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Be still my hopeless romantic heart. This book deserves no stars because it was so amazing. I couldn't put it down i just had to know and watch our main characters relationship bloom and cheer them on. 
So if you're needing a beautiful romance read to curl up to this is your book.
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This was an enjoyable summer read. It was nice to have Will, the Hollywood actor, be just a regular, good guy, not the stereotypical Hollywood type.  Carrie had a lot on her plate, from being a young widow to taking care of her mother in law to running The Gable Inn. You’ll run the gamut of emotions, sad, hopeful, and many more.
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Beautiful written story 
By Marci Bolden. 

Carrie gable, has been through so much at such a young age.  Losing her husband Mike to a kid with a gun. 
Now helping Doreen her mom in law run the Inn.
Getting the rooms Ready.  For the guests. 

Not only is Carrie getting ready for there guests. She's taking care of momma Doreen who has alzheimers..she
 Is overwhelmed with her duties.. Getting the place ready for the movie stars that she cannot tell anyone who's going to be staying at the inn.

Will walker, is the nicest of the guests..and Carrie couldn't ask for a better running partner .

This is  my 5 Book By this author 
Her Work is wonderful. Definitely recommend her books to everyone.
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A beautiful novel about a woman who is stretched to the limit while taking care of a loved one. Carrie Gable’s husband was killed two years ago and she is living with his mother and running a B&B in their home. She considers his mother, Doreen, her “mama”. When Doreen begins to forget every day issues, she is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. In order to afford the upkeep on their home, Carrie rents to a group of Hollywood actors who are filming in the area. A beautiful tale
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I have read a lot of Marci Bolden books and this was one of my favourite. Written with much understanding and empathy, this is beautiful story. A story about loss, love and family. More than just a simple romance. I loved all the characters who were so realistic. 
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this copy in exchange for an independent review. 
4 stars
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Another fantastic book by Marci Bolden. This book will tug at your heartstrings and make your heart hurt a little bit.   Carrie is doing the best she can while juggling so many life events but she is tired, scared and trying to make everyone happy. She takes in a client that she’s hoping will bring her some financial relief but turns out it may be more work than it’s worth. Along the way she meets Will who seems to good to be true but is willing to take it slow and listen to her wants/needs.   Marci takes you on an emotional quest filled with hurt, dedication, love, compassion, humor and new beginnings. She does an amazing job with her character descriptions - you can visualize the faces and behaviors. You will get lost in the story and feel frustration, anger, question and cheering for a HEA.   I requested an arc and I am leaving my honest review.
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Unforgettable you by Marci Bolden is about an unlikely romance between a Hollywood star and a common, everyday woman. Carrie is the innkeeper of the inn,  where the star Will Walker comes to stay, along with the crew, for shooting a movie. Both of them have their own troubles and are trying to cope with it. Will is going through a self- realization phase and he is reevaluating his priorities. And Carrie is going through some difficulties of her own, taking care of her mother-in-law who has Alzheimer's. They begin to form an unusual connection which leads them to have a very restricted relationship. 

The book started very well and was really interesting till the middle. But towards the end, there were some inconsistencies with the character's growth and also the way the characters perceive others and themselves. There were many times I was starting to get annoyed at Carrie's inability to understand that she is way in over her head; I just couldn't understand her behavior sometimes. The book was nonetheless quite emotional and managed to tug at the reader's heartstrings. And it was a crisp, evenly paced narrative with enough material to hold the reader's attention without it being an imposition. I am giving the book 4 stars for these reasons. Thanks to Netgalley, Pink Sand Press and the author Marci Bolden for this ARC.
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Beautiful and heartwarming, just like those long summer nights this story invokes.  Carrie and her mother in law Doreen run the family B&B with dwindling finances and Doreen's steady slide into dementia.
Financial help comes from a movie studio who is filming nearby and wants their actors and crew to stay locally.  Carrie accepts the booking as the money will pay off some of Doreen's growing medical bills and some others.

As Doreen steadily worsens Carrie finds herself growing closer to Will, the famous leading man, but she wants none of the limelight or fame that comes with him.  Filming finishes and Will stays for a break until he starts to write.  His screenplay attracts big attention and Hollywood pulls him back.

