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This book was an intriguing read for sure! There were some good characters in this book and the story took some turns I wasn't expecting. The second half of the story really picked up for me and I couldn't wait to see what happened next.

It was heartbreaking that Anne's own family didn't care for her and constantly put her down. I was so happy that she found Thomas, who encouraged her and loved her. I was so happy to see Anne develop courage in this story. 

I can't wait to see what else Alene Wecker writes!
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Didn't finish.  In the first few pages, it was obvious to me that behavior of the characters was so far off the Regency  or Georgian era standard of polite behavior that I couldn't keep reading about such unlikeable characters.  Cannot recommend.  #NetGalley #AnEngagementofSorts
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As a debut novel, I think this was pretty good. I’d definitely give it a solid 3-3 1/2 stars. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the plot but that’s simply a matter of taste and opinion. The writing was very engrossing! I laughed out loud at parts and really had a hard time putting it down. The banter between Thomas and Anne was really good and it was clear they were a perfect match for each other. 
Overall I’d say this was a fun, easy to read book. Well done Alene Wecker on her debut novel!
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This is a debut novel from Alene Wecker and I can see a lot of promise in her writing from this book! I always love a good fake relationship trope. It’s always filled with awkward moments that make me laugh out loud followed by swoony tension that plays on every romance fan’s heart! Alene was able to deliver on these areas several times that made this book enjoyable. There were several twists and turns and mishaps that strengthened Anne’s character. There wasn’t a lot of character growth in her character, and she’s quite immature, but I enjoyed seeing Anne be ok with who she is and focus on her strengths and not her weaknesses. This book had hints of possible spin off stories and I’m interested to see what comes next for this author.

If you enjoy light hearted romances I think you would really enjoy this one! Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the copy. All thoughts in this review are my own.
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For those who like typical Regency stories, this is a good example of it. It has an underappreciated heroine with a controlling mother and a disinterested father, a hero who swoops in to save the day (several times), and a truly despicable villain who remains unrepentant until the end.
It's also set in London, with all the visits to shops, balls, and walks at the park, and also set in the countryside for the bucolic landscape and village life.

I had a hard time with the heroine as I found her to be too dramatic and too prone to complicate things even more than they were, which made for a lot of silly scenes.

Despite that, it kept me engaged to the end.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
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In this debut novel from Alene Wecker, she writes a delightful fake relationship and a ploy with plenty of action! Anne and the hero have a super fun, flirty, banter-filled relationship. As they unite to solve a problem, but each fight their feelings, it gets to be so fun. I honestly never knew what was going to happen next or how Anne would react to anything, which added some great twists to the story! I definitely look forward to more from this author.

Thank you to Covenant Communications and NetGalley for my copy of this book. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I love a regency style romance and this one gets the job done. If you liked Bridgeton you will enjoy this cute romance. The characters are interesting and as far as fake romances tropes go, this one makes sense and is executed quite well (even if you know what is going to happen). It is also a quick read which i enjoyed) and a very PG romance vs the Bridgeton books.  My only qualm, she is made to seem so out of sorts and inappropriate for her family's disapproval a little backstory would be great.
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The debut book from the author. I thought this was supposed to be a light, fun read. There were some underlying issues it was trying to bring light to, but I wasn't entirely satisfied with how it was portrayed. As a lover of Regency books, some scenes were a tad bit modern for me. I also was hoping for character development. Maybe others would like this book if there not as “nitpicky” as I am. 

Thank you to Covenant Communications for giving an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. Got this from Netgalley. :)
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4.5 stars.  This was a fun, fast read! The story was well written and captured my interest from the very beginning.  The first few interactions between the main characters had me laughing out loud! I loved the banter between them! The kisses were sweet and left me feeling all the tingles! Great Regency escape!
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I had a hard time putting this book down! I enjoyed the main characters and you could really feel for Anne as she tried to be true to herself in a time where that was frowned upon.
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Trigger warning:  non graphic sexual assault, PTSD, human trafficking, abuse

Anne Fletcher is making a desperate  attempt to avoid a martiage to her childhood friend, now-vicar when she flees to the city.  The odds are against her, but she's willing to do anything to secure her own freedom., including kinda-sorta getting engaged? 

An ambitious debut novel from alene wecker, handles some intense issues undoubtedly common to the era yet mysteriously "brushed under the rug" in "clean romance". She did a fantastic job being "real" yet clean, and still sensitively managed moments of comical situations to balance the heavy- hitting themes without trivializing them.  I felt the characters could have benefited from more development, and i got muddled about some motivations and plans in the middle, but for a debut work- solid good job!
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#EngagementOfSorts #Netgalley

A debut author, whose writing style was so fun.
Anne, is strong willed, and won't let her mother, break hwe into something she is not. Being forced to marry someone who has seemed like a brother to her. 
Anne makes a bargain with her mother. She will go to London for the season. If she comes home unattached, she will marry the man her mother has chosen for her.
Anne may have bitten off more than she can handle. 
This book was fast paced and a fun read.
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This is a debut book, and there are places where you can tell that. The characters are fun, and there is some depth, but there is some lacking too. I felt that the language was a little too modern, but there was still merit there.  I would have liked a longer conclusion, it was too fast. A decent book for a first one, I would read her next one.
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I enjoyed this book! It was a breath of fresh air, something new and different, and it was well-written. 

