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The Bloom Girls PREVIEW (Ch 1-4)

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I loved this preview of The Bloom Girls! I have read and enjoyed a number of the author's other books, too. She does a wonderful job creating relatable and interesting characters and a story that is impossible to put down.

Gabbi and her mother Alissa are both at crossroads in their lives. Gabbi recently graduated from college and is in love for the first time. Alissa is almost 40 and unexpectedly finds herself pregnant by her ex-husband.

This story have me Gilmore Girls vibes in that we are getting the drama, romance, and more from both mother and daughter. However, this is definitely a unique and engaging story all its own.

I cannot wait to read the rest of the book!
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Thank you to net-galley and forever for the advanced readers preview of chapters 1-4. Pub day cannot come soon enough because I need more of this story STAT! 

I loved the opening chapter in Ireland! I already feel very invested in Gabi and Alissa's story after only a few chapters. Gilmore Girls is my favourite show and I am getting serious Lorelai, Rory and Christopher vibes from the characters, which I am thoroughly enjoying!

The narration and character dialogue are very well done so far and I cannot wait to read more!
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I love these kinds of multi-generational books and Amy Pine does an amazing job of showing us the different lives of two very different women. First we have Gabi, who is twenty-two and just returned from abroad after sharing an intense romantic fling with Ethan - and surprise! They're engaged! Her mother Alissa on the other hand, is currently dealing with a predicament of her own. She's pregnant at the age of 39 with her ex's baby, the same ex who constantly leaves to travel the glove, leaving Alissa to pretty much raise Gabi by herself. 

Whilst I didn't really connect with Gabi's storyline - she's a bit too immature for me and her romance had me raising my eyebrow a little - I really enjoyed Alissa's parts. She's trying to start a fledgling business, her first baby has just informed her she's getting married, and she's also pregnant again! It's a lot to take in and I'm so curious how her storyline is going to play out. I'm also interested to see how Gabi's changes and if she matures by the end of the book. 

Many thanks to Forever for this preview of the first couple of chapters, I've already added it to my TBR for when it comes out in August!
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A compelling storyline with adorable characters. I cant' wait to read the full version of this book and see what happens next.

Many thanks to the author, the publisher, and Netgalley for allowing me to read and review a preview of this book.
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Love, love, love, love, love The BLOOM GIRLS and this spectacular preview left me wanting more! That cover, a wedding, a pregnancy, the setting, and characters so real you feel you know them. August 3rd can’t come soon enough! 

5 of 5 Stars

Pub Date 03 Aug 2021
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Thanks to the author, Forever (Grand Central Publishing), and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine.
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