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I love this author’s writing style, as she portrays this time period so well in detail and dialogue.  This book has an interesting storyline and great characters.  I’ll be looking forward to reading another book by her.

 I voluntarily received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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This is a new author to me but one that I look forward to reading more from.  She is able to create characters that seem to leap off the page and bring the story to life.  

Anne Fletcher was not your typical debutante.  She was full of feistiness and a desire for freedom from the constraints of society.  Her mother was determined to be rid of her; marry her off to anyone.  Anne was determined to have her freedom.  She didn't really want to marry because she didn't want to become some man's property, as many were at this time in history.  When she is given the opportunity to go to London, she wants to make the most of her time while there seeking for some control over her future.  She was promised to the local vicar back home who has always been a close friend, but definitely more like a brother than a lover.  

When she first meets Thomas Paling, he appears to be a flirtatious cad.  She appeals to him for some protection which he initially denies her.  As times goes on, though, protection and safety is definitely what she receives from him; including a fake engagement.  

I won't give away the remainder of the story but there is a happy ending and a comeuppance to a character deserving of it.

This was a clean, regency romance that does have traces of abuse, both emotional and a hint of sexual abuse.  While a little disturbing to read, there are not graphic details but are probably circumstances what many women enduring at that time. 

I was given an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my honest review.
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Alene is a new author at Covenant Communications and they couldnt have chosen a better author than she. This story is right up my alley!

Anne suffers abuse at the hands of those whom should love her unconditionally. Although she makes the best of life with what she has her journey is beautiful.

I love that Alene brought reality of abuse, of all kinds, into this novel. Some may not enjoy reading books lined with reality but to me the characters become more real and endearing if they face trials.

Anne bears up courageously and Thomas, with his own fathers history make this story unlike any other.

Thanks Alene for the joy, sorrow, and most of all laughter that I found in this books pages.

*I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher but this review is 100% mine and completely honest.*
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I enjoyed the fresh contemporary feel to this historical romance. The characters were likable, and the story was cute and lovely. I would recommend this light and easy read to all my friends.
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An incredible debut novel by Alene Wecker! The main characters chemistry was great! This book gave me BIG pride and prejudice vibes! I will definitely be reading any new books Alene Wecker publishes!
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An Engagement of Sorts is a historical fiction novel written by Alene Wecker.

Summary: Anne Fletcher has never been able to gain her mother’s approval, and now Anne is being forced into a marriage she doesn’t want. She makes a bargain with her betrothed-if she can find an eligible suitor during the season in London, he will release her from their engagement. If not? They will marry.

Can Anne find someone to love-when she doesn’t want to get married in the first place?

My Thoughts: I liked this book. There is plenty of regency drama, quick wit, and villainous plots designed to ruin a girl’s character. It’s a fun read, and I enjoyed it.

If you enjoy historical romance, this one is worth the read, and I look forward to reading more books by this author!

I would like to thank Covenant Communications for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for my review. Thank you.
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I apologize for my delayed review.

This was an interesting regency romance. Anne was an opinionated and fierce girl for her time and was quite likeable. Thomas was also an unusual hero. But I love how he worked on building up Anne's confidence. This book also touched on some tough topics related to assault and abuse of women. I was surprised by the added depth to the storyline. Overall, a great regency novel.

Thank you NetGalley and Covenant Communications for the eARC!
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Absolute wonderfully written book filled with romance, and wonderful relatable characters! This books when given to me by the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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An Engagement of Sorts by Alene Wecker is a wonderful regency romance with a spirited heroine and a flirtatious hero who pretend to be engaged. The chemistry between Anne and Thomas and their witty banter made this story really enjoyable. While there is a thread or two that could’ve made things feel too heavy, the personalities and relationship of our main characters give it a light and fun feel. Recommended.
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When her parents threaten to force her into marriage, Anne Fletcher begs for a chance to find an acceptable husband of her own choice. It will not be an easy task, however, for though beautiful, she is awkward, headstrong, and has ignored the lessons in the etiquette considered essential for ladies of the gentry during the Regency period. Predictably, her progress is marked by a series of social misadventures, but she is lucky enough to stumble across Thomas Paling (almost literally). He finds her amusing and refreshing, and to help her out offers a false engagement that will enable her to meet promising candidates. Nor is it long before their feelings become engaged as well.

That Thomas should fall in love with Anne is rather unexpected. Since this is a first-person narrative told from her point of view, his true feelings are almost as unclear to us as to her. Her attention focuses upon her mistakes and their embarrassing consequences, and even her comments often seem more impertinent than refreshing. Her treatment by her parents and snobbish debutantes does win Anne some sympathy, but she learns too little from her experiences and remains disappointingly self-centered.
HNR Issue 98 (November 2021)
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I thought An Engagement of Sorts by Alene Wecker was a good read and am giving it four stars. I recommend it.
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This book was a delight and very fun from start to finish. I loved Anne. Oh, the things that would go through her head and oh, the things that she would say. I had a big smile while reading this book. My favorite thing about this book was the way it was written. There is humor, romance, great character development and growth. I am excited for this author's next book.

Content warning: attempted assault.
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Have you ever read a book and felt that the main character just felt so perfect and could do no wrong? Well, this book is not like that. Anne, is definitely not a perfect character. She has several flaws and shortcomings, especially in the eyes of her mother. She's not the perfect model of what a young lady should be. She loves to hunt and ride her horse and be out of doors. But of course that's not what she's supposed to love. She's even a little bit clumsy and has a few too many accidents (that I have to say are pretty humorous, especially the carriage/cravat one hahaha). I felt like I was able to connect with her character more because of these traits. She's eccentric and outspoken sometimes, yet she tries to please her mom, but her heart cries out for things that are frowned upon for young ladies.

