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This started kinda slow for me, but it picked up about half way through. I actually ended up enjoying the story. When two sorcerers 1 evil and 1 good go head to head it results in a search for Nicks lost love .Through many search’s through many centuries he continues fight the evil. Can he find what he’s looking for?

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Well let me start by saying this book has been anticipated for some time, the previous books in the series have been awesome and I have to say this book just some how did not feel as satisfying. Yes the characters are amazing and the storyline with so much being in the past was a little dry. Im all for a back story but it was just a bit to much. As long as I have been waiting for this completion I was not as enthralled as I hoped I would be. Will I read more from this fantastic writer, ABSOLUTELY!!
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This has been a long awaited book to round out this arc of the Author's intertwined series .

Whilst I enjoyed the book overall I found myself asking at times is this the Nico we have come to love in the Vampires in America books ? He appeared much more arrogant , his ego much more to the fore - where was the teasing, manipulative hero we had come to love.
The story is told over several parts - his early years , meeting and losing his love, Antonia ,  followed with a smaller story set in the present . Even in the present events seemed a little rushed , his romance with Antonia almost bland - the most enjoyable parts were when Raphael and Cyn show up .

I will of course still read the Author's future books especially those that might feature the Vampire in America

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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The final book in the Stone Warriors, Nicodemus has be a much anticipated read. I liked the story but must say it is far from one of my favorites by this author. I found Nico disappointing his ego and arrogance overtook the enjoyment of the story he was far from the character I had remembered from the earlier books. However in saying that the story is still enjoyable and I would recommend to others as this is my opinion and may not be that of some one else. I will definitely continue to read everything this author writes as she is a fabulous writer who delivers amazing stories
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It was a good conclusion to a series. Time travel stuff was well written but the romance between the characters were little bit rushed but considering that the book has to incorporate many things so its understandable. Nico's character is well explored and we finally know the connections of previous stories in Vampires in America series. Thank you Netgalley for the Arc.
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Nicodemus is book 5 in the Stone Warriors series and finally it's Nick's story. I have been anxiously waiting for this book since we realized Nick was a lot more than we thought. Unfortunately it was a total let down for me. The first 65% was brutally boring and while there was some information that was interesting overall it took me weeks to get to that point. After the 65% mark we finally are in present day and while it got a little better it was no where knew as good as other books by this author. My favorite part of this entire book was when Raphael and Cyn show up. Even the romance between Nick and Antonia was very bland. Overall not my favorite book but as a big fan of this author I do look forward to reading whatever is up next.
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The Stone Warriors:  Nicodemus by D.B. Reynolds is a tale of fantastic adventure, loyalty, and everlasting love set in a world where the good sorcerer, Nicodemus, battles the evil sorcerer to save the world.  Just when it seems that Nicodemus will finally win, a spell turns his world upside down; he loses his love, Antonia, and his warrior friends who battle beside him.   Nicodemus then spends centuries crossing the world to find a release of the spell for each of them.  

D. B. Reynolds has a flowing prose that brings scenes to life in a way that is easy to read.  Her characters are well-developed, and you will find yourself rooting for Nicodemus.  It is fair to tell you that there are steamy sex scenes between the lovers, although they are artfully drawn.  The ending of the book is one you would hope for, and it has some unexpected twists that you will enjoy - so I can only say, don't miss out on this book!
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Oh, I was so looking forward to this book and the ultimate battle between Nico and Sotiris. The book is divided into three parts.

Part one is the origin of the curse to the warriors and Nico's love, Antonia. Loved seeing their love story start.

Part two is in the past (1830's in Europe), and it has almost nothing to do with the search for the warriors, Antonia and Sotiris. It about vampires. I skipped all but about three or four chapters which weren't about vampires.

Part three picks up right were Dagan's book ended. Antonia and Nico are reunited and make up for lost time. All of them plus Raphael's vampires plan to take down Sotiris. The take down was a blah. I was expecting so much more.

Then the epilogue isn't about any of them, but some unknown woman and vampires again.
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This book is amazing. It started from the beginning. It truly explains the war between the two sorcerers and how Nic end up losing his brothers, the troubles he went through to find them and his love. Can't have the final battle without our favorite vampire lord.  Thank you Miss Reynolds for another wonderful series.
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I love this world, the characters, and most of all the vampires that started it all, but was excited to get to the conclusion and finale with Nic's story.  This book was like 3 books in one and I'm sure would be better enjoyed in more bite-sized portions (at least for me).  

