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This was the penultimate book in the series. I loved the flashbacks to when Huntress was a child. I also loved Gage’s point of view. Overall, a very enjoyable read.
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I really enjoyed this book, and love the Angelbound world Christina has built! Her creativity is bright, energetic, full of great action, and something I highly recommend you check out!
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The Royals  are in danger and Huntress must find a way to protect them including marrying a man she hates. To add insult to injury she falls for him. Will she succeed? Read and find out.
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HUNTRESS is the penultimate seventh book in the Angelbound Offspring series and I would absolutely recommend you read it as part of a series. While it is Huntress and Gage's story, parts of Kaps and Mack's are also mentioned.

First of all, I loved how we went back in time to when Huntress was a child. I thought the world-building was brilliant and I loved hearing about the Honeycomb Hall. Doofus - I'm still wondering about though! And what happened to the other novices and familiars? Hmm. As for Gage and his Crew, I love them all. Each with their own distinct personality, they made me smile throughout the story.

As with every Christina Bauer book, the characters are outstanding. The overall story arc is present and intriguing, whilst the nitty-gritty gives you information and details about the characters that you never even knew you needed until you had them. The story is told from both Huntress and Gage's point of view, with the chapters clearly titled so you know which is which before you start reading.

Huntress was a perfect addition to the series and now I'm waiting on tenterhooks for Gage! I really want to hear about things from his perspective. A brilliant story and absolutely recommended by me.

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Huntress is a glass dragon and lives with her familiar Doofus in the isolates Honeycomb Hall. She has a Ryan’s Gabe who lives in the dragon queens hive but Huntress is able to go see Gabe when her familiar visits his friends.
But all is not well at the hive and when the second battle led by Ruin kills the queen Huntress tries to help Gabe but is thrown 500 years into the future. After waking Huntress is led to believe that she is the only glass dragon left and that her beloved Rhona Gabe is dead. When she is found by the emperor and empress and adopted by them her past is locked away and she has no memories of Gabe. Until she comes face to face with Gabe Beaumont and her inner dragon cannot resist him.
But someone is still out to destroy her and she and Gabe need to unblock her memories to find out who it is before it’s too late.
I loved this book as I do most of this authors work that I have read. Although the beginning was very slow it was so worth reading on and I then could not put it down! I find the writing easy to read and the story flowed from one scene to the next. Cannot wait to continue reading this series.
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I had a hard time staying interested in this story. The beginning was confusing, and I wasn't sure what was going on... I'm not sure if I needed to read the previous books in the series. The style of writing felt very cold...or flat. No emotion.
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I was looking forward to reading Huntress's story, she was always somewhat of a mystery and now I know why. :)

Huntress is a hive queen novice, she has the potential to be Queen of glass dragons one day and Gage is her rhana. He has access to the memories of his Manchester. They are destined to be together. Then a tragedy happens, their people are destroyed, with just a few surviving. They are spit out 500 years later. Huntress is found and adopted by the king and queen. She blocks her memories, so she can have a life with them.
When they meet in the future, the attraction is instant, but the road to love is a very slow burn. I enjoyed reading it very, very much. :)

The writing is awesome, as usual. :) The story is fast-paced, funny, and intense. I loved reading it. :)
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The plot had the potential to be absolutely epic. But it's execution could have been better.
Huntress is a strong character who takes no crap from anyone and I liked Gage very much. But the first few encounters of Huntress and Gage after growing up irked me the most.
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I didn't realize this was the seventh book in the series.  After reading, I am determined to get the previous because I highly enjoyed this one! Talk about action packed!! This book is full of kicking action!  Read it to enjoy magic, dragons, a hot guy and romance. What's not to love! Thanks #netgalley and #MonsterHouseBooks for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved huntress she might just be my favorite sister out of this bunch. I have loved this series I definitely recommend it.
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I decided to give this book a try and I am so glad I did!! I was fully entertained and flew through this book. The plot line was very interesting and I will be recommending this book to all of my friends.
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Huntress may be a princess, but she also knows how to protect herself and those she loves.  She is a glass dragon shifter … the last one of her kind and she likes to work alone.  That is until she meets Gage and can’t keep her eyes off of him.  She doesn’t want to be attracted to Gage because he is the leader of a crime family that threatens her family.  Huntress plans to live and fight alone; she has no plans to be in a relationship.  But when Huntress needs an army fast, she turns to Gage for help.  Will this unlikely alliance be enough to save her family?  Will Huntress stay in isolation or will she give her heart away?

Huntress is the seventh book in the Angelbound Offspring series.  Readers who pick this book may be thoroughly confused, but that would be understandable with all the references to characters from previous books.  Since I have read them in the order of publication, though, this was a rocket-fueled ride of action, romance, and intrigue.  Bauer outdid herself again as you created a storyline that was thrilling yet fresh.  The next book “Gage” is listed as the last of this series and I can’t wait to see where these dragon shifters go next.
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I was lucky enough to be given a chance to read Huntress by Christina Bauer.  Coming back to this series of books with familiar faces and characters was like being reunited with long list friends. 

