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Escape to Honeysuckle Hall

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Thank you for the ARC. 

Orly escapes from heartbreak from her boyfriend and business partner Harry.  After reading an advert she escapes to Honeysuckle Hall and begins the next part. 

A time for new opportunities and friendships. 

Will Orly find what she is looking for?

A nice light hearted easy read.
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This book was just magical, not only was the narrative wonderful but it also spurred me on to pick up the wallpaper stripper and get stuck in to a job long overdue! 

Back to the book, Orly (love that name!) works tirelessly making every A-list whim a reality until her smarmy fiance runs off with a singer. This deceit sets the cogs in motion and after a tequila and taco fuelled night Orly purchases a run down hall in Kent with the intention to turn it in to a retreat for those in need of a break from their reality. 

The characters in this book were amazing, special shout out to the mesmerising Filipino firecracker, Esterlita. If Honeysuckle Hall was a real place, I would visit to meet her alone. 

A fabulous summer read, thanks to netgalley for the advance read copy, what a privilege!
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I really enjoyed this book - so much so that I went straight off to read the other book from the back!  

I liked Orly a lot but also the main characters were well developed. I loved Maya and , whilst I would find Esterlita annoying myself, she was a great character to read about 

Laughed out loud at the chicken!!! 

Great easy read.  Loved it !
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Escape to Honeysuckle Hall - Rebecca Raisin

I received an advance review copy for free thanks to NetGalley and HQ Digital and I am leaving this review voluntarily

Run away to the countryside with the latest romantic comedy from the bestselling author of Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop!

A fresh start brings a second chance at love…

When Orly’s boyfriend and business partner dumps her for a celebrity fling, she finds solace in tacos, tequila and tears. One terrible hangover later, she’s packed her bags and swapped her London apartment for the overgrown grounds of Honeysuckle Hall.

I read this book in one sitting, it was just the perfect feel-good book for curling up on the sofa. Following a public humiliation Orly finds herself drawn to Honeysuckle Hall. There is an underlying mystery element throughout this book, with Orly finding mysterious notes around the place.

Overall this is a very enjoyable, sweet book. The writing flows beautifully and the characters are all delightful to read about. I would love to read more about Orly, Maya, Leo and Esterlita as well as the guests at Honeysuckle Hall.

Rating 4/5
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A lovely light romance with heart. Orly makes a life-changing decision after a bad break-up, buying derelict Honeysuckle Hall on a whim. There she meets her nosy but kind-hearted neighbour Esterlita who, along with Orly's doctor friend Maya, encourages her to find her a new man. Meanwhile, someone is sending her hate letters. There are some lovely scenes: buying the sexy red dress and Orly encountering Esterlita's terrible driving spring to mind. Great fun with lots of laugh out loud moments!
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This was a really good read. Easy story to follow, charming setting and great characters. Really enjoyed it.
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Orly trades a stressful life in London with her sleeze of an ex-boyfriend for a beautiful life in the country. It requires, hardwork, dedication and determination but with a plan of action in place for her to build her new life and business, she's motivated for this new start. There are twists and turns and hurdles to overcome, which she faces mostly with a brave face except for the infamous chicken, which honestly had me laughing out loud. 

Although this is a romantic comedy the relationships Orly develops are rich and admirable. I'd love to have a friend like the lovely, caring Maya or hilarious, straight talking Esterlita. The characters are well researched and each one well developed, just like the plot itself, which I was also a big fan of. I was pleased with how the story progressed, not too fast nor too slowly and was grateful that relationships were not rushed, like they are in some novels and movies. Everything developed at a smooth and steady pace. 

I was in a reading slump before I started this book and was so glad I was given the opportunity to read it, thank you HarperCollins and Rebecca Raisin! This is a perfect book to get you out of a slump if wholesome novels are for you. I would highly recommend this book and would read it again if I needed a story I could read for a quick pick me up.