We get ALL of Nic's story in here.  There's time in his own kingdom, then in the past in Paris, then still in the past in other locations, until we finally get the resolution I was dying for all book.  This book was very different than the others because it reads as more of a historical mystery than a paranormal romance.  We are introduced to the elusive Antonia and shown their earlier quick romance, which leads him on a chase through dimension and time.  

Was I ultimately sucked in?  Yes.  Nic's story is addictive, just like all the others.  We get to watch the showdown we wanted, with lots of familiar faces from previous stories.  Really, that last part was THE BEST!  I'm happy we got there, and I want to dive back in with the vampires.
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This book starts out showing Nico's life before his friends were encased in stone and how the battle between he and Sotiris happened and how Sotiris won against him. We get to see how and why he and Antonia got to know one another and what happened to her. While I've been reading this series out of order, it really didn't take away from this book but this book did start out really slow for me. 

Nico searched for many, many years before he finally found out where Sotiris had sent his friends and Antonia and he made sure that they would be able to find him once they escaped their prisons. We get to watch his life as he makes friends, battles vampires and even make friends with one and starts to accumulate wealth that will hep him later on. He still has some of his magic even though he traveled to another world where he followed Sotiris so he could find his friends. But Sotiris knows he's looking for him and leaves him little notes about the curses that surround his friends and how he doesn't think they will ever escape. 

It isn't until I'd read almost 65% of this book that we get to present day where all of his friends have escaped their cursed prisons and he finally finds Antonia. All the back story just bored me to death, it was really slow going to even get to a part of this book that kept my attention for more than a couple of minutes. It's actually not until the end of this book that it finally starts to get interesting because Nico is allies with Raphael and Cyn from this author's Vampires in America series and Raphael helps bring down Sotiris in a fight that was a little anti-climatic to say the least. With Sotiris being this mega-powerful and smart sorcerer that has kept Nico on his toes and searching for his friends and lost love for a millennia, I thought the battle would be...more. But it seemed to end a little to fast for me and wasn't the huge, exciting thing that I was expecting. I've somewhat liked some of the other books in this series but this one just didn't do it for me at all.
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I really hate being one of the first people that doesn't rate a book highly, and believe me, I wanted to here. I love Nico and was super excited to finally get his book. I thought for sure it was going to be great with this powerful sorcerer and his warriors finally taking down Sotiris. After, of course, Nico get his girl back. But no. That is not what you get here. The first 30% takes place back at the beginning on their own world. We get the battle that took the warriors from Nico in the beginning, but then we jump back in time a little bit to when Nico first meets Antonia. Which then was the majority of that 30%. Which I don't mind learning how these two met and fell in love (even if it was only day 2 of knowing each other). But it was so goddamn boring ! Then there was part 2, which was also about 30% of the book. And again, so freakin' boring. This whole huge chunk of the book follows Nico from when he first follows Sotiris after finally figuring out the magic he used to travel to a different time and place. He lands in Paris in the 1800's. I wouldn't have minded if we got more of Nico following him or something instead of this whole section just this one time and place. Sure, he met people, this is when he loses his manacles, he gets the stone status of his men from Sotiris, and he saves Lili....but so very little of this was important. When we get to part 3 I thought, okay NOW for sure things will pick up. Right? Nico finds Antonia and breaks the curse that Sotiris put on her (which completely works for this story) and can finally bring her home. He finally has his whole family back together and now they can end Sotiris once and for all. We have 40% of book to make it great! *Sigh* That is now what we get. Instead we get a lot of meetings and conferences with the west coast and Raphael and his people. There is a lot of talking and no action until maybe the last 10/15% of the book. And even then, the final battle was such a complete and total let down for me. This book is sadly joining some other series with the least epic finales ever.

I will say that I did like Antonia's character. If you leave out the stupid thing she does at the end because she refuses to be the girl left behind even though she herself has admitted that she has absolutely no fighting experience. Yeah, that was real smart. Anyway. I liked how she was mature and smart (minus the end). She was always calm, didn't get jealous, and wasn't a clinger to Nico. She balances him out well, is able to resist his charms, and I just liked her.

