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All The Colors of Life

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This is lovely book with wonderful  . poetry and fantastic art. I really enjoyed reading it and  will definitely be going back to this book again.
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And just like that, Lisa Aisato has become one of my favourite artists. You know the saying - a picture paints a thousand words? Well, Ms Aisato's paintings do just that! She has such a gift of presenting expressive and meaningful paintings that they do not even need words to make a story. I am in awe of her imagination, creativity and talent, and went to follow her social media account right away!

This, then, makes for a wonderful picture book for adults where only a few words are needed. The words are thought provoking and will stir up your memories. There are pages that are not suitable for little eyes, Also, a few pages featuring lifestyles that not everyone would support.

I will be looking out for more books by this artist!
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The art in this book was gorgeous, and I enjoyed it so much that I immediately went back and reread it.

I want to buy this book for every person in my life because this is the kind of thing that would be great to pick up when you're having a bad day or when you doubt yourself.
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This book kept surprising me. I wasn't sure what I expected when I opened it, but as I began it, I thought perhaps it was an illustrated children's book, however, as it kept moving along a linear timeline, it became apparent that it was not that, but indeed for adults, as I had originally thought. Overall, the prose, while simple, was filled with nostalgia and emotion. Many of the illustrations I was mesmerized by and really enjoyed, yet, there were some illustrations that were kind of odd and I didn't care for. It was a cute book, but not one that I enjoyed well enough in its entirety, to add to my personal library.
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All The Colors of Life by Lisa Aisato is picture book about different stages of life. The book is divided into different sections that are based on the various stages of life from childhood to old age. Furthermore, these pictures are accompanied with minimalistic verses, which complement the vibrant pictures. In this book, I liked the variety of colors, the visual symbolisms, and the minimalistic verse. 

The variety of colors appealed to me because they were pleasing to the eye and relatable to my soul. In the section that was based on childhood, the colors that are used emphasize the innocence and the never-ending expanse of children's imagination, which accentuate the beauty of the early years of a person. I interpreted it this way because I feel that many of us underappreciate the carefree nature of one's childhood years and this book evoked those beautiful memories. In contrast, the colors used in the illustrations of the later stages of life are darker perfectly depicted the various struggles of life that people face as they grow older. For example, there is one illustration that shows a shadow shaped as large and intimidating monster that juxtaposes with the tiny shadow of a man. The use of shadows implies the anxieties and worries that disturb people in their everyday lives. For this reason, the variety of colors used in the illustrations of this book accentuated their aesthetic value and insinuated feelings that the reader can relate to. 

Other than the colors, I found that there were many pictures that included unique symbolisms that alluded to the many truths of life. For example, there was a picture of teenager wearing a protective costume of sorts that had many forbidding signs such as the 'no smoking sign' and an adult was shown putting these on. It depicted how teenagers can be restricted and sheltered a lot, which can inhibit their personal growth, therefore it probably encourages adults give space to young adults. Another picture was of a couple on a swing with one person cutting the swing into two pieces with a saw, which embodied an end to the couple's relationship. Personally, I felt that this picture perfectly depicted the brutality of separating from a person because of the psychological pain it can cause. There are many more pictures like these, but I just mention two because these were two of the many that stood out to me and helped me realize how a picture can say a thousand words. Also, these symbolisms helped me realize the potential of visual art; I thought that only words can be twisted in different ways, but Aisato's art proves me wrong. 

Aisato couples these awe-inspiring and moving illustrations with lines of verse that complement her art beautifully. I liked the fact that there was just a line accompanying almost every picture because it keeps the verse minimalistic to an extent that it hints at the theme of the picture to invoke never-ending possibilities of meanings, instead of saying everything through words. The verse allows the pictures to speak for themselves and say more than words can every say, which I think is the beauty of minimalistic verse. 

From the brilliant use of colors to the deep-cutting symbolisms to the simplistic verse, All The Colors of Life By Lisa Aisato is a beautiful embodiment of a human's life.
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I love this book. The artwork is just mind blowing. Lisa Aisato is so talented. She makes art that represents all kinds of people in different stages of life. She makes art of life. And every piece is so emotional. You can’t look at one of her artwork and not feel what she wanted to express. I think this book is a perfect gift for both young and old.

