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The Flight of the Mayflower is almost accurate in its predictions on the future. Reading it, almost makes me wonder if this is the future for my grandchildren, and generations after.
I didn't really have any favorite characters, but I did feel sorry for Dr Daniel Radu, who lost his wife, to the sickness. Then he was left to raise his two children, on his own.

The book itself, is definitely fast paced and exciting. I read it, then pondered for a while about its message. One of the best books that I have read in a while.
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2 stars - Frustratingly lazy storytelling

When I read the blurb for this book I thought that the premise was excellent and held huge promise. Unfortunately, that promise was completely marred by seriously lazy storytelling.

Some examples:
The plot relies heavily on manufactured drama / incompetence ex machina to create drama. There were several instances where people made decisions that seemed to be wildly inappropriate considering the circumstances and who they are professionally.  Then there is a huge love triangle involving the captain and the head astrophysicist, that of course causes huge drama. However, I find it difficult to buy that highly educated, competent adults in positions with huge responsibility for the survival of mankind would behave so carelessly and immature. 

I was also not a fan of everyone being white except some Asians among the scientists. Oh, and the only black folks that showed up were the janitor and babysitter. Stereotype much? Not cool.

The sci-fi is also seriously lazy: quite conveniently there is a wormhole leading from Earth to the planet in the Deneb system. There is never any explanation why it is there, or even an acknowledgement what an amazing coincidence it all is.
This goldilocks planet has an atmosphere that can be breathed by humans, birds, furry animals that sound like goats and - best of all -  humanoids who are described as being so similar to humans that they wouldn't raise any eyebrows in any Earth city. Their social structures and culture is basically the same as human societies in the past (male dominated society, women should better know their place, etc. blahblah..) Language is also no issue, they just switch on their universal translators and can communicate without any issues from the get-go. Come on.

The straw that broke my back was when, after the first contact between the humans from the Mayflower and the local humanoids has taken place, the captain (the one with the love triangle, who was SO in love with the adulterous astrophysicist) starts getting the hots for one of the aliens after having seen just how sexy she looks. Seriously??? Just, NOPE.

If such things don't bother you, this might be an entertaining read, as clearly was the case for previous reviewers. For me this was a DNF at 55 %.
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[ Thank you Netgalley for giving me a copy for an honest and unbiased review ] 

I tried my best to like this. I just couldn't. All the things I've read I've read from sci fi books before. Not that everything in here is unoriginal, it's just that some things here were just done better before. Also, that rape scene by the end? Oomph.
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As the start of a new series , this one is a good read. There is a little bit of everything here. Action, romance, politics, etc. It is a good book for any sci fi fans and there is a good amount of world building involved. 
I was a bit disturbed at a rape scene towards the end of the book, so be warned but otherwise no unnecessary language to speak of.
I will read the next in the series! Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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I tried to get into this story, but struggled before admitting defeat. The beginning is typical cli-fi, with what you normally would expect in the genre. I had a hard time connecting to the characters and the storytelling, but am willing to admit it is just me. I waffled between and 3 and a 4, so perhaps a 3.5 would be most appropriate.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read The Flight of the Mayflower in exchange for my honest review!

I really liked this book. Anyone who is interested in science fiction would definitely enjoy this book. It was well written and well research. I can’t wait to read the next book. More people should be reading this!
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This has been out for a while and it's pretty good, so I'm surprised it doesn't have more reviews. It's hard sci-fi and space opera, and the writing is pretty good, the plot is interesting, and I liked most of the characters. Recommended for sci-fi fans.

Thanks very much for the free review copy!!
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5 stars, 2nd Mayflower


An epic space opera, based in 2080, it's not so hard to imagine by then that humans have completely destroyed planet Earth.  Three country confederations have built three arks, the USA one is called the Mayflower.  The president and rich people of the area have donated exorbitant amounts of money to build the ark and they are planning on spiriting themselves away before the general population knows what's going on.  They didn't count on  Dr. Daniel Radu – project manager for NASA’s Space Ark Mayflower uncovering their secrets and he gathers up his own team and they escape the impending doom.

A little mystery, adventure, political intrigue, and the fight for survival are all included in this epic space adventure.  Highly recommend it.

Many thanks to #netgalley for the complimentary copy of #theflightofthemayflower I was under no obligation to post a review.
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An interesting first book in a new Sci-Fi series. A good story coupled with well developed characters. I am eager for the next book to come out.

Thank you to #NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Interesting book.  I enjoyed reading it and it articulated many of problems facing society today.  I look forward to the sequel.
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The Flight of the Mayflower by Zanne Raby
"2080:The world is dying. Travel into the future to a time when nothing is certain. Where drought and famine plague an already overpopulated globe and massive waves of refugees stream across the planet, seeking sanctuary. Where terrorist groups have joined forces with biohackers to destroy humanity, developing a deadly bio-engineered disease that marches across the continents like a conquering army, leaving millions dead in its murderous swathe. Meanwhile, some of the best and brightest minds on the planet are feverishly at work - constructing mega-gigantic Space Arks to shuttle hundreds of thousands of people to a colony on Mars. And it seems like there's more good news: world leaders announce that a vaccine is ready – so, roll up your sleeves and get on with your lives. It’s all good; it’s all returning to normal. But the truth is very different. In The Flight of the Mayflower, the first novel in The Deneb Chronicles, Dr Daniel Radu – project manager for NASA’s Space Ark Mayflower – uncovers a global conspiracy of immense proportions. World leaders and the elite are readying themselves for a one-way ticket to Mars, leaving the masses clutching at empty promises. Defiant and unwilling to become another casualty, Daniel cooks up a scheme of his own. Joined by a team of global experts, Daniel and his colleagues brace themselves for a journey of a lifetime as they trek across the galaxy in a quest for survival."

The Flight of the Mayflower is an excellent space-hopping read. The novel is superbly written, with a fascinating storyline and some exciting plot twists. The main protagonists really stand out, and it allows the narrative to be character-driven. Which is why it is a space opera, I suppose.
The main problem with the book that I had personally is that it follows a particular format to one of my all-time favourite books, STARK, by Ben Elton.
There are similar scenario's in each book, although in Stark, the Arks are not trying to reach Mars. But the rich and famous do attempt to do a bunk and leave the dying Earth.
However, the Flight of the Mayflower goes beyond that and heads for Mars. So we enter alien planet territory. 
And this is where the book stands out, and shows that the author has well researched the genre. A military background helps, especially during the battle scenes.
Also, with the book being short for a novel, it did not need to be bogged down with too much needless jargon. That is not to say the author failed to paint a vivid, vibrant picture of Space and the Space Arks.  
So the writing flowed nicely, slightly wordy but fluent and easy on the eye. Military and technical detail is evident as the book progresses.
The Flight of the Mayflower is a good,  epic space adventure. It really is worth a read, and Sci-fi fantasy fiction fans will not be disappointed.
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