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The Dangers of an Ordinary Night

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Thank you to Netagalley for an advanced copy to review.
The story starts with 2 teenage girls are found on the beach one traumatized Tali, the other June is dead..  while an interesting premise to a suspense story it falls short of keeping me on board.

Nell, Tali’s mom, hires Cynthia, a therapist to help protect her daughter.  There is a detective, Fitz, who works the crime.  The story is written in multiple narrators but crossing over each other.  Additionally, all the main characters have their own personal issue, Fitz has his past, Nell is starting up with June’s father. There is also Tali’s dad who is dealing drugs and Cynthia has a partner who is not honest.
All this made me wonder why isn’t the story focused on the death of June?  I could not find any one character to hold my interest. Then it became too many people in the story.

The ending was not remarkable even thou there was a twist..
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Enthralling from the first page. I loved the changes in narrator and points of view giving you an insight into each character. If you’re looking for a good read that will keep you guessing and wanting to read more, this is it. I will definitely be reading more by this author and will recommend this book to friends! Highly recommend
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Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for an ARC of this. This is my first read by novelist Lynne Reeves. I was attracted to it as the teaser mentioned "this is perfect for fans of Celeste Ng", which I definitely am. While it is a thriller I liked the fact that it shed light on the many, complicated issues of addiction, even though it is not the major theme of the book but an issue for one of the characters. It was a good suspense novel but I wasn't crazy about any of the characters and it seemed as if suddenly everything was tied up with a knot a bit too quickly.
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I had really high hopes for this one, and unfortunately for me personally, it just fell flat. I can understand how other readers will absolutely love it, but it just didn't work for me. While I usually love a dual perspective or multiple narrators, this one just didn't click for me.

I think for me the biggest issue with this book is that I didn't find any of the characters very likeable and therefore didn't really care what happened to them and didn't have any attachment to any of them, or whether or not they lived or died.

While I think this storyline had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the characters just ruined it for me. The parents felt at best weak and at most negligent. All of this unfortunately made the ending and the twist kind of fall flat for me because I had stopped caring awhile before.

Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this ARC.
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Thank you to Crooked Lane Press and NetGalley for the complimentary eARC in exchange for an honest review.

I didn't have any expectations going into this book, which was great, because i ended up loving it.

June and Tali are high-performing high school drama students who go missing one night on their way home from audition call backs.  Two days later they show up on a beach, one dead and the other in bad shape.  We then get to watch the story unfold while the detective, Fitz, works on sorting out who was at fault.

There were a number of characters woven in and out of this story, with multiple story lines running at the same time.  Once I knew who was who, I had no problem keeping up with all the lines and characters.  I was completely shocked when I discovered who was to blame for June's death.

I especially liked the added drama from all the students being performers, it made it so I was never sure if they were being truthful or acting.  Between this and the creepy atmosphere that kept showing up I am totally sold and hope to find more by Lynne Reeves in the future.
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I think some readers will enjoy this, but it wasn't my particular cup of tea. I feel that sometimes multiple narrators can be very effective, but fell flat here.
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Special thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Oh I really wanted this book to be better. The writing was fine but the characters were so unlikable here. There is June and Tali who go missing after an audition for a play. Tali is found 2 days later disoriented and roaming around and June is dead. We are then introduced to a cast of characters and I easily worked out who did it.  There is an investigator and a social worker who are more interested in their problems then trying to find out what happened to June. The girl's parents are involved with each other and each have, again, their own problems. Tali's mom is weak and unlikable and and her father is not much better. Meanwhile, Tali's mom is having an affair with June's father. Like I said, the characters are unlikable and the story is more about all the characters and their own problems and less about what happened to June. 

Altogether, the characters are so unlikable, it ruins the book and the storyline.

