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This wasn’t quite what I was expecting from the synopsis, I was planning on a quick, light hearted read with some enemies to lovers tropes. What this book delivered was so much richer and heartfelt that what I bargained for. The characters were deeply developed and I loved getting to know Will’s family has they were integral to it all. I did feel it ran a bit long in the beginning getting to the meatiest plot but now that I’m finished I’m wishing that I still had more of Margot, Will and Blossom’s story to get lost in.  The plot, characters and setting were all very endearing.  I thought the difficult topics of abuse, loss and grief were addressed with profound depth and explored well as facets of the characters. 
I  considered  DNF’ing about 1/3 of the way because it was feeling a little slow but I am so happy I kept reading.  

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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yes yes yes!!!!! this book is so deliciously good!!! please pick it up as soon as you can! i loved the characters and the settings and it was so sweet and precious!!!!
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When I read the synopsis for Rescue Me, I knew that it was a book I wanted to read.  I was so excited that luck seemed to be in my favor and I was approved to read an advanced copy.  While I expected to be completely invested in the human characters of this story as they spent time together and with the dog slowly falling in love, it quickly became apparent that the star of the story was going to be Blossom. 

I'm a sucker for books where you can feel that the dog within has a full and complete personality. This is what I was given with Blossom, the Staffy whom both Margot and Will want to adopt. Blossom is a sweetheart and knows how to work both of her humans. She is the heart of this story, and while I loved this, I was always on edge that something bad was going to happen to her. 

It took me a while to warm up to both Margot and Will as characters. They are both individuals who have had difficult pasts and this has impacted how they are presently and how they see the future.  Of course, they also have different opinions on how Blossom should be raised, and the dog is fully aware of this and uses it to her advantage. I think my biggest issue with both Margot and Will was the assumptions that were being made and the lack of communication between them. Especially after they started realizing that there was more between them than just shared ownership of a dog. 

Being unable to fully warm up to the main characters of a story is always tough a reader but, I think it's especially tough when they are supposed to be romantically involved. Rescue Me is centered around too lonely people who are healed and rescued by the love of a dog. Yes, they find a connection in each other as well but, I really feel the ultimate connection for both of them was with Blossom.   Honestly I'm okay with this because I am also a sucker for the love and companionship that a  pet can bring.  Sarra Manning does a wonderful job of describing this connection and making it feel real for the reader. 

Being unable to fully warm up to the main characters of a story is always tough a reader but, I think it's especially tough when they are supposed to be romantically involved. Rescue Me is centered around too lonely people who are healed and rescued by the love of a dog. Yes, they find a connection in each other as well but, I really feel the ultimate connection for both of them was with Blossom.   Honestly I'm okay with this because I am also a sucker for the love and companionship that a  pet can bring.  Sarra Manning does a wonderful job of describing this connection and making it feel real for the reader. 

**Rating: 2.5 Stars
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Thank you NetGalley, author Sarra Manning, and Quercus (US) publishing for giving me a free arc of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
4 stars
Rescue Me has such a original plot! Blossom definitely stole was the center of the entire book. I was drawn to this book due to the dog-related rom-com plot.  Margot was a little hard to connect with, at the beginning of the story, but as the story evolved, so did Margot and I found myself understanding her and the actions she takes in order to find her happiness. I just wanted to hug Will throughout this book. He was such a sweetheart and felt, throughout most of the book, he was underserving of love! I loved the concept of dog co-parenting. It made for some wonderful sweet, heart-melting moments as well as laugh-out-loud ones. I found the writing easy and light, which made the pacing just right. The author had such a great way of capturing so many different emotions as well as relatable topics within this story, which will defiantly make it appealing to a wider audience. The ending was well satisfying and picture perfect! Overall, I would recommend this book to those who are fans of animal-related rom-coms. I am looking forward to more books by this author in the future.
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Rescue Me by Sarra Manning is such a cute read. 

If you love dogs and are a big believer in them helping them heal and bring love, pick this book up!

I couldn't be happier in the theme of a book than this one. Finding love through an adopted dog that you share custody of? It made my heart explode. Not literary, but I couldn't help myself there. It was too cute and too cozy of a read. I don't regret requesting this arc for sure and nobody should regret reading this book either. 

Margot and Will share something in common and that's loneliness. The story surrounds both of these characters being sad about themselves. There's always that feeling of dread of being alone, not having anything or anyone besides you, and becoming a regretful individual. Margot and Will are insufferable at first but that quickly changes when Blossom's introduced to their lives. I think their development as characters, the love for a dog, and the people around them helped them see there's more to life. I enjoyed reading them till the end and Blossom was a fantastic character as well! 

