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The New Beginnings Bridal Boutique

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yes yes yes!!!!! this book is so deliciously good!!! please pick it up as soon as you can! i loved the characters and the settings and it was so sweet and precious!!!!
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Normally, when you work at the wedding business you more or less believe in love, or am I wrong? This is not the case for Paige, the owner of a second hand bridal boutique; she believes that all the dresses should be used and have a pretty day in your wedding day, but she doesn’t believe in marriage. Let’s be honest, having a mother that had already married 3 times and is going for the 4th engagement makes anyone doubt a little, don’t you think?
But this is a book about hope and love; because even if Paige and Cy seem to be totally different the spark between them is clear from the beginning, believe me. But even if Paige is a lovely and special character, she will have to let her barriers melt down if she really wants to have a future with someone. On the other side, Cy, even if he seems to believe in love and forever afters, he is too pushy and bossy, he will have to accept that nothing is perfect, and sometimes “forever” is not the best solution for a couple…
This is a happy and warm story, to make you laugh and turn pages like crazy to have the sweet ending… but for whom?
Are you ready to discover “The New Beginnings Bridal Boutique“?
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Cute, funny, and light-hearted, 'The New Beginnings Bridal Boutique' is a sweet romance set in and around the wedding industry.

Second hand wedding dress shop owner Paige is cynical about love. Her shop is, she feels, a testament to the passing nature of modern marriage - something her own mother, Diane, is evidence of, having been married three times already and about to embark on a fourth engagement. Diane and Simon's wedding planner, Cy, is tasked with bringing Paige on board with her mother's latest nuptials. Cy is the exact opposite of Paige when it comes to love - his own parents have had a long and happy marriage and he believes that true love is out there, if you find the right person. As Paige and Cy find themselves drawn together, their instant spark soon develops into something deeper? But can true romantic Cy ever convince Paige to overcome her skepticism and risk her heart? 

The fact that this is a romance will probably give you the answer to that - and, in truth, there's nothing particularly unusual or standout about the ways in which our two protagonists get to their happy ending. Expect plenty of hiccups and the occasional near-disaster along the way - along with a good helping of laugh out loud and touching moments. Although the story and the characters were rather cliche, this was a cute and quick read and fans of contemporary romance should find much to enjoy here.
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I love the cover, its cute yet bold and bright. I was drawn to that initially as well as the synopsis. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's a nice, heart-warming story of love. I enjoyed the characters and getting to know them. I enjoyed the twist, added something interesting. A great, fun read, will recommend to others.
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I want to fist say thank you to the author and NetGalley for giving me the eARC. Ok let’s talk about this book, because I have mix emotions. El libro me hizo feliz me hizo sonreír tanto que me dolían los boches pero por mas feliz que estaba cy no me dejaba ser feliz completa. El fue muy manipulativo y eso que dejo muy molesta con el libro en si, pero después el cambio pero como quiera yo estaba volviendo a todo lo de antes y como se comporto. Pero el final fue maravilloso y me encanto mucho el libro pero cy eso es todo lo que tengo que decir.
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Paige has a shop called Second Chances selling brides dresses that unhappy endings. Her mother is about to marry for the fourth time and Paige doesn't want to be involved. Her mother Diane has hired a wedding planner Cy who is determined to change Paige's mind. Lovely book
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This is a lovely well-written romance with really appealing characters.

Paige and Cy both work in the wedding industry but their attitudes to love could not be more different.

Paige is guarded and cynical. She owns a second hand wedding dress shop and believes in upcycling, reusing and repairing. She hates the idea that beautiful and expensive dresses are worn once and then forgotten in boxes. Usually for someone who sells the dresses, she doesn’t have much faith in love and marriage. Her mother has been married three times already and when she announces a fourth engagement Paige is less than enthusiastic.

In walks Cy, a gorgeous wedding planner. Based in London, he has family in Eastbourne and finds himself planning Diane and Simon’s wedding. One of his jobs is bringing Paige on board. His attitude to love is the opposite to hers. He is romantic and genuinely believes that true love is out there inspired by his parents long marriage.

As the plans for Diane and Simon’s wedding gather pace, Cy finds him more drawn to Paige. There is an instant spark between them and lots of banter. They are both competitive and proud of the work they do and bounce of each other.

Can their different dreams be brought together? Will Paige open her heart ti the possibility of love? Will Cy see the compromise and struggles of long relationships?

Of course there’s a happy ending! The reader would not expect anything less, but the journey is a fun one.

I loved the relationship between Diane and Simon and their wedding quite beautiful.

This is perfect summer reading – a witty and charming romance that will make even the most cynical believe in true love.
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I really enjoyed this heartwarming romance! The plot was easy to follow and it was a fast read. This was the first book I read by Kellie Hailes and I am certainly interested in reading more!!!
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This book was absolutely adorable! 
Super cute. I especially loved that double engagement ending. 

