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I wasn't really sure if this was meant to be a memoir or simply inspired by Whamond's experience. For the most part it's a pretty standard "trying to fit in at a new school" story with a weird diversion where he thinks he's time traveled. Fine but not a stand-out
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Thanks to NetGalley for giving me this advanced copy of this book, and my legitimate thanks to the author, for giving me the opportunity to read his book.

Well, so goes the story. He is a boy who is a loner, outcast and unaccepted in his class. However, one event changed him completely, he was another person, another boy, a better student and freer.

The story at first, like many, seemed a bit boring to me. Nevertheless, the last part made me realize that the book was not boring at all, my favorite part was the kiss between him and the girl.

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Muddle School by Dave Whamond is a fun and funny graphic novel that is sure to resonate with it’s target audience as well as anyone who has survived the middle school years. Whamond’s personal experiences had me laughing out loud in places, and his illustrations did a great job of enhancing the story. 
Thank you NetGalley for an digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I received an e-arc copy of Muddle School through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

At first I didn’t exactly like it. It was a bit slow and I was getting this overwhelming vibe that some of the bad stuff happening to the main kid were a bit of his own fault and thus it was difficult to engage with the story. Positivity attracts positivity and changes start from the inside, ultimately those were the messages delivered by the story and they worked pretty well. In the end I found it to be a bit messy but overall a quite cute graphic novel!🙂
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Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC.

I like it but I don't love it. It was a little, just a little cringy.
I recommend it? Yes, it is a good read.
It was fun. Enjoy the reading and the characters.
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Muddle School takes the reader through the trials and tribulations of not only middle school, but what it's like being the new kid in middle school. The lessons in this book are wonderful for middle grade readers.
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Dave's dad was transferred, so Dave was starting at a new school.   Muddle Middle School.

Walking down the hall, Dave felt defeated and self-conscious, with a generous sprinkling of "nobody likes me."  He was not a model student, unless you wanted a listless, bored, homework-less model that disliked being told what to do.

His first day was like many that followed, and slightly worse than he feared.  He used drawing (and daydreams) to escape reality, which got him into trouble.

Yet there was one bright spot.  A girl.  Her name isn't important here.  The point is that there was still hope for Dave.  And that hope sparked to brilliant life, the day he (and his science fair partner) created a time machine!  

The book is ultimately about the transformation of the attitudes of everyone in the school!  ...Or was it Dave's time travel that altered HIM?  

This entertaining chapter book has some funny and well-done drawings that capture the emotions and moods of the events.  However, there are some mild themes that grade-school boys think are hilarious, but girls tend to make a face and walk away.  (Not to the extreme of potty humor.)

Despite the drawings, adventures, and message of the book over all--which are very deserving of purchase and gift-giving--I don't plan to buy this book.  It's more boy-humor-centered than I prefer.  Just my personal opinion.

4/5  Stars

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the chance to preview this ebook!

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First of all, a huge thanks to  Kids Can Press and Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Muddle School is a funny and realistic graphic novel about a new kid at high school. It is about the first days of high school, bullying, self-esteem, and first crushes. The book brings to attention the challenges of the first days at a  new school. I liked how the author brought up the challenges of bullying in schools ,however there are some parts that just seemed flat to me.
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Thank you netgalley and kids can press for an arc. 

I loved this cute graphic novels with great meaning. It's all about a new kid in new Muddle school facing with bullies and other challenges. Then something magical happened when he and his friend invent a time machine where he will go back and make everything right. But is time machine really helps ot something else.....?
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While the plot jumps around a bit, there are some really hilarious moments. The moral of thinking positively will resonate with readers. I liked the clever contrast between the beginning and ending panels, where you can see how Dave's attitude really makes a difference.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for an advanced electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Dave and his family have just moved to a new town called Muddle, and Dave is terrified to start at Muddle School. It feels like everything is going wrong! When working on a time machine for the science fair, he has a brilliant idea: why not go back to the first day of school and redo everything better? 

This was sweet! I originally requested this to read with my homeroom, but unfortunately did not get the chance before the school year ended. However, I think they would have loved it! This graphic novel is filled with honest awkward moments that many middle school students can relate to, which is what makes it so great. I also enjoyed that the story itself and Dave's hand-drawn comics were in different styles - very cool.
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The start of a new school year can be anxiety inducing for students under the best of circumstances, but even more so if they are starting at a new school. 

