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This book was kinda odd and I can't say I was super fond of it. The artwork was amazing and the storyline, while a bit odd, was decent till the end. I felt like the ending was a little too quick and convenient. Maybe it just want my cup of tea but not one of the best I have read.
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In Brindille we follow a young girl who flees a forest fire and finds herself waking up in an unknown village not able to remember who she is. Throughout this graphic novel we accompany her on her journey to figure out who she is and what happened to her. Along the way she meets a cast of characters, one being Wolf who helps her keep out of danger. 

I really enjoyed this book. The artwork was breathtaking and the muted color pallet worked to bring out the mood of the story. I think my favorite panels were the detailed drawings of the nature landscapes. 

The story was also very entertaining and was completely the opposite of what I had been expecting going in to it. I think the author's did a good job of keeping the reader guessing as to who Brindille was. 

This graphic novel was stunning and I am interest to see if it will continue on as a series.
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This graphic novel was quite interesting. The art was stunning, but the story was confusing. Additionally, the dialogues were a little cringe at times.
I didn’t understand the ending. I still don’t know what happened and what it meant. I don’t know who the other species were or what was their role. I wanted to know more about the villains, they seemed really cool.
I believe this book had great potential, but I don’t know what happened in the process.
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In Brindille we follow the journey of Twig, an amnesiac girl that is trying to find her way in a beautiful world of fairies that is on the verge of an attack from "The Horde". Along the way, she will find companions and must uncover the truth about herself. 

This book is just so beautiful! I loved the artwork so much. These are gorgeous illustrations, that combine the colors and landscapes and create something amazing. Many moments in the story I would just stop to appreciate the beauty on each page, and in fact, several moments didn't even need writing to convey meaning and depth. 
I caught myself wishing that this book was longer because there was just a lot of events going on, but at the very end, it all made sense (and I was definitely NOT expecting that plot twist) and so I couldn't help but love everything and find all the pieces of it very fitting. It was really an emotional ending and made me love the book even more! 

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I honestly could not tell you what the plot of that book was. I'm still very confused. I had a hard time figuring out what was real and what wasn't and the little girl main character revealing that she was actually a deceased male soldier at the end just did not make any sense whatsoever. However, I did really like the art style and I felt like it was very whimsical and enchanting, which is why I'm giving it 3 stars.
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It's beautiful artwork and sweet, but it jumps along really fast. Like, just bounds forward, without any depth growing. She arrives and all of a sudden she's just accepted and must do what they do...and no thought to where she came from or who she is? It moved way to fast and disjointedly.
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The artwork within this novel was absolutely breathtaking. It was so beautiful. I loved the way that the main character had such a lovely appearance and I overall just enjoyed the artwork. The only thing I'd critique about it would be the appearance of the wolf as it looked more like a fox to me, or like a fox-wolf hybrid! But it didn't bother me too much as it was made clear that it was in fact a wolf. 

I found the plot really confusing and I really struggled to understand what was going on. The ending also didn't satisfy me, and I had so many unanswered questions about the plot. I think if there were a few more scenes and flashbacks about the character and her past it may have been easier to understand what was happening. 

Overall I gave it 3 stars as the artwork sold the novel for me, I thought it was beautiful but the plot was just confusing and I felt as though it was too fast paced for my to get attached to the characters.
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The artwork in this graphic novel was absolutely breathtaking. Particularly the nature artwork. I could stare at it forever. So stunning. The way the artist captured the glow of the sunlight streaming through the trees was honestly something special. The story was okay, it kept me turning the pages, but it wasn't great. It wasn't terrible, or unreadable, but honestly, read this one just for the gorgeous artwork. 2 stars for the story, but 5 (million) stars for the art.
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I loved the plot, but I was completely enamored with the artwork. I adore this one. On the other hand, the plot was cryptic and unpredictable.
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Let me start by saying how beautiful the art in this book is. It's beyond beautiful, from the tiny details to the massive waterfalls I loved the art work very much. The story starts on a confused note that becomes clearer as we read on, I liked the plot and the support characters a lot.
I appreciate the way sacrifices were made necessary for the betterment and development of the main character as it always seems to be the case in magical tales. It was smiliar to a fairytale but with broader magic having witches, mermaids, memory spirits and what not. The idea of hospitality turning into distrustful actions by some words is seen here and that made me sad. 