It is a sweet and memorable romance, but there are a lot of other things to love about it too! One thing I really appreciated was how it wasn’t predictable. I find it more exciting if I don’t know what’s going to happen next, just like the main character. 

This book is also well-written. Alene Wecker is a talented writer, able to string words and phrases together delightfully. This is something that hooked me from the first page. If you love regency romances and historical fiction (like I do), An Engagement of Sorts should be on your list!

In exchange for an honest opinion I was provided a free ARC of this book by the publisher through Netgalley.
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Absolutely beautiful cover! It took a few chapters to get into the book. I felt the first  half was a little dragged out but in the middle it picked right up, overall this was pretty good book. Anne the heroine has many suitors but she is not interested in any of them that is until Mr. Paling comes along. He doesn't want to fall in love because of the past but he can't fight his feelings for Anne. A faux engagement turns to a friendship and romance! There is much witty banter between these two. My only other complaint was the character of Mr. Smith, he was a total creeper and I felt the attempted rape line was a bit much. This is Ms. Wecker's first novel.
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The cover of this book is lovely and made me want to pick this one as my next read. It turned out to be a sweet escape read. The plot was much like many other regency type romances. There is a spirited woman who defies convention, rich young man who finds that appealing, a cad who wants to take advantage of the girl, a fake engagement, and so forth. This whole story happens very quickly and before you even really get to know the characters the story is wrapped up. It was still enjoyable but slightly flat. I guess I look for captivating characters over a fast paced plot. This was a pleasant read and I would give this author another try.
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This book has a sweet love story. Anne finds herself in many amusingly awkward situations and often leads with her emotions in stead of her brain. Through luck and help from her accomplice, she finds herself in a true romance.
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Wow, I liked this more than I thought I would. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but I hoped that it would be good and it was! An Engagements of Sorts is Alene Wecker’s debut novel and it was a great book. Although it took me a little while to get into it, once I really started reading I was hooked. 
	Anne wasn’t one to fit into society, she was free spirited and she would rather be hunting and riding then going to balls. However as she grows older she finds herself losing the freedom to be herself as she is fashioned into an eligible young lady. When she is forced to marry, Anne makes a desperate attempt to marry on her own terms. She strikes a bargain, if she cannot find a man to marry she will marry the man her parents chose. Anne finds herself in the London Season, looking for a way to be herself in a world that calls her to change. 
	Anne was a lot of fun but it also took me a little while to connect with her. I wasn’t sure how I felt about her at first, but as I read more I started to empathize with her. She was struggling to figure out how to live in a world where she didn’t quite fit in, a world where even her own family didn't know what to do with her. She didn’t want to change for society, but she was fitting that she was running out of options. I wanted to comfort Anne as she tried to find her place. Anne had to figure out what kind of person she wanted to be and if she would stand up for herself and love. 
	Thomas was also a complicated character, but I grew to love him. He showed society one side of him, but he was actually kind at heart. He wanted the best for others, but he also wanted to protect his own heart from hearts. He was infuriating at times and yet I wanted him to be happy also. I liked his growth as a character and I adored reading about him with Anne. Thomas will have to make a choice: risk his heart or risk living a life alone unhappy. 
	I really enjoyed the witty banter between Thomas and Anne. They were such a fun couple to read about and their interactions were awesome. The side characters were irritating at times because of how they tried Thomas and Anne, but they did help move the book along. The plot was really interesting and I didn’t want to go to bed because I wanted to finish the book!
	An Engagement of Sorts was a lovely book and I would totally recommend it! I am excited to see what else Wecker writes! An Engagement of Sorts is a clean historical romance. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher through Netgalley. All views expressed are only my honest opinion, a positive review was not required.

I posted my review on Goodreads, Bookbub and Barnes and Nobles on 07/05/2021. I will post on Amazon and blog closer to release date.
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Such a lovely read!
I'm always a little nervous to start a regency romance by a author that's new to me and this book didn't disappoint at all! It was great! The plot, the characters, chemistry between the characters, everything was such a treat to read. 
Thank-you NetGalley and Convenient Communications for providing a digital copy of An Engagement Of Sorts by Alene Wecker in exchange of an honest voluntary review.
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I enjoyed the banter between Thomas and Anne, but the story was a bit choppy for me. At times, I had to reread the passage to understand what was happening. This story has promise but it just needs a bit more character development and polishing,
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