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Van Helsing vs The League of Monsters

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A newly returned Dracula and his daughter gather the traditional monsters (albeit updated versions) of the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Ms. Hyde to take on Van Helsing's daughter and Robyn Hood while they try to resurrect Dracula's wife.  Not a bag way to spend an hour.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for the opportunity to read Van Helsing vs The League of Monsters. Great art, action-packed adventure, snarky dialogue. Does require some previous knowledge to really understand/appreciate the story. A lot of character threads to keep track of and an on-going story to be aware of. Fun read, definitely recommend to people who like action comics.
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I had a lot of fun reading this graphic novel. This graphic novel put new spins on familiar characters which made it that much more exciting of a read. We see a descendant of this famous hunter facing down a lot of deadly creatures, some they thought were long gone. As this tale comes to a close the world get saved from a dangerous threat.
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The 9th volume in the Van Helsing series collecting issues 1-6.  Her world is falling apart, but even more trouble is coming.  I don't know what to say about this book.  You really just have to experience it for yourself.  Sometimes the gender bent series have a lot of fan service and very little story.  This is not the case with the Van Helsing titles.  There is a bit of fan service, but it isn't bad.  Van Helsing was a ton of fun I couldn't put it down. 

Creative Team:
Story: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Dave Franchini, Raven Gregory
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artwork: Deivis Goetten
Colors: Robby Bevard
Letters: Taylor Esposito
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The comic book portrays the event in the life of Van Helsing and how they deal with the League of Monsters. Somehow this comics provides an ample view in the lives of the characters.
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Van Helsing, Liesel Van Helsing. Daughter of that Van Helsing. It’s Liesel Van Helsing vs the League of Monsters. The monsters include her stepfather, her half-sister, a mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, Miss Hyde, werewolves and various vampires. On Liesel’s side are Igor, Dr. Jekyll (when she is not Miss Hyde), and a female superhero archer.

There are six chapters included here. The artwork is darkly pretty, which is perfect for this mostly gothic tale.

My problem is with the choice of characters. Adding every major character from classic horror with a modern Marvel character (Hawkeye) just creates a confusing jumble. None of the minor characters are described other than by name or appearance. All the protagonists have been flipped to female except minor character, Igor. They also look and dress like strippers for some reason. Even the ending was disappointingly rushed. Van Helsing vs the League of Monsters gets 3 stars for the art alone.

Thanks to Zenescope, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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ARC From Netgalley.
With Dracula now resurrected and standing with his daughter Charlotte, the next thing to do is consolidate their power base. They can do that by recruiting a team of monsters to stand against the forces of good. 

For the evil? 
Dracula, his daughter Charlotte, werewolf Lycaon, recently converted Mina Harker, resurrected mummy Xin Zhui, and both Frankenstein (who has been rebuilt) AND the person who rebuilt him, Hyde, the monstrous side of Van Helsing’s friend Julie.

For the good?
Liesel Van Helsing (vampire hunter extraordinaire), Robyn Locksley (commonly known as Robyn Hood), Angelica Blackstone (aka Hellchild, the half vampire daughter of Hades), and Alex Igor (friend, and maybe more than friend, of Liesel, who acts as support and weapons for the team).

This battle will rage and the winner is not readily clear. Can Van Helsing focus when Julie is still lost to her? What stake does Xin Zhul have in all this? Are all the villains really on the same side?

Another solid Van Helsing volume from Zenescope. I’d actually like to go back to the beginning of Van Helsing’s run and see the full picture. Until then, I’ll keep checking out all the best that Zenescope has to offer.

Ages 14+
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Rather cool with dynamic art, great coloring, and a fast-paced plot. It's a pulp read but it doesn't pretend to be more and I appreciate it.
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This is a very pulpy mini-series that might require some background information to fully appreciate. It's a fun little romp with some pulp elements. You gotta give the makers credit for sticking to the use of classic characters especially the universal monsters. All with different spins like a Chinese mummy instead of an Egyptian one and a few stakes in it for most characters. They all bounce off each other and there's some decent chemistry in some places.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for anhonest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Van Helsing vs The League of monsters is a comic book collection all in one book. 
In these comics, Draculas daughter and a newly resurrected Dracula are causing death and destruction with other hideous monsters at their side such as Frankenstein, Wolfman and The Mummy. 
Van Helsing certainly has her work cut out to stop them for good. With help from powerful friends will she pull it off? 
This series reminded me in a way of the avengers. The pages are stunning with the detail and colours used! 
I can't wait to read more of these and see what other adventures unfold.
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Van Helsing vs The League of Monsters by Raven Gregory et. al. is a free NetGalley e-comicbook that I read into early June.

