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(actual rating: 3.5/5)

I'm a total sucker for good art, and this really proved that.

'Brindille' tells the enchanting tale of a girl who finds herself in an unknown village, following a forest fire and the loss of all of her memories. She sets out through the forest, looking for answers, and makes an unlikely friend. But the more she learns about herself, the more complicated things seem to be.

The very first thing that needs to be mentioned about this graphic novel is just how absolutely stunning the art is. It's genuinely amazing how detailed and effective the art is, and how easily it conveys the emotions of the main character and story. Even though the storyline doesn't make sense at certain points, the art is consistently wonderful.

Speaking of the plot, while fairly disjointed, it was intriguing enough to keep my interest. I was reasonably invested in the girl's backstory and how it would play out with the rest of the book. The ending, although somewhat confusing and leaving many unanswered questions, was ultimately satisfying to what the book was trying to accomplish and express. Or at least, that's the conclusion I've come to, having had a few days to ruminate on the ending.

Overall, I'd recommend this book for its fantastical storyline and excellent art, and think that it would especially appeal to anyone looking for an encompassing yet quick graphic novel read.
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The artwork in this book is absolutely stunning! The illustrations are so magical, fantastical and atmospheric - they get 5 stars from me! I could marvel at them for hours on end and would gladly buy art prints from the artist if possible.
 However, I can't give 5 stars to the story itself. It was too confusing and disorienting, too fast, we didn't really get to know the characters and the conflict well enough, which saddens me. I'd love to immerse myself in this world (which reminds me of The Lord of the Rings at times) and wholeheartedly root for the main characters, but that just wasn't possible in this short graphic novel.
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The story began shrouded with mystery. A tale of a girl who doesn't know who she is or where she comes from, a wolf who becomes her guardian angel and a horde that she must face. I loved the rich illustrations and nuances of the plot.
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Thank you NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributers for this early review copy!

Brindille is an absolutely gorgeous graphic novel and is perfect for any fantasy lover. The artwork is absolutely stunning and the story was so much fun and really action packed!

It does start out a little confusing but it is definitely worth it to keep reading!
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this book was full of whimsical vibes and was what I was looking for in a book. it was a good story with a nice art style that added to the whimsical magical feel. the only problem I had was that sometimes the panes were laid out in a confusing way so I read parts that I should have read after other parts i hadn't read but that may be my problem and not the books.
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The artwork in this is absolutely amazing, that's why I requested it in the first place. Everything is beautiful, and the fairy looks so pretty. The story was a bit confusing, but I don't really mind it so much in graphic novels? The artwork definitely made it worth it.
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The story is a tad ambiguous, which I really didn't mind. I liked Memento. I can follow. I got Narnia vibes, too. It has one of those storylines that seems like it's trying to teach you something, or reveal some metaphorical truth. Like an arthouse film. I didn't really enjoy how it made me feel.

Obviously, the artwork needs to be shared with the universe. The different styles for different things and the colors were just...listen, it was a pretty book!
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I read and received a DARC through the publisher and NetGalley. Thank you so much! The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Brindille is a fairy tale adventure about facing your fears and discovering who you truly are. The story follows a young girl who escaped from a forest fire and seek refuge in a village with fairy-like creatures. When asked who she is or what happened to her, she has no memories other than escaping the fire. What follows is a tale of discovery, magic, tragedy, and adventure, as the girl discovers powers that may or may not be borne of an ancient evil. She befriends a cunning, talking wolf along the way, and together the two set out on a journey that will not soon be easily forgotten.

The graphic novel cover lured me in. Bertoculli's illustrations are visually stunning. I was in awe with the wildlife details and couldn't help but turn page after page. I was definitely pulled into a dream and fantasy-like world, with thoughtful color choices that set the mysterious mood and atmosphere.

If there was one thing that could have been improved would be the plot. I had more questions than answers by the end of the story. It was a bit confusing to follow and I wished it could have been a little bit clearer with some back story and the characters. I may give this another reread or so, but I believe the plot can be determined based on the reader's interpretation of what happened. Nevertheless, this magical fairy tale took my breath away.
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A heartwarming story Indeed. 

For the first few pages it felt like I was reading a story which is a blend of Tinker bell and Snow white but as the story proceeded I was amazed. We had a wolf guardian angel, underworld creatures, mermaids, battles and much more. I absolutely loved the graphic style which simply caters to its fantasy elements. It was a smooth read, less wordy in comparison to other graphic novels which leaves the reader at ease sometimes. 
I liked how the storyline collected its bits along the way and it's metaphorical representation of thoughts like 'you can surpass your shadows by overcoming your fears'. It was beautiful. 

But this book could have more potential by being a bit more detailed about its storyline and the character development of Sir Brindille. I felt those portions were rushed. 

