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Portrait of a Scotsman by Evie Dunmore 

**Free copy received from Berkley Publishing Group and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    “A man immune to female charm was a dangerous creature when charm was one’s chief line of defense.” 

Story: 19% 
    This third installment in A League of Extraordinary Women picks up fast as Hattie Greenfield finds herself alone among the renowned art collection of London’s most notorious financier Lucian Blackstone. When Blackstone himself appears, the chemistry and passion between them radiates off the page and burns bright in their first kiss. This moment is one of the strongest inciting incidents I’ve ever read. From here, the plot lines are so transparent and yet not predictable. It’s apparent that Hattie and Lucian will end up together. Still, the beauty of this story is the journey they take in discovering one another and themselves. I was captivated by the complete storm of events and emotions their relationship undergoes from beginning to end. The climax of the story had me quite literally gripping my kindle for dear life. As the story finds its conclusion, I was a bit thrown by the timing of Hattie’s decision to leave Lucian. Yet, the final scene was utterly redemptive and satisfying. 

Writing Style: 20% 
    I am addicted to this series and love Dunmore’s ability to write compelling characters within a well-researched world. I’m elated with how well Dunmore has plotted out her characters in this book. Hattie and Lucian have such obvious desires and needs that are easily met in each other, but misconceptions and circumstances place them at odds with one another. Dunmore leads her characters to these perfect moments when understanding dawns and love can bloom. Her research of the suffrage movement, laws, political figures, and cultural impact of the area is spot on and adds a rich layer of history. 

Characters: 20% 
Hattie Greenfield and Lucian Blackstone are flawlessly drawn characters who meet at precisely the right moment in time. Hattie has been walking this dangerous line between the silly and silent female pretense expected of her and the suffragette and activist she is at heart. Yet, she knows that the time to seriously consider suitors has come. Likewise, Blackstone has reached a point in his business career where the nefarious dealings of his past no longer serve his pursuits. If he is to truly break into the high social circles he desires, he will need a wife of good standing. Their meet-cute of mistaken identity is steamy and exciting, propelling the story towards its critical inciting incident. While their marriage starts out as one of propriety, they need up needing precisely who the other person is; they just don’t realize it until the conclusion. Additionally, Hattie and Lucian have rich backstories that strengthen their character foundations. When they each learn the other’s history, their relationship takes a new shape as they fall in love. 

Supporting Elements: 17.5%
    Dunmore is nothing but consistent with her research into the historical elements of 1880 and the suffrage movement. This series is a perfect historical fiction with the right amount of grounding in the area while focusing on how it impacts the characters. One whimsical example of this is Dunmore’s nod to popular romance novels during this period, leading to a fantastic scene between Hattie and Lucian. I loved the theme of breaking social expectations for women and how Hattie and Lucian’s love journey allowed them to become who they really are. 

Expectations: 19% 
    I expected this book to be good, and it was. Although I think Annabelle and Sebastian’s story will remain my favorite, this was the best-written novel of the series. The plotting of the story and characters is spot on! Just about every interaction is necessary. My only discrepancy with this book was Hattie’s decision towards the book’s conclusion. I understand why she had to leave. However, I just think it comes at an abrupt moment. Despite this, overall, I truly enjoyed this book! 

Total Rating: 95.5% / 100%
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I was pleasantly surprised by this book, as it is more than a romance.  Issues include the suffragette movement, the inequality of the classes, the plight of the miners in Victorian England.  Hattie is not just the genteel lady of the manor, but is eager to learn more about the world she lives in, being part of the suffragette movement.  When she meets Lucien Blackstone, a relationship develops but is not on a straightforward path.  I recommend this book and thank NetGalley for the opportunity.
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I was so glad to have read this third book in the series by Evie Dunmore. She absolutely nailed it again! Each heroine in the series is different but written so well.

The character of Hattie is so fascinating. She is a woman who was born of privilege and yet understood that women were not given the same rights as men. She is a creative and passionate heroine. Lucien Blackstone is a Scottish ruthless business man who came from nothing and constantly calculates. When he sees an opportunity to get the prestige he craves by marrying Hattie, he takes it. Only, he gets more than he bargained for and risks losing his heart in the process. 