I received an arc from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I have read the book in both English and Swedish. The language doesn’t matter, the art transcends.
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As an educator, I often look for ways to be more creative in my lesson planning. I looked at this book with those eyes. How could I incorporate this into a literature lesson? Perhaps using the art as inspiration for poetry. Perhaps encouraging students to create a similar writing project, chronicling their own lives. Regardless, I had so many ideas while reading this book.

Aisato's artwork is beautiful. I was really drawn to her particular style. The section headings were well-done. There was just one this that seemed like it didn't fit. The font explaining each art piece just seemed a bit off. Is it Times New Roman? It seems super formal for an art book. That aside I loved taking this journey via Aisato's art. Incredibly beautiful, detailed pieces. Loved them!
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This book is beautiful. The illustrations are very well done. It's sort of a picture book for adults. Young adults might enjoy it too, but I think adults will be better able to relate to the later parts of the book. I enjoyed reading this book.

I recieved an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A sweet look at the life cycle through colors and short, but profound thoughts and questions. I enjoyed the progression of life through the lens of another. The art is stunning in both arrays of colors and the ability to capture expressions and emotions. This collection of stunning art is a treasure and gift not to be missed. Allow yourself the privilege to experience all that is has to offer. Lose yourself in the guided imagery and be blessed to embrace all that you have right now.
I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley and all opinions expressed are solely my own, freely given.
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This is a really beautiful book. It's like a picture book for adults, a super quick read with meaningful, highly illustrated poetry throughout. It's quite different to a 'normal adult book with just a line or so on each page, mainly focussing on the beautiful illustrations.

It begins with childhood and works its way through the ups and downs of life. Each picture tells its own beautiful story.

Would make an ideal gift or coffee table book that you could leave open at any of the stunning pages.
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All the Colors of Life is an illustrated poetry by Lisa Aisato. It’s an extremely quick read but if you have an appreciation for deeply meaningful illustrations about life, then you might spend more time with the book. The book starts with childhood and slowly moves through all the blisses and sorrows and the ups and downs of every phase of life. The illustrations are magical and the poetry is simple, meaningful, relatable, and deep. 


Another great thing is the inclusivity the book includes both in the art and the words. Everyone, Irregardless of their age, would be able to find themselves and their life beautifully expressed in the pages of this book. 


I am glad I chose to read this book.
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Content rating: 4/5 stars
Format (ebook for Kindle) rating: 2/5 stars.

With absolutely stunning illustrations and an evocative yet subtle story of a life throughout, All the Colors of Life is a feast for the senses for readers of all ages. 

I'm sure this novel in physical format would be wonderful to immerse oneself in on occasion, and would make for a stunning birthday gift for fans of illustrated art. Yet as an e-book it needs a little work. The formatting of the pages doesn't work for many devices (including kindle for Ipad or tablet), messing up the illustations. If this work is to be published in ebook format as well, I hope these issues will be resolved beforehand.
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Absolutely gorgeous art and beautiful prose. This is the perfect picture book for adults! This would be a perfect gift for a family member or friend.
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A beautiful book, that goes through your whole entire life through pictures mainly - from childhood, to having children, and to being a grandparent.
The illustrations were beautiful - and each one told its own story - some of them branching into diverse occurrences which I thought was lovely.
Great book
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Experience the beauty, joy, and poetry of universal human experiences through this gorgeously illustrated volume from renowned artist Lisa Aisato, featuring her most beloved illustrations.
Lisa Aisato distils the many stages of life in all their rainbow hues. An illustrated book, that will inspire and comfort readers at all moments of their journeys. More than one hundred beautiful images, stunning in their diversity, each illustration an exuberant story unto itself.  Colourful and heartfelt, All the Colors of Life explores the universal ups and downs of life while highlighting what is most important in life….love.

Where to start. Unbelievable collection of pictures that cover the whole spectrum of human emotions. 
The stunning artwork reminded me so much of the Pink Floyd videos of the late '70s and early '80s. 
Talking of videos, you can glimpse this book in a video on youtube.
The pictures capture human strengths, weaknesses and traits.
There are colourful, vibrant and vivid pictures, along with dark and atmospheric scenes. A subtle blend of happiness and sadness.
The pictures of old age were particularly poignant for me as I begin to enter that age bracket.
Things tend to resonate with you as you stare at the beautiful artwork and think back on life.
This is a book you should definitely read.
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A picture book for adults with glorious illustrations  illuminating the stages of our lives from childhood, teen years, adulthood and senior year. Minimal yet salient  & eloquent text accompanies tje illustrations. Just beautiful.
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