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Another great book from the Bible study Evangelista! Sonja can always be counted on for teaching that is relevant but also faithful to the magisterium. She teaches about the discipline of trusting God and finding rest, even in our "desert" experiences. The book of Exodus is made more applicable to modern life.
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When Sonja Corbitt first began writing, she went through a desert of despair, receiving rejection after rejection, and getting completely tangled up in her emotions. She felt that God wasn't listening, but eventually after praying and receiving answers, she discovered that she was suffering from her father's treatment of her. She compares this emotional desert with the one that the Israelites went through to get to the Promised Land and the desert that most of us have to endure at some time.

This is a powerful story about conversion, grace and healing. I found the parts about controlling emotions and the importance of forgiveness especially helpful. Sonja includes summaries and spiritual guidance at the end of each chapter. It's a book that needs to be read a few times intently.

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In the midst of the chaos in our world today, Sonja draws wisdom from the “desert wanderings of the Chosen people” and applies them to our lives today. Throughout the book, Sonja encourages the reader to experience, welcome and embrace the time in the desert as part of our journey of faith. As he did with the Israelites, God is not only teaching us through these desert offerings, but he is revealing his very self to us, to draw us into a deeper relationship with him. Sonja’s knowledge and love of scripture is woven throughout Just Rest.  
Sonja breaks open the desert experience into five separate areas-each meant to deepen our relationship with God.  As she explains in Just Rest, “rest is grace, and not a punishment. Rest is not a luxury; it is a spiritual discipline. It is a gift. Rest is a promise.” Having experienced a ministry job loss within the pandemic, I had difficulty embracing this period of rest in my own life. Sonja’s book helped me to embrace the opportunity given to me…to “just rest” and lean into what God was teaching me about myself and his love for me during my own time in the desert. 

I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling to be at rest within the chaos of the world today. As stated in Just Rest, the desert awaits you; come, and experience the dew of heaven.
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Just Rest: Receiving God's Renewing Presence in the Deserts of Your Life is a welcomed addition to the studies of the Biblical Book of Exodus. 

Author Sonja Corbitt has created a highly-relatable work that speaks to our inherent need for rest and renewal in our lives. 

As Corbitt wisely notes, "Rest is not a luxury; it is a spiritual discipline. It is a gift."

The writer convincingly uses examples from her own life to demonstrate the need to observe regular times of physical and emotional rest in order to be spiritually refreshed. In this way, Corbitt makes the Book of Exodus highly accessible to a modern audience.

In our hectic, overly-committed lives, Just Rest is the perfect spiritual antidote to what is ailing us as individuals and as a society.
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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sonja, you will appreciate her intelligent, practical approach to Bible study and personal sanctification. She writes with an straightforward,   easily understandable style. She has depth of knowledge and experience in both Sacred Scripture and Christian tradition. For those who DO know her and her writings, you’ll find a wealth of new information here as well as more on some topics you may be familiar with already. 
I highly recommend this book, especially if you need refreshment in your life, if you suffer from anxiety or fear, or if you are seeking a deeper, more personal connection to God and the person you’re created to be.
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Just Rest

The wilderness is synonymous in the scriptures with desert.
The desert teachings of Exodus helps bring a new spiritual understanding of God's promise to rest in Him.
Sonya Corbitt explores the messianic redemption of the desert to help you understand your difficulties and fears.
Each chapter ends with a review followed by Cobitt's Lectio Divina exercise LOVE the Word.
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Sonja Corbitt’s “Just Rest” is not simply another inspiring piece of literature. If you take to heart the depth and breadth of the message within the book it will transform your life. For many, the word Sabbath, is viewed as Old Testament terminology that has no present-day application. This assumption could not be further from the truth. Sonja brilliantly ties together the many ways and times God has stressed the importance of His commandment to seek our rest in Him and what happens when we do not. Sonja offers clarity on not only the importance of setting aside a day every week with our Lord, but also shares the richness, joy and peace that comes from doing so.
oo many of us think the hour or two we spend in Church fulfills this commandment. Often times when services conclude, families are off the races in trying to get to their favorite restaurant to dine or mall to shop. Keeping the Lord’s Day properly stipulates that we don’t cause others to work either. Read Sonja’s book and let it not only change your understanding of keeping the Lord’s Day, but changing your lives in the process. The Lord is waiting for you.
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I am loving this book. I have had great prayer time as I grow in trusting God to meet my needs. I love the idea of resting in Him during a difficult time and then remembering the times He has answered my prayers. 

On page 64 almost at the bottom, It was time go   missing the to before go. Im very new at this and did not realize I was to give feedback throughout.
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I am so grateful to have discovered Sonja Corbitt!  Her knowledge of Scripture is expansive and thorough.  She has the ability to, very seamlessly, explain how Old Testament prophesy is fulfilled in the New Testament.  And I am always astonished at how timely the themes of Sonja’s books correlate with what is happening both in my life personally as well as with events unfolding in our world.  This five-week study of the Exodus helped me to explore my own personal “promised land of rest”.  Throughout the study Sonja shares the story of her conversion from Southern Baptist to Catholicism, allowing the reader to get to know her.  Just Rest is written beautifully, with authenticity, humility and intelligence.  I always come away from Sonja’s studies feeling invigorated in my faith and hungering for more knowledge.  She is a true gift to those of us who sometimes find it difficult to draw close to God through His Word.  Sonja will teach you . . .  and you will be amazed!
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