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The Dangers of an Ordinary Night

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When I come across a book that’s set in the area I’m living in I’m immediately curious about it and want to learn more. I no longer live in Boston but I’m not far from it and so I couldn’t resist picking up a mystery based there. The Dangers of an Ordinary Night follows the case of two teenage girls who go missing after leaving their prestigious high school play auditions. 48 hours later, one is found alive one, is found dead, and the repercussions of all that happened during that time begin to play out.

What you see is not always what you get is old cliché but one that certainly was true here. A dying marriage, parental transgressions, and a hyper competitive art school environment combine to examine what happens when these three elements come together. As we slowly make our way through we see the effects of how each one leads to the ultimate outcome.

I found this to be a slow burn mystery where the story in the clues to the mystery is there way out I must admit I didn’t really care for any of the characters but I was intrigued by their story and wanted to learn what really happened. And the ending had a twist I didn’t expect which I appreciate it. Overall a solid mystery set in the city I love.
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This is my first time reading Lynne Reeves, and I was curious about the intriguing teaser. I had high hopes for this book, but unfortunately it never grabbed me. It was hard for me to stay focused because I couldn’t find a character that I really liked. This was just an okay read for me, but I will still recommend it to others who may have a better experience. Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this advanced copy!
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A quick thriller where two girls disappeared where one came back and the other lost to death. It was up to the detective to get to the truth of it. 
Some sections were slow, but the book could be read easily. Though not many likable characters, I liked how the author etched them, making them seem complex
Overall, a good read.
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Reeves painted a terrifying picture for parents that had me rushing through the book to get to the bottom of the mystery. This novel was a can't-put-down thriller filled with flawed characters that will have you second-guessing what you believe and who is to blame.
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Atmospheric writing, deeply flawed characters struggling to find their way to what is right, and a plot that bulldozes along in a way the feels absolutely real. What a read!
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One of the things I can't stand in a book is completely unredeemable characters. If every character in the book is unlikeable it is really hard to keep reading, which was the case in this one. In addition all of the characters felt flat. The story is supposed to be about two missing teens but ends up being mostly about the adult characters and their abundant mental health issues. Overall this one was not for me.
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A thriller with enough mystery to keep you curious till the very end. Two girls leave an audition only to find one of them dead and the other disoriented and confused as to the events which led to her friends death. What follows is the unraveling of two families. The adults in this mystery are all grappling with pasts that don’t just haunt them but overshadow every decision they make. Tali the survivor of their ordeal can’t or won’t face what happened. The police investigating the case have baggage that informs all they try to uncover. The parents on both sides are guilty of more than neglect . It’s heart pulling and anger provoking, and keeps you reading till the end.
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This was a good book but I found it predictable in some respects. The story is interesting and easy to follow allowing for a great book to get lost in or to let your mind wander during. The way the characters intentions are revealed make this book a pager turner for sure.
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This story didn’t grab my attention, I found it difficult to get into and had to put this book down a few times. I didn’t like the teenage characters or the storyline. The text was so slow and hard going.
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So many red herrings, almost too many. No resolution for a main ancillary arc was dissatisfying.

Thanks to Netgalley for the free copy in exchange for an honest review
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How it will end, you can tell from the very first lines, so technically speaking, I would not call this book a thriller, although I understand that this definition may make the novel appealing to a wider audience.
Nevertheless, the book is not to be dismissed, quite the contrary.
The psychological insight into the characters, in fact, the tangle of contradictions that each of them carries within themselves, the attempt to survive an extremely competitive society without losing their sanity, make the reading of this book, decidedly well written, very interesting.
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A small town on the outskirts of Boston. A high school but one which has a good reputation for its performing arts
students. Students here hope that they, depending on their performances get picked by one of the talent scouts
invited for performances and this will be their stepping stone into the big world of the arts.

June and Tali have been friends for a long time, and one night after auditioning for a play the two girls go missing.
Two days later they are found, one dead one suffering from amnesia, badly scratched and bruised with no account of
what happened, other than a man pushing them into a car.

Detectives have to work blind - looking into any strange people in the area, anyone with a track record for abduction.
and the tedious work of detection and elimination begins. Focus on both girls families as always, then on their circle
of friends and their families and small details emerge which dont quite add up. The final denouement is difficult to
fathom and understand but it is very well done in the whole drama of this performance. Because it is a performance.

Very good characterization, good outline of the story. Perfectly unbelievable till it becomes fact a good mystery
suspense thriller.
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I loved the author’s writing style - it caught my attention very early on and that’s quite rare. I love domestic suspense and this one was a successful read! Super fun and entertaining!
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Thank you to the publisher @crookedlanebooks & @netgallery for my gifted eARC!

💭💭𝘔𝘺 𝘛𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵𝘴:

This book is full of domestic suspense! Right from the beginning I was drawn into the authors writing, the plot, and the many different layers that unfold throughout the story.

The book starts off with two girls that go missing, they are then found-but one girl is dead and the other girl has no recollection of the events that took place. 

The book then explores the details of the events that occurred, and introduces us to a variety of different characters, all of which have experienced and are recovering from some sort of trauma themselves. They all have flaws, and none of the characters are particularly likable, but the good thing about this is that they are all relatable to real life scenarios and situations, which I did like. 