Familial and supernatural lines relay people/creatures to either evil or chaotic neutral sides and very frequently gender bending them from what a reader had expected someone to be, i.e. Van Helsing, Robin Hood, and Dr Jekyll portrayed as females. Couple that with the birth of a present-day Prometheus and combat against Dracula and his daughter, Liesl, and it’s a sassy, bon-mot story where nearly every gal’s a cheesecake.
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Now that Charlotte, the daughter of Dracula, has her daddy back, what do they do?  Why they form a League of Monsters to torment poor Liesel and her few remaining friends!  It takes a while, but Liesel finally wakes up,smells the rot, and takes action.  Sometimes you just wonder about the smarts of heroes and heroines.  But maybe they just are not reading the right books!  This title has plenty of action, plenty of twists, and leaves plenty of room for more adventures to come.  The artwork has a nice steampunk feel to add to the noir feel.  So if you like snarky heroines  beating up on baddies, dive in!

Thanks Netgalley for the opportunity to read this title!
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I had been trying to find a graphic novel that kept my attention and desire to finish reading it before giving up, this graphic novel did just that, I enjoyed it from start to finish. 
The storyline, the drawings and the dialogue were great and who doesn't love a good vampire graphic novel
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An fantastically edgy take on Bram Stokers Dracula and Van Helsing! I loved the plot and graphic illustrations! Van Helsing takes on both Dracula and his daughter and a whole cast of monsters in this installment!
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This is just so not my thing. I was excited about it at first; a graphic novel with vampires and a vampire hunter sounded really fun. Alas, the art style is not my favourite and the plot failed to keep my interest. I didn't get very far in this one at all.

Maybe if I were familiar with Van Helsing before picking this up I'd have liked it more.
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DNF at 21%

i just really could not get into it. it was a combination of the very small text and the story just not grabbing my attention. I do however recommend this to people who love action comics.
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I appreciate having had an opportunity to read and review this book. The appeal of this particular book was not evident to me, and if I cannot file a generally positive review I prefer simply to advise the publisher to that effect and file no review at all.
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The next installment to this series pulled no punches. I really enjoyed this one! It helped relationships had been established and the stakes were so high. It does make me want to go back and check out the previous titles mentioned in its corresponding panel.
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This was super interesting and complex!!

The story and art were very engaging.

The set back is that it felt long. After reflecting I think it's because there was a lot of dialogue, but I understand there were so many characters weaved together! It just made it slightly less enjoyable. I think the beginning was super strong! The story pulls you need. We maybe just don't need all the witty come backs :) 

Overall a really fun comic!
I would recommend it to people how like comics.
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Van Helsing vs The League of Monsters directly follows Dracula’s Daughter and plays out a lot like a big budget blockbuster crossover ala The Avengers or Justice League. All of these monsters are being rounded up into an army with the freshly resurrected Dracula at the helm and his sinister daughter at his side. With Characters like The Wolfman, The Mummy, and even Frankenstein throwing their weight around, it’ll take an equally impressive army to fight back. Good thing Van Helsing has friends of her own.

I think I preferred the previous volume a lot more, but this volume has a lot to offer for fans of classic monsters. When Universal stumbled epically trying to make a shared “Monsterverse” a few years back, I look at something like this done very well and successfully, and wonder what they were smoking? So, if you want to see this concept done right, look no further than these comics from Zenescope.

While these books aren’t literary classics or anything, they are a ton of fun, and at the end of the day, that’s mostly why I read comics. I LOVE these sort of “cheesecake” books with pinup-styled art that harken back to comics from the past, and will support any company that does them.
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