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I loved this book. It is a legal thriller, a dog story and Andy Carpenter's voice is smart, funny and irreverent.  He loves his dogs and his family and is trying to retire.  When Andy and his wife observe a man abusing a dog, he is drawn into taking a case when a fellow good Samaritan, also trying to save the dog, is arrested for a past crime. I loved the snarky humor,  the well paced plot, and the smart legal descriptions.  Clearly, this is a strong standalone  story, since I haven't read any of the other Andy Carpenter books - but after this I will.
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Thanks to Macmillan Audio for the complimentary alc!

One sentence review:  Dog Eat Dog is a well told mystery narrated by a snarky, mulitmillionaire defense attorney that loves dogs and his family.

I'm going to leave the plot on this one a mystery because that is half the fun.  But here are my thoughts:

- The narrative is told in the first person and I really loved Andy Carpenter's snarky viewpoint.
- This one has an almost police procedural feel as the main character is a defense attorney trying to find information to cast doubt on the guilt of his client.
- This is book 23 of the series.  I haven't read any of the previous novels and didn't feel lost at all.  I can see myself going back and reading the previous novels though just to learn more about some of the supporting characters.

If you enjoy a good mystery with a touch of humor, I think this would be a great choice!

NARRATION:  I thought the narrator struck the perfect tone for this book.  I really felt Andy Carpenter was talking to me. He gave Andy just the perfect amount of personality without going over the top.
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I enjoyed this quick legal mystery. My rating 4.25 of 5.0.

Andy Carpenter is a wealthy semi-retired lawyer who would rather spend his time walking his beloved dogs with his beloved wife, Laurie. Andy likes to avoid work when he can but isn’t about to let injustice pass by. An evening walk with their dogs lands Andy in a new case when a stranger steps in to rescue an abused dog. The man gets arrested – not just for beating the abuser but for a pending double murder charge. Andy reluctantly agrees to help the accused, Matthew, as he is returned to Maine to face the two-year old charge. Matthew insists he is innocent, but it will be hard to overcome the evidence of Matt’s DNA on the hand of the dead man.

Andy tries to leave Matt in the hands of the local defense attorney, but he just can’t do it. When Matt’s newly discovered half-sister pleads with Andy to take the case, he agrees. Andy relocates to Maine to begin the trial prep but soon runs into a threatened attack alone in the parking lot. Laurie isn’t about to allow that to slide, so soon the team, including Laurie (and the dogs), bodyguard/muscle Marcus, and hacker/accountant whiz Sam, arrive in Maine. Laurie’s other K-9 investigator, Corey, and his German Shepherd Simon arrive soon after.

Andy and team do their usual thorough job of turning over the rocks and digging the dirt for other suspects. This brings out connections to drug dealers and an extreme militia group and also leaves bodies in the wake of questions. But Andy still must address the DNA problem.

I enjoy this series and the narrator. There are always several suspects, often FBI involvement and usually a trail of bodies. I love following the trial questions and ‘watching’ as Andy presents the evidence that leads to reasonable doubt, and reveals the true villains. The fast-moving plot is enhanced with Andy’s self-deprecation and snarky banter.

While I was listening to this 23rd installment, I got my husband to listen to book one, Open and Shut, which he enjoyed. The stories can be read as standalones but it is much more fun to have at least read the first several in the series so you know the team characters. I recommend this to readers who enjoy mysteries with legal procedures ... and dogs.

Audio Notes: I am sure I have noted it in prior reviews of this series, but Grover Gardner, is the wonderful, fitting voice of Andy Carpenter. Gardner has an appropriate NJ/NY tone delivering distinct voices with appropriate energy. I love listening to the stories and hear this narrator even if I occasionally read an ebook version.
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this was my first time listening to an Andy Carpenter book and I have to was GREAT!  David Rosenfelt is one of my favorite authors.....I've read his books so many times, I have voices in my head for each of the characters and this recording hit most of them on the head.  I'm so happy to know that I can now listen to Andy and company while multi tasking and not miss a second of the action!!!
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This was really enjoyable! I've never read this author or series before but love his dry sense of humor and will definitely check out additional titles. If you're looking for a fun mystery (with the added bonus that the protagonist is a dog lover), I highly recommend.
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Dog Eat Dog (An Andy Carpenter Mystery) by David Rosenfelt
Narrated by Grover Gardner
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Publication Date: July 6, 2021

Dog Eat Dog is the 23rd book in the Andy Carpenter Mystery series by David Rosenfelt. I had not read the previous books (and I'm not sure why!), but was easily able to read (listen) to this as a standalone mystery.

