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Brindille by Frederic Brremaud is a beautifully illustrated epic high fantasy comic. If you liked Bone, chances are you will like this one. 

I will admit straight off this is less of my style, I like more cosy fantasy, setting themselves right on the shoulder of their main character, beating with the same heart. I’m more about feelings and personalisation than high adventure.

The illustrations are very pretty, smooth and elegant, not quite my style (I like it a little less clean in general) but it drew me in and I'm sure many will love it as well as the very neat colonisation.  Each page is really beautifully constructed. I loved the sketchbook at the end and was very happy it was there.

The ending was interesting too in its own way and unexpected. And I think the only reason I didn't like it more is just that it's not a genre I usually enjoy, more a reflection on me than on the work.
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Brindille by Frederic Brremaud is a stunningly beautiful and creative graphic novel that will appeal to fans of Jeff Smith's Bone series and Studio Ghibli films.  I was enraptured from the first page when I encountered the art for the first time.  The details in the backgrounds are realistic and beautiful.  I can tell the artist spent a lot of time working on them, and that is no easy feat.  The story itself revolves around a girl who wakes up in a forest with fairy-like creatures surrounding her and no memory of how she got there.  

The art reminded me of some of the best Studio Ghibli films, such as The Secret Life of Arietty, with its amazingly details backgrounds and dwarf-like characters.  The art and story also reminded me a lot of Jeff Smith's Bone series with the interplay between humans and other magical creatures.  Also, after the halfway point, the story gets progressively darker with villains and dangers introduced.  Although it may appear like a children's graphic novel, I would instead recommend it for teens 13+ due to some scary scenes and a non-graphic scene where the protagonist appears without clothes.

Overall, Bridille is a very creative graphic novel that impressed me with its fantastical elements and stunning art style. If you're intrigued by the description or if you're looking for a fantasy graphic novel that will remind you of a Studio Ghibli film, then you won't regret checking out this book when it comes out in June!
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I don't even know where to begin.  The illustration of the story alone was beautiful. Each piece of the story unraveled most beautifully, depicting the journey of "Twig" with Wolf at her side.  I was literally in awe of the illustration and the physical emotions depicted of the characters as the truth was told of Twig's story.

When I first began the story, it reminded me of a mix between Snow White and Thumbelina.  It's a story of a character being lost and trying to find out where they came from, taking a journey to find the truth.  The way Frederic depicted the story of 'Twig' and their journey from being lost to finding out their truth was absolutely breathtaking. The colors were so pleasant to see on screen, and each character brought the story and truth together to the beautifully wrapped up ending.  Were tears shed at the end? Yes. I won't deny that.

I highly recommend this beautiful graphic novel for those of you who want to go on a journey to discover the truth, with ups and downs, raw emotions, and beautifully depicted illustrations.  Each page was beautifully displayed, and the story itself was something I wish I could put into words.
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3.5 is my actual rating, but my eyes forbid me to give this less than 4 stars, so I rounded up because this has the second best illustrations with the most striking colour palette I’ve ever seen and for that alone nobody should hesitate to buy one for themselves and maybe for someone who reminds them the magical times they spent together. This can be such a cool gift. I just want to rip all of these electronic pictures aggressively and hang them on my wall. 

Aside from illustrations being fantastic, stunning, breathtaking, there is hardly any interesting plot i’m afraid. It was a nice adventure nonetheless and I loved that it’s set in the forest mostly and the friendship between the wolf and Twig gives all kinds of warm feelings.
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by Frederic Brremaud

I loved the art so mush, the story was sweet and reminded me a lot of the lord of the rings. 
the world the artiest has skillfully drawn is breath taking as you follow twig and wolf as they face their last battle.
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The artwork was beyond beautiful and i loved the story. From the start you know everything has double meanings and that you had to read between the line in some parts. I felt sorry for the stag and would have preferred to have more answers.
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Our main character wakes up in a forest without remembering anything. No one recognizes her and she insists that she was caugh in a fire.  It is not until a wolf decides to help her that the story trully starts.