Thank you to @berkley for the chance to read and review this!
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Historical romance has such a special place in my heart. Hattie & Lucian's story was absolutely perfect. I just loved it so much! 

Hattie was such an incredible woman, so strong-willed, quick-witted and so strong. I loved how she continuously went out of her way to make the world a better place. She was just so charming and you couldn't help but want her to achieve the happiness and love she absolutely deserved. Lucian on the other hand was such a scoundrel and I loved him for it. Yes his original goal of marrying Hattie was not the best, but I promise he more than makes up for it throughout the book! This story was just so incredibly sweet and endearing and I just wish it never ended.

Also Scotland is my ultimate travel destination so being able to travel with them and experience that time with them was so grand!

Thank you so much to Berkley Romance for the e-ARC copy and physical gifted copy!
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this is book 3 in the League of Extraordinary Women series and focuses on Hattie Greenfield, who finds herself unexpectedly thrust into a marriage with a man she finds completely brutish. as one can suspect, they fall in love. it was so fun to be back in this world and I will forever read anything @evietheauthor gives us. this wasn’t my favorite in the series but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the spice was 🔥🔥🔥. I appreciated the social commentary on classism and income inequality in addition to the continuous theme in the series of fighting for women’s rights. if you love Bridgerton I HIGHLY recommend checking this series out!
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I loved this series for the unique romances, but also for the way it championed women's rights. This third book in the series is my favorite and also had me feeling very emotional. Hattie and Lucien's romance was beautiful to read and I loved getting to know the real Lucien. Hattie became so much stronger throughout the book and it was fun to watch her change and grow into the person she wanted to be. This series will captivate you and totally steal your heart!
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Portrait of a Scotsman was my first foray into Evie Dunmore's writing, and I must say the bar was set high for me. Her first two novels in the A League of Extraordinary Women series had received high praise, I've been a historical romance fan or decades, I adore strong female characters, and I have a particular weakness for Scottish leading men. How could I not love it wholly and completely?

Hattie and Lucian are such well-written, developed, swoon-worthy characters, and the chemistry between them was palpable. The only thing I struggled with was the amount of time spent and focus on aiding the tenants and the miner families. And it seems silly to write that out. I am all for advocating and fighting for what's right. But every time it was brought up, my enjoyment dipped because I just started focusing on... reality, to be honest. I was not able to immerse myself fully in this novel as a romance because every other chapter reminded me how far we've had to come and how far we have left to go, and off I would go, overthinking.

Not everyone will have the same reaction to this as me - I didn't expect to have this reaction. I still plan on reading the first two novels. Now that I've been grounded in Dunmore's storytelling (which was objectively fantastic, my own overthinking notwithstanding), I know I'll love them even more.

If you have a love of historical romances and strong, feminist women fighting for others, this is the perfect novel for you!

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley for the free advance reader's copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Another worthy installment in this delightful feminist historical romance series!  I really enjoy the chance to learn more about the suffrage movement in Victorian England, and this book provided some thought-provoking context about the challenges faced by working-class women during that time. 

And, like its predecessors, this book contains a lovely swoon-worthy romance. I liked both main characters quite a lot- they both had a lot to work through, in addition to tackling the difficulties of a marriage of convenience. Throw in a hero with a Scottish accent and I'm sold!
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Posted on Goodreads 11/21/21.

I was so excited to read this one I dived into my ARC months before it was due to be published. It was…good. Not my favorite of the series, but fine. I figured I’d give myself a little time before sitting down to write the review because I was on a reading binge, but for one reason or another, I kept putting it off, until one day I finally decided to put figurative pen to paper and…I got nothing. I remember some basic plot points—the coal miners, the photography, the working class union commentary, the really annoying way the ending turned out—but Lucian and Hattie, as characters, apparently did nothing noteworthy enough to stick to my psyche. 

