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How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart?

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this book was so precious! i highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a good escape story! it was just so delightful to read and i enjoyed every single second! thank you again, netgalley!!!
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This was a lovely book.  Funny, and very poignant as the main character, Grace, goes to a memorial for her husband Tom, who died at 28 of testicular cancer. The school where he taught has dedicated a wing to him, and Grace invited all the people whose lives touched his.  He was a great traveler, and had friends all over the world.  Grace adopted 2 little girls from Vietnam after his death, their deceased parents were friends of Tom’s.   Grace is still grieving, but she has her girls and her sisters to help her.

There were really funny moments, as well as some painful ones.  The writing was great, it really flowed. I highly recommend this book, 4 stars. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Thank you to #netgalley for the early access to this book, though I didn't finish it until after publication! Oops! 
The story follows the fourth Callaghan sister Grace as she navigates the world around her after loss. It is a beautifully written story around grief and coming to terms with loss, as well as finding love, and healing, in new people and new family. It was a beautiful premis to the book and was written really well and sensitively, whilst retaining a light-hearted edge.
Grace was an okay character, I loved her daughters and her sister Lucy more- I can 100% see me picking up Lucy's story once it's written! I found myself feeling sad and empathy for Grace and her loss but also I laughed out loud at the inuendos and just real-life-like moments- this book had some great little comedy moments! And I loved the sisterly scenes as they filled me with joy! A real emotional rollercoaster!
I loved the story's essential view of take your time, there's no right way to grieve. And the ending was so satisfying and made me feel so positive for Grace and her future with her girls.

For all it's pros, the biggest reason this is a 3 for me is I just needed more storyline. It was a very minimal storyline which I imagine was to allow for it to focus on the raw emotion, but it just didn't keep me engaged, hence it has taken me an age to read! I liked it, it was funny in places and emotional, but it's just not one that kept me addicted and wanting to binge read, so I just don't think it was 100% for me overall.
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It seems strange to describe this as a comedy, but it really is, despite that it is about grief, loss and life. Grace was devastated when her husband, Tom, was diagnosed with testicular cancer and died soon after. He was always such a cheerful person, making the most of life’s opportunities and he’s determined Grace will do the same after he has gone. He leaves her a letter, challenging her in a positive way and giving detailed instructions for her to follow…..

There’s no time limit to grief and it isn’t the same for any two people. This is the story of how Grace, her family, friends and Tom. It is shared through his letters to Grace, discussions of past events and planning for the future. Her two adopted children are key to many of the encounters, adding their own support and interpretation to everything. This is an inspirational story about moving on, opening your heart, remembering loved ones and being willing to risk loving again. With marvellous memories, wonderful wine, great friends, loving sisters, delightful children and lots of support, maybe Grace can learn to live again.

Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.
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How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Hearts is the fourth book in the Callaghan Sisters series by Kristen Bailey. When I first picked up this book I had not realized it was part of a series, but even though it is part of a series it can definitely be read as a standalone. Although, after reading this one, I am definitely going to have to go back and read books 1-3.

Grace Callaghan lost the love of her life, her husband Tom, to cancer three years prior. Since then, life has been much different for her. She now has two adopted daughters, some crazy PTA friends and a semi relationship with a divorced father. Grace is navigating through life, a life that looks much different for what she originally planned with her husband Tom. Will Grace finally learn how to be at peace while learning how to live once again?

OMG The prologue of this story! Wow, it had me in tears and yet there were these little sprinkles of laughter mixed in with the sadness. Which I may add, seemed to be a recurring theme for me throughout the entirety of this story. Kristen Bailey has the right amount of sadness and laughter mixed in and sometimes you will find yourself doing both at the same time. This is a heartwarming story and even though it centers around the death of a partner, there are a lot of lighter moments that stop this book from becoming way too dreary. Everyone processes grief differently and Bailey did such a wonderful job of showcasing the ups and downs that Grace experienced in such a realistic way which made Grace all the more of a well rounded fleshed out character that I could bond with and root for.

If you love a laugh out loud story with heartwarming and tender moments then you definitely will want to pick up a copy of How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart by Kristen Bailey.
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We have reached the time to learn Grace’s story, as we last saw her returning with the two little girls she adopted in Vietnam after a round-the-world trip arranged to help her deal with the grief after losing her husband Tom.  Tom arranged the trip, paid for it and set the itinerary – determined that Grace (who should have travelled with him after Uni) would meet and bond with the people and places he found while traveling before coming back to adulthood and Britain and teaching.  