While the plot and story was not something incredible, the art style was exquisite. Never have I seen such beautiful drawings. The colors were chosen perfectly and I ended up in awe.
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Muchas gracias Netgalley por el envío de la copia digital a cambio de una reseña honesta. 

Sinceramente, no me esperaba NADA de lo que he leído durante toda la novela gráfica. Lo que comencé leyendo con las expectativas de encontrarme con una historia para niños terminó siendo una historia reflexiva sobre la vida y la muerte; lo que hay más allá después de que nuestra alma deja nuestro cuerpo. 

Aún no encuentro las palabras adecuadas para describir con exactitud esta novela gráfica pero sí puedo decir que es una hermosa sorpresa. Tiene fantasía, una bonita amistad y un gran plot twist que resulta ser el climax de la historia.
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Brindille is a standalone Graphic Novel by Frederic Brremaud and it follows a young girl who flees a forest fire in the middle of the night and escapes into the dark and hostile forest. The girl finds herself in a tiny village with gentle fairy-like creatures who attempt to nurse her back to health. She appears to have no recollection other than the fire, not knowing who she is or where she came from. She pleads with the villagers to lead her to the place they found her, but they explain that it is forbidden to go into the woods as there are predators lurking in the shadows, and the bright sparkles floating over her head would give her away.

In her journey, the girls learns more about the magic world around her, befriends a  knowing and kind wolf, and discovers the truth about her self during her journey. Brindille is a story full of adventure, magic, sacrifice, self discovery, and friendship. 


3.5-4/5 Stars

The illustration of the book is absolutely breath-taking; the line work is flawless and the colour pallet is clearly well though through with all the pages complimenting each other nicely. The art style does an amazing work of bringing this magical world to life, with a good balance of detail and white space making it easy to follow and read. 

Evidently, it's fast-paced story covering a lot of events in a short span of time, however, it felt like some parts went by too fast and not enough time was spent to flesh out the story behind them. I would've liked to know more about the history of the magical world and the villains (especially why they were hunting down the MC).  Yet, it's easy to overlook it, as the heroin's adventure story and the sub-plot exploring the MC's relationship with Wolf were strong enough to satisfy me.

Even though it is a relatively simple story, the illustrations, the friendship and especially the ending elevated the whole novel. It was an impactful conclusion to a bittersweet story that prompts the audience to reflect on what they've read and the important messages the story has to offer.

The writing was beautiful and I caught myself writing down several of the quotes so I won't forget them. One of my favourite quotes was:

"Don't worry... Memories stay with you forever!"

I think it perfectly summarises the message the story is trying to pass the readers and it would immediately draw me in if I didn't know anything else about the book.


Brindille was very easy to read and follow for the most part. It is a simple yet impactful story with magnificent a magnificent art style and likable characters. 

 ★★★☆☆ Overall
★★★★☆ Characters
☆☆☆☆☆ Tears Level
★★★★★ Art Style
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Strapped in from page one, wanting to know where things were going. Needing to know how it ended. I absolutely loved this story,  but can admit the journey might be of an acquired taste. 

From the artwork, to the adventure, all the way down to the ending. This story is perfect for those those lost, confused, and stumbling along, just like Twig. Unlike Twig, we can't all have an animal familiar like Wolf to guide and encourage us. But if we could please sign me up!

While most of the story is spent in a fast pace confusion of figuring out what's going on, the ending is definitely something I'm left thinking about. A trait I appreciate from a good, thought provoking tale.

Thank you to Diamond Book Distributors and Netgally for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This comic/graphic novel has some beautiful artwork, it’s what initially drew me in and made me want to read this. It’s a quick read but I think there is far too much content for its length. 

The story is that of ‘twig’ a girl who finds herself lost in the woods with no memories, fighting her way across a magical realm to uncover her memories.

I think the pace of the story it’s too quick in my opinion, the protagonist moves through event after event in quick succession and I would have really liked more details particularly about the world in the story. 
I also didn’t feel I got a chance to really know the characters in the story all that well. 

