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Shenanigans: A Memoir

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A really fun interesting memoir the authors personally comes alive on the pages.An interesting character a successful business woman who knew a lot of interesting well known people.#netgalley #iuniverse
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Shenanigans is like meeting a new friend for a first time and getting to know them flaws, vulnerability and all. That's what this memoir felt meeting a new friend which i really adored and listening to their story over a glass of wine . There's so much lesson to learn from this amazing book.
I'd definitely recommend this book for anyone looking different to read.
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Does a memoir need struggle to be appealing?  Will anyone care about your story if it's just that... your story?

Kenigsberg basically warns in the forward that, for the longest time, she back burnered this book because it didn't have a struggle, but I still found the overall book appealing.  I love memoirs because our stories are all unique.  And, despite her generally sunny disposition, she did have struggle, she just never let it get her down.  As an MS warrior myself, her tiny blurb about her diagnosis and how she handled it was inspiring.  Particularly because it was so clearly never the focus of her life (a concept foreign to me as my life tends to revolve around mine).
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A great memoir of a unique woman and told in a way you get a sense of the personality of this woman that was so capable of effective shenanigans. A great role model for young and old. It will put a smile on your face.
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