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DNF 50%

This premise is fantastic. These characters are complicated and messy. The interpersonal interactions are fascinating. The relationship development is engaging. Yet the idea of picking this back up to finish makes me want to cry. There is a very solid chance I’ll give this another try, but for now this book is not working for me. If you love morally grey, violent sapphic witches, this book should absolutely work for you, and I’m heartbroken that it doesn’t seem to jive with me.
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This book was FANTASTIC. I loved literally everything about it and I cannot wait to read more. I felt like the characters were well developed and I was really intrigued by the way the relationships all worked around each other. I read this so fast because I couldn’t put it down!
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I really enjoyed this book! Sapphic rivals to friends to enemies to lovers? Sign me up! I love the soulmate trope and this book did it justice! Also the fact that the main characters are actual monsters? Im in love.
The world is amazing and the characters are incredible!
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Well I certainly enjoyed this one more than I did The Dark Tide, which I think was this author's debut.

Maybe it's that I enjoy Russian history inspired fantasy. But more likely it's to do with the three main characters: Marynka, Zosia and Beata. These three are all servants of the three witches of the land. They are the Red Jaga, the Black Jaga and the White Jaga. All three of them and their servants have dominion over one part of the day. This is midday, midnight and dawn respectively.

Marynka has been competing and failing against Zosia, who she knows only as Midnight, for years. Ever since the time they both became servants. When we first hear about Midnight, she comes across as someone who is larger than life. Certainly more powerful than either Marynka or Beata.

When the two girls finally do meet in person, they don't recognise each other for their alteregos and actually get along quite well. We also see Zosia's point of view for the first time and realise she's just as human as Marynka.

As the story goes on, we find illusions to the fact that the last Midday and Midnight ended up running away from the witches, and from Beata, to be together.

The chemistry between not just these two, but also between the prince they are hunting and his best friend is just sizzling but doesn't detract from this fast moving plot.
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4.5 Stars
TW: child abuse, murder, magic and manipulation

This book unleashed such a yearning in me for the folklore, and the Slavic reimagine Baba Yaga and the unmistaken longing these girls had for each other (bonus the Prince and his friend).
The imaginary in the beginning and recap of the adventures of the heart-stealing had me obsessed, I love darker or morally grey girls, and these were monstrous girls! 
The undercurrent of abuse and manipulation between Marynka and the red Baba Yaga and Zosia and Black Baba Yaga and the hint we see of the "sweeter" manipulation between the third girl and Baba Yaga was fascinating to see AND HOW IT AFFECTS THEM!
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such a delightful tale of magic, monsters, and icy nights.  It's reminiscent of Polish folklore, with the two main characters being raised by Jaga's ( witches) and competing for all their lives.  
They end up vying for the same prince, the same pure heart, for different reasons, and a competition between them ensues.  I found it exciting that both girls, while appearing pure , innocent, and lovely, had monstrous sides to them, with accompanying forms.  
This book is so fluidly written, it is a joy to read, it flows easily throughout the story.  The representation of different religions, identifications, preferences, lives, is wonderful to see.  LGBTQIA2S, diversity, delightful  !
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***Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an electronic copy of this book in exchange for honest feedback.***
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Amazing! One of THE best books I've ever read. I'm not sure what Alicia Jasinska sprinkled on this book but it's gotta be something because I am addicted. 

The writing, the characters, THE PLOT. My god this was an absolute masterpiece
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For fans of Winternight and Throne of Glass!!! 

The character on the right of the cover is basically Manon Blackbeak - equally brutal and loveable. I felt so swept into this world, the feeling of cold and winter is pervasive and the setting is very easy to understand. It was a quick read while still feeling immersive enough to be memorable.

I also love that it is inspired by Polish history! My partner's family is Polish so it was really cool to read.
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THE MIDNIGHT GIRLS by Alicia Jasinska is a young adult standalone fantasy with (slightly) villainous sapphic rivals to lovers. It's told in two perspectives from the POV of Marynka and Zosia, who were both taken in by two different witches when they were little, raised to be the witches' servants and do all the dirty work for them. Their circumstances were super similar but they're quite polar opposites, and they were working against each other for years without ever meeting face-to-face. Then they get sent to get the heart of a pure-hearted prince, and along the way, they meet without knowing who the other one is, and they become friends.

While it's described as a villain story, I still feel like Marynka and Zosia are more morally gray and deeply flawed than actual villains. Their thinking, decision-making, and everything around it is so interesting throughout the whole story. It's so cool to see all the differences and similarities between them - I loved how they could connect over having super similar experiences but they also felt like they were too different.

I think it's a really unique, fast-paced, adventurous story with incredible, complex characters, and an amazing slow-burn sapphic romance. The storytelling also feels fairytale-like, and the story feels really cozy; it's definitely perfect for a cold winter day. The only thing I had an issue with is I wish we got more of the romance. I understand it's not the main focus, but the romance doesn't fully bloom to its full potential, and I cared for the characters and rooted for them together so much that I wish we got a little more.

