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Ok this story was a little harder to get into than Spoiler Alert, but it did suck me in. I came into this story with skeptism from a negative review I'd read and this story proved that review wrong for me. I grew just as attached to Alex and Lauren as Marcus and April. This story touched my heart just as much as Spoiler Alert. In fact, the pain that Alex goes through made me cry for him. I truly loved this story and these two together!
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I enjoyed the characters quite a bit, they had interesting personalities and complemented each other well. It felt distinctly different from the first book in the series. The romance took a while to get going, but once it did, phew! The pacing did feel a bit off and it could have used more of a certain adult behavior that’s frequently but unsatisfyingly referenced, iykwim, but overall, I enjoyed it.
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All the Feels is everything you could want in a book: steamy romance, witty banter, and a romantic pairing that is made in Ao3 HEAVEN! Readers of Abby Jiminez will enjoy this fast-paced, but heartwarming book that features a plus-sized protagonist and her ADHD embraced boss/costar/something more?
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I loved Spoiler Alert and was so excited to hear that Alex and Lauren would be getting their own story. The first half of the book follows a similar timeline as Spoiler Alert and it was nice to see familiar events from a different POV. This is book 2 in the series and would be most enjoyed in order since it gives more backstory to the characters, but it can definitely be read as a standalone as well.

All the Feels features quite a few of my favorite tropes like forced proximity, enemies to friends to lovers, slow burn, there’s only 1 bed, and even a bit of taboo (boss/employee). The periodic fanfics and scenes from Alex’s previous roles were a fun addition again between chapters and I thought they complemented the story well. Also, how perfect is the cover illustration? I love the Saroyan Stairs in the background. <3

I liked Alex and Lauren, but I didn’t find the majority of Alex’s comments and teasing towards Lauren playful or fun. Lauren’s bird-like features and roundness/physical stature are mentioned throughout the book and it just felt like too much. I wanted to root for them as a couple, but there was just something missing. I didn’t truly feel their chemistry and most of their interactions felt forced and awkward, except at the end. I’m generally not a fan of the push away due to the "this is what’s best for you" reasoning, but in this case it made sense for the characters and their growth. The final chapter and epilogue were my favorite and it was beautiful to see both Lauren and Alex finally confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Even though All the Feels is a romance, I think it’s important to point out that the story is not just about romantic love. The message of loving yourself and knowing your worth is also so important. Both Alex and Lauren’s character arcs involve reconciling their feelings of self-worth and value. It’s a painful and heartbreaking journey, but ultimately an uplifting one. I both read and listened to this book and I thought Kelsey Navarro did an incredible job conveying all of the emotions and feelings during these scenes. I was very impressed by her clear vocalization of all the different characters and really enjoyed her narration. Overall, this was an entertaining novel, but sadly I didn’t love it as much as I hoped.

Audiobook Review
Overall 4 stars
Performance 5 stars
Story 3.5 stars

CW: Discussion and mentions of domestic abuse (past, secondary character), fat phobia, fat shaming, physical assault, verbal abuse, ADHD

*I voluntarily read and listened to an advance review copy of this book *
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This was a quick, cute romantic read that I did find myself enjoying, despite having a few minor flaws and a bit of an unbelievable story. I did not find the characters of Alex or Lauren to be particularly funny, and I did not enjoy the way Alex spoke to Lauren in the first half of the book. Some of the story did feel a bit rushed - but despite all of these things the ending was a satisfying conclusion and it was nice to see these characters grow both separately and together. I enjoyed the look into Hollywood life and particularly liked the side characters of Alex's mom, Linda, and Lauren's best friend Sonnia. All in all, a love story that will truly give you "all the feels." 

TW: Violence/domestic abuse, fat shaming
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing this eARC in exchange for an honest review.

All the Feels is the second installment in Olivia Dade's Spoiler Alert series. It follows TV-star Alex as his latest escapade and bad publicity lead his showrunner to assign him a minder, ER therapist Lauren, as his minder to ensure he doesn't get into any more trouble before the premier of the show's final season. As is natural in these situations, romance ensues.