This book was a little short of ,2.5 stars but I will  bump it up to 3 stars.
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Boston-set psychological thriller Dangers of an Ordinary Night is my first read of this author and did not disappoint. I particularly enjoyed its deeply flawed characters, integral setting of a performing arts school, and themes around the destructiveness of different addictions and secrets carried for many years. It starts with the disappearance of best friends Tali Carrington and June Danforth after auditioning for a play. Two days later, Tali is found safe, but tragically, her friend June is dead. Tali has more than enough to cope with, but then her father is rumoured to be involved in the girls’ disappearance. Her mother Nell will do anything to protect her from further emotional harm, and that includes seeking help from reunification therapist Cynthia Rawlins. Meanwhile, Detective Fitz Jameson is on the job, digging for answers. Each of Nell, Cyn and Fitz have their own burdens, struggles and agendas as they search for the truth in an environment of artistic overachievers and pushy parents. I must say, the ending took a twist I didn’t expect, though it might not be the one some readers want. Highly recommended for those who enjoy psychological thrillers. Advance review copy received with thanks from the publisher and NetGalley. 4.0-4.5 stars
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This had an interesting premise, but it all fell flat for me. None of the characters felt real, and the “twist” ending was rushed and unsatisfying.
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I love Celeste Ng and Megan Abbott, and I grew up in Boston, so this blurb immediately caught my attention.

June and Tali are students at the Performing Arts High School in Boston. One night, late after callbacks, the two girls disappear. One of them survives. One of them doesn't. But what happened those missing days on the beach?

Overall, I thought this was a fun, twisty thriller. I enjoyed seeing the pieces of the puzzle come together. I did really enjoy that the setting was in Boston and the surrounding area - I was able to recognize and picture many of the places mentioned, which was a fun treat. This was a quick and satisfying read - I was able to finish it in a day. 

I would probably more accurately rate this as 3.75 stars. Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review!
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Thank you Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read The Dangers of an Ordinary Night and provide an honest review.

I found the premise of the story interesting and it was an entertaining enough for a beach read / thriller.  Unfortunately, With the absence of any particularly likable characters, the plot twist at the end didn't offer much of a payoff for me and I found myself not really caring who committed the crime.
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This was a Boston based crime thriller that did possess a little grit and a little heart. However, despite a strong start, I found it a little too meandering and unclear which left me feeling frustrated.
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Two girls vanish, reappearing on a beach with one dead and one in bad shape. There are layers of secrets and obfuscations and pretense.  This should be a thrilling edgy mystery but instead lacks immediacy or an understanding of the characters which left me uninvolved and disenchanted.  It doesn’t help that it is also a police procedural with little comprehension of actual procedure.  Disappointing.
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Atmospheric writing, deeply flawed characters struggling to find their way to what is right, and a plot that bulldozes along in a way the feels absolutely real. What a read! 

Perhaps the most compelling part of The Dangers of an Ordinary Night is the way it shines a light on the impact of addiction and the devastating choices that go with it on the people who love and try to care for the addict: how they struggle, how painful it is, how little control you have in the lives of people you love if they are determined to destroy themselves. And how hard it is to pull back before you’re destroyed yourself. Author Lynne Reeves has done a real service with this domestic suspense novel, and you can see her professional background and a school and family counselor shine through her writing as she brings this story to life. 

Highly recommend!

Thank you to NetGalley for providing a copy of this book.
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I was drawn to this book by the description provided, and also because, yes, I’m a fan of both Celeste Ng and Megan Abbott. I went into this book expecting a “dramatic mystery” with rich characters and an equally compelling storyline. The characters had depth, and while they weren’t always likable, they were always very human. I enjoyed the pace of the novel, and the many twists and turns kept it interesting. As a parent, I related to Nell’s deep need to protect her daughter and how sometimes our desire to protect can also create harm. Told from multiple character points of view, The Dangers of an Ordinary Night is a good read with a satisfactory and somewhat predictable ending, All in all, an enjoyable read and, yes, a good cross between Ng and Abbott.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This is such a good book.  I think the main appeal here is definitely the story. I was drawn in from the beginning and couldn’t wait to find out what happened.  There’s never a slow pace here it’s pretty much a thrill ride from the moment you start reading it.
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Intensely suspenseful this book is not to be missed!
This is my first book by author Lynne Reeves and it did not disappoint! Uniquely captivating with an intriguing plot that I just had to see through to the end. Devoured this book over the course of the afternoon and did not put it down until it was over.
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3 for neutral, unfortunately I couldn’t get into this one enough to finish.  Did try a few time’s.  Will update if able to finish later!
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Loved it! Loved the twists and turns as both the detective in the story as well as I tried to figure out whodunnit!  The characters were are believable and I felt empathy for those who needed some compassion: and I felt disdain for those characters who deserved it.  I would definitely recommend it to all. I am now on the search for more of Lynne Reeve's books to purchase.
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So well done and so haunting. The twists in this book will leave you guessing about what is going to happen next and I love when a book can do that. It’s very easy to start this book and not want to put it down.
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