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Good visual photos. This book overall was just okay for me. 
There are some okay recipes within the book. I'm a carnivore eater but I wouldn't say you need to run out to buy this book.
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This was a great introduction to the world of carnivore cooking.  The recipes were easy to follow and I look forward to adding more protein into my diet.
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When requesting for this book, I thought I will get a small introduction, and a lot of recipes. But what an eye-opening, this book is. Why we're not supposed to be scared of eating meats, and the reason why we should avoid eating some meats. The reason is not in the meat itself, and you should read this book, honestly. The author also mentioned that we should eat all parts of meat, including their offal. In short, this book is a must have and must read also must try. Have a better health after!
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I really like the idea of this book and the author has quite a variety of proteins to choose from. We made the balsamic pork tenderloin and that was a very flavorful, fast, weekday dinner that is nice enough for company.
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I have been following the keto lifestyle for years so I was excited about this cookbook.  Sadly the recipes feature hard to find ingredients and are a bit too eclectic for everyday life.
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I am more accustomed to carnivore diets being diets involving only meats and so was surprised that this book leans more towards animal-based and allows some fruits and vegetables that are considered less toxic. This is definitely not the cookbook for you if you have to be on a very low carb or strict carnivore lifestyle. Though there are many recipes that are low-carb, there are also some that are high carb especially if they involve fruits and honey. It is worth exploring for those who are not diabetic, pre-diabetic or obese.

Some of the recipes look quite unusual and interesting such as the creamy oyster dip and powerhouse burgers that I am looking forward to trying. 

I felt rather discouraged because it seems all the meat has to be pasture-raised, grass fed, wild caught etc. And a lot of the foods that I enjoy often such as mushrooms, cauliflowers and nuts are considered highly toxic. Maybe something worth looking into, I am still not sure at this point.

Not every recipe is accompanied by a photo of the final dish but the photos that are there are beautiful (though some don't seem to be that necessary.)
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This book is essent8ially a combination of a diet book and a cookbook based on that diet (in that it has more recipes than the usual diet book. Unhappily, while this may be an effective diet, it is not one for the average person. It relies far too much on expensive organic meats and vegetables. As is the case with most of these cookbooks for restricted diets, it relies far too much on gimmicks to make what I think of as 'pseudo-food," i.e. food that looks like what it purports to be but doesn't taste or act like it. Finally, for items that could easily be made without items such as gelatin, the author eschews basic cooking skills in favor of using the gimmick.
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As someone who has been on a low carb/keto lifestyle for a long time. I was curious to see what great recipes I could include from the Carnivore Code cookbook. But it kind of fell flat for me... The first that half the book is about the diet and when you finally got to the recipes they were extremely basic, others needed hard to find ingredients, and some just didn't sound great to me.....can't use ground meat and put it in a waffle iron and call it a "waffle" That's just a fancy meat patty.
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I'm not sure citing Joe Rogan's support in the introduction is the right move here. Not going to lie, it immediately put me off wanting to read further and honestly, I would've put the book back on the shelf if it weren't given to me for free from Netgalley.  That said, Saladino has been on my radar for years as I've been keto and considered going to the carnivore extreme from time to time and I've found his posts informative and well-researched.  The book after the faux pas is as expected and goes scientifically in depth with citations as to the theories and support for the carnivore way of life.  It spends nearly 100 pages demystifying the concept and unraveling the dangers of carbohydrates and even considers the ethics of eating animals.  Thereafter, you get to the actual recipes which have a surprising amount of non-protein ingredients!  Veggies are minimal but nearly often included in each one.  I was anticipating lots of big roast dishes using a quarter hog but the options in the book are pleasantly more refined.  The slow cooker lamb cheeks with creamed kabocha looks dreamy.  He even includes a dessert section with ice cream.  I wish the seafood and fish sections were more robust but overall, it's a solid cookbook - one that I'm glad I gave a chance despite unfortunate political affiliations.  Whether that should impact your support is up to you but with all transparency, my rating is reflective of my opinion on all aspects of the book - introduction included.
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The bulk of my issue with this book is that I felt like the title was a little deceiving.. With a title that includes the word 'Carnivore' leaves me to believe it's a book about the Carnivore diet, i.e. only meat. But in reading this book, what I've found is that this is more animal based diet with vegetables and fruit. Something I know true carnivores would never include in their diet. It seems to me that the author uses animal based and carnivore interchangeably. 