For my other, shorter review please see my instagram post.
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Orly dumps her boyfriend after finding out he was cheating and left her life behind to become the owner of Honeysuckle Hall. She has become tired of the life she had in London and when the opportunity arises to buy Honeysuckle Hall, she takes it, encouraged by copious amounts of Tequila. This book is full of humour, lovely friendships and a mystery of who doesn't want her to be in the hall. Its a feel good book and a lovely light read to sit out in the sun and pass the hours by.  If you want to go on an adventure this summer, you should take a trip to Honeysuckle Hall
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When Orly’s boyfriend and business partner dumps her for a celebrity fling, she finds solace in tacos, tequila and tears. One terrible hangover later, she’s packed her bags and swapped her London apartment for the overgrown grounds of Honeysuckle Hall.
This is a great story of Orly starting a new life and doing something she really wants to do and enjoying life and helping people on the way and the bonus of meeting Leo a gorgeous carpenter. 
A lovely humorous book.
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This was a very good book. I enjoyed the relationships between the main characters, and liked the notion of someone escaping to do something they wanted to do and that persistence pays off. I found the first couple of chapters a bit hard going and nearly gave up, but am glad I carried on because it got better and better.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

The story is a lovely, enjoyable read which flowed. I felt it was nicely written, and kept me turning the pages.

Working to fulfil the needs and wants of those A list celebrities Orly is also engaged to her business partner Harry, who is a 🐀. When Harry proves himself to be a 🐀 she leaves her job and decides to run a retreat camp, where people can come to de-stress, re-charge their batteries. So the fun begins. 

Orly so wants to make a change from her old life, and begin this chapter with the vision she has of how she wants to do.

The characters along with Orly good, the Filipino lady who main task was to  sort out Orly, Leo, the handyman for whom nothing was to much to do. Lastly Maya, Orly’s best friend. 

Recommend It.
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Pure summer holiday escapism. Enjoy watch Orly rebuild her life and head in a new direct.  The adventure camp for adults is a great idea and I would love more books in the series to follow the characters we were introduced to and to meet new ones and find out why they attend the camp.
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I have a read Raisin’s books in the past and absolutely adored them. They are those kind of feel good books that are perfect for reading out in the sun or curling in an arm chair when it’s raining, and Escape to Honeysuckly Hall is another one to add to the feel good list. 

The protagonist Orly boyfriend dumps her for a celebrity, which as you can imagine comes with a lot of publicity and public humiliation. In a drunken plan to remove herself from the busy London lifestyle, she purchases Honeysuckle Hall in order to create a wellness camp for adults who just need a break from their everyday lives. Of course there are opportunities for love but overall I took away the amazing friendships, new and old, that are weaved throughout this story. I can’t forget to mention there is also a hint of mystery as Orly keeps finding mysterious notes warning her away thrombosis the Hall. I tried, without success, to guess where these notes were coming from and changed my mind multiple times. I really appreciated this hint of mystery as I love to read books that keep you guessing.

Orly is a warm, independent protagonist, who I adored from the very beginning. She has courage that I can only dream of having and I felt like her personal cheerleader, waving my imaginary pom-poms from the sidelines hoping her big idea would succeed. 

Overall, I don’t have a bad thing to say other than i really hope there is a possibility for more books in this world in the future. There are characters I would love to know more about including Orly’s friends Maya, who is a bad ass heart surgeon, and Esterlita who keeps you laughing from start to finish (and who you may feel you need in your life). The campers themselves are also a mix of intriguing personalities. I wanted to follow them all home and learn about their lives and future adventures.

As you can probably guess from my rambling I loved this book and I only wish I had my own Honeysuckle Hall to escape to. 

Will add review to Instagram on publication day.
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I loved everything about this book and Rebecca Raisin, sets your imagination on fire. Her description of Honeysuckle hall and the surrounding village makes you think you're there.

The characters are adorable especially Esterlita (firecracker) or Es as she is affectionately known and Leo is lush.

Orly who is a happy go lucky girl who puts all of her strength and love into Honeysuckle hall to make it a success is the main character and her best friend is Maya.   Harry her ex is a ratbag.

The fun and warmth from this book kept me enthralled for hours on end.  There were a few laugh out loud moments. Especially with Esterlita's bluntness and Cluck Norris, fab name for a chicken.

All in all a funny happy, warm book, which I could go back to time and time again when I need a lift.

Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this lovely book. xxx
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This is a light, easy read, perfect for the beach or poolside. 
I finished this book in 2 days and was confident I knew how it would end - I did!
Things came together a little too perfectly for my personal taste. Want to renovate an empty cottage and hall - get a quick quote and the work sails through unhindered in no time at all. Want to start up a whole new and untried business in 2 weeks - no problem.
Worth a read if you’d like some pure escapism and no loose ends.
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If you want an easy beach read without much challenge or intrigue, this fits the bill perfectly. In the main, I enjoyed it and read it quickly but guessed early how it would finish, right down to the return of a character who makes an early entrance and exit in the book and how that would turn out. The main character is likeable, as is the supporting cast and there’s definitely some warmth and charm. However, I couldn’t ignore some lazy editing. This is set in England and the fictional place names didn’t fit well. During the house buying process, the terms ‘real estate’ and ‘closing’ are used - they aren’t in England and nor do you make an offer and complete in six weeks on a house like this! Small details but it was annoying and should have been picked up in editing as I’m aware the author isn’t English.
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Have you ever read a book and wished that the place you were reading about and the characters were real? Well this is one of those books where I did just that. 

Orly is an executive and part owner in a prestigious events company in London catering for the mega-rich’s every whim. She is on the go for what feels like 24-7 and pulls more than her fair share of the weight. Her fiancé is also an executive in the company but prefers buttering up the clients rather than doing any hard grafting. 

When she is unceremoniously and publicly dumped by her fiancé for an up and coming starlet, Orly decides this is the time to follow her dreams and do what she has always wanted, a large old property in the country. Honeysuckle Hall is just that and more, with a separate cottage to live in the Hall is perfect for Orly’s business idea. However, someone is not keen on Orly and her proposals as she keeps finding sinister, anonymous notes around warning her of the danger she might find herself in. 

Along the course of the book we meet a few good characters, Maya (the best friend), Estarlita (the eccentric neighbour), Leo (the carpenter) and the entire first wave of visitors to the Hall. This book will make you laugh out loud and I highly recommend it.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced read copy of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
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Oh what a glorious book.
Orly is a harassed and harangued PA to the stars making their every whim come true. She’s also really really put on by the other partners of her firm who let her do the donkey work and then take the crispy and the luxury lifestyle.
When her shit of a fiancé leaves her in the lurch she doesn’t let her life fall into free fall but takes charge of it after consulting her staid and sensible beat friend.
After a tequila fuelled night she buys honeysuckle hall and cashes in her share of the partnership.

She soon meets Es her amazing and kooky next door neighbour.
She goes about introducing her to the village much to her delight and also at the mercy of her.

She quickly finds Leo a local carpenter who goes to great details to find out if she is going to stay or do a property flip and just make money.

Best friend comes down to hall to help her get more settled and her and Es bond.

This was a really lovely book that I enjoyed and I hope there is to be a sequel
Cos I want more.
This review was an honest review in exchange for an arc provided by netgalley.
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An entertaining book from Rebecca. Orly’s boyfriend Harry who is her business partner, goes off with a celebrity and does not return to help Orly when things go wrong. This gives Orly the push to leave and set up a new business at Honeysuckle Hall to provide an adult adventure camp. Will it succeed nor not? A good mixture of personalities gives the story lots of fun and enjoyment.
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My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read an advance copy of this book, in return for an honest review.

Orly is a successful, independent young woman, with the world at her feet. She co owns a luxury concierge company, pandering to the whims of the super rich and famous. Close the Effell Tower so you and your mistress can lunch together in private. No problem. Fly the rarest cavier in for an exclusive dinner party? Not an issue. What Orly cannot do is stop her life from turning into dust, leaving her devastated. It is then that Orly decides to buy a rundown, long empty stately home in a rural village far removed from the glitz and glamour of London. Will the size of the project put her off? Or will the sinister notes that keep appearing drive her away? And who is doing it? There are rumours that Honeysuckle Hall is haunted…..

Reading this book was like wrapping oneself in a duvet on a dull, cold day: comforting, comfortable, warm. 

I enjoyed it and would recommend it.
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