I did enjoy the concept/plot of the story it took unexpected twists and I would never have guessed the ending. I also hugely enjoyed the art work 

All in all it’s worth a read I just wish it had been longer and more detailed.
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Hands down, the artwork is absolutely stunning. It’s one of the most beautiful comics/graphic novels I’ve seen! The characters were beautifully drawn in a dynamic way that seemed so artfully crafted. I could spend hours just staring at the artwork alone!

But further than that, the story is wonderful and magical and has all the cool little adventures a fantasy fan could ask for. From waking up to not knowing where she is, to fighting villains like a boss, this graphic novel is a great read for anyone looking for a beautifully drawn adventure!
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The artwork in this graphic novel is beyond stunning, bringing to life this magical fairy tale with every page. The art style reminded me of The Sword in the Stone and those kind of movies. And I absolutely loved it! You can tell how much effort went into every frame. The Shadow Hunters were done so well, as were the mermaids and the running/action scenes. Honestly, it was all so beautifully rendered. I won't spoil the story, but this one is definitely worth checking out!
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3.5/5 rounded up

Loved the art style, the illustrations at the beginning were probably my favorite. I was pretty confused for most of the book, and I wasn't sure if things were going to be wrapped up at the end, but they did.
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"Brindille" is a fun, fast-paced adventure about a girl who finds herself lost in a forest with no memories of her previous life. As she journeys and makes new friends, she slowly begins to fit together the pieces. Parts of it almost seemed to move too fast, but then with graphic novels there isn't always time to give all the details. I enjoyed the plot overall, and will definitely check out the next book in the series.
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A very interesting story about war, reincarnation, magic and mermaids. It was a very strange combination of fairy tale and even if I could read it in the original language in French, the English version provided the same emotions. 
The art is fantastic and, in the beginning, this was the sole thing that made me continue reading the story. While reading I wanted to know more, and I was absorbed in the story. 
I am waiting now for the second number to be translated or to be found in online.
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I was immediately drawn in by the colour palette and art style. This book is so visually appealing! I did find the plot a bit jumpy at a times which could make it difficult to follow. The art is out of this world, though, and the story excellent.
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This is a beautiful illustrated graphic novel. Characters are drawn in a fluid, animated style that gives them life and  character - the wolf is especially lively whenever he's in a panel. Colour is worked brilliantly, the whole palette changing to reflect the mood or location. Good stuff. The inclusion of early sketches, scenes and character designs at the end is really interesting and, in a way, gives more flavour to the world than the novel itself full managed.

The story is relatively simple. A girl wakes in a strange village after fleeing a forest fire. She has no memory of anything before the fire and she appears to be hunted by creatures called 'shadow hunters'. In her adventure she's joined by a talking wolf, and they must overcome many trials to find out the truth of who she is and why she is hunted.

There aren't too many surprises here, you'll probably have seen similar tropes in any number of other books and comics, but the art elevates it. The ending made me go 'huh'. It raised a few questions just as the story was over and made me sit and reflect for a while after finishing. 

Overall, a good read, and suitable for young teens and up.
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AMAZING!! I loved everything about this book; the story was captivating and the illustrations were wonderful. The plot was a brilliant idea! 
The story starts with a girl jumping from a wall escaping from some fire and ending up in a magical forest. She can't remember who she was and what happened to her then she met some strange creatures who will try to help her finding the truth about her identity but it looks like she is hunted by some Shadow Hunters but why?

If you want to know more just read it because I started this book just for the beautiful cover but then what I found inside was so much better. It was a good surprise.
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Frederic Brremaud's Brindille features lush art and a simple, yet layered, story. A seemingly young girl flees a fire in the woods and finds herself in the care of fairy-like creatures. After they abandon her, she's forced to reenter the woods, alone, and along the way she learns more about herself and others in the woods. The story flowed fairly smoothly, but at times, the main character's amnesia was frustrating because it limited her agency. This cleared up more toward the end, however. 

I was drawn to this title by the cover, and although I'm sure I would borrow it in a library, I'm not sure if I would purchase a copy to own. I would recommend this book to readers looking for a fun, fairly straightforward, fantasy story about a journey and the people you meet along the way.
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