Oh my goodness! How did I not know about this series before? This book was so much fun! I absolutely loved it! Sarcasm, quick wit, and dogs!

Andy Carpenter is a want-to-be-retired attorney, who can't help himself when faced with the right case! He is a great sleuth, loves dogs, and is so funny! I actually laughed out loud as some of the things he said! The crime solving was great and I loved how it all comes together!

I can't wait to start reading the other books in the series!

The narration by Grover Gardner was incredible! He had such a great tone and gets sarcasm!

I'm so grateful to David Rosenfelt, Macmillan Audio, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this ARC audiobook in exchange for my honest review.
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David Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter series never disappoints. This is the 23rd book in this series about lawyer Andy, his private detective wife and their dog loving crew. Andy meets a man who is defending a dog against its abusive owner and is then arrested for fighting. The police discover that this man is wanted in another state for murders he claims to know nothing about. He asks Andy for help and Andy can’t refuse a person who was so kind to a helpless dog.
This book is full of twists and turns and will keep your guessing. It is a good, light read.
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I received the audio version of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.  I liked the narrator and I think his voice and reading added to my enjoyment of the story which was rather basic.  I use the word "read" because he's not the type of narrator to perform the various characters and genders like Susan Erickson, Luke Daniels or Lorelei King.  At first I was a bit disappointed, but I think he has a really good voice to represent the series and Andy.

This was my first Andy carpenter book, I'd never even heard of the series before which is strange before I read a copious amount of mysteries.  As my rating shows, I liked the book, again I think it was enhanced by the narration.  The story was rather simple with no big climax or event.  Andy himself makes one mistake which he cops to, but there is a big factor he or his crack team should have thought of...but it probably would have shortened the book.

So, it was a nice, pleasant ride and I'd definitely consider listening to another in my commute or while doing chores.  It's not a book that I would think first to recommend to a mystery or dog lover.
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I love this series.  Though this is number 23 it allows for me to pick a book up any time I see it, even if it is not in the right sequence.  Yes.  Like any series, I know that learning about a person's timeline allows for the growth of the character but don't let that hold you back.  These stories are great even if you stumble on them randomly.
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I'm not sure how I first discovered David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series, but I'm sure glad I did.  They're fun, interesting, surprising, mysteries, and there's always a dog or two (or more) involved.  Right up my alley.  For the uninitiated, Andy is a lawyer who keeps trying to retire early after a surprising event in the first book in the series leaves him wealthy enough to do so.  Yet 23 books later, he's still lawyering because he's a sucker for an underdog client - not to mention for a dog.  I was pleased to get an advance copy of this book from Macmillan Audio, but since I'm not caught up on the series I did get a spoiler or two by "reading ahead", but nothing terribly unexpected.  And I was happy to find the same cast of characters (with an addition or two), the same self-deprecating (and at times snarky) sense of humor, and another interesting mystery for Andy & friends to solve.  And as always, Grover Gardner's narration is perfect for Andy's personality.  Now I'm anxious to go back to where I'd left off in the series and see how those new characters came about.
Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio for providing a copy for an unbiased review.
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Andy and Laurie are walking their dogs when they come upon a man abusing a dog. Before Laurie can step in another bystander rushes up and confronts the man. The police arrive and both men are taken to the police station. Andy offers his assistance and gets more than he bargained for when the Good Samaritan is arrested for a cold case murder. So Andy is off to Maine to do what he can to help, and the whole team arrives to help him. As usual he gets drawn into the case and along the way meets  (reluctant) good guys, some not so good guys, and of course some really bad guys.  Andy Carpenter books always have a good mystery with lots of humor. This one seemed especially heavy on the humor and I loved it. I love David Rosenfelt's books because of the humor and the dogs. Rosenfelt not only writes about Andy having a rescue foundation but he himself has one. The Tara Foundation, named in honor of the greatest Golden Retriever who ever lived, has rescued 4000 dogs with the oldest and sickest finding sanctuary in the Rosenfelt home.  How can you not love a funny author who rescues dogs and lives with 27 of them? I have read all the Andy Carpenter books and really enjoyed this one. Keep them coming Mr Rosenfelt. Thanks to the publishers and netGalley for allowing me to read and listen to an early copy of this book.
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Andy Carpenter is at it again.

This cozier (but not quite "cozy") mystery series is for anyone looking for lots of jokes. I loved that one of the running gags in Dog Eat Dog, #23 in the series, was people referring to Andy as a "hotshot New York lawyer," when he's actually from northern New Jersey. And that's right, there are 23 of these books. This was my fifth; I haven't found that my enjoyment's been diminished by not having read each and every one of them. 

