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With thanks to #Netgalley and #HQdigital for an ARC of #EscapeToHoneysuckleHall by #RebeccaRaisin in return for an honest review. 

After being spectacularly dumped by her boyfriend, Orly decides to ditch the high life in London for a quieter existence at Honeysuckle Hall. 
With the help of Leo the carpenter, Orly plans to create a hideaway for burnt out city types. 
Everything is going well, until Orly finds some anonymous notes warning her away. 
Are Orly’s dreams of a quiet, happy life going to come crashing down. 

This is a lovely story with a fabulous setting and some brilliantly written characters. Orly’s neighbour Esterlita is a real one off character, and of course lovely Leo the carpenter is just adorable. 

This is a wonderful read, funny and moving. 
Romantic, with a bit of mystery. 
A beautiful read. 
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If you need some Comfort , Love & Escape then this Book ,Escape to Honeysuckle Hall is just the perfect Prescription . It's witty, full of interesting & loveable characters that Orly our heroine meets & becomes richly enriched by , her crazy loveable neighbour Esterlita ( Firecracker ) with her Filipino superstitions & fab food along with the notion that Orly should find a rich husband. Maya her Best Friend , her smarmy ex Harry , & others . It's a truly relaxing & Fun read which I highly recommend & I want to read more by this Author #FB,#Instagram,#GoodReads,#NetGalley, ,#img src="" width="80" height="80" alt="50 Book Reviews" title="50 Book Reviews"/>, #<img src="" width="80" height="80" alt="Reviews Published" title="Reviews Published"/>, #<img src="" width="80" height="80" alt="Professional Reader" title="Professional Reader"/>.
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Escape to Honeysuckle Hall is a quick, enjoyable romance. Our heroine Orly life implodes, and she purchases Honeysuckle Hall sight unseen. The premise of the book is lovely, and would be a nice easy story for vacation reading. While I overall enjoyed the story, it felt a bit unfinished for me. There was a bit too much detail at the front end - and not enough meat of the story in the middle/end. In some sections (especially the end) I wanted more, and in the beginning there were details that seemed inconsequential. However I really do enjoy Rebecca Raisin and would pick up another one of her books.
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Oh how cute. Yes, it all starts with a cheating boyfriend followed by a voyage of self discovery, but the tale is told so very well. We have villagers judgement, rural pubs, glittery dresses and Rebecca Raisin even manages to fit some stamp collecting in. I loved the tale, it meandered through calamities, self doubt, brand new - if slightly odd - friends and the ending was not totally obvious and all the more likeable for it. A great read.
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I absolutely love Rebeccas books! This one certainly didn’t disappoint! I’ll try not to give any spoilers! The story follows Orly (reminded me of the airport) who is a successful business woman but to be so great she’s working all hours, not eating much and always has a glass or two. When her fiancé/business partner lets her down, it’s time to reevaluate her life. She takes a leap of faith and uses all her money plus a mortgage to buy an old property to convert into a camp for adults. The idea is fantastic and it’s comes together well with the love and encouragement from her good friend Maya, she embraces it! At the beginning she finds a good friend closer to home Esterlita who although older has so much energy and love it jumps from the pages! She definitely provides lots of laughs! The hall requires some tlc and hers where our love interest comes out in the gorgeous Leo! This is a get to know each other and then fall in love not like other stories where it a happens straight away! The first camp goes well and the group sound like the best bunch ever! I really don’t want to give the story away but there’s spooky, unnerving drama in here too! A must read for anyone! Enjoy!
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Absolutely loved this story. Yes it was the familiar trope of lost soul finding a new path after heartbreak but the characters and humour in this one felt different.. Orly is great - really rash but brave abs determined to succeed with her dreams abs knows her own mind and her romance with Leo rather takes a back seat to other concerns but that’s ok. The Firecracker is magnificent; humorous but oh so real and human abs I shed a little tear at times. Loved the campers too and even felt a little inspired.
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An escape this is indeed. In this grey time of pandemic, it was lovely to be transported to a fun world. Lottie, a high flying business woman gives up her life in london and buys a run down, but rather lovely, manor house in the deep countryside. I really felt one could see the manor in all its 'glory' and it was fascinationg to watch the changes made by Orly and her carpenter friend.
Light, funny and emotional, this is a most enjoyable novel.
Thanks to NetGalley for a review copy.
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I read this on a very dreary, wet, miserable day and it was delightful escapism which cheered me right up!  
The characters are well developed and likeable while the plot is light hearted without being too cheesy. All in all, a very enjoyable read! 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.
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A lovely few hours of pure escapism to a beautiful setting with colourful characters, the ubiquitous love interest and the hope of a happily ever after. What is not to like? Great for a relaxed afternoon in the garden or on the beach.
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Escape the Honeysuckle Hall by @rebeccaraisinwrites is a little gem💎 

A big thanks to @netgalley and @hqstories for letting me have a advanced copy

After being publicly humiliated by her boyfriend Orly has to reassess what she wants from life and take a leap of faith 💕

She meets some interesting characters along the way and realises that there is a lot more to life than the bright lights of London!