I do think there was a lot to like about All the Feels. It was often funny and charming, it felt authentic to the world we live in today, I often found myself laughing, rolling my eyes, and otherwise joyfully reacting to what was on the page. 

That said, in retrospect, I didn't enjoy this book nearly as much as I hoped I would. Structure-wise, a lot of Alex and Lauren's early relationship was told in summary, so we didn't have a lot of opportunity to thoroughly invest in their relationship before the conflicts cropped up. And boy, were there a lot of conflicts. While I appreciated the effort to tackle real issues, some moments -- such as Lauren leaving the wedding reception -- felt fabricated just for the sake of elongating the already overlong conflict. 

Additionally, what a startlingly incompatible pair of people. I felt like I hardly knew how Lauren was actually feeling, and instead was just sitting there while Alex hurled insult after insult after insult at her and then acted like it was all a joke. And while Lauren did respond like his insults were jokes (good for her, I guess), it got to a point where I felt weighed down as a reader by how awful everything Alex said was. I mean, he ruins an entire convention because she gets called ugly, yet does he ever once tell her she's beautiful to her face? Am I really supposed to just be satisfied with how he treats her simply because he never calls her fat? I just feel that at a certain point, witty banter becomes too much, and I felt that way before the halfway mark in this book.

Overall this book just lacked a lot of the charm that the series' first installment had, particularly in regards to the relationship between the two main characters. While I will still definitely be picking up further installments in the Spoiler Alert series, because honestly there is still a lot to love about Olivia Dade's writing and authenticity on the page, I am not sure I'd recommend All the Feels without immediately following up with a slew of caveats.
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TW: Domestic Violence 
I was super excited for this going in because I loved the extended cast of characters in the first book, “Spoiler Alert.”  
As always, Dade delivers scathing remarks and side-comments in spades. But the plot felt like it was rushed in service of resolving the romantic story-line, in a way that was even more unrealistic than I (usually) accept from romance novels.  
Both of the main characters, Alex and Lauren, ultimately suffer from years of believing that they have to have “performative sacrifice” listed as their #1 personality trait in order to prove that they are good people worthy of love – a not-uncommon theme in romances, but one that is perhaps better suited to a series or just a longer book.  There was a bit of the “insta-love” trope thing going on for me here as well, which is something I’m decidedly against. 
However, this book still gets a recommendation from me, just because Dade is so committedly brash about refusing to conflate “romance novel” with a lack of real-world substance.  Alex in particular deals with the trauma left behind from experience with domestic violence, and though the way he deals with it leaves a Grand Canyon-sized amount of room for improvement, it’s worth reading for the exploration of how that can impact relationships throughout your life.  
(Also, the sex here is bold and brash and why wasn’t there more of it? LEAN INTO YOUR STRENGTHS)
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Pros: plus sized, body acceptance romance, medium paced plot, full fleshed out and non-characters, steamy scenes, supportive characters.

Cons: Alex is a wordy soul and it can be tricky to read.  Not sure why I didn't love this one as much as the first one, but still a fun read!
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This was really cute. Some of the plot was rehashed a bit from the first novel, so it didn't feel quite as strong as a stand-alone, but I loved Alex and Lauren's dynamic.

Alex is A LOT and he knows it. He has ADHD, is charming and goofy, and constantly, constantly teases Lauren and tries to get her to open up. Lauren knows how to be professional and close herself off so that she's perfectly blank because she's taken a lot of abuse in her life. And I loved seeing her let go and let herself be seen.

My favorite moments were when the two of them were alone together, because they could just *be* together and it was so sweet.

The sex wasn't my thing but I skipped over it and didn't feel like I missed anything. Aside from some teasing references to it, it was contained in one section so it didn't overwhelm the plot which I appreciated.

Also my favorite was Alex's unabashed love of fanfiction tropes. The joy he got when there was only one room at the hotel and it had *only one bed!* His love of the soulmate trope, and the tooth-achingly sweet gesture towards the end, which I won't spoil but oh, you have to read it.

