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This non-fiction narrative is sure to catch the eye of readers who adore true animal stories and worry about animals and/or the environment. As an educator, page 43 with the choices really caught my eye and could make for a great classroom discussion with possibly research and or debate tied in. I appreciate some of the details the author chose to add in such as that a young boy was one of the people to speak up at the meeting about her possibly being lost. This shows youth that they too can participate in such meetings. The vocabulary asides were very helpful for readers. Well done.
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Orca Rescue! is a delightful, educational book with gorgeous illustrations. It follows the story of an orphan Orca calf, named Springer, who is rescued by scientists and researchers in 2002. It is discovered that her family actually lived 400 miles away, and so a community effort is launched to nurture the malnourished Orca calf and return her to her pod. 

This captivating story is retold with passion and commitment, and there are facts and information about Orcas and their societies, lifestyle, and so on woven throughout. The more factual segments do not detract from the story but rather add to it, and I loved reading about the history of Orcas in the Pacific Northwest of America and Canada, despite knowing much of the detail already. 

This was a quick and informative read which was also highly entertaining. I loved the illustrations and, despite the poignancy of the undetermined future surrounding Orcas in this part of the world, there were themes of hope, commitment, and joy underlying the challenges faced by the author and the rescue team. Highly, highly recommended. 

I received an e-ARC from the publisher, Kids Can Press, through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Very informative and good for age 8 or so. This is a book I would have combed through repeatedly at that age and it’s fairly lengthy with little informational illustrations that you can return to
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Orca  Rescue  by  Donna  Sandstrom    is  very  well  written.  in  detail  and  beautifully  illustrated.  It  tells  a  story  of  Springer,  an  orca  who  was  orphaned  after  her  mom  was  slaughtered  by  fisherman.  So  glad  these  marime  biologists  learn  from their  mistake  of  taking  care  of Keiko  who  was  captured  and  taken  care but  too  afraid  to  interact  with  other  orcas  because  all  her  life  she  depended  on  humans  for  food  and her  welfare..  When  Keiko  returned  to  her  family,  she  was  not  able  to  adapt  to  her  environment.  Somehow  she  didn't  survive.  But  with  Springer,  these  marine  biologists  took  care  of  her  and  she  has  her  freedom  and  from  time  to  time  she  visits  the  people  that  took  care  of  her.

Overall,  I  would  highly  recommend  this  book to  whoever  likes  marine  life  and  learn  to  love  the  ocean  and  gain  more  knowledge  about  all  kinds  of  orcas  and  their  natural  behaviours:  how  they  interact  with  humans.
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I agree with most of the reviews here. Overall, this is an educational read fort children, and I love the art work!
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I am honestly at a loss as what to write. Because everything I think of I feel won't do this book the justice it deserves.

It's a wonderful story about the saving of a baby Orca and reuniting her with her family. She was found under weight but scientists knew where her pod were. So they set out to put them back together.

It's wonderfully illustrated.

It's aimed at a younger audience but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It is truly a heart warming read. One that I will probably read again and again.

Give it a go. If you love all animals this will not disappoint you.

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Wow this is the best children's story ever that every child should read. This need to be under every Christmas tree. It is beautifully wrote and the pictures are just stunning. Normally me and my 9 year old daughter would read before bed and it would take at least 2 weeks to get through a book of this size. Not this book my daughter loved it that much that she was waking up early to read it and excited to go to bed early to read it. she didn't want the book to end. This book tells the story of Springer a very young orca, who was found all alone after her mother had been killed. How the community and 2 different countries come together to save the young orca's life. It gives easy explanations of how they live, eat etc. This is a true story and at the end of the book were real photos taken during the rescue and through Springers life. This is a book that all children should read, it's such a heartwarming tale. It even has a section educating children on how to keep our oceans safe for all wildlife. I can't thank the author enough for helping save this young orca's life. And to her friend who made you write this book. It is amazing we are so proud of you and thank you for inspiring me and my child to do what we can. PS part of this book is set in Manchester, Washington and we live in Manchester, UK. We loved having this connection. This book is suitable to read with your child from 3 up until 10 year old and also for adults who love children's books with beautiful illustrations.
This book is Ladyreading365 children's book of the year 2021 already listed on goodreads, kobo, waterstones, Google books etc. Also just listed on my blog
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What a wonderful book! It is a beautifully written story that was a joy to read and also teaches you a lot about the Orca's. The illustrations were a wonderful addition to the story. This book should be in every school  library. Thank you Kids Can Press via NetGalley for the complimentary copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Orca Rescue is one of the most captivating and inspiring books on animals rescue mission i ever read. A very well-crafted story with a right balance of very interesting facts about the Orcas combined with a compelling and very inspiring story written in a brief journal format. Loved the beautiful, brush-stroke, colour painting illustrations. The generous amounts of location maps provided are very handy in identifying Springer's and the Orcas whereabouts and in keeping track of the trail routes during the rescue missions.

