy this Scary Rom-Com (Thanks, Stacey)!!!
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Three authors writing a book together is pretty awesome and I found it to be seamless. This book is a mystery combined with a romance.  I loved the descriptions of the town and could totally see myself vacationing there. Being able to be in the head of the bad guy added to the suspense. I didn’t find the romance between our two mains to be very convincing: I just didn’t feel the chemistry between the two. Overall this was a good read if you’re looking for some suspense mixed with a bit of romance.
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It must be a challenge to write a book with 3 authors working on it, add that to the fact that each of them uses characters from their own previous books and the challenge multiplies I think. Taking that into account I think they did an admirable job, the premise with Brittany being connected to the mind of a serial killer and ending up on Swift Island to try and stop them is an interesting one. The thrilleresque aspect of the book is rather well done, even though you probably figure out the identity pretty soon, the chapters in the killers POV keeps your attention and the it leads to a rather good ending.
The setting is lovely and made me want to pack my bags and head to Swift Island (as long as I can avoid storms and killers). 
Yet overall I am sorry to say that while this book is slightly better than average, it's not as good as it could have potential been and  for me it's because of the main characters. I liked Alice and Leslie as the quirky aunts with a great love story, but they didn't have their own distinctive voices and I found myself mixing them up when reading. Toni and Brittany are, at times, a very sweet couple but there is not much depth to their relationship and I didn't find them all that likeable, especially Toni. That lack of connection with the main characters kept me from enjoying the romance part of this story. 
As a reader you are not taking too big a risk picking up this book though, it might be that the connection is there for you and even it's not, this collaborative effort is still good enough to enjoy.

***An ARC was provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review ***
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I love a good psychological thriller, especially if it comes with a lovely romance. Add in a touch of the paranormal and a really creepy murderer, and you have Swift Vengeance by Jean Copeland, Jackie D., and Erin Zak.

There are actually two lesbian couples in this novel. The two main characters are Brittany and Toni. Brittany is recovering from a motorcycle accident that almost killed her, and Toni is trying to get over the trauma of her girlfriend leaving her. The other couple in the story is Toni’s aunt Leslie and her partner Alice who have reconnected after many years apart. Leslie and Alice now run a pub called Second Wave on Swift Island, an LGBTQ+ summer vacation spot. All four women end up meeting at the pub, but there is another person on Swift Island that is there to kill someone…and Brittany seems to be connected to this killer in some paranormal fashion.

This tale is definitely a page turner. The three authors did an excellent job of creating a story filled with tension, psychological thrills, and danger. Then they expertly wove not one, but two love stories into the book. All of the characters are well-developed, and the setting is gorgeous. I want to go to a vacation spot like Swift Island, minus the killer of course. 

The way the story is written, we get to see inside the heads of not only Brittany and Toni, but the murderer as well. I’m not sure which author wrote the killer’s thoughts, but whoever it was, they did a magnificent job. I had chills reading those sections. It really showcased the hatred, danger, and insanity inside this person.
If you are looking for a dramatic, dangerous, tension-filled read with not one but two romantic couples and a touch of the paranormal, then Swift Vengeance might be the book for you. I enjoyed it, chills and all.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.
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Really good book. I actually thought that the idea of three authors writing the same story would make it harder to read, but I was wrong. The story was pretty seamless from beginning to end. The main characters were pretty well fleshed out and the villain was pretty well done to I really could feel the rage and menace from this character. The romance was really sweet between Brittany and Toni. There was a bit of angst towards the end but just a small amount. All and all a very well done book. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family. I can't wait for what's coming up next from these authors.
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Months after a motorcycle accident that almost took her life Brittany is experiencing headaches accompanied by mysterious visions. She can’t explain it so per her aunts advice she follows the visions to swift island where she meets Toni. Toni recently heartbroken has no intention of that happening again and is weary when faced with Brittany’s charm.

I didn’t love this book but I didn’t hate it. 

Characters- they didn’t feel fully developed. We get more of Brittany’s backstory than Toni’s but even with that I failed to connect with her. There was nothing that made me feel sorry for this woman or wanted her to be happy. Same goes for Toni. These characters just felt so... empty? There was almost no personality and that caused such a problem with this book for me. Toni is described as heartbroken from her ex Penn, but that doesn’t show. She seems like every other commitment fearing woman.

Brittany’s accident is described as this near death experience where she accepted the possibility of death but there’s no lasting effects. No broken bones. No cast. No scars. Nothing. 

I don’t know if it was the author’s intention to present the flaw of Toni being such a self centered person but that just added to me not wanting her and Brittany together. I mean- who kicks someone out in the middle of a hurricane? Especially someone they thought was mentally unwell. 

Plot- the author presented a pretty solid thriller. I liked it. They managed to have me wondering who was the suspect or if they even existed. A pretty compelling case.

Grammar- the writing was choppy at times but now much to be a problem and the dialogue was very bland. Nothing special.

4 stars because even though I could not connect with this characters someone else totally can. One less star because that was my problem.

Book had so much potential to be epic but fell slightly in the execution. Seems as though the author focused too much on the thriller section than the character development and build.

Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for the arc in return for an honest review!
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Thrillers are my go to happy place so the premise of having one character not only develop an ability to randomly step into the mind of a sociopath bent on revenge, but also see through their eyes potential targets for their rage, I was all in. Collaborative writing must be a challenge. I’ve read books by all of these authors before and was impressed with the seamless way this book flowed. There were moments when I guessed who might be penning the scene but then again, I didn’t realize these characters were featured in previous books by the authors. No wonder the brew pub called The Second Wave sounded familiar.