Overall, sweet and fluffy and charming.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Avon for providing an e-arc for review.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Avon and Harper Voyager for an ARC of this book. All opinions in this review are my own.

I absolutely adored Spoiler Alert, and pretty much everything I have ever read by Olivia Dade, so I just about cried when I had the opportunity to read an ARC of All the Feels. When reading Spoiler Alert we had a little taste of Alex and Lauren, but reading a full book about them was absolutely lovely. Alex is completely misunderstood, seeming like a reckless man-child, while Lauren is dismissed due to her physical attributes, which as a plus-size woman myself is both incredibly relatable & infuriating. Adding to this the deep healing/counseling aspects of their relationship that seems to be perfectly targeted to me as someone who is in that field, this book was everything I could have wanted as the companion to Spoiler Alert and more. Did I mention the pegging fanfiction? Because I can't forget the pegging fanfiction. If you read SA - DON'T WORRY! THERE IS PEGGING FANFICTION! 

Both Alex and Lauren had some major flaws that drove me up the wall, but I think that makes it that much more realistic & human. I loved getting to go back to this world from a different perspective and spend time with all of these characters again. I would gladly continue to read more books in this world because its so lovely. Olivia Dade writes such realistic characters and I just devour these books. 

If you are looking for a book with romance, fandoms, real-world issues such as mental health and domestic violence being addressed, plus-size characters, and all the fanfiction, this is a great option. 5/5
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UGH I did not read Spoiler Alert yet but now I absolutely have to because this book truuuuuly came at me with All the Feels. Lauren Clegg is a relatively serious and detached former ER therapist assigned by her asshole cousin to be the minder to superstar Alex Woodroe on the set of what feels like Game of Thrones. Let hilarity - and tension!!! - ensue.

This book is so, so good, I will not lie - everything about it made me so happy, from the dual POV to the classic one bed trope (it's a must); from the short, fat, broken-nose'd main character to the eager-to-please-but-also-eager-to-sass bearded love interest; from the inclusion of fandom to the inclusion of - you guessed it - pegging! - I absolutely friggin loved this book. Truly, my biggest complaint is that neither character is openly queer in any way that means featuring it in queer book club is not an option... but WHEW y'all. Pick this up!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Avon and Harper Voyager for the advanced copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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Unlike most of booksta, I didn’t love Spoiler Alert. I listened to it on audiobook. The fan fiction element and narrator turned me off from it. However, I LOVED All The Feels! Lauren and Alex were better people when they were together. The banter throughout this book is cute and witty. Y’all know I love friends-to-lovers and this one put me in my feels. I usually hate the one bed trope but it was done so well here!! My only dislike is that Lauren isn’t as confident as I wanted her to be as a plus size woman. 

Overall, recommend this book for people who like:
-fan fiction 
-plus size MC
-friends to lovers
-a slow burn

All the Feels releases October 26th!
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I was so excited about this book and while there were parts I did enjoy, there were also parts that had me wondering if I should DNF but I felt guilty doing that.. I found myself dragging on reading this book. While I didn’t hate this book I also didn’t love it like I thought I would.

Here’s what I did like:

A plus size main character: something I LOVE to see and something I find not featured enough in books.

The hollywood starlet trope: I always love books featuring someone famous falling in love with a “normie”. It always feels so glamorous.

The steam: while there wasn’t a lot of steam and the steam that did happen was very late I still really enjoyed those chapters!

Here’s what just didn’t work for me:

Pacing: this book felt incredibly long to me. If you read Spoiler Alert then you know Alex’s big moment in that book and it happened very early in this book which made it just seem like the book dragged.

The characters: while I liked Alex for all this quirks and his representation of ADHD, something just felt off between him and Lauren. I wanted to root for them but I was also just like yeah, ok, cool.

The fan fiction: this is probably a big me thing and nothing against the author, but the fan fiction was just weird to me..

