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I thought that this book was brilliant!

I read it as an adult so I am above the target age range but I thought that I learnt a lot from the different topics contained in the book.

It was really easy to follow and understand and I love a book that actually teaches me things too.

It is 5 stars from me for this one, very highly recommended!
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Kids Can Press is one of my favorite publishers because they continue to offer fantastic books for clinical bibliotherapy use.  I stalk their site and social media presence to catch any new releases!  (*At some point, I should probably stop publicly admitting my stalker status but it isn’t like I’m sitting outside their offices and looking in the windows...yet.) 

Their newest release, “Snoozefest” by Tanya Lloyd Kyi is definitely a book you are going to want to add to your clinical shelf. It is out today...I’ll pause while you go ahead and order…

Ok, back?  Good!  

Raise your hand if you have a client who has difficulty sleeping. Yep, thought so.  Whether the sleeplessness is caused by anxiety, depression, or poor sleep hygiene, “Snoozefest” is going to have useful information that you can explore, share, or assign.  This brief chapter book explores the physiological purpose of sleep, impact on mood, cognitions, and behavior, and strategies for ensuring more rest.  Colorful illustrations by Valery Goulet keep the reader engaged and masterfully break up more technical sections.  Additionally there are fun facts about bedtime nursery rhymes and the origin of common sleep sayings that check all my nerdy boxes.  This book is appropriate for middle schoolers through geriatric clients and would also be a fantastic tool for paraprofessionals working to teach/enhance life skills. The illustrations only enhance the book and will not make it appear too juvenile for use with adult clients. “Snoozefest’ is a fantastic psychoeducational tool for your clinical shelf!  

#sleephygiene #therapy #psychoeducation #lifeskills #bibliotherapy 

I am thankful to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me an ecopy in exchange for an honest review. The words and opinions are my own.
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I am all about educational books that are fun to read and Snoozefest is definitely one of those books! It is so full of information but the way its written makes it really engaging. I'm sure kids will enjoy this book and I'll be purchasing it for my library.
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A fantastic Non fiction book for curious minds. I loved the pictures and great facts. It gives a good overview about the science behind sleep, without the heavy textbook feel. It keeps things lighthearted between the interesting facts. 
Thanks NetGalley
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Not gonna lie - I thought this book would be very childish but my goodness it’s a great book for everyone on the history and science of sleep! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as I learned many new things. #Snoozefest is a great nonfiction book for all. The information flowed naturally and the art was perfect 👌🏼
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Let's be honest any book that encourages you to take those five extra minutes in bed is going to be a winner! But seriously, I thought this book was great. I'm a fan of niche, specific subject matter in kid's non fiction and while there is no argument that generalised topic books are important, it's always so much more fun (and more importantly INSPIRING) to get deep into the subject matter. I learnt so much about sleep that I didn't know, and there were many things that I felt personally validated in (see above re 5 more minutes!!). I really like the inclusion of history, myth and cultural nuance - this balances out the dryness of the science... though in reality the science was not dry in this book at all. It's certainly geared towards an older reader - I think there is a idea that illustration infantilises non fiction but I disagree. I prefer excellent illustration to questionable photography and I think many contemporary pre-teens and teens would agree. The illustration in Snoozefest is relevant, complimentary and excellent! 

Now I'm off to take a page out of this book and go back to bed!
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Snoozefest introduces young readers to the history and science of sleep. It's written in a way that young minds can understand, while still being interesting for adult readers as well. The target audience is late elementary, but I still found the book educational as a woman in her 30s!
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I received a free eARC from the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

[This review will be posted on my blog on 6 September 2021]

As a young person with sleep disorders, I would have really appreciated this book as a child. I've always subscribed to the belief that knowledge is power, and by knowing about something, I felt more in control.

Snoozefest is a wonderful non-fiction title for kids. It talks about the science of sleep, as well as the history of scientific discoveries related to the field of sleep and respiratory medicine in easy to understand language. The narrative style is very direct, as if the author is talking directly to the reader. Some of the content may be a bit complex for a 5 year old, but will be easily understandable to, say, a 9 year old. Obviously it will depend on the child. 
The layout was simple and easy to follow, and the illustrations were lovely. The colour palette is quite muted, but I think it fits well with the theme of sleep. 
I would definitely buy this for my child (if I were a parent), and I think it would make a good addition to library shelves in primary schools.
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This is a VERY complex book for kids. There is a lot of information on each page, somewhat overwhelming. I don't think they would actually read it or be interested in the book. The information on each page is too much.
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Here are my pros and cons for Snoozefest:

1.	I love how this book “speaks” to the reader, by setting up questions and “what would you do” scenarios to consider. I think this format makes the information much more interesting and understandable to readers.
2.	This book is quite technical, but the information is presented in such a relatable way that I think the targeted age group (11 to 14 years old) will actually not only learn something, but enjoy it along the way.
3.	The illustrations are fun and they definitely support the information.
4.	Readers will learn about sleep studies, snoring, dreaming, insomnia, napping, blue light, and so much more! There is even a blurb about bed bugs!


I was always interested in sleep and dreams, so I’m positive I would have really loved reading this book when I was younger. I might have even learned how important sleep is and developed better sleeping habits myself! I absolutely believe this is a book tweens should read so they can learn and understand the importance of sleep.

Thank you NetGalley and Kids Can Press for a free eARC of this book, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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If any school has sleep studies on its curriculum, this looks like an ideal core text book – delivering all the science (and history of science, like the creation of the EEG machine) in a style amenable to middle school, but dropping the names of all the scientists whose studies are responsible for our understanding of sleep in full A-level manner.  Lots of names new to me are brought to us, having found something out that my prior reading had led me to vaguely know, but here is the whole topic writ large and in a very friendly fashion.  This is at least the third time I have given this author five full stars for a junior academic book, so anyone deciding not to commission this lady pronto needs a few more hours in bed!
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