Weeks, then months go by, the calls dwindle and Will is at sparkling events with his leading lady so Carrie pulls back further, then that day comes when she needs him, the day he promised he would be there, the day he said if you need me, call, I'll come.  But he didn't, he didn't call back for days, when he did he knew exactly what he had lost.
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In this unlikely pairing of innkeeper and Hollywood star get ready for an emotional ride.  Carrie Gable has had experienced enough loss in her life.  After the unexpected death of her husband she is watching her mother in law slowly be taken away by Alzheimers. In an effort to keep Doreen in the home she's always known Carrie decides to take on guests at the Gable Inn,  an entire crew filming in the area.  What was supposed to just bring in much needed money brought so much more in the fom of Will, the leading actor.  He's trying to find himself after becoming disenchanted with the Hollywood scene and he's drawn to the strength he sees in Carrie.  Even though they are from different worlds they take a leap together.  But when old habits resurface it could be the end before they get their beginning.
Warning: This book deals with heavy topics,  including Alzheimers and death.
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So many amazing things about this book!!  First off is Marci's writing is soooo flipping good, something about her stories always hook me and I cant stop reading!!!  She always knows how to do the family stories but also this time she nailed Mama and her medical issues, spot on for explaining it so well.  Carrie always trying to do everything herself and not knowing that she really needed someone in her life to be there for her and Will was a perfect fit!  Family, heartbreak, love and forgiveness, this book has it all.  Just might be my favorite of hers so far!!  Thank you Netgalley for the ARC in return for my honest review.  One amazing story!
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Wonderful book written with love and compassion. Characters are well developed and fascinating. Marci Bolden gets right into the meat of a book and pulls you into every detail. I definitely recommend this book. Good beach read.

I received an ebook ARC from Netgalley and this is my voluntary, honest review.
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Unforgettable You is yet another one of Marci Bolden’s beautifully written novels.  This is a touching story filled with family struggles, challenges and hardships along with romance and love!  A woman who loses her husband and her mother in-law are Innkeepers of a historic Bed and Breakfast.  But “Mama’s” Alzheimer’s is starting to progress and she is left manage the Inn and Mama on her own.  Bolden does not hold back as she writes about the Alzheimer’s and shows the grief and pain it brings.  Along with this Bolden still adds in the romance, friendship, family, trust and healing that goes along with this debilitating disease.  Bolden has such a gift to be able to intertwine the pain and illness along with the family hardships with romance and love and gives you a very realistic read.  She plays with your emotions from the beginning to the end.  It is a very enjoyable story that you will not want to put don!  I highly recommend this book but make sure the tissues are close by!

Thank you NetGalley, Marci Bolden and Pink Sand Press for an ARC of this engaging  story in exchange for my honest review.
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When Carrie's husband passed away, she moved in with her mother-in-law to help run the inn, but in time they decided not to have guests anymore.  When her mother-in-law, Doreen,  was diagnosed with dementia, her medical bills started piling up.  A movie company wanted to rent out the inn while they were shooting their movie, and they decided to do it.
Carrie with some help from her best friend tried to do everything, because she couldn't afford to hire help.  The day came when she had to ask for help, and thankfully she was pleasantly surprised.  She had a preconceived notion about Hollywood elitist, but she discovered what she read and heard was far from the truth, sometimes.  
When Carrie was struggling with taking care of Doreen as her illness progressed, and she fell down the stairs and ended up in the hospital, it was a turning point for her. Donnie, was only thinking about his star, and she didn't want Doreen around.  When Donnie told Carrie, Doreen had to go elsewhere for the remainder of the time they were there, Carrie kicked him and the cast and crew out, even though she really couldn't afford to refund the money for the remainder of the time they had left.  
When you are at a turning point, you choose your path, and Carrie did that, and it was a wonderful choice.  With all that Carrie had to go through, she never gave up, she kept following her path. She met new people, learned new things, and did what she knew she had to do, and it brought her to a better understanding of what her life should be now.
I received an ARC from Pink Sand Press through NetGalley.
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"Falling apart is not an option right now."

There is not a human I know who has not said those words at some point but when Carrie Gable says them in Unforgettable You by Marci Bolden my heart just broke for her. This author plays with her readers emotions in a very human way.

Carrie's husband was killed before they even got started with their lives. Now her and her mother-in-law, Mama, are trying to keep their family Inn going but with Mama's Alzheimer's progressing it is becoming too much. Then a Hollywood movie crew books the Inn for a three month shoot. 

In walks Will Walker charming movie star who is at his own crossroads and finds a kindred soul in Carrie. Carrie tries to fight their attraction. Mama thinks Will is her dead son and this is breaking Carrie's heart and making her feel guilty about her feelings for Will. Then there is the supporting cast of characters from self centered actress Juliet to jackass producer Donnie adding to Carrie's stress. Thankfully she has the most awesome best friend in Natalie.

Through tender love scenes, stolen kisses and very frank conversations Will and Carrie slowly give in to their feelings. But love isn't always a straight and narrow road and when tragedy strikes they both find disappointment in each other. Just because you are unforgettable in one's heart is it worth the pain of remembering how you once made each other feel?!