Thank you to Netgalley and Avon for this e-arc in exchange for my honest review. All the Feels is out 10/26.
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All the feels… did just that! Gave me all the dang feels.⁣
Alex was so wonderfully quirky and so fiercely loyal he tugged on my heart strings.⁣
Lauren had the kindest soul and I truly felt for her, being a plus size gal myself. She was so lovely and warm and kind and patient.⁣
People kept judging these two because their appearances were “so opposite” but man did their personalities just fit perfectly for one another.⁣
Adored all of the hilarious, quirky, witty banter. I loved how much these two pushed each other. ⁣

Thank you @netgalley and @avonbooks for an ARC for my honest review !
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All the Feels is my second Olivia Dade book--though my first was, perhaps surprisingly, not Spoiler Alert but rather 40-Love. Spoiler Alert remains on my TBR but may have inched to the top after reading this fun sequel!

In All the Feels, Lauren is temporarily serving as a famous actor's minder after he gets into a bit of trouble and her family pressures her to help. But the astonishingly handsome Alex Woodroe is quite the @$$hole everyone makes him out to be. While certainly impulsively, Lauren gets closer to Alex and finds him to be thoughtful and fiercely protective--particularly of Lauren. Used to cruel comments about her looks and weight, Lauren is not used to having a protector in her corner, especially not one of the likes of superstar Alex Woodroe. When their working relationship becomes a friendship, and that friendship becomes something more, Lauren needs to learn to put herself first and Alex needs to learn to put others first...

I really enjoyed this story! We don't see a lot of plus-size heroines in romantic comedies, especially ones who aren't "curvy" or otherwise conventionally pretty. But Lauren, with her beak-like nose and smaller chest is a lot more relatable than most romcom heroines. Seeing her and Alex's romance blossom is wonderful, particularly with Alex's off-the-wall personality. He was a character who was a joy to read, that brought constant entertainment. 

Thanks to Avon for my eARC! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 stars - 9/10
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** Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review ** 

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm going to have to soft DNF this book at 25%. Like a lot of other readers, I loved Alex in Spoiler Alert and was really looking forward to him getting his story. However...the Alex that we get in All the Feels is completely unrecognizable to me. I absolutely despised having to be inside his head. He's basically a walking red flag and just a really gross person. I'm starting to think the only reason I liked him in the first book was because we didn't get to know what type of person he actually was? He was constantly thinking of our heroine as bird like, short, round, etc. Like, you are a full grown adult acting like a mean teenage bully. And it wasn't just like he was keeping his thoughts to himself, he also acted like a jerk towards her (100% unprovoked) and was voicing some of his nasty thoughts too. Even if he goes through some massive character development, I knew I wouldn't be able to get past this initial character presentation. And as someone who has had to deal with people like this in the past...NO THANKS. 

I know I didn't make it that far into this and there could still be a chance I may have enjoyed this had I kept going (or maybe hated it more idk), but I shouldn't have to force myself to keep reading a book just for it to get better.

THAT BEING SAID, I've enjoyed Dade's previous works enough in the past that I'd be willing to try this one again after a little time has passed, but as of right now this one definitely isn't for me.

I don't normally rate books I DNF, however for the sake of this review I'm going to give this 2 stars since there's a chance I may have liked this more had I actually finished it.
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This swoon worthy romance follows Alex, a hot shot TV actor who is finding himself stuck in tricky situations and visited by old demons, and Lauren, his therapist hired to help him get his life back on track. But the more time they spend together, Alex and Lauren soon find themselves falling in love with each other, even with all the stakes on the line.