As a historical snapshot, the book worked. Dunmore’s research and passion for the time period feels very uniquely thorough for “only” a romance novel, and I really appreciate those details that lead to the authenticity of the story and the setting. The romance itself, though, while decent enough that I tore through the book in its entirety in a day, upon reflection left me with just a vague sense of “eh”. Hattie was sheltered and a bit spoiled, Lucian was obsessed with revenge. I didn’t enjoy the complete turn-about of the last few chapters when we jumped forward in time and had such a strange reconciliation. I would rather some of the union and mining talk have been shelved to put more focus on the heart within the story. 

I am regretful now I didn’t just spew out some thoughts for myself after reading so I could write a more thorough review, but considering there are books I read years ago that I can still recall with perfect alacrity, then, well…perhaps that says all it needs to.

I'll still be reading the next one because Dunmore's writing itself really hits me, and sometimes not every book can be a winner.
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This is the third book in the League of Extraordinary Women series, and it was the longest. I’m not sure if it was literally the longest or it just felt long. I feel like it could have wrapped up a couple of times, but instead, it kept going. I liked this series because of the history lessons intertwined with the romance, but this one felt a little too lecture-y. I did enjoy it, but this was my least favorite of the three books.

Thanks to @NetGalley and Berkley for my ARC!
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As an avid historical romance reader I really love what Evie Dunmore has done and enjoy her work as well. She has opened more people up to this genre and that is really special. This connection was more enjoyable to read about than the previous book in this series if anyone else struggled with that one as well. I really look forward to this book being in the hands of readers and seeing what Dunmore does next.
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What a wonderful book! It swept me up and had me in tears! If you need to escape from the world for a bit and be somewhere else, then this is the book for you. I loved the two main characters and they are.. just LOVELY. I wish I could read this book again for the first time.
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This series is just so fun. I continue to be blown away by this author's ability to keep churning out stories that are somehow steamy, historical, and witty. How does she keep doing it? 

Each time it just gets better. I laugh harder, I swoon more, and I read quicker. I was able to get the audio for this one, too, and just adore it so much!
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Absolutely think this is the best of the series so far! They just keep getting better! Funny, witty, clever, and steamy! Whoaaa!
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This was probably one of my most anticipated novels of the year, having inhaled the first two installments of Evie Dunmore's excellent League of Extraordinary Women series in 2020. Hattie and Lucien’s relationship takes a traditional enemies to lovers arc, but the added tension of their difference in rank and life experiences enriches the story line. The details about life in the mines was especially interesting, along with Hattie’s use of photography and art as an activism tool. As the daughter of an art activist I appreciated this detail, along with conversations around class and the role that privilege has played in Hattie's life. This series continues to be one of my favorite (and very re-readable!) historical romances. Dunmore has an exceptional high for historical detail and a gift for making those details come to life organically in her characters and plot.
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I LOVE this series and this book! I am at the point where Evie Dunmore has officially hit auto-buy status in my library.

Hattie and Lucien are great characters.  The blend of a suffragist woman alongside a brooding Scotsman is hard to mess up and I have to say, Dunmore did a fantastic job of blending in the norms of the day alongside some wonderful characters who aren't necessarily afraid to challenge them. 

If you haven't picked up this series yet, you definitely should as these have easily become some of my favorite books that I can keep coming back to and this book adds to the series in a positive way!
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The beginning was fine, but it didn’t grip me the way I was hoping it would, time just got away from me.
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Evie Dunmore gives us another Extraordinary Woman in Portrait of a Scotsman.  Hattie Greenfield is trapped into marriage by a rich businessman who came from nothing.  This is the story of how they discovered the worth of each other. Hattie is an artist and scholar who discovers a passion for photography; her husband is saving a Scottish mine and its workers.  Read and enjoy this romance.
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Another great book in the A League of Extraordinary Women series. Hattie and Lucian had tons of chemistry and their relationship sizzled off the page.
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I really wanted to like this book - everything in the description appealed to me, but I just could not get into it. I was easily distracted while reading and ended up abandoning it.
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