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Escape to Honeysuckle Hall

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I enjoyed reading this book. Following the ups & downs of Orly’s life as she relocates her entire life & focus to Honeysuckle Hall in an effort to change and to make a difference to others after it was turned upside down. 
Really interesting, and some quirky, characters who entertained me throughout the story. A good storyline which held my interest from beginning to end.
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I liked this book, although the time scale was somewhat unbelievable for renovating the hall. But it was a fun read..
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I really enjoyed this book.  It was a great storyline with excellent characters.  I would highly recommend this book as it was a great read.
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A real curl up on the sofa read. Rebecca Raisin is my author to go to for a easy no stress read. Loved the book
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Another great read by this author, a lighthearted story that is easy to read and takes your mind away from all the horrible things going on in the world atm!!!
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I would really like to know how the camps and relationship went after the first one. Loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Would love a second book in the series!
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An excellent story, well written and heartwarming. A perfect summer read with the right degree of escapism.
It's hard to tell what was better: the setting, the plot, Orly and Estertlita.
Good storytelling, excellent plot and character development.
An engrossing and highly entertaining story.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Thank you NetGalley and HQ for the access to Escape to Honeysuckle Hall by Rebecca Raisin. After having her work life flipped upside down  by a mess made by boyfriend Harry, who’s then no where to be found until news arrives he’s shacked up with his latest celebrity client (without even letting her know?!) Orly is in desperate need for a fresh start and big escape and luckily finds it when she sees the ad for Honeysuckle Hall come up while drowning her sorrows in wine.
She has always dreamed of finding a property like this and so decides, this is the sign she needs to finally make a change and do something she will actually enjoy and get fulfilment from. She plans to help people just like her who are struggling from burnout, looking for an escape from stress and work & to reboot in the beautiful nature, via a wellness camp for adults.
It’s a lovely story with some great characters, a little bit of mystery and of course a little bit of potential love from the local carpenter Leo who seems just what Orly needs after a very much one sided relationship with horrible Harry!
It may have a few cliches but there are some surprising twists along the way to few you going too! Overall, I found it was a great read, I was invested throughout and never found myself bored - would be a great summer read by the sea!
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There is something rather wonderful when you sit down with a Rebecca Raisin novel,  I know the writing will be excellent and the characters both interesting and amusing and the storyline predictably unpredictable. Escape to Honeysuckle Hall is yet another great read from this wonderful author. Orly is part owner of Exces a company that will provide anything for celebrities, royals and those with big bank balances, whether it’s a theatre show in Vegas or a marriage proposal at the top of the Eiffel Tower, nothing is out of the question. Orly has got to the point in her life that she is just weighed down by the grind of work, work, work and literally no play. She no longer wakes with the excitement of a new day but with the dread and exhaustion of burn out. One morning after a disastrous epic fail of an event and her fiancée’s public affair with a singing sensation, Orly decides enough is enough, she is leaving the city, cashing out her partnership and leaving London for the countryside to pursue her dreams. Honey Suckle hall is a beautiful grand house with a lake, woods and rolling lawns and just in need of a little cosmetic update. With the added bonus of a gate house, Orly moves in and right on cue life becomes a whole new experience. Orly is setting up the hall as an adult adventure camp so other people who are ready to burn out come to the Hall and enjoy a week of fun activities, shared eating and cooking and go home feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready to return to their lives. As usual Rebecca has thrown in some wonderful characters , Esterlita is a Philapino widow who is known locally as the ‘firecracker’ and she certainly suits the name. Es introduces Orly to all the locals and sets out to ensure she marries Orly off instead of starting the ridiculous camp. However all is not well and someone does not want Orly to stay and leaves threatening notes in the hall, who could it be? Surely not the supper lovely, handsome handyman Leo? Or one of the village gossips? 
A great read not to be missed.
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Do you like books about starting again? Well, this is a great read for it! 

Our main character realises that she does not like the path she is on, and after some drinking decides to just so a 180 in her life. A stressful life trying to please the rich and famous soes not give what she wants from life. She buys a large house on the countryside and decides to do something completely new. She meets new people that give her new insights about life and herself. An eccentric neighbour takes her under her wing, and the rest of the village is suspicious against her. The story also contains some mystery and love elements. (And seriously, props for a philatelist main character, have never seen that one before!) 

So, the book is for anyone that likes books about restarting your life, no matter your age and dare to dream and do what you actually want in life. Sounds interesting? Give it a read!
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Thank you for the publishers for this arc and thank you to netgalley. 

