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Death Of The Master Builder

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An excellent read of the fictional building of a cathedral in Italy, covering the period of the late fifteenth century into the early sixteenth century. Mainly centered around two men, Amadeo Puccini and Dario Rossi. Puccini is the architect in charge of the design and building of the cathedral. Rossi is the chief financier of the building. The author does a very good job of developing these two characters, there fight between good (Puccini) and evil (Rossi). Throw in the mix of the history of the time (Medici's, Savanorola, Michelangelo, the Inquisition, and the Catholic Church), and you have all the ingredients for a super book. Fisher does an outstanding job of pulling together all these threads, plus throws in a romance, some murder, and much more!
The book is not an overnight read, coming in at just over 400 pages, put it is well worth the time spent reading. I really believe that you will come away with a much better understanding of the time, and it's issues. And be very entertained as well!
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At +400 pages, this is not a quick read, but it is a good one. The author does a nice job of building tension, along with interesting characters. For those that like historical fiction, this should be a hit.

I really appreciate the review copy!!
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