Besides that, I think this is an amazing, well written, and fun YA fantasy that I highly recommend - especially if you like reading about complex characters who do many questionable things, but also have deep desires, fears, and hopes.
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4.5 stars

This book was everything I love about fantasy! I could not have hoped for a better lesbian enemies-to-lovers story, I adored the characters and their relationship throughout the book. The way they bickered, the way they always needed to one up each other, the way they both wanted to kill and kiss each other while being completely oblivious to their feelings. The dual point of view was so great, I loved seeing both Marynka and Zosia's perspective. 
And I loved the world building inspired by Polish history. I'm a sucker for wintery settings and Slavic inspired fantasy, and The Midnight Girls had everything I love! Wintery forests, snow storms, witches and monsters, masked balls, beautiful clothes, ice skating, underlying political intrigue. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves winter fantasy and enemies-to-lovers. If you're looking for ruthless and monstrous girls who try to kill each other while battling their feelings for each other, look no further, The Midnight Girls is the book for you.
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A sapphic enemies to lovers featuring two villains?!? Yes, please! 

My little queer heart was so happy reading this book! The Midnight Girls by Alicia Jasinska is an action packed sapphic romance with two very interesting villains trying to win the heart of a prince. 

Their rivalry was so satisfying to read, I loved how they got in each other's heads and became so important to each other! It took a bit for me to get really invested in the story, but once it got going I enjoyed it so much! 

Definitely recommend this fantasy!
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3.5 rounded up to 4 stars

I found this to be an interesting and unique YA Fantasy. I really enjoyed the first part of the book but then things got a bit slow and by the end I was having a hard time staying interested. The plot felt a bit disjointed by the end and I think the world-building could have been more developed. Overall this was a quick read with diverse characters and romance based around loving whoever you want without prejudice.
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A sapphic enemies to lovers fantasy, what more could you want?
Witches, monsters, other supernatural creatures, suuuper morally grey characters that make you question your own motives in life, a tension-filled enemies to reluctant partners to lovers romance that makes your heart skip a beat - this book truly had it all!
If you're a fan of YA fantasy but need a breath of fresh air in the genre, then The Midnight Girls has to be on your TBR!
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The story takes place in a winter wonderland, filled with sleighs, chuckling teens, and the monsters that will stop at nothing to get close to the Prince. Our MCs are Morning (Beata), Midday (Marynka), and Midnight (Zosia). They each have a tragic past and have been chosen and saved by three sister witches. They each serve the whims of the Witch that has cared and trained them to transform and steal hearts. Chaos ensues when the three girls are unknowingly brought together to take a single pure heart and return it home. This is an action packed, adventure driven, heart stopping, sapphic novel. I could not put this book down! 

I was granted an advanced copy of this novel through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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“Her skin prickled but she couldn’t tell if it was because of the all the divine magic… or something else.” 

This is an incredible enemies to lovers young adult fantasy containing sapphic girls that are witches/monsters on a quest to obtain the purest of hearts to give to the witches they serve. This standalone young adult novel reads like a cautionary fairy tale. The story has morally grey characters and an enemies to lover trope. I definitely enjoyed this story! After reading the e-copy, I immediately started the audiobook. I didn’t want this story to end!  I sincerely hope Alicia Jasinska writes another story like the midnight girls.

If you enjoy young adult fantasy with morally-grey characters and the enemies to lovers trope, I highly recommend this book!

Thank you to Netgalley, Sourcebooks Fire, and Alicia Jasinska for this beautiful book in exchange for an honest review.
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So the moment i saw this book was about gay witches i was asking for it. one as i love witch books and two i am a WLW and to i like to see this in books as well. this book was a mix of the one bed trope and the enemy to lovers. 

the two main characters are easy to read and so you don't have to think who is who in the book. its one of those books you can put down for a time and come back to without an issues as it have the  normal YA kind of story line. 

but it was a good book and well written just one you can read in a day as its easy to guess where it is going
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I haven’t read fantasy in a while but this book was so interesting and opened up a new world that intrigued me almost immediately. I personally have been growing fond of the “we don’t know that we know of each other “ trope and this had an lovely twist, in the fact that they’re rivals. I loved the banter. And I’m always a sucker for dual povs. This is definitely something you need on your shelf and tbr list if you want to try out sapphic fantasy. I’m hoping that there is a sequel in the future!!!
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Thank you Sourcebooks Fire for the free access! I was so intrigued by a review I read that I was so excited that Sourcebooks Fire was so generous to have opened a “Read Now” option for this title! Did not have second thoughts on clicking the button.
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this book was available in the "read now" section when i discovered it and even though enemies to lovers are the trope i most read, sapphic enemies to lovers is something that i do want to read more of, and this was a perfect book to start. 

the world building was great, and there are a lot of elements in the fantasy that i do not see a lot in the ones i've read, which is always good for me. to put it simply, this was one amazing book to escape to.
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