Overall, undoubtedly, I enjoyed greatly. 
Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for providing this ARC.
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First of all I want to thank NetGalley for th ARC and the opportunity to review this great book.

I love comic strips and graphic novels and I'm constantly searching for new artworks to read and comment on. 

I loved the story of Sir Brindille because of two things. First, the artwork itself is beautiful, the drawings have a really nice and soft aesthetic and I would love to explore more of Frederic's drawings as well as read more of his stories. Second I want to talk about the story itself. It's so interesting and engaging fromt he first page and the thing I loved the most about Brindille is that for once I couldn't guess what was going to happen and I just needed to keep reading to know how things will unfold. And in the end I was super surprised when I reached the final pages. 

Overall, I am veyr happy with this read.
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I am unable to read/finish the book. It is not showing up on my netgalley shelf app, but even if it were, it is too hard to read a graphic novel on my tiny phone screen. This would’ve been easier if I could’ve downloaded to kindle.
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It is a wonderful graphic novel. It's artwork is exquisite and innovative. It feels lively. Especially scenes of the forest and weather. 
Our hero is a little girl and her friend wolf who set upon a fascinating journey to defeat bad powers. A wonderful fairly tale with engaging narrative and wonderful captions. A perfect book for fantasy lovers.
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I received a digital copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Brindille is a graphic novel in which we are thrown into a world we do not know anything of. We see this fantasy world through the ayes of our main character who doesn’t know where she is or how she has arrived there. Therefore, we know nothing either. Maybe that’s why, practically from start to finish, everything was really confusing. We do not gen an explanation on where we are or what kind of things we can expect. 

The main character is a human and it doesn’t seem like there are others like her. There are human-like creatures that speak the same language as her but we don’t learn a thing about them. 

Of course animals can talk too but it seems not all of them. 

To sum up, practically all the story was really confusing, we don’t known what is going on and seem to follow a path that is already decided. We learn nothing about that world and we finish the story with more questions than answers. 

What I liked, though, were the drawings and that it was a fast read; perfect for a chill day when you don’t know what to read.
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I have been yearning to grab some more graphic novels with fantasy vibes, and this book did it!

If you're looking for an absolutely beautiful book that gives off Disney-fantasy vibes (think Fantasia, Sleeping Beauty - some of those gorgeous classics), and will make you smile then grab Brindille. I was honestly surprised how engaged I was with this book. I needed to binge it and putting it down hurt. I absolutely loved every second I spent in this world and I want more. The sketches are fantastic, the colours are beautiful and the story is just so wicked. The story can be a little... hard to follow and odd. But it was a beautiful one, so I'll give it that.

Three out of five stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Magnetic Press for this eARC. 

This beautifully illustrated graphic novel is about a young girl who finds herself in an enchanted forest with no memory of who she is or how she got there. We follow her journey of adventure and companionship until she discovers who she really is and what her journey symbolises. Although I found the illustrations so beautiful (I would literally pin some of the pages up on my wall) I found that because it was quite short it was also very surface level. It would have been nice if the character's journey was more in-depth and their feelings/emotions were explored. I also found that the story developed a bit too rapidly to form much of a connection to the characters. Apart from that this short story was endearing and beautifully illustrated. I imagine a physical copy would be much more enjoyable to read as the illustrations really were stunning.  

I would recommend this graphic novel to young readers aged 9-14 (middlegrade).
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The art in this title is beautiful. Sadly, the advanced copy I received was pretty cut up as far as the storyline goes, but from what I could gather, it was a great title. I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy soon.
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The art was what really stood out about this story. I couldn't totally follow the plot, and I was left confused in the end. I think the best character was the wolf, and I wish the book hadn't jumped around so much. Despite this, though, the artwork had such a rich fantasy vibe to it and it was really nice to look at. The story was a really quick read and even though I didn't love the story, it was definitely worth reading.
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A girl wakes naked in the forest, surrounded by fireflies who follow her wherever she goes. She has no idea who she is. She's taken in by some strange gnome-like creatures, but is soon rejected by them because she will attract some shadow entity. What follows is honestly a bizarre fever dream. She runs around meeting strange creatures and undertaking quests like some kind of LSD trip. 

The dream-like quality of it all does make a kind of sense once you reach the conclusion, and I admit the ending was unique. But unfortunately for the bulk of the story I really had no idea what was even happening, which made it hard to really connect with or care about the characters or the story itself. 

The art is absolutely stunning, no doubt. Unfortunately the confusing storyline made it hard to truly enjoy this one.
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I loved the dreamy quality of the artwork, but some of the storyline was confusing or rushed. The whimsical creatures and character designs were well developed, but I feel the ending was too abrupt of an explanation.
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Approved to review by Netgalley but the book is archived before I got a chance to read it :(
Give 3 stars in good faith because I can't access the book. Maybe the publisher can send me the book so I can review it properly.
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