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4.5 stars.

Christmas Comes to Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard is a marvelous Amish holiday romance. Although this latest release is the third novel in The Maidels of Morning Star series, it can be read as a standalone. However, I highly recommend all of the books in this wonderful series.

Molly and Marietta Helfing are twin sisters in their mid-thirties. They share their family home and they own a very successful homemade noodle business. Since the Morning Star Marketplace opened, they are busier than ever.

In addition to the noodle business, they also rent portions of their home during the tourist season. Now their previous tenant, Pete Shetler and his rambunctious pup Riley, has moved out, Molly and Marietta find their home a little too quiet. But after a devastating housefire destroys Glenn Detweiler's home, they gladly open their doors to him, his children and his dat.

Marietta has mostly recovered from her breast cancer treatments. She is certain no man will want to marry her so she remains committed to living with Molly. When widower Glen Detweiler temporarily moves in, she takes charge of his seven-year-old son Billy Jay and baby Levi. Marietta is completely smitten by the children and she beginning to experience tender emotions for Glenn.

Glenn’s year has been absolutely heartbreaking as he mourns the loss of his wife and mother. He is lost in his grief and he is barely coping with the added childcare duties. Luckily his dat, Ruben lives with him, but his father’s mind appears to be atarting to slip. Crushed under the weight of grief and responsibility, Glenn is devastated at the loss of family’s home. He is appreciative of the community’s help in rebuilding his home and more grateful than words can express as both his sons blossom while in Marietta’s care.  Glenn is surprised when he begins to care for Marietta but will she be receptive to a romantic relationship?

Molly misses Pete but she cannot envision a future with him since he has not been baptized and clings to his English ways. He is also a little immature and acts before he thinks. So, she taken off guard when he is selected to oversee the construction of Glenn’s new house. However, unbeknownst to Molly, Pete is taking stock of his life and begins making some interesting changes. But will his impulsivity ruin his chances for a future that might include Molly?

Christmas Comes to Morning Star is a charming Amish romance with a delightful cast of characters. Marietta and Molly are wonderful, independent women who genuinely care about others. Glenn initially feels lost and hopeless but as he regains his faith, he finally realizes what he needs to do if he wants a life with Marietta. Molly is upbeat, feisty and caring when Pete needs her most. The Amish community selflessly come together when one of their own need a loving hand. With characters realistically growing and evolving, Charlotte Hubbard brings this heartfelt Christmas story to an uplifting, happy conclusion. With one secondary story arc unresolved, old and new fans will be impatiently awaiting the next installment in The Maidels of Morning Star series.
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I truly enjoy Ms. Hubbard's books and this one is no exception.  I love returning to Morning Star and am never disappointed. 
I especially loved this one because I really appreciated what the novel was about and I learned quite a few things.
Ms. Hubbard must've read my mind and wrote this story especially for me. 
When you folks pick this story up, you'll figure out why I love it.
A lot of wonderful messages throughout this book and I felt sad when the novel ended.
There were several things that I didn't like but I won't give them away. Otherwise, the story was almost perfect! 
Fleamarkets are most especially my favorite! Never know what you might find in there! I've found lots of cool stuff!
Everytime I read a book in this series, I felt like I was right there with all of the wonderful characters that made the marketplace special in my opinion. 
I look forward to seeing what Ms. Hubbard writes next! Hopefully we'll get to go back to the Marketplace. 
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review.  All opinions are my own.
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Love visiting the Morning Star, Missouri Marketplace.  The market was founded by 5 unmarried women who wanted to give people a place to show their wares.  It is getting close to Christmas.  Twins, Molly and Marietta Helfing, are anticipating a great season. With Marietta recovered from cancer and their noodle business booming, what could make the season brighter.  However, Molly is missing Pete Shelter and Marietta cannot help but feel somewhat blue.  Feeling as if no one will want her after her cancer, Marietta cannot help but wonder what she will do if Molly were to marry.  Fate has another twist.  Fire destroys their neighbors home.  The twins graciously offer widower Glenn Detweiler, his dat, and his two young boys a place to stay. Before long, everyone is wondering if a double wedding is in the air.  I love Charlotte Hubbard writes. Her characters really come to life.  I look forward to returning to Morning Star.  I received a copy through Netgalley.  A review was not required.
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Molly and Marietta Helfing are twin sister’s who are in their 30s.  They make a living selling their homemade Amish noodles in a shop in The Marketplace.  Marietta feels that no one will ever want to marry her since she had the mastectomy last year and is unable to have children.  Molly does not want to leave her sister alone, so she plans on not marrying as well despite her attraction to Pete Shetler.  Glenn Detweiler has lost his wife and his mother.  He is trying to take care of his two young sons and his aging father as well as his business.  Grief is overwhelming him.  Then a fire destroys his house. He is thankful when the Helfing sisters take in his family.  Pete worries that Molly is falling for Glenn and wonders if he has missed his chance.  What does the future hold for this foursome?  Christmas Comes to Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard is the 3rd book in The Maidels of Morning Star series.  I recommend reading this heartwarming series in order.  I thought Christmas Comes to Morning Star was well-written with developed, friendly characters.  I love the maidels in this series.  This book focuses on Molly and Marietta, but we also get to catch up with Jo.  Jo Fussner likes Michael Wengerd, but her mother’s bitterness is standing in her way.  Love, hope, grief, community, and family are the themes of this story.  I enjoyed catching up with Lydianne and Regina as well. Bishop Jeremiah Shetler is a kindhearted man who cares about those in the community.  Bishop Shetler is a good man who is eager to marry Lydianne.  Two of the women have found love, and we are hoping the other three will as well.  The Marketplace sounds like a wonderful place with all the fabulous shops filled with homemade Amish goods.  Christmas Comes to Morning Star is a story that puts you in the Christmas spirit (even though it is August).  Christmas Comes to Morning Star is a comforting tale with homemade noodle pudding, a devastating fire, a disagreeable mother, a caring bishop, and three unmarried maidels.
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I alway's love Charlotte hubbard book's! I could not put it down I can not wait for more! I love the cover the title and the Characters evey book gets better and better! she is one of my fav aurthor's!
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The Amish lifestyle is always of great interest to those of other faiths.  It is rather idyllic.  Glimpses of this way of life can be seen in the everyday life of the twins, Molly and Marietta.  They run a prosperous noodle-making business and are content in their singleness which has come to 35 years worth, come their birthday around Christmas time.  A couple of gentlmen come along and throw a wrench into this peaceful scene.  Will they be thwarted once again, or...?  See what happens....

