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I really enjoyed this book. It made me realise I don’t know enough about Nigerian / British culture and I found it really interesting to see the contrast between the characters. I’m familiar with the area of London in which they live so this also made it really interesting for me. I felt invested in the characters from very early on, they seemed authentic and real so I was intrigued to find out what was going to happen to them all. A great read!
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This was bloody amazing! Oh my gosh - what a rollercoster! I loved every single minute of it.

I really don't even know where to start..  the friendships, the shared culture, the person to destroy it all... It was so cleverly crafted. Every portion of it thought out and leading to the finale scenes that I wasn't expecting at all.

Along the way, I felt like I was apart of Ronke, Simi and Boo's group. I felt for them, cheered them on and in a lot of cases angrily questioned what they were thinking! It all ramped up in tension when Isobel came onto the scene. Oooh I hated her from the get go and it only got worse. 

The shift in dynamic when a new person was added to the trio really got chaotic and it was really interesting to study how each person altered their personality to fit around this new, influential "friend". The manipulation and intricate wording of conversations got scary and complex and thoroughly set everything in motion.

The only thing I'd say that felt a little off was how much younger these ladies read. I would have aged them at early to mid 20s at best, but that's because I couldn't understand all this drama would be allowed to happen once you have a bit more life knowledge, so it did throw me off a little. However, because the ladies felt younger (that kind of beautiful care free black girl vibe), I felt like I could relate to them and their situations and problems more...

The descriptions of Nigerian culture and food was just so vivid and mouthwatering. We even get some of Ronke's and Aunty K's recipes at the back, which was unexpected but so cool.

Anyway, my thoughts are all scrambled right now so I can't even eloquently express how amazing this book was. I just absolutely loved it and would whole heartedly recommend it. It's to become a TV show too this year, apparently, which I'm so excited for. I'll leave this review as is for now (but may come back to edit it, when my thoughts are a bit more collected and settled down).
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This took me 2 attempts to get into, but once I was on board I was so totally hooked. Traditional chick lit meets thriller. A solid 4 out of 5 and the recipe section at the end of the book made me so happy. What a great touch.
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LOVED THIS!!!! So happy to see a debut book like this, amazing content! Can't wait to read more books like this
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This book centres on a group of women all told from their different perspectives about their lives and their cultural background. I really enjoyed this read - I found it brilliant how their outlook was on different scenarios and also how the culture was woven throughout this book. The food parts made me feel really hungry and the recipes at the end were fantastic - I’d love to give them a go. It was a brilliant debut with quite a unique writing style. It reminded me a little of sex and the city but more modern. I’d definitely read more by this author.
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I read this and was constantly  sending quotes from the book to my Naija friends who live in Nigeria and are super excited to see Nikki May’s novel making a splash here. I loved this and can’t wait to see the TV series that comes from it. 
The characters were well rounded and interesting; it was actually nice to see some of the  men being way  more likable than the women in a female centred novel (shout out to Didier, Rafa and Martin!)  I felt like this fitted nicely into the Kevin Kwan Cazy Rich Asians niche: full of fun and fashion and food. 
My only complaint is that the ending was way too rushed. Maybe there’s a sequel in it- a manhattan-based spinoff called Jollof in the City? ;)
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Wow, this was a fantastically, gripping read, I was totally absorbed by the story and it’s characters.
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After reading this book, I am stunned.

Masterful storytelling at its finest. A visceral thriller that Reminded me of “My sister, the Serial Killer.”

A perfect story with intrigue, realistic perspectives and an engaging plot. I will certainly be following the authors future books.
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This is such a good read! I had so many people telling me I should read this from my Netgalley TBR and they were so right! I love the writing style it was very easy to read and it made me not want to stop reading! Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the arc in return for an honest review.
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Did this entertain me, yes! Do I think Boo and Simi were horrible friends and people, yes! Was I angry my girl Ronke (the nicest person in the whole damn book) got the short stick, yes! Was I disappointed in the ending, yes! Was I super excited to see the author included some yummy sounding recipes, hell yes! Would I give this one a recommendation, yes! And I can assure you I will tune in when this comes to TV this year! 🙌🏻

**ARC Via NetGalley**
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Thank you to transworld/Doubleday for my earc of this book. I liked that this book crosses genres and has that basis of friendship but the colourism (mentioned in other reviews too) is upsetting.
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Loved this book. It was just one of those really gripping, realistic novels about friendship and betrayal. Very well-written, great dialogue and brilliant characters. Lives up to the hype!
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Brilliant read! I was drawn into the lives of Simi, Boo and Ronke, three Nigerian - British best friends navigating their way through adult life. Wahala means trouble or problem in Nigeria Pidgin English and also used by the Yoruba tribe and commonly used throughout Nigeria. Which is exactly what happens when Isobel enters their friendship group and stirs everything up!  This reads well and keeps you wanting more, an absorbing read that feels like binge watching your favourite tv series. It was described as Sex and the City with a Killer edge and I’d definitely agree. I had to re read the last chapter as I was quite down hearted that it was over. Worth every star! A definite 5 star from me! It is also going to made into a TV series for the BBC which I can’t wait to see.
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I was given this Arc before publication date and it took me this long to complete as I did not want to Dnf an advanced copy. This book to me was a failed project, and wasn’t giving what it was hoping to achieve judging by the synopsis which was an exploration of female friendships in a Nigerian/mixed race group based in London. Instead, what it gave was colourist, anti black sentiments sprinkled all over the book, I put this book down so many times due to this, and I’m shocked I actually finished considering it wasn’t an enjoyable experience spent with this story. I understand there’s a push by publishers to bring more inclusivity, but books like this aren’t inclusive and can bring more triggering harm to some readers. The characters are so bland, I listened on audio hoping this will help me finish but I could not distinguish the characters from each other as they were all boring, Unlikeable and shared the same views of holding unpleasant opinions about blackness and the image of unambiguous black features. The plot wasn’t interesting, and . it dragged and dragged, This could also be because it was a slog to get through as I did not enjoy it. I will never pick up another book by this author and will not recommend to anyone. 