Sadly a DNF at 15% I couldn’t get into the story which is a shame after the description sounded really good.
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Orly is looking for a change of direction and comes up with a novel idea to run escape from it all breaks for adults. Her neighbour is a delightfully eccentric character who adds such vibrancy. You see the old hall come to life and the first set of visitors are acting as guinea pigs , but finding the complete break away envigorating. I really enjoyed the story.
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Orly shares her dream business with her fiancé Harry, and several other partners. When Harry makes a gigantic mistake with one of the events he planned for one of their celebrity clients  and then runs off with another client, Orly makes a drunken life changing decision. 

This great read has elements of mystery, humour, romance and new starts.  I found the story line a little unbelievable, but then when the characters are such fun, the setting so beautiful, who cares!

Esterlita stole the book for me:, her backstory and humour lifted the story. It would be lovely to see her in a sequel to Honeysuckle Hall with an update on previous guests and new stories for future visitors.
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Loved, loved, loved and loved. 

I really enjoy Rebecca's books, I've read quite a few of hers now, and they get are just beautiful. 

With this book and every one I've read, I've fallen into the story and felt like I was one of the characters. I could picture the hall, the cottage, the surroundings, everything. 

I really liked Orly and my heart did go out to her, she really went through the mill. If you've never read any of Rebecca's books, you absolutely need to pick one up, you wont be disappointed.
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A really enjoyable read, I had never  read anything by Rebecca Raisin before, but would definitely read more.
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Orly spends her time catering to the rich and famous. As part owner of Excès a company who arrange just about anything for those willing to pay, she works long days and late nights. When a very public proposal arranged by her boyfriend and business partner, Harry, goes disastrously wrong Orly is left to deal with the fallout. When Harry then very publicly dumps her, Orly decides it’s time she worked on making her own dreams come true rather than those of others.
Finding overgrown and slightly run down Honeysuckle Manor, Orly knows it would make a brilliant retreat for those like her who are burned out or run down and just need to relax and maybe enjoy some outdoor pursuits.
As she begins to work on the manor Orly meets local carpenter Leo and the lovely Esterlita who arrives like a whirlwind and takes Orly under her wing. These friendships keep her going but not all the locals are so welcoming, someone is sending notes warning Orly off. Can she keep things on track and open the retreat on time or will she have to sell up and go back to London.
Really enjoyed this, Orly is a great character, I would love to have her as a friend. Her relationships with Leo and Esterlita worked really well.
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A lovely feel good read, changes in life style from the city to the countryside making a new life. Can friendships continue, can love find a way. Pick this book up and find out what happens  and enjoy the read. This was so good I am giving it 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this eARC
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

The plot of this book had been done many times in the past, but the author still made the plot feel fresh and exciting. I enjoyed this book a lot!
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I feel like it's been an age since I read one of Rebecca's books but in reality, it was only April 2020. I mean a lot has happened since then but I was very excited to be enveloped into a new world created by an author I love. 

Our main character is Orly. Orly is quite the impressive woman. She isn't afraid to put in the hard work and two have owned not one but 2 businesses by her age is quite something. I liked how resolute she was with Harry and how she picked herself up. She is a strong determined woman. I would love to be friends with her. 

Esterlita, what a character. I love this woman. With all her little Filipino ways and her amazing cooking. I think I need Esterlita to move next door to me please. She is such a fun character! 

I also loved Orly's best friend Maya. I think she is really good for Orly. She knows just how to push her out of her comfort zone. I would love to see a follow up story for Maya. 

Finally I cannot write a review without writing about the lovely Leo. Not only is he good with his hands he is sweet and caring. I just wanted them to work instantly. 

Rebecca has written a story not only about romance but about showing you that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I have a few of Rebecca's books on my TBR pile and I can't wait to catch up.
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Orly has it all a great flat in London a gorgeous boyfriend and a very successful business catering for the rich and famous but when her boyfriend goes off with a celebrity she starts to look at her life and realises that nothing is real, so she sells her shares in the business and buys Honeysuckle Hall, a ramshackle, beautiful house that needs shedloads of work doing to it.... is she mad?  She soon meets Es, her completely nutty neighbour, and Leo,  the gorgeous carpenter, but who is trying to sabotage her plans to set up a wellness centre?

Another lovely book by this author, as always it is full of warmth and humour so you get to love the characters and are disappointed when you have finished it because you still want more
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