If you enjoy quick and cozy reads, this is for you.
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Rescue Me has such a unique plot! Blossom definitely stole the show, and I'm learning that I'm a sucker for animal-related romances. However, I found it difficult at first to connect with Margot. She grew on me eventually, but it was hard being in her head. She was kinda annoying.
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Rescue Me by Sarra Manning is an adorable romance following Margot, who decides to go all-in with a sweet dog, Blossom, who she meets at a shelter. However there is one hiccup, Margot is about to go on a work trip and the shelter owners won't let Margot adopt Blossom unless she has someone to watch her while she's gone. Cue Will, a grump who decided volunteering at a dog shelter would be preferable over dealing with a relationship. Will  soon (begrudgingly) volunteers to watch Blossom for Margot while she travels. But when Margot returns, Will has developed his own bond with Blossom, refusing to let her go. Now Margot and Will must figure out how to navigate co-parenting Blossom, but will it end in flames? 

This book caught me with it's cover, but the sweet summary totally reeled me in. This book is told from dual perspectives of Will and Margot. The switching between perspectives had me turning the pages and really helped me understand each of the characters. I think this especially helped strengthen my support of the couple since you could see things through both lens. The book did a great job making each character's voice distinct and I absolutely fell in love with Margot. Margot felt like a friend when reading this book, so relatable and real! 

 I also enjoyed seeing the interactions with the other characters in the book like Blossom and Will's family which was especially touching to see how Will's family viewed Margot.  The romance was a bit of a slow burn because most of it was how Will and Margot were developing as copawrents and friends. However you could see from their narratives why things took a while to progress. Once it got started though I loved to see the two characters interact because their physical chemistry was obvious. I also loved the banter between the two, especially from Margot.

Overall I highly recommend this book. Even though I read this book a while ago, it still sticks with me and makes me smile just thinking about it! 

Many thanks to the publisher Quercus and Netgalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.
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This was honestly a favorite romance that I've read this year. This book made me laugh... and cry. It has everything. 

Margot isn't having the best luck in the romance department, so she pivots and gets a dog Blossom. Well, fate had other plans as she ends up being the co-pawrent with the foster turned pet parent Will. I loved seeing the evolution of Margot and Will throughout this book, both as individuals and then as a couple. This was a slow burn, and such a great strangers to friends to lovers story. I particularly related to Margot since we're very similar in age and wanting children is definitely on my horizon. 

Overall I highly recommend this book. It's not only one of my favorite romances I've read this year, but just a favorite book I've read this year. 

I received an ARC from Netgalley for my honest opinion.
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When Margot goes to adopt a puppy the last thing she ever expects is to end up sharing the dog with a stranger and then have that relationship develop into something more. 

This book was interesting, the plot was unique and the characters were interesting as well. I loved reading about Will's character arc and seeing him grow and accept himself. The side characters were also interesting. Blossom was definitely a character as well and her role in the whole story was cute and I liked to see everything there. 

My issue was that things seemed to move a bit slow? Like the first half (or so) of the book didn't really have that much going on and the second half had a bunch of things. 

Overall it was an okay read but I just wasn't feeling it too much, probably because it took so long to get into. 

TW: Cancer, death of a parent, alcoholism, abuse
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Margot, Will, and Blossom all have had pain in their pasts but now, together, they are navigating new lives.  I can't imagine an animal rescue that would permit two people to co-adopt a dog with the dog living with one of them one week and the other the next but that's the set up here.  Blossom is a Staffordshire terrier who pulls at both of their heartstrings (and will pull at yours as well).  Margot has been loved and lost in the past.  Will has a history of abuse in his family,  These three will find that together they are stronger than they thought.  And then there's love...Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A good read.
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This book was great for me, mostly because of Blossom the amazing rescue Staffie. Oh, the humans were okay…. but that dog stole the show. I think it was hard for me to connect with Margot and Will at first for the simple fact that there were moments when I found each of them completely unlikeable… but I liked who they became because of the love they had for their shared dog. The whole enemies-to-lovers is actually a lot of fun for me- I love watching the fireworks, and getting to see the personal growth of the characters. Having a sentient being seemingly determined to get the two together was interesting. I liked that Margot got stronger, but she never completely closed her heart to the outside world. Will’s character development was fantastic to watch too and by the end he became a character I really liked.

Told in dual narrative (Margot and Will), this book was easy to follow and had a good flow to it. That said, it isn’t one I would call a fast read- I found myself putting it down a lot. It’s not bad, per se, just not a book I can see reading in one sitting. There’s a lot of pain here, definitely some trauma. There’s also a lot of joy and some humor too- like all good books this is going to stir up some emotions. The interactions with Blossom, and with Will’s family, were definitely my favorite parts of the book, but the slow burn romance between Will and Margot was good and pretty believable given their personalities. For me, this was a three star book. I liked it, but it’s not one that I feel the need to buy multiple copies of. Still, It’s worth the read.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
On the adult content scale, I’d say there’s a lot to unpack. It’s geared towards adults so there’s swearing, drinking, sexual content (not too explicit, but there’s quite a bit of it) and talk of physical and mental abuse. I would definitely say this one is for the 18+ crowd.