The very end seems a lot more like the intro to the next Vampires in America series. And I'll be checking it out, I know I will. I just hope it'll be good.
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This was a very satisfying ending to The Stone Warriors series however I don't think we've seen the last of them. I love how the author intertwines Nicodemus and his brothers with her Vampire series. Reynolds' gives enough background info that a first time reader would enjoy this book but you really should check out the entire Stone Warriors saga. I can't wait to find out what the little hint at the end of the book leads us to, I'm sure it will be awesome!
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NICODEMUS was a worthy end to Reynolds ’Stone Warriors’ series. A fun and enjoyable way to wrap up the series and get the gang back together. Basically, it was the culmination of the sorcerer Nico’s centuries long search for his four lost comrades (the first four books of the series), and his live Antonia, all victims of the spells of his evil enemy Sotiris.

The only real issue I had with the story, and the reason I dropped a star was the long draggy beginning. Once that was past, however, the storyline took off. Recommended read. You could probably read it without reading about the four Stone Warriors, but it’s really best to read them in order.
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Finally! After waiting over a year after having read Dragan's story, we could read how the story would end. We start Nico's story at the very beginning of his feud with Sotiris. So part one, you get a glimpse of how the stories of all the Stone Warriors where started. We also meet Antonia, Sotiris' assistant and we learn how Nico and Antonia fell in love.

But then in the second part of the story D.B. Reynolds shows you segments and flashes of both Nico's and Antonia's life. Nico has been retracing Sotiris' magic to find out what has happened to his brothers in arms and his beloved Antonia. And although he is catching up with Sotiris, the evil sorcerer just keeps escaping and taunting him.

Meanwhile Antonia has lost all her memories of who she is and of her beloved. Will she be able to get her memories back or will she be lost forever? In the last -and final-part of the story, all of Nico's warriors are back together and Maeve is able to help Nico to find Antonia. Now, with everyone back together, they prepare to hunt down Sotiris and end this feud for once and for all.

Also Raphael makes an appearance, and we learn why Nico and Raphael don't really get along. Of course, this has something to do with the badass Cyn. Totally awesome to have some of the vampires series starring in this series. And also Lilly, from Dragan's story gets her very happy ending in this book. Per usual, D.B. Reynolds delivers us an awesome paranormal story with twists, turns, brooding bad ass warriors and very feisty women. Add in a little spark of romance and you have a very powerful mix of awesomeness.

Five out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

So sad to see it end. This is Nic's tale. From the battle that began it all to the battle that will end it. You will journey with Nic across space and time, friend and for, love and hatred. DB gives you a glimpse into the world and locations that Nic journey to as well as his quest for love and peace. 

An excellent way to end the series. I do hope Lili gets her own story.
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This was a very satisfying ending to The Stone Warriors series however I don't think we've seen the last of them. I love how the author intertwines Nicodemus and his brothers with her Vampire series. Reynolds' gives enough background info that a first time reader would enjoy this book but you really should check out the entire Stone Warriors saga. I can't wait to find out what the little hint at the end of the book leads us to, I'm sure it will be awesome!
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The 5th and final book of the series of the Stone Warriors. The first 4 were of one of each of the battle warriors that were thrown into a cursed existence for thousands of years until freed by their loves. This one is Nick's story and while I liked the very beginning and the end (after he gets Antonia back), the middle is bogged down a bit too much with details that were not needed and I ended up skimming. I really enjoy this author, but felt the history lesson wasn't really needed in as much detail. Would still recommend though.
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I wanted to love Nic's story. I did not. Incredibly boring, copious amounts of back story that was hopelessly dragging the storyline down. I literally kept avoiding reading it. All the previous books were great. Nic didn't deserve this. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of the book from Netgalley
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Would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this amazing book

Poor Nico has spent centuries looking for his warriors that the evil sorcerer has sent somewhere in time leaving nico to not only search for them but he took nicos one true love as well 

Not only does nico need to leave his beloved land he has to search the world through time and space to them all, only knowing that they were in the same time zone but not knowing where

This is a brilliant addition to the series and answers so many things 

It was great to catch up with all the characters and to learn more about nico and his beloved 

Can’t wait for the next book in the series
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