This book had me in tears with its realistic look at caring for an elderly parent, feeling alone, and hesitant to trust in love again. I thought the end was a bit rushed considering all the emotions that were expressed by these two flawed lovers. Then again, I did not want to leave the Inn.

I received a free copy of this book from the publishers via #Netgalley for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.
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An emotional story of a young widow caring for her Mother in law, who has Alzheimer's disease. They live in a historic inn which Carrie needs to use as a bed and breakfast in order to bring in the income needed to save their home and care for her mother in law. She meets and falls in love with one of the guests, a struggling Hollywood A lister, Will. Will learns a lot about family, loyalty, and dedication from Carrie and Momma. Is it enough to save him from himself and realize that love and family come first?
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This is a women's fiction story with some romance thrown in but the main catalyst of the story. The author does a great job of mixing the two in while having you evaluate your life at the same thing. I felt for Carrie and found myself feeling the emotions as the story progressed. I may have cried and I am not ashamed to admit it.
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This is a beautiful story about a daughter-in-law trying her best to take care of her mother-in-law whom is suffering from Alzheimer's. This is such a horrible disease as you watch your loved one change before your very eyes. Needing a influx of money to save the home Carrie rents out the place to a film crew for three months. Several of the crew are considered high maintenance and very demanding so of course that causes major headaches. A tender love story starts up between Carrie and Will one of the stars, they look forward to a future together even if it is a long distance one. As things spiral out of control for Carrie, Will drops the balls and what following is a heartbreaking conclusion to this book. I cried for probably the last 20 or 30 minutes of the book. When a book can pull my emotions out as this one does it certainly earns a 5star rating from me. I would certainly recommend this book to others.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my own personal opinion of this read.
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Unforgettable You
by: Marci Bolden
Pink Sand Press
     The Gable Inn, a historic bed and breakfast in Iowa, is a perfect setting for Marci Bolden's story of family and romance. I find that Bolden's character development is beautiful in her detail and description of flaws, shortcomings, and past experiences, as well as emotions, feelings, and personalities. She is not afraid to write about the pain of grief and Alzheimer's disease in this book, while still giving the reader a story of romance, family closeness, friendship, trust, and healing. 
     When Hollywood actors and actresses come to stay for an extended period at the Gable Inn during filming, innkeepers Carrie and her mother-in-law "Mama" are surrounded by personalities that are very different from the culture of Iowa. There is a connection between handsome Will, a very famous actor whose career is in a somewhat downward spiral, and Carrie, a widow. She has her hands full juggling caring for both the Inn and Mama, who is battling dementia, as well as her own needs. Challenges arise for everyone at the Inn, but there is a spark igniting a romance between hometown girl Carrie and California actor Will. 
     Bolden's writing is warm, honest, and sincere as the story unfolds. One of my favorite parts of Bolden's stories are the way she weaves complexities such as family relationships, sickness, trust, grief and financial hardships into her romantic love themes as well, giving a rich, real life experience for readers. This is a very satisfying and enjoyable book for women of all ages.
Thank you to Net Galley and Pink Sand Press for an Advance Reader's Copy of this book and the opportunity to provide my review.
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Another wonderfully emotional story from Marci Bolden. From the beginning of the story, from Doreen's diagnosis to the necessity to open the B & B, I was completely in Ms. Bolden's thrall in this story. I think we all fear that our loved ones will fall victim to this condition and I think that is why all of Carrie's struggles resonated with me. Now on top of all of that, she must deal with the demanding Hollywood elite that would most certainly try my patience on a good day much less with what Carrie must already deal with. There is one bright star though and he may either be the one to save her or to break her completely. I completely felt the push and pull, the want and needs of these characters. I loved Doreen to distraction and was distraught with how she must have felt with the hand she was dealt and how Carrie had to basically become this whole other person to keep everyone happy. I loved everything about this story.
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Unforgettable You by Marci Bolden is an unforgettable book. If you have ever had a close friend or loved one with dementia then you can identify with Carrie Gable.  William Walker may be a little harder since most of us are not actors especially one famous. Still the workaholic style he has approached his career is easy to comprehend. His personality is such that any endeavor he would take would be with 150% effort, only Hollywood distorts that more.

Usually I am not a celebrity character story fan but enjoyed this novel immensely. The characters are fully developed, flaws and all with all the emotional baggage to go along with them. This story could have gone in many directions but the focus is more on Carrie, her mother-in-law’s health, and their struggle to keep their bed-and-breakfast home going. I was hooked on the story from the first doctor visit to the very end of the journey with all the declines, disappointments and let downs that happen.

As always with Marci Bolden’s stories there is deep emotional turmoil amongst the drama, soul searching, regrets, forgiveness, and love to be found. I am hoping that there will be a sequel with Carrie’s friend and perhaps Grant.
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