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I would love to read and review this book,  but before I got the chance to read it, it disappeared from my Netgalley shelf app.  I was approved to access it, so if the publisher is willing to resend me the access, I would be happy to read and review it.  I will give it a 3 star rating in good faith that my access will be reestablished.
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A frail young girl flees a roaring forest fire in the middle of the night desperately taking refuge in a cave where she quickly loses consciousness. She wakes up in a strange, tiny village populated by fairy-like creatures. Her hosts seem intrigued by the sparkles of light that seem to surround her. The village chieftain explains that one of their hunters found her passed out in the forest and brought her back here for treatment. He asks who she is, but she remembers nothing except for a wall and flames. The chief is baffled by her tale as there has not been any fire in the forest lately, and yet the young woman does indeed show signs of burns. Somewhat recovered and dressed in woodland clothes made by the villagers, the young lady asks to meet the hunter who found her in the forest. She asks her savior to take her to where he found her, hoping that seeing the place will restore her memory. But Meliss refuses -- the rules of the village say that only hunters can enter the forest, and all of the sparkles surrounding the girl would catch the eyes of predators living in these woods...

What follows is a tale of discovery, magic, tragedy, and adventure, as the girl discovers powers that may or may not be borne of an ancient evil. She befriends a cunning, talking wolf along the way, and together the two set out on a journey that will not soon be easily forgotten.- Goodreads

The artwork was beautiful. It was breath-taking, detailed and filled with emotion. I loved everything about. The story itself promises a lot but doesn't deliver. Its rushed and it doesn't feel like a complete thought. There are holes in the plot, there are conversations/thoughts that never happened that should have. There are questions in regards to backstories that aren't answered even at the end. 

It wasn't a fulfilling story by any means but more of a foundation. I would like I have liked to see more development because what I read was interesting and enticing. 


2 Pickles
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Brindille is a story about self discovery and overcoming fear set in a magical world filled with talking animals, gnome-like people, mermaids, an evil Horde, and many other magical beings. 

The graphic novel starts with our protagonist racing from a forest fire, over a protective wall and down into the forest below. She's taken in by some gnomish people, but she quickly moves on from there. She's hiding from the giant creatures of the forest when she comes across Wolf, a spirit guide of sorts, and then the journey really begins. Twig, our protagonist, is the only one who can journey from the forest to the volcanic and barren lands of the Shadow Hunters, who have sent a Horde after her. Once there, she needs to defeat them. If she stays where she is, the Horde will turn life to hell for everyone involved. 

This is a beautifully told story about finding who you truly are and coming to terms with the truth, even when it's scary. The artwork is downright gorgeous, reminiscent of Bone and maybe a touch of Pixar, and the amount of story that comes through in the art alone is incredible. It draws from fairy tales for its structure and from Tolkien for its setting. It's been translated from French, but the translation still flows and carries the same tone as the art. 

There are some issues, though. The pacing is a bit erratic, sometimes just too fast, and the story itself isn't very concrete. There's a dream-like quality to the whole of the story, and the ending is especially open-ended, complete with a fade-out. While some people will enjoy that or be just fine with it, if you're going into Brindille looking for a tight storied fantasy comic, you'll be disappointed. Also, the dream-like quality of many of the panels becomes possibly a touch to grounded during battle scenes. Many of the panels featuring the Horde or the Shadow Hunters takes on a nightmarish quality that fits well in the context of the tone, but there are a few battle scenes that feel especially non-dreamlike/nightmarelike, and it can be distracting. 

All in all, assuming your expectations aren't for a tight story, this is an above average fantasy graphic novel. If you're in the mood for a Tolkien-esque fairy tale featuring growth that leaves some things up to interpretation, this would be a good graphic novel for you.
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The artwork was gorgeous but I didn't feel connected to the characters and the plot felt a little confusing sometimes.
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Thrust into a world of similar creatures, a young girl escapes a wall of flame to be rescued by a group of forest creatures. Fascinated by the glowing fireflies that surround her head, the village wants to know more about her, but unfortunately Twig doesn't remember who she is or where she came from. Headed out on an epic hero's journey, Twig fights monsters and her fear in order to survive. With many double page spreads of BEAUTIFUL artwork, the story is over before you know it. Small world building, this felt like part of a larger story. Being dropped into the world is a bit confusing as the reader, like Twig, doesn't really know what is going on. Such a beautiful story though, and I loved the ending.
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I’ve been so into graphic novels lately so I saw this one about a woman lost in the forest who is adopted by fairy creatures and said SIGN ME UP.

The illustrations are gorgeous and creepy and I love them. The story went a completely different route than I’d expected but I wasn’t mad about it. The ending was satisfying too. I wish I could have gotten to know the characters even more—I think this could have been longer—but overall if you like fantasy and hero stories you’ll find this intriguing!
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Brindille is a path in finding the truth, courage, and true self. I love how clueless I was like the main character. It made me connect with her. I seriously did not know what would happen to her! The ending was bittersweet for me! Also, the art style was amazing!
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I was fascinated by the artwork, it is just gorgeous. It looks like just like a Disney piece of art, I really like the storyline and the resolution of the story. However, at some point I felt like I got lost in the development of the storyline, like some part of the story was taking away in the final result. 