Grace is still grieving, and has put ALL of her energy into raising the two girls she’s been entrusted to care for. From dealing with the other school-gate parents, to the PTA, and adjusting to living in a new place without her beloved Tom, she’s understandably stressed and struggling. And what I love about this series is the sisters – willing to drop everything to push, cajole, support and simply love on Grace and her girls – because they are family.  This one is full of surprise laughs (because really, those sisters have mouths on them) and some really outrageous (but always amusing) ways of looking at situations, the world around them and even for Grace. With the understanding and support of the girls’ birth grandmother Linh who returned to England to help, the oft irreverent and always amusing youngest sister Lucy, some solid sistering from both Emma and Meg and a bit of drama from the usual gossip around the school gates, the story shows Grace growing, gaining confidence and being an all-around wonderful character – full of flaws, concerns and questions (like we all have) but pushing through despite them all in hope for more.  

I love this book, and the Callaghan sisters – a group of ride or die supportive sisters with a Mum who is always frustrating to the sisters, but one who never lets the outside world see that she doesn’t support them fully and completely – the series is full of people you want to know, need to know, and wish you had the support and love from. For they love deeply, completely and unconditionally, even when they don’t fully comprehend your manner of going about things. One of my favorite series that focuses on family – the good, the bad, the messy and most of all the love.  

I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.  

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Reading this book was such a delight, although I wasn't prepared for the range of emotions I would experience.  This heartwarming story had me laughing and crying at the same time.

Kristen Bailey does a remarkle job of striking a perfect balance of dealing with difficult topics such as the many facets of grief whilst making her readers laugh out loud.  A difficult feat to accomplish.

A brilliant, heartwarming read.  I look forward to reading more from Kristen Bailey.

Thank you Netgalley & Bookouture for the ARC of this book.
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I absolutely adore this author! I knew this was going to be a hilarious and fantastic read from just the title.

I adore that we get to revisit characters in this one. The cover is also extremely aesthetically pleasing and instantly catches the eye of the reader.

This has been an unpredictable read which I have devoured. I absolutely need a Tom in my life. As well as the author’s hilarious element, there are also heartbreaking moments in this book.

I have been completely addicted to this one. I have devoured the entire book in just one sitting and can safely say it is my favourite yet. I am definitely excited for more.
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Grief is a peculiar thing. It is hard to describe as it presents differently within each person. It also doesn't infinitely remain the same feeling; it changes, develops, diminishes. Bailey presented the image of grief perfectly within this novel. She highlighted the raw emotional battle you face including the lowest points and the guilt when you feel when you begin to move forward. Bailey didn't keep the characters locked within one phase of grief, instead she presented characters who were at various stages within their grieving phase, allowing them to develop as they interact with others, who can provide support and guidance to each other. I didn't feel the book focused on sadness, it easily could have slipped into something much more serious, yet Bailey opted to look at grief in a light-hearted, humours manner. 

I feel the nature of the book, grief, made some of the characters appear weak or needy. I understand that the writer was describing how grief can hit each person differently, thus creating an individual reaction. However, certain characters who were stuck in a phase of feeling sorry for themselves, throughout the entire novel, were hard to digest. Once again, I can see the representation of a person who can't quite process what has happened, thus relies on others for support and affirmation that they can progress and get through said event. The representation of these feelings was tremendous, however having to repetitively read the same internal monologue, thoughts, feelings, actions etc. for over 200 pages, did become slightly exasperating.

Final thoughts
I found this book to be a light-hearted and entertaining read. Bailey explored strong themes in a very realistic and truthful manner. She allowed readers to relate to her characters, their thoughts and feelings. I'm sure if you read this book you'd have just as many "oh my gosh, that's me!" moments as I did!
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Grace Callaghan has 4 sisters and is the second youngest.
She has lost her husband to cancer and is still so young. After travelling around the world in his honour she came back home with two young adopted daughters. Grace is still processing her grief for the love of her life three years on. Life can move at a very fast pace, however its quite apparent her heart is still hurting for her husband.

Oh Grace! When you read this story it's so sincere and captured the grief process perfectly. One minute you can be crying and the next laughing hysterically. Kristen Bailey is a naturally funny and talented writer, I still managed to laugh outloud and at other parts I felt Grace's pain.

Grace is trying to navigate motherhood with her adopted daughters and faces challenges such as racism and prejudice towards her and her daughters. I did feel as this resonated with me and was relevant with the recent occurances in the past year. 

Kristen Bailey is a fantastic writer who has flair of gripping the readers attention with humour. Her characters are able to reach out to the reader and entice them in a story full of heartfelt twists and turns.