This was just a warm hug that I needed on this cold day! First of all, I loved the characterizations. Alex, who has ADHD, really resonated with me because he wanted to act in others favors but didn’t think to ask how that makes them feel, and I was like “Wow, I do that a lot too!” And Lauren, while trying to be the best therapist, struggles with burnout, as well as being plus sized in an industry where people treat her different. I think this book is great for anyone who wants to read about the reality of stardom and just fall in love with two characters who just really love each other. ♥️
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Sadly, this was a bit of a disappointment. I had such a great time with Spoiler Alert and was really excited for All The Feels but it just did not live up. There were definitely some enjoyable parts of the book, but it felt like there was a lot missing. The chemistry between Wren and Alex wasn’t all there and there was something about their banter that felt off. The plot was very loose and it seemed like barely anything happened by the end. I also didn’t really like how a lot of what happened in this book overlapped with events from the previous book. Overall, this book did not feel grounded in the world that was set up in Spoiler Alert. You could take away Alex’s fan fiction hobby and it would barely change anything. I think what was so fun about the previous book was how integral fan fiction was to both the plot and the characters. Although this wasn’t really it for me, I’m definitely still down to read whatever Olivia Dade writes next. Thank you to NetGalley for the e-arc of All The Feels. All opinions are my own. 2.5/3
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“All The Feels” is the much anticipated follow up to Olivia Dades “Spoiler Alert”. It follows Lauren, a former ER therapist who has been hired by her cousin to watch over his troublemaking superstar actor Alex. 

This book was a refreshing take on the often repetitive and formulaic genre of adult romance. The banter between characters is great and had me laughing out loud. Alex and Laurens characters are complex and have very real baggage that they spend the course of the story working through. 

One of the downsides of this being a sequel to “Spoiler Alert '' was the massive amount of overlap between the two books. I feel like some of the bigger moments in this book were diminished because I already knew they were coming. While I thought the progression of their relationship from awkward acquaintances to friends was well done, the romantic progression seemed to go from 0-100. It's a slow burn, but I needed more pining! 

Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable read that skillfully balanced deeper themes with witty romance. 

P.S. For all the talk about pegging this book has, it seems practically criminal that we didn’t get any
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"Delightful asshole please meet Big Harpy Energy."

Alexander Woodroe & Lauren Clegg might be my favorite couple of the YEAR!!! The brief time we got to enjoy them in Spoiler Alert made me intrigued about them but All the Feels made me fall helplessly in love with them!!!

Alexander Woodroe is everything you would expect of one of the stars of the biggest shows on television, God of the Gates. He is tall, charming, witty, and oozes sex appeal but his characters development has gone to hell, and he is still dealing with demons from his past. When one stunt goes too far, he is left with a "keeper" enter, Lauren Clegg.

Lauren Clegg is a former ER therapist who needed a break from work to just breathe and catch up on some much needed "her" time. On the first leg of her vacation, she is put in a difficult position and has no choice but to accept the job of being "babysitter" to the impulsive Alexander Woodroe.

As Alex & Lauren start to spend more time together the lines set in place start to get blurred and Lauren's heart is starting to get involved. Alex might be impulsive but everything he does is for the people he cares about, and Lauren is quickly becoming one of those people. When Alex goes too far, and Lauren loses the job as his keeper he realizes that Wren is so much more than just his keeper. Now, that everything has imploded how can he show her that he is serious and wants more from her than just their witty banter and easy chats.

Reading about characters who are fat is a hate/love situation for me because their characters are usually so misrepresented, but Olivia Dade has not only busted through that ceiling, she shattered it!! Lauren was not only strong, but she was genuine in her feelings and even though it took time for her confidence to shine through it was brilliant. I adored the fact that her nose was a "bird nose" and that she was short & fat. Not just exceedingly tall with a little bit of "extra" weight as so many women are portrayed. She was flawed, but perfect in her own Nanny Clegg *snort* way!!

Alex was so freaking genuine I was caught between wanting to help heal is broken heart and cuddle him close to make him feel better. He was tall, delicious, and obviously dreamy but that was just physically. His heart was pure, he gave to charity, but he also protected those close to him fiercely despite the consequences. Alex wasn't a playboy; he was just a guy who fell in love with a girl and the fact that he saw her for who she was brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.

Honestly, I could rave about this book all day because somehow All the Feels was even more impressive than Spoiler Alert for many different reasons but for me it was all Lauren. Yes, I loved Alex whole heartedly, but Wren really stole the show for me because she was vulnerable but tried not to show it and we have all been there before. Not wanting to show our feelings too early, or to show our feelings to someone who might break our heart. Lauren & Alex will forever have a place in my heart, and I really hope we have not seen the end of the Spoiler Alert Series!!
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