Thank you Netgalley for letting me read this book. I really appreciated it.
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Brindille was such a sweet story about facing your fears. The art style in this graphic novel was honestly top tier. I don't think I would have picked it up if it wasn't for the sweet story and the art style. I definitely recommend it.
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Twig finds herself waking up with amnesia and thrust into a world of tiny fairy creatures. She then embarks on an adventure, full of talking forest animals, mermaids, battles and more. This is a YA fantasy story, something I don't typically read. The art style is absolutely beautiful, and for me the best part of this graphic novel. The story was cute, with inventive characters, but ultimately it felt disjointed. I feel like the author tried to pack in as many fantasy tropes and elements as possible, at the detriment of the story. 

I received this title through Netgalley, all opinions are my own.
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I have to admit that in the first time I read this, I found the first chapters confusing and it seemed directionless, dragging the reader on whatever whim Brrémaud thought about at that moment. 


When the story reached it's climax, EVERYTHING FIT PERFECTLY! I had to reread it a second and third time and oh my goodness, even the confusing paths the girl had to go through was by design. 

It represented the complicated ways people sought life's purpose and meaning. The whole journey looked almost nonsensical on the surface, but once it got to the breaking point, the amount of depth this marvelous book showed was so brilliant.

Add to that is the stunning illustration by Federico Bertolucci! The cover reminded me so much of Cornelia hale from W.I.T.C.H and that's why I requested the ARC, but only after finishing the book did I learn that he was the actual illustrator of my favorite issues of that serial comic.

5 stars all the way!
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Thanks to #Netgalley for making this book available to me. 
Brindille is a very beautiful book. The drawing are very beautiful.
It can be seen as a simple story, but is not like that at all. I found the story very interesting. I suggest everyone to read this book, even if you don't like the story you'll like the beautiful drawings.
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this graphic novel was absolutely STUNNING! the art was absolutely brilliant to look at, and i wish i had a copy to just hold in my hands and flip through. there were so many pages and spreads where i spent a long time looking at all the beautifully rendered details in each page. the story is fast-paced and pretty tight, with sparse dialogue. i think that while there was a good deal of character development even with the little dialogue there was. i do wish there was a little more foreshadowing and that the antagonists were a little more well-defined, but i also know that means the story would have to be expanded to be much longer than it currently is. in its current form—very sparse in text and art heavy—i think this is a very beautiful book!
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The artwork for this graphic novel is ridiculously gorgeous and I loved looking at it, but the story itself was rather choppy and also very confusing throughout but especially at the end . The nature scenes are so beautiful and gorgeously rendered, so aesthetically speaking this graphic novel is incredible, so it’s a shame that the actual story is so very average. There’s not a lot going on to really develop the mystery of who the young girl really is and the storyline it’s self is rather forgettable as a whole. 5 stars for the art and 2 stars for the story, this was an odd one. Also, is it just me or is the wolf definitely a fox? That was definitely distracting throughout the story.
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This was such a cute story! The art is gorgeous, with beautiful cool colors that really emphasize the nature aspect of the story. 

Though the plot was hard to follow at times, the art was stunning and certainly made up for it. By the end, I was very invested in the characters.
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This was a really good quick read. The art was beautiful, which is always my favorite part of a graphic novel. I really enjoyed the story as well. It ended very well and I think this is something a lot of people would really enjoy
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I think I am not the target audience for this book. I had a hard time following the jumps in the story and trying to figure out what was going on. I finished it because I received an advance copy to review, but I did not enjoy the book.
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I find reviewing Brindille to be very difficult. While I liked the art style immensely and really enjoyed the initial set up of the story it somehow lost me near the ending. 

In this graphic novel we follow a young women who wakes up in a to her foreign environment, remembering nothing about her past. As the chapters go on we realize that she is being followed and/or hunted by "The Horde", an entity that is never really explained and therefor never really understood by the reader. 

My favorite part of this was her companion, The Wolf and the beautiful art style. I would have liked more depth into certain entities of this story and especially more world building as this would have been needed for me to fully be captivated by this graphic novel.
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I’m not sure what I was expecting when I first decided to read this however I know I was not disappointed. 
The art style was very beautiful and it helped create tension and calm within the story. The calming nature of the green and the harshness of the reds and oranges helped to set the scene and guide the readers emotions when reading the story. 
The storyline overall was good, with a balance of action and getting to know the characters and the setting. There were parts of the plot where I got lost or bored however I think that it overall was a good plot. 
Overall, I think this was a 4 star read because it had a good plot, art and characters but I wish that some parts of the plot were expanded on more to make the story more interesting.
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This was something that I wasn't sure what to expect going into it, and the entire time I was just wondering more and more of what was going on in this story. I'm not sure if this was a translated work before this version or if this was the original, but it was not as easy of a read as I usually find graphic novels. I really liked how this book wrapped up, and I really liked the art style that this graphic novel had, but there was nothing about this that really just jumped out at me as something super different or something that I could see me going back to. 

Overall, I'd say this is a good read for middle grade or younger YA, and for people who really like or are trying to get into graphic novels, but I would go into this knowing that the storyline is very simple and it was a very easy read.
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