Thank you to Random House UK and Netgalley for this ARC.
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I can’t believe this is Nikki May’s debut novel. The book is written perfectly, making the story easy to read and follow. I went into it expecting a rom-com, but ended up with a thriller, and honestly, no complaints! I enjoyed the mask slipping twist. If that’s even a phrase? I might have just made that up. If not, queue my Alexandra Burke ‘Elephant in the room’ moment. 

Anyway back to 🪅Wahala 🪅…

I was excited to read a book that centred mixed-race women, and it was a great depiction of flawed characters, each with their own issues going on because of things that have happened in their past. I favoured some characters more than others (Team Ronke, please let me be your friend?!) When Isobel came along, I knew she would be trouble right away, and oh boy. Next to Wahala should be a picture of her. But I shall say no more, because if I speak you will say I am speaking. 

Whilst the writing was superb and the story was of genuine interest, at times, I struggled to pick it up, and that was because of the colourism. Throughout the story, I hoped that there would be a lesson shared about colourism along with the fat-phobia of our poor Ronke (love you girl!). But there wasn’t, and I think that’s okay if, as a reader, you don’t need it, but I did. I also think the story would have been incredible without those complex layers and issues, and that’s not to say the issues aren’t important they are, but for me personally they didn’t add to the story in the way I hoped. 

Overall it was an exciting read, and I know it is being adapted to TV. I think it will be a great show, and I will tune in to see Boo, Simi, Ronke & Isobel brought to life. Also, I loved that the author left recipes at the end of the book! A rom-com turned thriller and a cookbook in one? Love to see it.

Once again these are just my personal views and if you do read it expect a hol eap o’ madness. 

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Dear people, first things first: don't go into this book expecting a thriller. That's not what this is. Instead it's a story about a female friends. 

It's an incredibly well-written story. NIKKI MAY has done a great job in giving everyone a distinct personality (although I had a hard time remembering who's who at times, but that says more about me than about the novel). 

Boo, Ronke, Simi are best friends. Isabel joins their friend group, and she shift the dynamics in a big way. So much so that the friends hardly recognise each other. 

The ending was a bit out there for me. It wasn't necessary, everything unravelled in such a way that I didn't need the big reveal/twist.  

I recommend this novel to people who like contemporary fiction about friend groups, if you like SEX AND THE CITY and the REAL HOUSEWIVES, you might like this as well.
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Boo, Simi and Ronke are great friends and their lives seem perfect. Until Isobel, an old friend of Simi’s from her early life in Nigeria, arrives and things start to go awry.

Isobel is wahala, a veritable cuckoo in the nest, but the 3 friends seem blissfully unaware of her troublesome influence until their lives are turned completely upside down.

The plot verges on the plausible, with money never an issue, but takes a turn for the ridiculous as the story reaches its climax. The change of tone jars badly and even a happy ever after epilogue can’t erase the dissatisfaction.
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If you want a fun read to escape with then this is for you ! 
It’s a “bingeable” book that sort of reads like it’s a tv drama ( and I can’t wait to see it when it does land on the BBC) , it’s fast paced with a great set of characters .
Our 3 main cast members are Ronke, Simi and Boo who met at University and are now dealing with adult life. Ronke wants to settle down , Simi appears to have a coveted lifestyle and Boo has the adoring child and husband but then arrives Isobel to stir things up ……
It’s a tale about female friendships, relationships and Nigerian culture ( with a big focus on food!) but also has a slight thriller sort of edge to it which keeps the reader guessing right until the end . 
Perfect reading and I can’t wait to see what comes next from the author!
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I was very excited to be given the opportunity to read this advanced copy. I loved the different perspectives given by the 3 women and how they navigate their female friendships, even through the difficult times. I also learnt a lot about the Nigerian culture. Very excited to see this book on screen!
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I really didn’t know what to expect from this book but I got was a really great exploration of female friendships and an insight into Nigerian culture, which for me was an added bonus.  In a complete aside, I’m so pleased that some of the most mentioned Nigerian food was put in recipe form at the end of the book - thank you Nikki May. Although I could work out where the story was going from an early stage, this didn’t matter as I enjoyed the unravelling of signals and misinterpretation of intentions. At times I wanted to strangle a certain member of the group, but I think this was because maybe we weren’t shown that side of the story.  A really interesting intriguing book. Well done Nikki May and I look forward to more
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