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This book was received as an ARC from Perseus Books, PublicAffairs in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I am a huge supporter of restaurants especially local restaurants and now with COVID-19 just ending, it's so important for the restaurant industry to keep on growing and be resilient as ever. Corey Mintz does a phenomenal job telling the story of some restaurants suffering because of the rise of DoorDash and Curbside Pickup and being forced to close and/or only remain takeout made the industry take a major hit. I also love the tips Corey suggested to make sure that the chefs and waitstaff know that you have their full support and help restore the restaurant industry to its former glory. I myself along with my husband try to support the local restaurants as often as we can and now after reading the Next Supper, I am inspired to continue showing my support.

We will consider adding this title to our Business collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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There is SO MUCH to digest in this book. In a good way, though! With this book, I was hungry to find out more about the apps driving not only our food, but also our restaurants, I wanted to satiate a craving for knowledge that I had, and hoped it wouldn’t leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I realized very early on that I was going to be in for quite a shocking adventure. Right away, The Last Supper made me think twice about ever using a third party food delivery app again. I felt an anger welling within me at certain points of the book, as though I had been cheated by these delivery apps. But like Corey says, we learn as we go. 

It’s clear from The Next Supper that Corey Mintz has an incredible wealth of restaurant industry knowledge. I gained insight into a topic that I had no idea about before, taking something away with me from each chapter. 

I experienced a lot of emotions while reading this book. Mostly I was shocked. I was extremely moved. I deleted the Uber Eats app from my phone and vowed not to use it again.

Absolutely worth the read.
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Date reviewed/posted: May 10, 2021
Publication date: November 16, 2021

When life for the entire galaxy and planet has turned on its end, you are continuing to #maskup and #lockdown to be in #COVID19 #socialisolation as the #thirdwave (#fourthwave #fifthwave?) is upon us, superspeed readers like me can read 300+ pages/hour, so yes, I have read the book … and many more today.

I requested and received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley, the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review.  

From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸.

A searing expose of the restaurant industry, and a path to a better, safer, happier meal.
In 2019, the restaurant business was booming. Americans spent more than half of their annual food budgets dining out. In a generation, chefs had gone from behind-the-scenes labourers to TV stars. The arrival of Seamless, DoorDash, and other meal delivery apps was overtaking home cooking.

Beneath all that growth lurked serious problems. Many of the best restaurants in the world employed unpaid cooks. Meal delivery apps were putting many restaurants out of business. And all that dining out meant dramatically less healthy diets. The industry may have been booming, but it also desperately needed to change. And, then, along came COVID-19.

From the farm to the curbside pickup parking spot, everything about the restaurant business is changing, for better or worse. The Next Supper tells this story and offers clear and essential advice for what and how to eat to ensure the well-being of cooks and waitstaff, not to mention our bodies and the environment.
The Next Supper reminds us that breaking bread is an essential human activity, and charts a path to preserving the joy of food in a turbulent era.

Every day as we watch Premier Dog Ford (Ontario, Canada) destroy the restaurant industry hubby and I discuss how restaurants will ever bounce back. Just when we were allowed patio dining (and a local haunt of ours increased their patio space ten-fold at a serious cost) Ford clamped down and shut everything down again: At least NYC knows that restaurants need to be open and are opening them – restaurants need the revenue, business taxes are needed by the cities, sales and alcohol taxes needed by the state or province, servers need their salary, farmers need to sell their food, etc. etc.  BUT…. that is my opinion. 

Apps charge so many service charges and the food delivered is rarely healthy…name me 10 people who only have seriously healthy food delivered, and I will nominate them for sainthood. Sure, we could all live on takeout and delivery, but it is the social aspect that I miss from restaurants being closed...eating at home can be joyless.  
The book delves into so many issues that I can barely start listing them – it is excellently written and very thought-provoking and I will highly recommend it to friends, family, book clubs and patrons in search of a new read, a different read, and a read that can change the future of eating for the good.  

Now, as for the high-class restaurants with unpaid workers doing their stage (Staging is an unpaid internship test when a cook or chef works briefly, for free, in another chef's kitchen to learn and be exposed to new techniques and cuisines. The term originates from the French word stagiaire meaning trainee, apprentice or intern) NO ONE SHOULD WORK FOR FREE…especially at the prices that they charge for their meals. That is indentured servitude … undoubtedly run by a manic, crazed chef with a G-d complex: if you EVER realize that is going on at the restaurant you are eating at, take your business elsewhere!

As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I simply adore emojis (outside of their incessant use by "🙏-ed Social Influencer Millennials/#BachelorNation survivors/Tik-Tok and YouTube Millionaires/snowflakes / literally-like-overusers etc. " on Instagram and Twitter... Get a real job, people!) so let's give it 🍲  🍲  🍲  🍲  🍲
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