This is beautifully written, with great characters, moreish storylines and lots of humour 🤩

I listened to the audiobook and the narrator was great to listen to 🎧

Published 5/8/21
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Orly a high flyer in a buissnes she has shares in. She makes dreams come true for the very rich and famous people. Her boyfriend lets her down badly and in a tequila stupor she decided to give it all up and move away from London. She see an advert for Honeysuckle Hall a large house with a cottage in the grounds.  She sells her shares in the buissnes she has helped set up and moves to Kent to a little village and Honeysuckle Hall with the mind set of starting up an adult retreat/camp for those who need to find themselves.
The day she moves in a neighbour, Esterlita just walked into her cottage and never really  left.
Esterlita took Orly under her wing and that is where the fun starts.
Leo was a handy man who Orly employed to do the renovations of the Hall and gardens Esterlita had other plans for him where Orly was concerned. There were people in the village who did not take to stranger with open arms and Orly had a few issues with warning notes telling her to go and not open the adult retreat.
Maya who is Orlys best friend came to stay at the cottage for a few weeks and hit it off with Esterlita straight away and between them both they got Orly to start going out and meeting the locals.
I found this book a bit dragged out at the start I thought another story break up move away meet a new man and happy ever after but how wrong I was. This story was funny, sad and happy and touched on some very good aspects of life and death. Bereavement and heartbreak, of friendship, trust and forgiveness. 
A book well worthy of reading. I did not want it to end but I also could not wait to reach the end. I hope there will be a follow on book as there is plenty of scope to continue Honeysuckle Hall.
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This is my second read by this author and she did not disappoint! A beautiful book with a lovely storyline and such fun characters!! I really enjoyed it
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Pure joyous escapism! Orly is a modern day woman running a successful business when she discovers her fiancee and business partner has dumped her to be with their celebrity client. This forces her to rethink her life and an alcohol fuelled decision to buy a neglected stately home leads her to a whole new life in the country. She decides to set up an adult adventure camp where stressed out people can rediscover their dreams and review their life choices. It's not all plain sailing though, as Orly finds ominous notes warning her against the venture. She also falls victim to the local gossip machine as well as online trolls. However, saviours come in the shape of her wonderfully eccentric neighbour Es who literally walks into her life and takes over, as well as the handsome Leo who comes to repair, not only the Hall but also Orly 's heart. The characters are simply brilliant! Totally empathetic, totally lovable. We all need friends like the loyal Maya, the adorable Es and the strong, dependable Leo. So many laugh out loud moments in this book as well as homespun wisdom. I loved it
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I am a huge fan of Rebecca Raisin’s books and this didn’t disappoint. 

A group of people, all with demons or dreams, meet at Honeysuckle Hall and all help each other.   The surroundings sound wonderful and you can imagine you’re there.  A really ‘feel good’ book with quirky characters that I didn’t want to end
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Orly works for an events company planning and delivering amazing experiences for the rich and famous. When one of them goes badly wrong and her fiancé Harry, whose mistake it was dumps her for another woman she decides on a drunken whim to buy Honeysuckle Hall and turn it into an adult adventure centre. 
She meets the wonderful Esterlita and Leo who help her transform the hall into a place which changes lives. 
Loved this book!
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Really enjoyed this story and all it had to offer. It is a good, heart lifting book that is an easy read option.
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I loved this, it was a perfect holiday read. Uplifting, intriguing and absolutely charming, I thoroughly enjoyed following Orly on her adventure. 
The fabulous setting and the transformation of the main character after having her life turned upside down was inspiring and heartwarming.
Honeysuckle Hall sounded like the most beautiful place and I could imagine myself there and in the cottage.
The relationships between the characters were fantastic. The unlikely friendships and connections were a perfect fit for this book.
The first time I've read a book by this author, but it won't be the last. I was absolutely captivated.
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An enjoyable get away from it all type of book. Orly decides to leave the company she has helped establish that caters to the needs of the wealthy having been letdown by the fiance she thought she could trust. Having bought a run down mansion house in a quiet village her aim is to turn it into an activity retreat for those who are stressed out by life/jobs and feel the need to re evaluate their lives.
Help/ hinderance is at hand from her neighbour a Filipino lady called the Firecracker and Leo the local carpenter.
Mysterious notes that appear tell her she's not wanted but she chooses to ignore them. Her best friend from London is also keen to help. Noah appears to be the perfect activity leader but isn't very reliable. After a few problems that Orly seems to glide over will her first guests approve of what she has done? Not all plain sailing but after a lot of mishaps and laughter along the way all is revealed. Well worth the read, you will want to carry on 'til the end so maybe best avoided at bedtime.
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This book was gripping. I loved the concept of both of Orly's businesses. 

From the absolute disaster of a public proposal to the life-changing decision to move to Honeysuckle Hall, and start life all over, I could not put this book down.

This is a great topic, from public embarrasment to burnout, which is so current. Thanks for the advance copy I will be recommending this to anyone who needs a break.
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This is a light easy read - not the type of story to over think! We start with Orly who leaves her job (and business) and London life when her ex is unfaithful. She makes an offer on Honeysuckle Hall and decides to convert it into a retreat for people with burnout. The story follows her getting back on her feet, her new start, new friends and new adventure. There is also a bit of a love interest but the focus of the book is about friendship rather than personal relationships.  There is also a little mystery as someone wants Orly out of Honeysuckle Hall.

I enjoyed reading this - i liked Orly and her friend Maya. Esperlita is the star of the show adding plenty of humour into the mix. There is a lovely group of characters and most were pretty relatable. Having finished the book there are a few little niggles- Maya's news at the end didn't seem to fit with the type of friendship she and Orly had. The story around the stamp collecting seemed forced into the story and could have been developed a bit more... or left out altogether. But overall this is a light, fairly predictable read but enjoyable all the same.

I was given a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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