When Dave's father is transferred to a new location he and his family of "dorks" all move to the town of Muddle, forcing Dave to start the new school year at Muddle School. Dave's unhappiness about the move bleeds into his first day experience. He expects everything to be terrible, and no surprise it is.

First there is the powder blue leisure suit his father makes him wear, then there is a run-in with bullies, later there is an incident with a snot bubble. Anything that can go wrong for Dave does go wrong. His parents keep telling him that this will be a fresh start but Dave can't see anything to look forward to.

A few months go by and Dave continues to "muddle" his way through school when he and the few friends he has made make a time machine. Of course, Dave has to test it out. Does the time machine work? That's for the reader to find out. But one thing is for sure, things are definitely different for Dave after the time machine experience.

This semi-autobiographical novel deals with themes of making friends, crushes, being your authentic self and dealing with bullies in a nonviolent way.

The graphics rotate between the illustrated panels and the notebook that Dave draws in throughout the story. The illustrations and style of the story are very similar to James Paterson's Middle School series as well as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and would be a good match for readers who enjoyed those series. 

While the message of the story is fairly obvious and tied up neatly at the end, this is a worthwhile read for grades 5-8. Outside of middle school grades this story may hold less interest as it is specifically about dealing with middle school rather than just the concept of school in general. 

Overall this is a solid read for anyone starting or going to middle school. Dave is a funny, awkward, lovable character who just wants to fit in and make friends. Along with a lot of mistakes, he learns to be himself and that being kind and friendly makes a world of difference in his day-to-day life.
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Really fun book. It is really funny at times and sometimes just flat. 
Nice graphics even though they were a tad bit distracting to me. 
The story line seems similar to James Patterson middle school though leads funny. 
It was just a book about the infamous middle school and just meant for fun. 
I hope you enjoy it.
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It’s that time of year when shy or “different” children dread going back to school. No one dreads it more than David. David is a quiet artistic kid who was constantly bullied at his old school. Hopefully, this year will be different at his new school, Muddle School, in this humorous children’s comic. SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t.

David is quite the character.

“The only time I got close to being tough was when I was in a tricycle gang in kindergarten. I made up my own swear words so I’d never get in trouble. And when I watched TV, I wore my hoodie backward and ate popcorn out of the hood.“

But, if this comic is as autobiographical as I suspect it is, David may have the last laugh.

“You need to concentrate on your mathematics. You can’t make a living drawing funny little pictures!”—David’s math teacher who clearly doesn’t know everything.

Muddle School will bring back memories no matter how long you have been out of middle school. It is also empowering for those in middle school right now. Someday things will get better. 4 stars!

Thanks to Kids Can Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I liked this much better than I expected. I was expecting the message of the book to be much more heavy handed. It's obvious, but it doesn't hit you across the face. I also liked that it has a happy ending, but not a somewhat unbelievable happy ending.
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Muddle School is essential classroom reading. It’s humorous and an inviting graphic novel sure to be enjoyed by young readers.
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let me tell u, i think i finally understood that middle grade is definitely not for me lmaoo. i can never enjoy them to the fullest bc i just find them too cringy or childish (ofc, bc it's a middle grade innit).
i thought i was gonna give it a try but *sigh*... it's just too cringy man, eyeroll after eyeroll for me.
i'm not gonna lie, i still found some parts where i found the protagonist funny or at times a bit cute, but it just still didn't work out for me. i suppose whoever loves middle grades would enjoy this one, but Dave's story was definitely not for me :/
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I appreciate having had an opportunity to read and review this book. The appeal of this particular book was not evident to me, and if I cannot file a generally positive review I prefer simply to advise the publisher to that effect and file no review at all.
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So, the plot most definitely could have been better, it was a usual story about bullies, and a kid standing up to them, and in the end he wins a leadership award for that, but the way it was presented was quite good, and the bits of pranks in between which the character Dave pulls of on his sister, do add a twist of humor to it, so it was a fun read!
And the illustrations were just lovely!
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Lively one-coloured comic for the young readers – anyone else will feel the "woe is me there are bullies" shtick is protesting too much.  I did think too that the book might suffer for not fixing on one of the usual themes of such comedy dramas – the school camp makes an appearance, but isn't the major thing, and this turns up to potentially take over but doesn't – when lo and behold a quite surprising storyline came to the fore.  The issue of the whole do-over, repeat your life concept could well be new to the target audience, and this will hit home as a result, however brash and broad the initial feel was.  Three and a half stars from me.
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