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Anna had met Colin, her dad’s nurse, years ago when Sam first had his heart attack.  Now that Sam is back in the hospital Anna and Colin are reunited.  He will not put off asking her out a second time.   Anna shares her love of the winery with Colin, and he helps her see his life as a nurse practitioner. I really liked this book.  The strength and loyalty of the family is noteworthy.  The relationship between Anna and Colin depicts fun exploring each other's hobbies, supporting each other, talking out their thoughts, and sharing true feelings.  The winery setting adds to the enjoyment of the story.
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The story 
Anna is the 30-something winemaker at the family-owned Crescent Lake winery. A whizz at science, she followed her father’s footsteps and became the winemaker. Her brothers run the farming and business side of the winery. But she isn’t getting any younger, and she hopes to settle down and have a family one day before it’s too late. When her dad has a sudden heart attack, the nurse at the hospital is Colin, who she has met before. This time, he doesn’t let her get away before making sure to set up a date with her. 

My thoughts 
A sweet story about finding love and learning to trust again. There is a lot of detail about each date, Anna’s trip to London to speak at a wine convention and the sudden offer to work in France. At a very late point in the story there is some not very descriptive steamy stuff happening. A cute story that gives vibes of Kristin Higgins’s Blue Heron vineyard series.
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Crush by Lucinda Race is a modern-day romance about Anna Price, who is longing for someone special in her life, and Colin Grant, a cardiac nurse practitioner who is caring for Anna's dad after a heart attack.  The Price family owns a winery, and Anna is an master wine blender at her family's winery.  

Anna's dad's heart attack throws the two back together - several years after they first met, were attracted to each other, but then fell out of touch.

Lucinda Race weaves a a plot with enough twists and turns to keep it interesting, while developing her characters.  

The book is the 2nd in The Crescent Lake Winery Series (plus there is a prequel novella) - and I enjoyed the story enough to want to read the others in the series.

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Loved reading this book and series. This is the 2nd book in the series and  I highly recommend reading it
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Crush is a contemporary romance book about Anna an expert with wine and Colin who is a nurse practitioner. We're first introduced to the family dynamic of Anna which was interesting for me seeing the different personalities and how Anna is the responsible one taking care of everyone and just managing everything. 

Anna's father has a heart attack and he is taken to the hospital with Colin as his NP, but the twist is that Anna and Colin have met before in the same hospital for the same reason. And because the book did not delve into their existing relationship during the second meeting, it felt very instant love/attraction to me which isn't a trope I particularly like and unfortunately made it difficult for me to get through this book. 

This was an average book for me, nothing extraordinary that would make me absolutely fall in love with the characters or the plot, to be honest as they both fell flat to me. 90% of what Anna spoke or thought revolved around Colin, and a little later in the book we see the characters doing activities together but it was very rare to see them individually do something they enjoyed. 

Again, an average book that I think would have been better for me if the backstory of Anna and Colin was shown initially rather than pushing them into dates and then a relationship. I enjoyed the family dynamic and of course, the plot twist near the end.
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He’s just the spark she needs… 

Anna Price is an Enologist, a world-renowned expert in anything having to do with wine. Her work at her family’s Crescent Lake Winery in the Finger Lakes region of New York has her feeling as if she’s treading water. There has to be more to life than just wine. Has she lost her spark? She’s jolted when her father suffers a heart attack, then gets a jolt of a different kind from the man taking care of her father. 


Colin Grant is a nurse practitioner, specializing in the care of cardiac patients. He’d met Anna once before, but had just ended a long-distance relationship and wasn’t ready for someone new. But this time it’s different. There’s no denying his attraction to the curvy girl who has no idea how beautiful she is. 


When Anna is offered a job in France, they may find their growing relationship crushed. How can she say no to the offer of a lifetime? Colin’s job is caring for other people’s hearts; he’s determined not to have his own broken again. Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder. But is it worth the risk, for a lifetime of love? This book was right down my alley! The beginning started off a bit slow for me! But like many others it quickly picked up the pace and before I knew it I was done with this great story.
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”Crush” is the second book in Lucinda Race’s Crescent Lake Winery series. 

This is my first book written by Lucinda Race and I very much enjoyed the sweet story. Both Colin and Anna are such wholesome characters who are trying to find their own way to happiness. 

I enjoyed how intertwined both of their families were to the storyline and how much they loved their families.

The areas where I felt could have used some development was specifically around the conflicts in the book, the rival French winery (external) and the career indecision for Anna (internal). I would have enjoyed more conflict or a deeper story for each of these conflicts to make it more believable. 

I found the love story between Colin and Anna genuine and adorable. I am glad they found each other after their first meeting and were able to make it work. I usually am all about the extra steamy books but sometimes it’s nice when the steam comes on slow like we see in this book. 

I look forward to reading the first book in the series and the next one coming out. 🥰

* I received this book as an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you NetGalley, Lucinda Race and MC Two Press for the digital copy of Crush. This is my personal review.
This book took my heart up and down as I read it. Anna is an expert in her field at her family’s winery,  Crescent Lake Winery. She has been doing it for so long she is starting to feel like there is more out there she wants to do.
Colin is a nurse practitioner who cares for cardiac patients. When Anna’s father, Sam,  has a heart attack Colin is one of the nurses on his case.
The chemistry between Anna and Colin is there from the very first time the see each other. Colin remembers his attraction to Anna when her father was a patient earlier.
They quickly know they want to see more of each other. The slow and easy build up of their relationship is so perfect that the words just roll off the pages.
I have enjoyed getting to know the people in this series and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
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After Anna’s father has a heart attack she gets another chance to reconnect with Collin, her father’s nurse from years earlier.  I enjoyed the togetherness of Anna and her family as well as the sweet innocence of the budding romance between her and Collin. The fun information on wine (which I love) was an added bonus. While this book was a bit slow to start, it found its way around again. The ending was wrapped up nicely and I liked that the author really focused on the importance of family and following your dreams. If you pick up this book, don’t forget the wine!
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A lovely sweet romance set on a vineyard. Anna and Colin’s story begins when her father is rushed into hospital with heart problems and their eyes meet across the room, and he helps her father with his recovery. They continue getting to know each other when he teaches her how to play golf, and meet each other’s family, until Anna is offered a job in France for a year and Colin breaks up with her. A few months in and Colin races to France to put things right. A great read to while away a wet afternoon.
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