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An Engagement of Sorts

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Oh wow!!! This book was amazing! The chemistry between Anne and Thomas is fire!! I loved the storyline and the suspense. Great romance, filled with wit and charm!
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What would you do to protect your family?  Friends?  Your heart?
What would you be willing to do to protect those that you care about?  How much is too much to sacrifice to help insure another’s safety?  Is your happiness of value when someone else is in danger?  These are the questions Anne must answer.  Anne has no prospects for marriage.  She frequently has an unbridled tongue, unconventional behaviors and is not at all what society expects.  When her longtime friend and vicar, Will, asks for her hand Anne’s parents are relieved but Anne is not happy.  She simply doesn’t feel what way about Will so she strikes a bargain.  If Will can convince her mother to let Anne have a season and she doesn’t find a husband she will return to the country and marry Will.  Her simple arrangement holds more surprises both good and bad than she could never have imagined.   She soon finds herself accosted by another man, rescued by yet another, and in a sham engagement to protect those she cares about.  This is a fantastic book that you will not want to put down.  I can’t wait to read other books from this author.  I received an early copy and this is my honest review.
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I ended up really loving this! I saw a new author and worried, I saw that cover and thought any author who picked that cover can't be bad, I was right. The cover is beautiful and the story is fun. Writing about a hoyden in regency times is always a fun character to create and Alene did and amazing job of it. I just loved Anne! She was the best character. I loved that each scrap she got in fit her, seemed real and not contrived and made our leading man fall more and more in love! Sigh..... he was so great! This was a great story line, good characters and put together so well! I never knew what would happen next! Proper romance with some sweet kisses and a couple of nasty men making sexual threats at woman.
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