                                                               ~Eunice C., Reviewer/Blogger~
                                                                              August 2021

Disclaimer:  This is my honest opinion based on the review copy given by the publisher.

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An Amish Christmas, what could go wrong. Nothing as this is a very well written and enjoyable book from start to finish. A fun read that I am sure you will enjoy. 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this eARC
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This is a sweet fun read. I loved everything about this book. If you are looking for a book that will leave you with a smile, grab this book. I received a complimentary copy from Kensington Books, Zebra via NetGalley and was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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I have just loved this series and book 3 was a wonderful conclusion, although I wish it could continue.  But  I am sure Charlotte Hubbard will continue with other wonderful books!  
This was an inspirational and sweet conclusion at the wonderful time of Christmas.  Marietta and Molly are the main characters of this book.  These twins are strong, caring and just wonderful despite what has happened to Marietta as she has recovered from cancer but has been a wonderful help to Glenn, who himself has experienced more trials than he feels he can handle. As she ministers to his children, he sees hope for a future, but Marietta feels that she could not be the wife he needs or wants.

It's a touching story and brings happiness to the soul.  A very lovely book that I would happily recommend to others.

I received a copy of this book from the author and NetGalley.  All thoughts are my own.
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Christmas Comes to Morning Star (Book 3 in the Morning Star series) releases on August 24, 2021

I was a bit confused at first. There seemed to be too many players all at once, people I didn't know anything about. This makes it hard for someone who hasn't read previous books in a series. All book in a series should be able to stand alone yet give you enough to want to go back and read the others... not prompt you to read previous books in the series to smooth out the tangle. 

That said, I kept reading. (a book has to be HORRIBLE for me to not finish reading to The End). I was pleased to see that all of the players had a purpose in bringing the story to a blessed Christmas conclusion. 

For the immediate confusion I am giving Christmas Comes to Morning Star 4 quills.

With those four quills in mind I have gone back and picked up the first two books so I can read them all as a series.

Complete post available by following the link below.
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This is a fun book in the series about Morning Star.  It is about a small Amish community where everyone is involved in the local Saturday market with their own home businesses.  This one is about the twins,, Molly and Marietta and also about Jo.  Their romances are fun and interesting.  The characters are well developed and I love the fact that this is a whole series of books that include all these people.  Charlotte Hubbard is one of my favorite Amish romance authors.

I have voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book that I received from NetGalley.  All views expressed are only my honest opinion.
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This book will get you in the Christmas spirit!!!  This is the third book in The Maidels of Morning Star series.  You can read this as a stand alone book, but I highly recommend reading the first two books to get to know the characters. 
Molly and Marietta are twins who run a noodle business. Marietta is a breast cancer survivor who is resigned to never get married.  Molly has a crush on Pete, who is living like an Englisher.  Molly and Marietta invite widower Glen Detweiler, along with his father and sons, to live with them after his house burns down.  
There is also a secondary character, Jo, who is getting to know the local florist.  I hope Ms. Hubbard writes a fourth book to let us know if Jo finds love!
Will the twins have a blessed Christmas? This is a great story about love and taking chances.  
I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author and Kensington Books through NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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Charlotte Hubbard is one of my favorite authors, and I know that reading her books are like receiving a warm hug, and this read did not disappoint.

Now if you've read some of the previous books about the Marketplace, you will be reunited with past friends, but this is a book that can be read alone! This read will update you on friends, and questionable characters, whom we are now about to embrace.