I thoroughly enjoyed Grace's story. It was different from the other books however that's life. We all are different with a variety of tales to tell. I will look forward to the next instalment from the Callaghan sisters.
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I loved the story of grace and Tom. Sad and poignant. 

Also hilarious in parts. Balls, pirate ships and biting children. 

Such a beautifully written and lovely read
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I really do enjoy Baileys books. This story is about Grace. It has been three years since her husband died of cancer, three years since she adopted two young girls, and three years of living. It was a lovely story showing the grief of losing someone you love, even years later. You can’t help but cheer for Grace and hope everything works out for her. 

The book isn’t complete without Graces brood of four sisters. I can’t  wait to read another one!.
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I wasn't aware this is a book included in the Callaghan Sisters series. You dont have to have read any of those before because I wasn't aware there were others until after reading this one, so it's a perfect stand alone as well. 

While labeled as a humerous womens fiction, this was so much more! Grace Callaghan is a young widow with two adopted daughters. Throughout the story, we find that Grace lost her husband Tom to prostate cancer two years ago. Grace has always played it safe while Tom was an adventurer. They had taken a break for a few years for Tom to travel the world before settling down. Grace had stayed behind and began her career. A few years after their marriage, Tom was diagnosed with cancer. When he died, he left friends and family letters and videos letting them know how much he loved them. For Grace, he also gave her a trip around the world to follow in his steps. While in Vietnam, Grace met two baby girls she fell in love with and adopted. 

This book was such a perfect mix of humor and heart. Me and the author could be best friends easily! She writes hilarious situations that are believable while also exploring honest situations someone like Grace would find herself in. From having another single sad on the side to meet her needs, to being a single mom of two little girls, every thing is explored with depth and sincerity while also laughing her way through it. This kept my attention the whole way through and now I can't wait to read the rest of the series! Five BIG stars!


Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture, and Kristen Bailey for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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How much will fix my broken heart is a humorous story. I don't why but it's a woman's take on grieving her husband and learning to cope with the loss and revelations that pop up en route his remembrance with honestly humorous scenes that will leave you laughing and swoony moments sure to melt your heart
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The Callaghan sisters are back! 
If you haven’t already read “Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life” “Can I Give My Husband Back” and “Did My Love Life Shrink In The Wash” you need to read them immediately

We have heard about Meg, Emma and Beth - This time we get to find out about Grace’s story. 
Grace is grieving the death of her husband Tom, who died at the age of 28 with testicular cancer.
Tom had left Grace instructions to visit places he visited when he was travelling, wanting her to meet the people he met. In doing what Tom asked her to do she adopt two Vietnamese girls Maya and Cleo.
When Grace comes home to England with her daughters she throws herself in to Motherhood, and that’s when the fun starts.
Kristen Bailey has the ability to have her readers every emotion in one book - sometimes every chapter!
I cried when my heart broke when Grace’s did and I laughed so hard i felt sick.

All of these books about these very different, but equally fabulous sisters are a must read!
More please Kristen.......
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Holy cow! Yet another Callaghan sister has won my heart. What a heartbreaking and inspiring book about loss, motherhood, and family. Right from the very first page with a letter written by a dying husband to his wife, this book will grab you and never let go. You will ugly cry and laugh so hard you’ll wet yourself as Grace Callaghan takes a journey to survive her loss and conquer motherhood like a warrior all with the great advice from the sisters Callaghan and the many friends she has met through her beloved husband, Tom.

Grace battles her grief for her charismatic and loving husband, Tom, every day as she reads the letters he wrote her on his around-the-world teaching excursion. A three-year hiatus after college when he left her alone to find himself not knowing what would come of them. His dying wish was for her to travel to those same destinations to meet the friends he made and during one of those meetings at the age of twenty-eight, she adopted two Vietnamese girls Maya and Cleo who had lost their parents. Maya and Cleo’s grandmother Ba Linh would save Grace from sinking into a black hole of grief and helped her to find purpose. Grace returns home and puts all her energy into motherhood and her relationship with the girls is uplifting and funny as Grace deftly deals with school-gate and bullying PTA members.

In typical Kristen Bailey fashion, there are several LOL moments from the school biting incident to the swimming pool throwdown. I love Grace’s quiet and firm confidence. She is honest and tactful as well as playful and kind. She even has a man friend with benefits and nothing more. Grace’s friends and family are fierce and would do anything for her as evidenced when a ceremony celebrating a new school wing in Tom’s honor brings all of them together.