The author does a good job at detailing how parents mistakes & actions can effect and influence their children, and those around them. She paints a picture of family dynamics & relationships, deception, and how not everything is always as it appears on the outside. The author also includes the topic of addiction, and how it takes a toll on families and relationships. 

The pacing was steady, although slow at times, it still did a good job at keeping my attention. I enjoyed the twists, and loved seeing how everything laid out and came together at the end. 

Overall, this was an enjoyable read with many different characters and layers to it. I will say that it is a bit drawn out, slow (but steady) paced, and there are many different characters to get to know-which can get confusing.

If you enjoy a slow burn, character driven thriller with some emotional depth and many layers to it-this one is for you!
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Title:   The Dangers of an Ordinary Night
Author:   Lynne Reeves
Genre:   Mystery/thriller
Rating:  3.2 out of 5

On a chilly fall evening at the prestigious Performing Arts High School of Boston, best friends Tali Carrington and June Danforth go missing after auditioning for a play. They're last seen in grainy, out-of-focus surveillance footage that shows them walking side-by-side. Two days later in a town south of Boston, Tali is found disoriented and traumatized by the ocean's edge, while June is pronounced dead at the scene.

Tali's mother, Nell, is so bent on protecting her daughter from further emotional harm that she enlists the help of Cynthia Rawlins, a renowned therapist for families. Meanwhile, Detective Fitz Jameson is assigned to the investigation and dives into the lives of high-performing students who may be harboring dark secrets.

As Nell, Cynthia, and Fitz confront their own contributions to the tragedies and scandals that beleaguer them, their lives turn out to be more deeply intertwined than they'd ever imagined. And they must decide what lengths they're willing to go to protect the people they love while also saving themselves.

This wasn’t a bad book. However, it felt so distanced from the characters---all the characters—that I really didn’t care about them one way or the other. I felt like everyone was lying and hiding things, and some of the sub-plots—like Cyn and Fitz—seemed completely unnecessary and didn’t add anything to the story for me. On the whole, this just didn’t work for me. It was mainly about the characters, as the writing was solid, but the characters made this almost a chore to read.

(Galley courtesy of Crooked Lane Books in exchange for an honest review.)
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The Dangers of an Ordinary Night couldn't deliver everything that I wanted! The character dynamics and entire conflict wasn't as engaging as I hoped and I really needed some redeemability for some of the characters. There are still some interesting aspects from the conclusion that hold surprise though.
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This is a novel sent to me by Netgalley on Kindle for review.  The mystery involves teenagers.  The story is so slow that I had to quit reading several times.  The characters are not that likeable and seem to be involved in so many different story lines that it is confusing.
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3.5-4 stars

I thought this was a pretty interesting and suspenseful read, and I was quite surprised by the ending.

The story begins with friends Tali and June who have gone missing after auditioning for a school play. A few days later, Tali is found alive and traumatized, but June is pronounced dead at the scene. No one knows what happened to them, not even Tali remembers, but a therapist named Cynthia Rawlins and Detective Fitz Jameson are hoping to uncover the truth. 

Cynthia was one of my favorite characters, and I thought the author did a wonderful job with the way she handled Cynthia’s demeanor and dialogue as a therapist. She was so patient and understanding and validated Tali’s mental and emotional state after everything she had been through. 

Fitz was another fantastic character and not your typical detective. He felt a connection to the case after a tragedy that had occurred when he was younger, and I think that helped him relate more to the students when he conducted interviews. I also thought he was perfect for Cynthia, and though they aren’t the focus of the story, I did enjoy their somewhat romantic segue.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty good book, and I loved how dynamic all of the characters were. I was really surprised by the ending, but also a little disappointed and upset, mainly because the reader is led to feel bad for someone they really shouldn’t. There were so many people involved in what happened, but it really came down to one person responsible for June’s death and it’s the last person you’d think it would be. Regardless of how I felt about the ending, I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good, suspenseful read.
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What is it called when you’re reading a thriller and the author information dumps in the last 15% explaining the plot? 

You know like the bad guy says “this is what I did and this is why I did it!” 

It’s a cheap and easy way for the author to fill all of the plot holes that have been confusing you the entire other 85%. 

Whatever that trope is, I don’t like it!! You really can get away with anything with a trope like this. 

Hubby says it THE USUAL SUSPECTS trope and we’re going to go with that. 

This is a classic thriller that’s red herring filled, more of a whodunit than a why-done-it that will feel reminiscent of a lot of other thrillers. 



Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and @netgalley for this advanced copy!
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The Dangers of An Ordinary Night by Lynne Reeves is a riveting and suspenseful story that will rock the reader from one intense emotion to another with each layer of drama that builds in this sleepy little town where secrets are kept out of shame and something far more sinister should it become necessary. The characters are vivid, the motives are greedy & selfish and the real reasons behind all of it are harsh and frightening. They are tangible realities that can and do affect many..,many people, many
families,institutions and little towns everywhere. The Dangers of an Ordinary Night will terrify and unnerve you, break your heart and also make you hope for any person and family that has ever dealt with addiction and recovery. It will remind you of what families are and should be made of and it will make you question things from a broader point of view with a deeper appreciation of how so many of us and those we love may already be truly susceptible to "The Dangers of An Ordinary Night."
THANK YOU NETGALLEY and Author Lynne Reeves as well as Crooked Lane Books and Penguin Random House for the advanced readers digital copy. #thedangersofanordinarynight #netgalley 
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