I wish I could say I loved this story but it played into some of my pet peeves, the biggest one being lack of communication. I know the romance side of romantic suspense often uses this device to bring a temporary end to a budding relationship but in Swift Vengeance, Brittany withholds her visions of lurking danger putting the people she has come to save at risk. Fingers can be pointed at Toni, so loaded down with bad breakup baggage Brittany is reluctant to scare her off with her visions. Alice and Leslie also skim over or ignore clues making this an at times frustrating read.

The upside, and there were positives which kept me reading, included the setting of Swift Island and the comfort Alice and Leslie and their brew pub offered to both Toni and Brittany. My favourite character was Madge the Medium who reads tarot cards for Brittany and was the only other person on the island who grasped the danger they all faced. She added a touch of humour needed when the going got tough. The dramatic reveal of the character seeking revenge was telegraphed early but entertaining and done well.

This book is listed as romance and not suspense so those readers who prefer the former may like this book more than I did.

3.5 stars

ARC received with thanks from publisher via NetGalley for review.
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Swift Vengeance is a paranormal thriller with a healthy dose of romance.

Months after a motorcycle accident that almost killed her, Brittany starts getting visions, terrifying, bloody visions. As much as she’d like to ignore them, she feels she’s getting them for a reason and follows them to Swift Island, in New England. A few days earlier, another woman came to the island in search of… something. Nursing her broken heart on the island sounded like a wonderful idea when Toni’s aunt Leslie suggested it, and it feels even better when Brittany comes into the Second Wave, the pub Leslie and her wife Alice run. If only Toni was ready for a new relationship… And if only a killer wasn’t watching, waiting for the right time to strike.

I’m going to start with the one aspect I didn’t like so I can focus on everything I loved: I really really really don’t enjoy having to read the bad guy’s thoughts. I know evil exists, I do not want to live it. I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if whatever was going through the villain’s mind had been included in Brittany’s visions. I would have been just as terrified and probably more involved as I wouldn’t have had to keep distancing myself.

Now on to everything I loved. As usual for me, the characters come first. I absolutely loved Brittany, her strength, her will, her doubts, her sense of humour. She’s smart and sexy and it all comes through whenever she’s on the page. I liked Toni a lot too but I had a harder time figuring her out. Her backstory isn’t as clear, I understand her broken heart but I’m not sure about her reactions. That didn’t stop me from liking her, however. And I loved Leslie and Alice, both as individuals and as a couple.

And that’s kinda fantastic because the two main characters and the two almost-main characters already existed in previous books, in different universes. Toni and Brittany were secondary characters by, respectively, Erin Zak and Jackie D, whereas Leslie and Alice hail from Jean Copeland’s The Second Wave. To be honest, I didn’t know any of this before I read the book so don’t worry if, like me, you didn’t read these other books, you’ll still have everything you need in this one to enjoy it. But I love the idea and I love that I can now find out more about all of them, especially Alice and Leslie.

The thriller arc is solid, even though I wasn’t entirely surprised to find out who the baddy was. I loved how Brittany’s visions played out. And I enjoyed the romance tremendously. The characters are at times taken aback by how fast their feelings grow but their chemistry is so obvious, so palpable that it simply feels right. That feeling you get when you’re falling in love that the air you breathe is purer, the sounds louder, the colours brighter? It’s all here.

I’d love to know how the authors worked. I sometimes had the feeling I knew who had written the paragraph I was reading but I could be completely wrong and I like that too.

ARC provided to Les Rêveur for an honest review.
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This LesFic thriller, authored by three BSB authors: Jean Copeland, Jackie D., and Erin Zak, is seamlessly written. Unlike short stories, probably won’t know who wrote which parts or if they all worked on the entirety of the book acting as each other’s editors, beta readers, copy editors, and proofreaders. Whichever way they chose to do this, it was successful. The story proceeds at a brisk pace slowed only by the occasional (often repeated) angsty moments of self-doubt. 

The main character Brittany suffered a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident. In the process of healing from that, she begins to have visions involving a bloody hand and urgent sense of imminent danger that eventually leads to Swift Island. There, she meets Toni, who is also healing, but from a broken heart. The two women bond as Brittany tries to stop a killer from striking again.

If you love thrillers, then give this one a read – it’s not exactly a mainstream thriller, but it’s scary enough that you’ll get the necessary thrills. If you’re more interested in LesFic romance, this book is for you because two wounded women unexpectedly find one another and each helps the other heal as she heals herself.

My thanks to Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley for an eARC.
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Really interesting concept when you have three authors collaborating on the one story.  On top of that you have characters from the books of those three authors. I think the storyline was ok, the characters ok and the way it was written ok. Brittany has visions and that has lead her to Swift island.  Toni has just come out of a really bad relationship where she was left high and dry in the middle of nowhere by her girlfriend,  she then comes to Swift island to find herself again with the support of her aunties and work in their bar. This leads to her meeting Brittany. 
I actually enjoyed this book despite the fact that I didn't think there was a huge amount of chemistry between the characters.  It was all very nice but it wasn't exactly a book that I couldn't put down.  I was expecting a bit more as I've read these authors before.
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Well written story with two points of view - the stalker and the soon to be girlfriend.

Tense and well paced.

The stalker - psychotic, rage filled. Are they male or female? Delusional and hiding in plain sight.

Brit is a talented journalist sidelined by a serious motorcycle accident. She's unhappy, suffering from PTSD and experiencing rage filled visions that make her sure she's insane.

Toni is a beautiful woman who trusted the wrong woman. She flees to her Aunts for space to heal.

Alice and Leslie are Toni's aunts - they are the perfect example of how good seizing a second chance at love can be.

All five of these lives intersect and move towards a dangerous finale of vengeance and retribution.

Who survives the trauma?
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