If you haven’t picked up a Kristen Bailey book, you are missing so much. I have read all of her books on the Callaghan sisters and each one is better than the next…okay, that’s a lie…they’re all fantastic reads. See my reviews at Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?, Can I Give My Husband Back?, and Did My Life Shrink in the Wash?.

I highly recommend you take a life-changing journey with Grace as she battles her grief, becomes a kickass mother, and finds peace in her life. 

Thank you to Ms. Bailey for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.
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How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart? is a love story. It’s also a story of grief and how to move forward from a tragedy. And it is laugh out loud hysterically funny!

Grace Callaghan adored her husband Tom, even when he broke up with her and traveled around the world several years before they married. When he knew he was dying of cancer, he left her tickets to visit the five places he loved best in the hope that she would become a more relaxed, enthusiastic person. That didn’t work although Grace did adopt two Vietnamese sisters, Cleo and Maya (who bites), the daughters of his deceased friends. Grace is now active in the PTA because her sister suggested it would help her make friends. So now Grace and her new friend Helen are in the middle of PTA rivalries, an older version of Mean Girls. She has invited Tom’s friends from overseas to a special memory where she learns more about Tom than she wants to know - and even that is funny.

How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart? Is not Kristen Baileys first book. Evidently there are others (Did my Love Live Shrink in the Water?, etc.) about Grace’s sisters. I’m definitely going to read them and look for the next. I think it will be about Lucy. I don’t want to miss that! 5 stars.

Thank you tp NetGalley, Bookouture and Kristen Bailey for this ARC.
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Kristen Bailey does it again with this endearing and hilarious novel. I am forever grateful for having stumbled upon Kristen Bailey and this series. I love the characters, their stories, and the genuinely funny nature of Bailey's writing. 
The story follows Grace Callaghan as she struggles with grief and the every day adventures of being a single mom, fitting in, and fighting against the school mom cliques. Of course the Callaghan sisters are there to back her up.  There is so much love in this story.
The overall arc of the story is about Grace and the loss of her husband, Tom, to testicular cancer. In preparation for a memorial event we learn of Grace's grief and the impact that Tom had on everyone he met. Each chapter begins with an email/text/memory of the relationship between the two. We learn the beginnings of their story, the turmoil, as well as the heartache, love, and acceptance they share along the way. While this is a very sad story of loss and grief, it is sprinkled with humor, honesty and kindness. We witness the love and devotion that Grace has for her children and her fighting spirit when confronted with those who wish to knock her down. Overall, the book is great. It's a wonderful addition to the Callaghan series and easy to follow for those who haven't read the other books. Loved it, loved it, loved it!
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I can't believe that I started Kristen's book with this one. I have all her other 3 books, but it's still in my TBR. I need to read them soon. All I can say is this is very entertaining and it makes me laugh so much. I like Grace's character. Her relationship with her two little girls is everything! So much love, sadness, laughter, grieving, marriage, family, motherhood, friendship. An absolute page turner. I finished this book in 2 days! I definitely did not expect to have so much feelings in this novel. I was expecting an easy light read. This really impressed me. I really enjoyed it and this got me excited to read her other books!

-How much wine will fix my broken heart?
is about Grace. This is the 4th book in the series of the Callaghan sisters.
The other 3 books by Kristen bailey:
-Has anyone seen my sex life?
is about Meg.
-Can I give my husband back?
is about Emma.
-Did my love life shrink in the wash? is about Beth.

Thanks to Netgally and bookouture for an advance digital copy!
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Although this novel is classified in the humour genre I guessed that this would also be a sad story and it certainly was.

How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart? is the fourth tale in a series about the Callaghan sisters and this time around it's Grace's turn. The first three books, 'Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?', Can I Give My Husband Back? and Did My Love Life Shrink in the Wash? featured three of Grace's other sisters, Megan, Emma, and Beth.

Thirty-one-year-old Grace is living in Bristol with her two daughters, Cleo and Maya while still grieving the death of her love, Tom. The heart-wrenching story is written with tenderness and mirth and even in the gloomiest moments I still managed a smile or three. Everyone has their own way of processing grief and Kristen Bailey really showcased this in such a realistic way which made Grace a character that I bonded with. Grace has a lot of fabulous people in her life who were mostly adorable. I also liked the letters at the beginning of each chapter which were an inspired addition and an absolute gem. The author had me in stitches on a number of occasions and had the perfect balance in the most poignant parts. A touching tale of life, grief, and loss, How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart? is a treat of a novel. I'm looking forward to catching up with books 1 to 3, and I am eagerly anticipating Lucy’s story. Happy reading!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Bookouture via NetGalley at my request and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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