The ballroom scene at the beginning was great. She does a fantastic job of trying to avoid an unwanted suitor and at the same time makes a big faux pa in regards to another gentleman and introductions. And it just keeps going from there. I was laughing out loud, feeling embarrassed for her, and rereading some scenes because of the delight they brought me.

Thomas is our hero. He and Anne both have several things in their pasts that are hard. I really liked when they started to open up more about these struggles with each other and watching them find healing and taking steps towards fixing what they could. I loved these two together and anxiously awaited any scenes with them together.

Content: Trigger warning...Some spoilers in this section so don't read ahead if you don't want a spoiler. There is a bad guy. A sleazy bad guy. I will say that if you have any triggers towards sexual assault and abuse then this book is going to be one that you will not want to read. There are several innuendos said/implied by this character towards Anne. He also does attack her. Anne is able to get away but this is a sensitive topic. The author did a good job showing the emotions and struggles that would be connected to this situation. But it still is a hard and sensitive topic to address and read.

I received a copy from the publisher, Covenant Communications, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!
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I couldn't finish this book. Although I did like the Hero, I struggled with the historical writing. A lot of things just didn't fit the regency time. Phrases like "passing gas" just didn't fit with what they would say. I prefer my regencies to take me back to the early 1800s. Too much contemporary feels to this book. Thank you covenant and netgalley for the early copy. All thoughts and reviews are my own
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3.5 Stars

An Engagement of Sorts is a debut Regency novel for Alene.  I really enjoyed this story. I liked the banter between Anne and Thomas. I always like a strong female who is willing to be herself and not conform the society's expectations.  There were a few times that the storyline felt a little confusing but overall this was an enjoyable read. Tigger warning there is mild sexual assault in this book.

Thanks, Covenant and Netgalley for the ARC.
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DNF at 25%
I am not a fan of an extremely modern voice in a historical fiction, particularly a regency. I'll blame my absolute adoration for Jane Austen. I want proper language and as close to historical accuracy as possible. Reading things like a maid "passing gas" was a huge turn off for me and took me outside of the potential charm of the story. I think those phrases are best suited for a different audience than I and that was my straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.
From the quarter I did read, I was interested in the premise and foundation that was built surrounding a somewhat independent and willful heroine. I can relate to a girl who likes to participate in more adventurous activities.
Utlimately though, I like my regencies to take me back in time to a much more proper terminology and phrasing. Otherwise, I would gladly stick to contemporaries where the crude and crass is expected.
TW: attempted rape, parental neglect
Thanks to Covenant and NetGalley for the arc. All thoughts in this review are my own.
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Oh my heavens this book is everything! I started it late at night (stupid me) and had to force myself to put it down so I could get some kind of sleep. Debut author Wecker has written a captivating story that was almost impossible to put down! I had to know what would happen with Anne! She was feisty, passionate, and headstrong; I loved her personality and wit. She was quick on her feet and I could not get enough of this book. The banter was witty and romantic and I laughed out loud so many times and found myself smiling. The chemistry between Anne and Thomas was sizzling while still remaining clean. All of the crazy situations that she continued to find herself in just made me laugh and at the same time I was rooting for her to find her way and realize how amazing she was! Wecker has hit it out of the park with An Engagement of Sorts! I eagerly await what she will write next! I received a copy of this book for free; all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Anne Fletcher is a young woman with ideas on how her life should be led, but society, with all its strictures, doesn't agree. Anne has a hard time finding anyone who sees and accepts the real her, and her thoughts and opinions are often cast aside. Her mother is ready for Anne to be out of her hair and decides its time for Anne to be married off. Her father has agreed to let Will, the local vicar, court her, even though Anne thinks of Will as her brother. Anne is headstrong enough to want to choose her own husband, so she is allowed the chance to go to London in order to find one, but if she can't, she'll marry Will.  While in London, Anne does her very best to try and fit in, but nothing seems to go as planned. Renewing her acquaintance with Mr. Thomas Paling, who is so infuriating and fascinating at the same time, complicates Anne's feelings even more. Can she trust what her heart is telling her? 

I really enjoyed the scenes between Thomas and Anne. They were both dealing with incidents in their pasts that had affected them and their behavior. Thomas was such a great hero, and there were some laugh out loud moments when he'd aggravated Anne. I liked his wit and willingness to help and accept Anne and I really enjoyed watching their romance unfold. Anne has had a lot to deal with in her life. She is quite passionate, but also young and her actions show that lack of maturity when she often gets herself into scrapes that could have been avoided. I thought she did begin to find her footing, though, that showed her growth as a person and made her more endearing. I also liked the little intrigue to try and catch a villain and that kept me turning pages. The setting was described with just enough detail for the reader to be able to imagine it, and the secondary cast added depth to the story. I thought this debut novel was well-done and will definitely be looking for more by this author!
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I adored this debut novel. The spirited heroine, the dashing hero. I found the storyline unique and refreshing. It had me laughing, cringing, and swooning in all the right places. I look forward to seeing what Alene comes up with next. Thanks to Covenant Communications and Netgalley for sending me a copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
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For debut read this is great.
It's concept is not different but it certainly is not a bit possible for imagining all that fake relationship to happe in that century

My opinion she should've acted carefully when troubles come her way rather wanting to face them without much of thought

It's an nice read but not favourite
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