Real friendship takes a high place in this book, the fox is my favourite and will always be a fond character. I would definitely recommend this book to all those who love themselves a nice magical tale, the concepts were good here except a few hitches but the art made up for everything that was a bit lacking.
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The illustrations in the graphic novel so amazing and so gorgeous. There were several full page scenes that I just stopped to take in. 
The story was interesting and I liked what it wound up being about at the end. Brindille escapes a fire but knows nothing about who she is or where she came from or why these shadow hunters keep trying to kill her. She journeys through the forrest gradually remembering clues as to her background. 
I really enjoyed this graphic novel and it is 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For me.
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If you’re fed up with books that have predictable endings, this is the story for you!

Let me start with the illustrations. The artwork in this is so pretty! I loved the style, colors, mood, and attention to detail. The characters were all beautifully drawn.

As for the story, I was initially frustrated by how confusing it all was, even at the end. Now that I’ve had a few days to think it over, however, I think it works. The main character is confused about what is happening throughout the story, and as a reader I really got to share in her feelings in a way that I haven’t experienced before. It makes the surprise at the end truly delightful. While I still don’t adore this one, I do appreciate the experience, and I know many others will love it.
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I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Huge thanks to NetGalley and Magnetic Press.
For some reason the story was slightly confusing. However the art made up for it. Stunning illustrations of magical lands and magical people. The art for the mermaid blew me away and the action scenes were perfectly made.
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I received brindille from Diamond Book Distributors, through Net Galley, in exchange for an honest review.

i haven’t read a comic or graphic novel in forever. i’ve missed it. brindille didn’t help, and now i want to read even more of them!

i used to read a lot of comics, so when i comes to how they’re written, i have a bit of an understanding. one thing that i dislike about comics in general, is that they’re all very brief. i’m always left wanting more. so when it came to brindille, there was nothing different. personally, i would’ve like some more information. i’ve read a few other reviews where people are saying the same thing. unfortunately, that’s just how graphic novels are.

aside from it being not very explanatory, the only thing i actually disliked was the ending. i thought it was absolutely beautiful. however, i didn’t understand it! i was so confused i had to reread the last 10 or so pages to make sure i didn’t miss anything.

so my favourite thing about this graphic novel is the artwork. my god, it’s beautiful. i have a preferred art style when it comes to comics and graphic novels, and it’s not what this book is. but it’s stunning. even if you don’t like comics, i recommend having a read just to look at the graphics.

my favourite character was probably the wolf. i quite liked the main character, but the wolf sold it for me.

and i’m not sure what the age bracket for this comic is, but i don’t think it should be for children. there’s definitely some gory scenes in there, although they’re brushed over like it’s nothing.

overall, i really enjoyed this comic. i recommend to any novel readers to remember that a comic has a different format to the traditional book.
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"Brindille" is a story about a young woman who looses her memory after fleeing over a wall while escaping from a fire. She journeys through a magical land full of fairy-like people, mermaids, and dark creatures called the Shadow Hunters all while trying to regain her memories. It's an extremely disjointed story that was mostly confusing, but the artwork is immaculate and very pleasing to the eye.
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Wow, what a stunning graphic novel (or bande desinée, as it's originally French). The artwork is amazing and makes the main character Brindille and everyone she encounters come to life.

The story was a bit confusing and I have to admit, I am not sure if I understood the ending. I think I'll have to re-read this a couple more times to form my own opinion on it and maybe discuss it with some other readers. But it was very captivating from the beginning. A very magical story with beautiful illustrations!
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Firstly, the artwork is stunning. I loved the greens and the natural setting of the graphic novel. Although the story left me with many questions, I am intrigued and I hope there will be more installments. I do wish there was a bit more character-building and/or world-building. Overall, it was an enjoyable reading experience. I felt fully immersed, and I wanted to know what happened next. I especially love the relationship our main character had with another, and I want to see more!
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i loved this. the art style was magnificent and the story was just so magical. this story follows a young girl who has no memories. she lives in a little village and meets a wolf. the story was so fast paced and overall so fun! the ending was just perfect. i really recommend this book!
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Beautiful illustrations, wonderful story of empathy, friendship, perseverance and finding yourself. I was hooked from the beginning, eagerly wanting to find out what this young girl had to remember in order to survive and defeat the Horde. Highly recommend. Thank you for this ARC.
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I received a copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This had me intrigued from the beginning and the story kept my interest all the way through. There are so many mysteries surrounding Twigs identity, her purpose, and her powers. Why is she being hunted, how did she even end up in this world? Not all of these questions are answered but it leaves lots of material for a next installment. 

I really liked it though there were places where it was hard to follow. Some of the dialogue with the wolf seemed to jump around and skip over some important details, presuming the reader knew the history about what the conversation was about. 

The artwork and the characters were great. I’m definitely keen to read  the next one.
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