A few of the recipes I tried from this book:
- Skirt Steak Fajitas: The meat was tender and perfect for fajitas. I made the guacamole that was also with this recipe but I added some more spice. The carnivore tortillas were interesting. They didn't really stand up as a tortilla but that was probably user error. 
- Osso Buco Pumpkin Stew: Pumpkin with this flavorful meat was fantastic! I will def be adding pumpkin more often to stews. I had an issue with using so much apple juice; added sugar that I didn't feel was necessary. 
- Grilled Mediterranean Lamb Chops: I'm always looking for new ways to cook lamb and this will be on repeat for me! The herb roasted squash it's served with made a great pairing! 
- The Perfect Steak: This method did result in a beautiful crusted steak though it felt a little tedious. I've found a similar less time consuming method on the grill that has nearly the same results. 
- Cherry Glazed Lamb Chops: I ended up doing this glaze over pork chops and it was fantastic! 
- Maple Sage Breakfast Sausage: I was really worried that the maple would cause it to be to sweet but it ended up being just right. I made a bigger batch the second time around and froze some. Stood up in the freezer great!
- Rustic Chicken Liver Pate: Fantastic pate! I pretty much ate in one sitting it was so good. I only wish I could eat it with some good crusty bread. 

The recipes I found were easy to follow, most of them didn't have a ton of ingredients and didn't have a lot of instructions. Some of the ingredients were hard to find but I liked that he offered substitutions and even offered some ways to mix up the recipe. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Mariner Books for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoyed reading about the background of this type of eating routine.  The pictures were wonderful.  I tried one of the recipes!
It was delicious!
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I am such a carnivore -- MEAT. IS. MY. FAVOURITE!
This book is phenomenal and such a great collection of recipes and meaty information (see what I did there?!),
Cannot wait to get this into my kitchen when a hard copy is available to purchase in December.

Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for my complimentary ARC in exchange for an honest review. Please excuse my tardiness in posting my review as my TBR list continuously grows and I keep finding so many book with so little time!

So much gratitude for this copy shared with me, always xo
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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* interesting read, ive never read any cookbooks or otherwise based on meat-based(?) Meals but if i have the chance i will read the original "carnivore code". Not sure i would use the recipes enough to buy this book for myself but this book does have some GREAT looking/sounding recipes 😍
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Stunning cover…I have heard of this style of eating but this was my first time actually reading through the instructive process of the carnivore code.

   What did I like? If you haven’t been informed of what the carnivore code is then don’t worry. The doctor starts out explaining what it is and how it helped him. This is a complete one eighty given all the information plant diets have thrown at us the last twenty years.  Most of use would balk at using chicken heads or feet to make bone broth. We are definitely not our grandparents generation. The more evolved we become the more sensitive we become toward animals. I agree though that if your following the code then use the whole animal.

   Would I recommend or buy? I can almost acknowledge the doctor’s point when it comes to the carnivores code. I ate this way growing up and was never overweight. It takes a dedication to eat this way and care about how the animals are treated as well. I found it to be an interesting look and would definitely buy a copy. I look forward to trying out his podcast as well. Five stars! 

   I received a complimentary copy to read and voluntarily left a review.
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This book was received as an ARC from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Mariner Books in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

I was waiting for a book like this to be released. Like my husband and I, we eat a lot of meat and we have read so many health articles about the dangers of saturated fat but then we have read books like the Wild Diet and in order to burn fat you need to eat fat and that is the similar mindset Dr. Paul Saladino has through the Carnivore Core Cookbook and a lot of the meats presented in this cookbook we eat as part of our regular diet and that gave me such a rush of relief. The first thing I look for in all of the cookbooks I preview is pictures of the recipes and whether they are easy to make. Not only were these recipes easy but they look absolutely delicious that my husband and I will definitely enjoy! I can definitely see this book being a potential candidate for a future cooking demo and I know our library community will definitely enjoy it.

