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Wow this was everything I needed. It felt so pure and vengeful. It felt weirdly realistic even though the more I think about it, it's not. I think Katherine Ashenburg's ability to put us in that situation was incredible.
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After her painful divorce, Liz, a journalist, moved from Seattle to Washington D.C. with her son to start fresh. Ten years later, she is the editor of a daily newspaper feature called My Turn, which features original stories submitted by people on a wide variety of topics. One day, a story is submitted that Liz realizes is from her ex-husband's wife. Not her finest hour -- Liz manipulates the woman for information and gives her false hope about her future as a writer, confident that the woman doesn't know who she is and that she will never find out. This story is fun to read, but it explores some serious issues about forgiveness and families that give it added depth and interest. I look forward to recommending this, especially to readers who have enjoyed books by authors such as Emma Straub and Amy Peoppel.
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I did not give this book only 1 star because I managed to finish it.

The first third of the book was ok -we learned about Liz and some of her past. Mind you, this book is written in the first person, so we never really get another person's take on her life. Unfortunately, Liz starts showing her true colors toward the end of the first third. It's not pretty.

The second third is even worse as Liz really starts showing her true colors. She is cruel, selfish, manipulative, a user, and can't seem to let things go.

By the last third, I was ready to find her and beat some sense into her. This woman did NOT deserve a HEA.

I'm sorry, but this just wasn't the book for me-if I wanted political views, I would read a book about politics. If I wanted to know just how little the over 60 crowd is thought of, I would find a book that disparages those of some maturity.

And please keep in mind, especially authors -when you make fun of those over are making fun of those who invested in Amazon, Apple, etc when those companies were just starting out---think about that for a moment.

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I loved it!  This is a must for women’s reading groups. Ashenburg deals with several topics that left me engaged in reflecting on this personal story of a woman rebuilding her life and relationships after she has been left by her cheating husband for the other woman. 

In an unexpected flash of coincidence, it is this woman who submits an essay to Liz, who believing herself to be anonymous, injects herself into the story in her role as an editor.  As a divorced woman, Liz navigates the rough waters of dating and single parenting. 

There are books I can’t relate to, but this one fit me like a glove. It’s a well written, enjoyable novel that will please readers. I must admit that I have no lack of personal experience in divorce, dating and dealing with the other woman. I don’t have an essay, but I have lots of letters. If anyone thinks it doesn’t ring true, they just haven’t had these experiences. 

I really want to thank Netgalley for this absolutely satisfying and interesting novel.
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