In this book we look at Huntress and Gage and the manipulations that led to them being separated for 500 years. When Huntress meets Gage again after 500 years, she is aware of an uncontrollable attraction to him, but can't figure out why. This is because to protect herself, she built a very high and strong memory wall. 

Eventually, certain events take place that result in Huntress having to tear down her Memory Wall. I'm not ashamed to say that the closing pages of this book left me with tears welling in my eyes and trickling down my face.
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Every time I read an Angelbound Offspring novel by Christina Bauer, it feels like returning home.

Before I get into my review can we gush about how incredible this cover looks? I’ve been one of Christina’s earlier readers and I think this may be my favorite cover to date! I was also thrilled about the inclusion of the graphics within the book, I love having visuals accompanying my reading as it just adds this extra connection.  

Nobody does an inner monologue or snark quite like Christina Bauer and Huntress is no exception. I admire how Christina was able to pen age-appropriate snark for both 11-year-old and 18-year-old Huntress.

Huntress is a hive queen novice which means she has the potential to one day become the Queen of the colony of glass dragons. Gage, her rhana, is endowed with all the memories of the great leaders throughout the glass dragon bloodline. Even though they are both 11 years old at the start of the story, there is a maturity that Christina aptly describes as "older minds in younger bodies."These flashbacks, combined with the dual perspective made for quite an interesting beginning. 

Through a series of events, both are present for the destruction of their race and caught up in a time-bubble that spits them out 500 years into the future. 

This lines up with the present-day Offspring series and I squealed when I saw some of my favorites such as Portia, Tempest, Kaps, and Mack! I relished how Christina wove the story of Huntress within some of my favorite characters as it served to give a compelling insight into their actions of the previous books. 

The only thing more enjoyable than revisiting old friends is meeting new ones and I sense a new series (Christina prove me right!) with Gage's crew- Quin, Zag, Forest, Bastien and Axyl

As present-day Huntress collides with her magical and romantic counterpart Gage, I loved that they maintained a bit of their past but managed to create their own identities. 

I enjoyed the slow burn of Huntress and Gage's relationship, but I think I enjoyed the integration of their lives infinitely more. To see both of them creating a new family with the bits and pieces of their lives was heartwarming.  

Just when I thought Myla was my ultimate comedic genius, Christina sneaks in Doofus, you heard, well I mean, read me right. Doofus is Huntress's handler and familiar and boy oh boy is he a Drama Queen (yes in capitals!). When I think of Doofus the phrase, "I may be small but I be mighty" comes to mind.  

Christina Bauer excels at giving our sarcastic yet lovable MC a happy ending, setting us up for more reading with sneaky tidbits of secondary characters, and the bad guys always getting their butts whooped! 

Angelbound Offspring harnessed the best part of the Angelbound series and compressed it into highly entertaining, fast-paced stories with jaw-dropping revelations about headstrong MCs facing off their arch-nemesis while finding love.

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Huntress is a glass dragon shifter. She has the ability to become invisible. Huntress drew me in from the beginning with the dream she was having about someone trying to steal her grimoire necklace. 

I really like the fact that she could talk to and or contact Gage within her dreams. If someone did happen to take her necklace for real then it would and or could put the lives of everyone she loves in danger.

I liked how strong a person Huntress was. How she would put others before herself always and forever. I liked how she could overcome obstacles to save the ones she loved. 

I like that she is a strong person and likes to take care of things all by herself but is smart enough to know when she needs to ask for help. I like that she has someone like Gage that she can turn to and he will be there for her no questions asked. 

I love the Angelbound worlds, I love their magic and that they all have their own special ability that their magic is not all the same. Each and every book just gets better and better. Each story in the Angelbound world has its own unique set of characters with their own special abilities and personalities. 

The world-building for Huntress is impeccably written in all its glorious magic wonder. Huntress was so splendidly written that once I stepped into its magical world I was lost between its pages turn after turn leaving the world as I knew it behind. 

Yes, I was lost between its page from the moment that first word made its appearance in my world as it commenced to drag me in deeper and deeper until I felt as if I was Huntress and I was the dragon shifter. Christina Bauer turns words into magic right before your eyes and just for a little while you can actually see the magic pouring out of the pages as it seeps into your world. 

I highly recommend Huntress and all the Angelbound books to anyone looking for an enchanting magical read! One-click your copy of Huntress and all the Angelbound books today for a great magical adventure!
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3.5 stars

This book was good but it definitely isn't my favourite of the series. The book is a very slow burn. I think it felt more so after all the action in the Kaps / Mack books.

The story needed to be told and it was an emotional story so much pain and heartbreak from their past.

I did enjoy how it explained Huntresses actions with Gabe in the Kaps /Mark books.

I do love Huntress and Gabe not being the criminal he had been portrayed to be was an interesting spin.

I think I just expected something more. There was something missing for me in this book. I think I need to reflect to understand what it was.
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Great read! Huntress is the 7th book in the Angelbound Offspring series and I was pleasantly surprised. 

I was amazed at the character growth that both Huntress and Gage displayed throughout the book. The different points of view (Huntress and Gage) helps to provide insight into both characters and their growing relationships. 

I highly recommend this book and this series to anyone looking for a great read. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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