Soon to be a Hallmark sensation!
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The formatting in the download is incorrect, the writing splits at the wrong place leaving big gaps which makes it really hard to read in flow.
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As the owner of a second-hand bridal boutique in the little village of Alfriston, Paige Alby has seen too many tear-stained owners bring in wedding dresses that signal collapsed dreams to believe in happily ever after. So being the maid of honour at her mother's fourth wedding isn't exactly something she's looking forward to... Nor is the prospect of working with Cy, her mother's admittedly handsome but far too forward wedding planner.
Cy Thorpe has spent the last few years building a wedding empire in London catering to the rich and famous. On a trip home to see his family, he takes on a small private wedding on a whim. The last thing he expected to find was love, but the more time he spends with Paige, the more he sees past her defences to the woman who has dedicated her life to saving the things others have neglected. The hopeless romantic to Paige's sworn cynic, can Cy get Paige to give him and happily ever after a chance?
Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this. 
A lovely, gently story with a cynical bridal shop owner and a man desperately looking for perfection.....on his terms. This should be a disaster but you know it isnt. Kelly Hailes is a new author to me but certainly wont be the last book i read of hers. I really enjoyed it and enjoyed looking at things from both perspectives (either character is short changed in this book) I enjoyed it and can recommend without hesitation
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A really nice, heart-warming story of love. Perfect summer reading. I enjoyed the characters and getting to know them. I loved the twist that the owner didn't like weddings. A great, fun read.
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I requested this book as I loved the cover and the synopsis. I do love reading a good old romance novel but this one was a bit limp in the romance stats! I think that was down to the male main character cy! Although I did complete the book I found it difficult to get through!
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The New Beginnings Bridal Boutique is a lovely, heartwarming read. Full of romance and likable characters, it's a read you will easily read in one sitting and be swept away by.
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I feel terrible, but I just couldn't finish this book! I read up to 25% before I just had to give up. This book had so much potential and that is why I requested it when I got access to this fantastic new publishers books.. I mean wedding? Sign me up. A girl who sells wedding dresses? YAS! A man who is wedding planner? YAS! They get together/dating? YAS. Also that cover was just such eyecandy.
But sadly.. Paige is the biggest problem, followed by her mom, and then Cy. 
Paige was just so cynical, constantly making remarks (luckily mostly in her head otherwise I am sure that no one would be friends with her given how she thinks). She has all her stereotypes ready for each person she meets. And yes, I can imagine she is hurt by her mother and what she does, I know that feeling. But she was just terrible with so many things. It just made her selling dresses for weddings and helping out brides to be something of a joke, and a wedding is, at least for me, no joke.
Then there is mom, holy crap what a character. Controlling, manipulative, not listening to her daughter, do you want me to go on? 
Cy? Well, he had potential. Really, but that bet just threw me off, especially since he clearly knew what his client wanted and so he had an unfair advantage. Would have been more fun if he had told Paige what to look for, this way it would have been a fun bet! 

All in all, I am so disappointed with this read! Again, so much potential, if only the characters were better.
I definitely
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First book I’ve read by the author, an easy, enjoyable enough read with a lovely feel good vibe but a little lacking on the development front.
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Best cover ever - the only reason I clicked it! But for some reason the characters just seemed to be a little bratty and kept making bad decisions to the point where they were kind of annoying. I finished the whole book so obviously I liked some of it. Like why would she be mad at him for working on his career, especially when they're in the same industry. And why is she annoyed that he want her to move to London - what else is supposed to happen with a long distance romance. So overall, it was okay but I probably wouldn't read anything from this author again.
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Unfortunately this was not a good book. I chose it because of the setting in a second hand bridal boutique. I worked in a bridal salon as a university student and enjoy novels about the bridal business. Of course this was a romance, which I expected, but it was not a good romance.
The two characters both had so much baggage that their lives revolved around their emotional problems. Both the man and the woman seemed one-dimensional. A critical event in each person's life defined him or her almost entirely. 
The second chance bridal salon was a metaphor for Paige's problems as was her mother's wedding. The story was too simplistic to carry all of this metaphor. Simple cute romances can be a lot of fun to read. However the male character was not very likable. He made silly bets with Paige to get involved with her. He came across as dishonest. 
Paige behaved like an idiot. She became involved with the guy even though she has severe relationship issues. The man lived and worked in London and was only visiting the area on holiday. She expected him to never go back to London, even though he got a job planning the wedding of a minor royal. The way she overreacted in both of these circumstances was ridiculous. Why would anybody in the wedding business give up an opportunity to plan a royal wedding? Paige is in the wedding business herself; she should certainly understand the career opportunity her boyfriend was offered. So she came across has a selfish, unreasonable person. 
It was difficult to enjoy a story about two unlikable people. I really did not care what happened to them or their relationship.
So why did I even give this two stars? The concept had potential. A romance between a bridal shop owner and a wedding planner is an interesting idea. Had the story been better executed, the metaphors might have been effective. The novel did not start out badly. As it progressed, I felt bogged down by these people's emotional problems. This type of romance is supposed to be light and fun, but the characters were a real bummer.
And by the way, nobody sells a wedding gown as quickly or as easily as Paige. I'm assuming the author did absolutely no research.
Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance reading copy of this novel in exchange for an unbiased review.
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What a gorgeous cover! 

Paige is maid of honor to her mother's 4th wedding to Simon who is young and paige's age.

What a fab fun read, really enjoyable.

Not an overly long read which is perfect to sit in a sunny garden for a few hours.
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A very pleasant read that delights from start to finish. Read it in one sitting. Paige and Cy's bets amuse and love the idea of her wedding dress shop!
I like how Paige's relationship with her mum and her mums husband to be changes too.
Nice easy read, good fun.
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