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I have to admit I am a huge Rebecca Raisin fan, especially Rosie's travelling tea shop and Avai's travelling book shop. So I was excited when I got the chance to review her latest book!

The story begins with Orly and her partner Harry who are part of a successful company who arrange luxury bespoke experiences to the rich and famous. In a world where money is no object and anything can be achieved. But after a brief fling with a celebrity Harry runs out on Orly.

Orly has always dreamed of running a retreat in the countryside, for burnt out city-dwellers. So that leads her to buy Honeysuckle Hall and leave London behind her. The story jumps forward six weeks and she has moved there, this was the most annoying part of the story.

This story was so many key parts that make it great as a whole, such as Freya the town busy body in a small town where " everyone is always hiding something and you have to be on the look out for it". Leo is the good guy inevitable love interest and best friend Maya is there by Orly's side throughout. The people on the retreats are also a detailed mix of great characters. 

Then there is Esterlita, the firecracker who is Orly new neighbour. There is a lot reference made about Esterlita's Filipino cuisine but they are never explained further (possibly by adding recipes at the back). Does this make her become the 'token' Filipino character or is there more to her. I know she becomes a great friend of Orly "I sigh at Esterlita and her foibles, I've never known anyone like her before", also the Filipino superstition  Esterlita takes so seriously some might want more explanation.

I however loved this book all round its told at a great pace and I love its twists and turns, despite the slightly negative parts that i thought was only fair to point  out.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for giving me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Really enjoyed this story about new beginnings. Characters were believable if a bit far fetched. (I know many Filipinos with staccato laughs and 2 barrelled Christian names). Well written and flowed nicely.
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Loved this book. Orly along with three other partners owns a company which caters to the needs of the rich and famous. She is finding her life is all about work, work and more work and she is beginning to resent this. When one of their elite wedding proposal goes horribly wrong and all the blame lands at her feet, all she wants to do is hide. As if this isn’t enough her so called fiancé and work partner dumps her via the media. One night after a little bit too much tequila she makes a life changing
decision. Upon waking the next morning she slowly remembers but decides this is it her life its going to change for the better. Leaving her past behind she moves to a little village in Kent with dreams of her new business. What she doesn’t realise is that she is going to meet a very wacky older lady who becomes a true friend as well as a wonderful new adventure and a new admirer. Definitely needs another book to learn more about Leo and Maya and her new addition please.
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Orly works hard in London making celebrity dreams come true but after her partner dumps her she realises there is more to life than London. A drunken night sees her buying Honeysuckle Hall and a fresh start begins. A book about new starts, taking chances  and love. I really enjoyed this book the characters are believable and well rounded, the story flows well with twists and turns. My only gripe is a few Americanisms we don't use, realtor, flipping properties to name a couple but there were more.
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Orly has just been very publicly dumped by her fiancé, is in a job that’s just not doing it for her anymore and she has been wrongly blamed for a mega mistake. Taking stock of her life, she does what anyone would do, have slightly too much wine and buys a large property without even going to view it.

If chicklit is your genre, this is the book - and author - for you. We know it’s going to be girl loses boy, girl goes off to her new life, girl gets even better boy. But hey, we all need happy endings, light reading, books to make us feel better. And this one did it for me, it even has a nice twist in it that I wasn’t expecting. I loved Estrelita- she could be a series on her own and we all need a Leo in our lives, even if it’s just because he’s a good carpenter. If there really is a wellness centre like this, then I’m in. Enjoyable, easy read. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   I have liked everything this author has read and that was no exception.   This was a real feel good happy book with great characters and a good storyline.   I really liked it.
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2.5 stars. This book was just okay. I felt like the pacing was somehow both rushed but draggy. The writing was meh much of the time- it just didn’t really draw me in. I wish the would book start as the main character is heading out of London with a brief overview on why she’s leaving. There were many times the dialogue is just unrealistic and cringy. Orly’s ex-boyfriend seems pretty unrealistically bad, so much so that it’s almost unbelievable that a character like Orly would have been interested in him. 
     I think this was described as a romance, but the love interest isn’t introduced until 30% through the book. I would probably describe the genre more as women’s fiction. Also, the main character isn’t described physically until 40% of the way through the book! I was picturing a completely different person then almost half way through the book the picture is changed. It really threw me off. 
    I really want to like Esperlita (sp?), but the way she’s introduced makes her just a bit annoying and too much. I really liked Leo, although it didn’t say much about his background or why he was still single. Orly was pretty likeable and even though I didn’t find the story very engrossing, I did still route for Orly to do well and for her romance with Leo.
    I found a couple things extremely odd….spoiler alert………Orly’s best friend Maya didn’t tell her she was planning on having a baby or that she was pregnant for weeks while she was living with Orly? That just seems unbelievable to me for multiple reasons. Also, how did Orly have no idea about Harry’s embezzling/fraud when the book makes it clear she’s extremely involved in the running of their business? The first thing she says when told is something like “how did they not know” as if it had happened after she left, but then the book makes it clear it was happening under her nose. Huh?? 
    I did like that Orly had such a unique hobby, although not a whole lot was made of it. It was just kind of mentioned whenever convenient. I suppose though that one hobby shouldn’t necessarily define one’s personality. 
   Overall, this was one of the more disappointing books I’ve read in the last while and I doubt I’d read anything else by this author. I liked it just enough to round up to 3 stars. 
Thank you to NetGalley and HQ Publishing for providing me access to this eARC for my honest opinion!
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Rebecca raisin has been one of my favourite chick lit ROM com authors for quite some time now. With her light-hearted reads. But also gripping enough to make you want to snuggle down and have a good long reading session with it. This book is no exception
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Rebecca Raisin books always leave me with a smile on my face and this was no exception. I loved everything  about it, the setting, the characters and the mad chicken made me chuckle. 