The story is about how a lost orphan Orca calf named Springer brought two nations and the communities together in a believed to be the first and so far the only successful Orca rescue and reunion in history. How much length and efforts that those communities were willing to put in ensuring Springer's rescue mission is successful made me all teary for she is Indeed one very blessed and lucky Orca while there are still many other Orcas who are not so lucky as they had to spend their entire lives living in captivity and confinement.They never had a chance to taste freedom and be reunited with their families again. I am very glad that the communities finally settling on choosing the wisest and soundest solution of all by returning Springer back to her pod/family instead of sending her to live at the aquarium. This story shows that people do learned from our past mistakes from Moby Doll and Keiko's story and made the effort to rectify them by choosing the right thing to do.

I strongly recommend anyone of you to read this remarkable story to learn more deeply about these fascinating creatures and form a deep love and appreciation towards them. The more i read and learn about the Orcas, the more intense my love and obsession with them. I wish to be given the opportunity to see them with my own two eyes someday (if only there are Orcas in my native country). Kudos to the author for weaving such a beautiful and heart-warming story and for invoking a sense of awareness and compassion in all of us. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read a copy of this captivating story in exchange for an honest review.  "As much as we have gotten it wrong, we can also make it right. Each of us can make a difference,if we have the courage to try. Like Orcas in a pod, we are stronger and more successful when we work together. And most of all, nature can heal, so long as we give it a chance."
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Orca Rescue by Donna Sandstrom was a very well written and engaging book. 

The book included the story line of Springer, what humans and agencies were doing, animal behaviour, anatomy, ways people can help, additional reading, among other things. 

As someone who loves animal behaviour, I was most fascinated by this part of the book. I used to write papers on Orcas growing up, and I still learned new things from this book. 

I did not realize this was a children’s book when I requested it. As I was reading though, I thought this book would be nice for children. It is written clear enough for a child to understand, and the illustrations add a nice visual to the story and learning process. I think this would be more geared to a parent reading to their child or a more advanced young reader. 

I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would, and I would recommend it to children or adults who love animals and stories of determination, dedication, and resilience.

I received an eARC from Kids Can Press through NetGalley. All opinions are 100% my own.
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This was a really wonderful book. It is the story about a young orca, Springer, who was found by herself in Puget Sound. The book centers around efforts to rescue her. Woven into this story are a lot of facts about orca whales. I loved how the information was spaced throughout the story. Rather than being facts stuck in, it felt like an interesting and integral part of the story. Almost as though you were also learning information to participate in what was happening.

The story was thrilling. Good writing and good storytelling. It was also hopeful, that for all the horrible things humans have done, we are also capable of good. 

I loved this book. It was fun, engaging, and I felt like I learned a lot. Definitely recommend for animal lovers, both older kids and adults. 

Thanks to NetGalley for my ARC
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The author compellingly relates her firsthand experience with the story of a young orca separated from her pod, and all of the hard work, teamwork, and science brought to bear to ensure that Springer could reunite with her family.  It is a compelling journal-style story of a citizen organizer working closely with many other partners. the author relates all of the discoveries, challenges, and problem-solving along the way in the effort to help Springer, as if in real time. Springer's story is also nicely interspersed with facts about orcas, resident orca culture, the dark history of capture, and ongoing threats to whales and dolphins today.
This is a highly readable, enjoyable story, carefully grounded in research and the author's direct personal experience.  I really appreciate that the back matter includes ways readers can help the endangered orcas recover, and inspiration to take that kind of action. (I love these lines: "The biggest lesson we learned from Springer is that each of us can make a difference. A ferry worker noticed a lone orca and called Mark. A boy spoke up at a crowded public meeting. And paddlers sang when Springer came home.")
The warm watercolor illustrations throughout are an absolutely beautiful accompaniment to the text and help bring the story to life even more.
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This book looked so interesting to me, we love wildlife in our house and my eldest is particularly fond of caring for animals and the enviroment so I had to take a look at this non-fiction story of an Orca rescue. The cover is stunning with beautiful art work with a stand out title.