We will consider adding this title to our TX Non-Fiction collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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Written by a medical doctor who has suffered with chronic illness and has discovered the combative secret lies within our grasp in the carnivorous lifestyle, this book is much more than a cookbook.  Though I love to eat meat, some aspects of this diet itself are new to me, especially the information about toxins in nuts and vegetables.  In a way it is difficult to get my mind around it...many vegetables are touted as the perfect food, engrained in our psyche.  Though I did know that nightshades are inflammatory.  

Lifestyle changes can seem daunting at first.  My own diet is ketogenic due to autoimmune diseases with some success.  But the author of this book has given me a lot to contemplate.  As he says himself, his goal is not conversion but to tell his story and what works for him from a scientific perspective.  Science is up my alley so the first portion of the book really fascinated me.  He goes on to discuss the "true ancestral diet" including his adventures living with the Hadza tribe in Tanzania.  He describes the principles of the carnivore code and details what is included...animals organs, meat and eggs (and even honey!) and what can be made from them.  The metabolic dysfunction section interested me especially.  So did the section on the ethics of meat eating.  Saladino also lists what to avoid according to toxicity levels.  He highlights the benefits to each of the organs.  My dad was a big game hunter and fisherman and we made our own butter as we lived on a farm with many animals for food.  This book reminds me of that.  I'm also a forager so appreciate the lovely recipes featuring berries in particular like Blackberry-Mint Compote.  Honey features in many recipes here such as One-Pan Honey-Glazed Brisket with Celeriac, Squash and Apricots.  Mmmm!

Before reviewing culinary books I like to try a few recipes.  Those I made (and enjoyed!) included the Easy Sweet Pickled Carrots (I'm always looking for uses for fish sauce!), Supercharged Popsicles (phenomenal!) and Rosemary-Lemon Roasted Lamb Leg with Pear Chutney (I adore anything with pear),   Amongst others I am itching to make Sweet and Sour Duck Legs, The Real Meat-Lover's Pizza (intriguing crust) and Alaskan Ice Cream with a secret ingredient.  

Even if you are not planning to switch to the carnivore "diet", this book is interesting and contains gorgeous recipes and photographs.  It really gave me a lot to think about.

My sincere thank you to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and NetGalley for the privilege of reading (and salivating over!) this delectable book.
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Part 1 is a bit boring but nonetheless important to the cause of this book. Part 2 is where the party starts! I suggest you read this on a full stomach or have some good food on standby because this book is sure to work up your appetite.
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This will probably be a big hit with those who follow carnivore diets. I didn't really understand the need for so much of the book to rehash what the diet is, though. The first third of the book goes over the reasoning behind eating an all-meat or all-animal products diet. The author has already written that book (The Carnivore Code) and I think most people who do not eat this way will not be convinced by the overly long intro (I wasn't). When we finally get to the recipe section, there are lots of them. Some use only meat while others use other animal products like eggs, honey and kefir. He also uses small amounts of things like fruits sometimes (he says he himself doesn't eat all carnivore most of the time though he says it is healthier), but he warns about the dangers of vegetables. 🙄

The layout of the cookbook section is large and pleasing to the eye. There are not many photos of the recipes, though, which is a disappointment in a cookbook. There are actually more photos of live animals (always in Utopian looking happy scenes) than of the recipes made with them, which is a little odd. I agree that the meat you eat should be raised humanely on pastured land with real foods they eat, though I don't know how many people who follow this lifestyle could afford to eat 100% animal products 100% of the time that are raised this way. And it is certainly a strange juxtaposition, seeing the author smiling by darling piglets and then reading all the ways to eat them. To his credit, he advocates using the whole animal so the recipes also involve things like chicken heads in your bone broth.

This is the first time I've ever seen a recipe that uses bone marrow as the main ingredient in a frosting, and I can't see myself ever becoming the kind of person to eat that way. That said, if that's your thing, this will be a good source of recipes. Nutritional information is provided for each recipe, though not of things like fiber (which I assume the author doesn't believe in the merits of).

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book via NetGalley.
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While this way of eating won’t work for my family, I feel very knowledgeable on the way of eating after reading this book. Loads of information and recipes to help you get started. The pictures make you want to lick the book they are so yummy looking. Some of the ingredients won’t be at your local store but worth looking for.
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This is not just a basic cook book. It has information about carnivore diet and it isn't for everyone. I'm not one of them. It will be very usefull for someone that is interested for in depth information.

I received a free copy for my honest review.
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