Rebecca Raisin introduces us to interesting characters, my favourite being Orly’s neighbour who, as well as being a good cook, has so many superstitions to share. I loved reading about Orly ‘s renovation of the hall and her first paying guests. A real winner of a book and I do hope there will be another following as the ending left me wanting to read so much more
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Absolutely adored this book, what a brilliant read, fantastic characters especially loved the firecracker who brought a touch of humour to the book, everyone needs a friend like Es.
Storyline was brilliant and flowed really nicely and was brought to life so.much so you felt that you were there with them.
Would highly recommend and would definitely have scored higher if I could have
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First off, Thank you so much for letting me review this wonderful book! I absolutely adored this book! I enjoyed the characters and the story!  The story flowed great and had me reading and finishing the book in no time! I highly recommend this book!!!
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I was provided with an eARC of this book in exchange for a fair review.

Rebecca Raisin is becoming my go-to author when I need a cozy romance to cuddle up with. I love that her stories focus primarily on the main character's personal development, and the actual romance is secondary. As such, her characters are wonderful, strong, independent women who don't NEED a man, but appreciate the joys of having a partner, Orly was a fabulous MC, and she constantly made me chuckle. Esterlita was 100% the Firecracker, and I adored Maya. Dare I hope for a Maya/Jock spinoff??? I definitely will be adding Escape to Honeysuckle Hall to my reread list!
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Recently I read Aria's Travelling Book Shop by Rebecca Raisin and jumped at the opportunity to review Escape to Honeysuckle Hall (also by Rebecca Raisin).

When reading and reviewing a book, I want to learn something new or experience another place.  This is an advance read copy and the Publication date is 05 Aug 2021; I'm debating as to whether to round up to a 5 or down to a 4.  Because I've thought about this book so much in the last week, I'm going to round up.  I would love it if the author included more descriptions of Filipino cuisine into this novel, it really is a rarity to have a Filipino character in a book.  I bet some descriptions of the food provided by Orly's neighbor would be both mouthwatering and could add to come character development with the campers.  If any readers have any suggestions of books that include reference to Filipino food or culture, please make a recommendation in the comments.  (thanks!)

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher (HQ Digital) and the author Rebecca Raisin for the opportunity to review this advance read copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the perfect comfort read! I feel like I’ve had a few days away to recuperate at Honeysuckle Hall, oh how I wish it was a real place filled with the characters in this book who are brought to life by Rebecca Raisin. I loved all of the characters, especially Orla, Leo, The Firecracker and the lovely Maya......... so grab a comfy sofa, a cuppa and curl up with this gorgeous book. Highly recommended.
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This was a cute read! The cover is beautiful! I enjoyed reading the story and would recommend for a book club!
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I love Rebecca Raisin's books. They are a little slice of comforting cake and this one is no different.

This a quick, feel good read. If you're looking for twisty mysteries and unending drama, this is not the book for you. Questions are wrapped up quickly and drama is easily resolved. The beauty of Raisin's books lies in their comfort. In their optimistic view that everyone can find the life they need and the love they want with minimal anxiety.

You leave Honeysuckle Hall with the distinct impression that life is good and everyone can end up happy. Which is a pretty great feeling in the world we live in.
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Charming Escapism.....
A heartwarming tale of second chances, love, life and friendships in a delightful countryside setting with well drawn characters and an engaging storyline. Charming escapism.
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Where to even begin.  .  . Escape to Honeysuckle Hall is one of those rare books, It captures you heart and soul and stays with you even after you turn the last page. The band of characters in this book are all so unique and loveable and Honeysuckle Hall at times feels like a character in and of itself. It was a delightful read from start to finish and I highly recommend.
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