Orca Rescue is complimented with beautiful maps showing us the locations of the story so you can follow the journey. The foreword which gives us details of the authors live prior to the rescue and how she came to be a part of the Orca Alliance and caring for the wellbeing of Orcas.

The story is set out in chapters leading us through the meeting of and rescue of the whale but we also get lots of facts and details about Orca, how they live and their features, this is so interesting for the reader to learn about the way they live. 

The illustrations are beautiful, realistic art work, using muted and soft tones that are perfect for the nature of the book. There is an image on page 74 that is so completely stunning I'd have it framed.

I learnt so much from this book. The chapters almost alternate between story and facts. 
The chapter about the resident Orcas and whale behaviors gave lots of interesting facts, the way the author merges both fact and story works well. 
It's so nice to have a non fiction fact book and a story combined for a really engaging read, particularly for children like my own who love a story over a fact book but still want and need to learn information.
This is a book I feel would work so well in schools but its honestly one of the nicest non fiction children books iv seen, the content is so rich and fulfilling and it really feels like an adventure but you will learn so much along the way. Throughout the book titles are bold and eye catching, making this book easy for reference and I imagine a great reading report project for ages 8-12 years. There is also reference to Keiko in this book for a comparative story to study and a range of additional reading and websites and a full glossary.

I loved hearing about the changes made to protect Orca and how such an achievement was accomplished, its very inspiring to know that anyone can make the changes necessary to make our world a better place.
No spoilers here but the story is beautiful and summarised really well, ending with reflection and points to consider as well as tips on how we can help. 
I particularly loved the real life photos of Springer and the Orca family tree! 

Thank you to Kids Can Press and NetGalley for and copy of this book in exchange for my impartial review. I sat down and read this in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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This is such a great book!! 
The pictures are beautiful and I can't stop staring at them. 
And this story is so easy to read and would be perfect to teach children about Orcas and rescuing. 
It has the right amount of information and honestly the cutest story. I can't stop smiling at Springer and the help she got. I didn't know about this Orca before finding this book. I did know about Keiko and I'm so happy that he's experience taught people the don'ts as well as the do's. 
Orcas are my favourite Marine animal and I'm so happy this book is around to teach people about the wonderful creatures that they are. 

Thank you Netgalley for letting me have a copy of this book for an honest review.
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A very good book indeed, and one that while you read you kind of wish to have seen years ago.  Springer the orca (or killer whale for those not so up on the change in name – it only happened decades ago, mind, so fair enough) was known to be an orphan, but had not been seen for over a season, until she was found, still a relative toddler, and underweight.  Scientists knew where her kin travelled about the seas, and so launched the cockamamie idea to get her picked up, moved to an observation pen for proof she was healthy enough to be amongst other delicate creatures, bulked up, and shipped further on to where she could sing and play and fish with her blood relatives.  Only that whole side of things had never even been achieved before.

And the weird thing, perhaps, is that it's never been achieved since, which is proof that once stuck in a theme park pool, the orca can never be reattached to its relatives, although that's mostly because those relations aren't known.  But, spoiler alert, this instance was a resounding success, and the fact the author can report – and report very well – things that happened almost twenty years ago means that there are several happy sequels to include in her narrative.  The writing is fine for a young audience, flowing very well even with chapter headings interrupting it, and the artworks accompanying things – suitably in watercolour – are wonderful at evoking the northern waterways of the drama and the creatures involved.  It all boils down to a lovely portrayal of the power of cooperation, and perhaps the resilience of mother nature – a side to her she only needs more and more on a daily basis.  Four and a half stars.
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This was an absolute joy to read. As someone who knew little to nothing about orcas, this wasn't just entertaining; it was a teaching experience, too. I will most certainly be purchasing this book when it's released and I cant wait to add it to our home library!
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