I was lucky enough to receive an eARC of this book from Netgalley and Quercus books in exchange for an honest review. My thanks!
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I absolutely loved this book. I deeply connected to it since I have a rescue dog myself. I love that this book spread the message “Adopt don’t shop.” I think this is a message that many people are afraid to say because they are afraid of controversy. I love that Sarra Manning hit this head on. More importantly, I loved the book. Blossom was just the sweetest dog and I loved reading about her. I am glad that her happily ever after helped two other people find their own happily ever after. Co-Pawrents is such a great idea and I love that this book touched base on it. I also really liked the characters in this book. They all showed readers that it is never too late to find what you deserve in life, whether it means coming out of a divorce, losing a parent, or being abandoned at a shelter. I really enjoyed this book and I think other dog lovers really will too.
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I wanted to love this one, but the hero and heroine both drove me nuts and  I couldn't get drawn into the story enough to enjoy it.
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This was a typical RomCom with a predictable meetque between the two main characters.  I think the premise was clever, he being voluntold to watch her dog until she can adopt him officially. And of course that’s when he decides he wants the dog as well. 

But the characters fell flat to me. I did not care for Margot as she sounded shallow and bitter throughout most the book. And while Nick had more emotional depth to him, their chemistry felt forced on the writing. 

However I applied the skills of Sara Manning as she writes about loss, pain, and death that the characters experienced and found healing in the dog Blossom and themselves. Understanding real human emotion is something that was done well with Margot and Will, I just think it was explored in isolation rather than in their love story.
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This was a Very good romantic comedy for anyone who loves dogs and chick flicks! Very cute storyline
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This was a really cute read. It didn't feel particularly different from everything else on the market right now, but that, in a way, was comforting. It'll be a really nice summer read.
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I really wanted to love this book because I’m such a dog lover and have rescued our German Shepard from a local shelter. I had a hard time really getting into the book though. It was a slow read and not much happens throughout the story but I did like the development of the main characters. Margot grew on me over time but at first I had a hard time connecting to her character.
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I am absolutely a cat person, but dogs are the best characters in some contemporary romances. Pongo and Perdita literally tying their owners together in 101 Dalmatians? ICONIC. More bookish examples: the service dogs in The Match by Sarah Adams and Logan’s loyal companion in The Lucky One.

Anyway, the point is that I requested this #netgalley ARC of Rescue Me for the dog. This book is about bubbly, dramatic Margot and serious, anxiety-filled Will, who—after a lot of arguing—come to share custody of their new dog Blossom. If you love dogs, read this one just for Blossom and the delight of seeing her go from traumatized rescue dog to the most spoiled member of the family. For me, the romance fell to the wayside as the story progressed. It happens a bit too slowly (even for a slow burn lover), and because I found myself relating to Will a lot, I found Margot’s narration to be annoying (even after he fell in love with her). I think I would have liked this one a lot more if I felt that I could empathize with Margot, who felt overly quirky and very selfish. On the other hand, although I really enjoyed the relatable depiction of anxiety and the simultaneous pleasure and pressure of doing right for one’s family, others might feel that Will’s narration is dry and overly serious. Overall, a letdown, but one with hilarious, relatable dog-owner moments.

-Blossom the adorable, spoiled rescue dog
-Will’s hilarious and loyal family
-Some relatable, realistic anxiety rep
-Enemies to friends to lovers
-A few sexy scenes for those of you who can’t go without them (you know who you are)

-Slow pacing
-Annoying female protagonist
-The chemistry between the characters comes in late
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Overall I enjoyed this book. Any book that centers around a big, loving dog captures my heart instantly. I did enjoy Will and Margots love story.   The development and understanding of Will and Margot based on their pasts really helped with understanding their characteristics and who they are in the present. There was a slower burn to this book. I felt like I just wanted them to fall in love but sometimes it is worth the slow burn. I really enjoyed Wills family integration in the story line. Overall I appreciated the read and how they fell in love.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

This was an okay read, not the greatest but not the worst. The storyline is pretty bland to be honest, nothing really too exciting or captivating happens throughout the book. I thought that the pacing of the story was really slow as well. There just didn’t seem to be a lot of plot development up until the end. 

The main characters, Margot and Will did have great character development and personal growth. Their independent journeys were well developed and written. The romance and relationship between Margot and Will is super slow unfortunately, again nothing happens between them until like 70% into the book. 

One thing I did really love about this book was Blossom, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She was just super adorable and definitely the star of the book. The epilogue was really cute and nicely wrapped up the story. 

Overall, an all right book with a cute dog and good characters.
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