We are left hanging with some of the people we now know, so I am hoping for another visit to Morning Star, and more updates!

This is a book that does not disappoint, yes, there are some sad happenings, but there are several warm and fuzzy! The only problem I have is that the book ends, and I need to close the cover!

I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Kensington Books, and was not required to give a positive review.
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I just read a wonderful Christmas book.  Yes, I know it is July.  Christmas Comes to Morning Star is the third Maidels of Morning Star novel by Charlotte Hubbard. It will be published on August 24, 2021.

Thank you to the wonderful Kensington Books that allowed me to read the ARC through NetGalley.  It was my privileged to be offered the opportunity to read this ARC.  All thoughts and options are my own.

The Morning Star Marketplace was founded by five Amish maidels in the small Missouri town of morning Star.  What would a Christmas story be without a little romance, right?

Molly and Marietta Helfing are twins that run a noodle-making business. Marietta is fully recovered from cancer that ravaged her body making her feel not eligible or suitable for marriage and far from beautiful.  Her sister, Molly and she make a pack to never leave each other.

widower Glenn Detweiler, his dat, his young son, and his infant son need a place to stay after a devastating fire that destroyed their home.  This is the last straw for Glenn.  He has lost his wife, his mom, now his home.  Even with the grace of God is there any road back to happiness for him?  Molly and Marietta open their home to the family.

Pete, the Bishop's nephew and former border of the Helfing twins, returns to help the rebuild.  His interest in Molly also returns.  Marietta builds a strong bond with the Detweiler boys, and they with her.  This bond is strong enough to pique Glenn's interest.

All this leads to the possibility for a happy-ever-after story for these four friends.  

I encourage you to order this wonder 5-star book today.
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Welcome back to Morning Star marketplace. This story focuses on two unmarried twin sisters, Molly and Marietta, who own a noodle making business and works out of the marketplace. When Molly starts having feelings for Peter, Marietta feels left out because she thinks that cancer has robbed her of the opportunity to get married and that she is about to lose her sister to marriage. 
When a fire destroys the home of their widow neighbor Glen, the sisters offer him, his two boys and his father to come live with them while his home is being rebuilt. Marietta enjoys taking care of the boys and her relationship with their father starts to grow. Is love on the horizon for Marietta?  Will the sisters have a double wedding or will it be a single wedding?  This book was hard to put down because I wanted to see the outcome. I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for my review and honest opinion.
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The Helfing twins are the main focus in this delightful Christmas story although the other maidens play a big part. Molly and Marietta are so different in their personalities but both are sweet and kind. Loss of love ones and the need to move on is emphasized as well the Amish love and support for each other and their neighbors. Looking forward to the next book and maybe Jo finding answers. Recommended!
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While they are quite old by Amish standards, they shouldn't give up on marriage just yet.

Mmm. I would live in Jo's bakery.

Glenn is already looking for wife number two?

Poor family.

To be fair, many of us Englischers would help.

Jealous, Pete?

I feel sorry for Sadie.

That poor woman! To die so close to home, and like that!

Ugh, Drusilla needs a hobby.

I know the Amish don't believe in Santa, but he's only a little boy.
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It's nice to revisit some familiar characters and learn more about their stories!   There is LOT going on in this novel--at least 2 full plots plus several more partially developed plots that I imagine will be continued in future books.   I had to pay careful attention to keep everyone straight, but the overall story was very sweet and uplifting.  These are genuinely good, kind people and it's nice to see them find their happiness.

This is a bit more PG than some Amish romances, but a little bit of spice just adds to the fun.   There were some language choices that were a bit unexpected--I'd never seen an Amish man described as "cocksure" before--and possibly some more "worldly" phrases than you'd usually hear in this type of novel, but nothing that seriously detracted from my enjoyment.   I'd highly recommend this as a sweet, fun, good-spirited Christmas read!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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Christmas Comes to Morning Star by Charlotte Hubbard focuses on Molly and Marietta Helfing.  I love both these women and am so happy that romance has come their way.   Poor Glenn.  After suffering so much in the last few months, his spirit is so low and his faith really wavers.  Pete also continues to grow and now has marriage on his mind.  I really rooted for both men to win over the twins.  We also get the beginnings of a romance between Jo and Michael.  I love the community of Morning Star.  The author’s characters are so well developed that I feel like I know the characters.  This book makes me want to travel to the Marketplace and go to all their shops.  I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.  Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington for the ARC.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Beautiful story about two Maidel sisters. Molly and Marietta Helfing run a noodle factory. They sell there noodles at the Market. Marietta had cancer and lost her breasts she feels no man would want her. Molly has feelings for Pete who has not joined the Amish Church he lives with his Uncle who is the Bishop. Glenn Detweiler, his dat, and his two young boys live alone after Glenn's wife dies. Another tragedy strikes when Glenn's home burns down. The twins take the Detweiler family in while there home gets rebuilt. Can the twins find love and get marry? This is a beautiful story and I had a hard time putting the book down.
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