For a shorter, jokey book featuring a reluctant lawyer who only took the case because the defendant was nice to a dog, I thought the plot of this one was pretty well-constructed. Tara the golden retriever makes too few appearances in the second half, though.

It's fun to read these with my eyes -- they're quick reads -- but I also really like the audiobook narrator's voice. I think the casting was great, and also that his delivery is just as deadpan as it should be for Andy's wry little comments.
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Have you watched Murder, She Wrote or Diagnosis Murder?  Listening to Dog Eat Dog brought on nostalgia for these shows.  

Dog Eat Dog is a good old-fashioned murder mystery where Andy Carpenter (defensive attorney) and his wife Laurie (private investigator) try to solve and defend Max (client) because Max’s DNA is found at the site of a double murder.  Andy is convinced that Max did not commit murder because Max saves a dog from his abusive owner.  And I'm 100 percent behind this logic; no dog lover would ever commit murder! 

For such a breezy and often humorous novel, the mystery itself is quite compelling, with clues layered throughout the story.  As the trial begins, the case remains unsolved.  But in true old-fashioned mystery form, Andy puts the pieces together in the nick of time. I love that I didn't solve the case until Andy did. 

Grover Gardner is a perfect narrator!  I’m thrilled to discover that he narrates all the previous books too.  Gardner embodies Andy Carpenter and brilliantly performs the perfect comedic timing, Andy’s sarcastic-laced thoughts, and the witty banter during the investigative interviews and courtroom drama. 

Dog Eat Dog is book #23 in the series. However, each book works as a stand-alone novel.  If you love mysteries and love dogs, this series is for you!!  Highly entertaining!!! When I need a change from my dark thrillers or heavy dramas, I will return to Andy Carpenter!  Luckily,  I have a bunch to read!
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Dog Eat Dog
David Rosenfelt 

Okay so full disclosure……this is my first David Rosenfelt novel and it is also book TWENTY THREE in the series 🤣 However, it read perfectly as a stand alone, so I guess I lucked out! 

While the cover is cute, readers will find a far more serious novel within its pages than the cozy mystery that the cover invokes. The characters are funny, realistic, and generally enjoyable with great dialogue. The mystery is descriptive without being overly graphic, and readers land a front row seat in a particularly tense courtroom.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 stars for this witty novel that toes the line between cozy mystery and gruesome homicide. 14+ rating for subject matter.
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I am torn.  The title and the cover photo lead me to believe that this book would heavily include dogs.  Think Chet and Bernie.  Instead the characters all have dogs and their main contribution seems to be...being walked.  I know this is the latest in a long line about this team.  Maybe the dogs were more involved in other books.  I was disappointed that they were tertiary characters, at best.  The story itself was a fairly standard light mystery.  A lot of procedure and an interesting conclusion.  I liked the sarcasm of the MC.  I'm not sure I would take the time to read any further initiative to read the other books based solely on this one.  I liked the narrators voice except for the one main female character.  Yes, one.
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Andy Carpenter is a New Jersey defense attorney who loves dogs. He hates defense attorneys, doesn't want to be a defense attorney which is a pity because he is a very big "hot-shot" defense attorney. He can't stop himself from helping the underdog so grudgingly takes a new case he thinks will be simple assault but turns into murder. Andy has a very wry, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. Good thing his wife keeps him on the straight and narrow. The author provides a lot of detail about DNA and investigations. This is a fun cozy mystery. Grover Gardner is excellent as the narrator.
Thank you to NetGalley and MacMillan Audio for this advanced review copy. In return, I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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Oh my! I  loved reading Dog Eat Dog! On one hand the story deals with the serious subject of murder and some mean and dangerous thugs. On the other hand,, the story is smart, witty, and made me giggle and even laugh out loud.

I can easily relate to the story.that begins with one man stopping another man from beating a dog. I love dogs and over the years, my dogs all have been rescues. As of right now we have two wonderful  rescue dogs sharing their lives with us. Their love and loyalty is amazing! 

Dog Eat Dog was an absolute pleasure to read!
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While walking their dogs,  Andy and his wife Laurie witness a man kicking his dog.  Before they can respond, a man comes to the rescue. The police arrive - Andy gives the man his card just in case. 
Unfortunately,  Matthew needs his help. His blood connects him to a cold case in Maine. 
Andy, his wife,  their dogs,  their staff and their dogs head up to Maine - convinced of Matthew's innocence.  He defended a dog. 
Humor, shady characters, Andy's entourage- very enjoyable.  
I listened to the audiobook- the narrator did a great job with the voices. Characters' personalities shine through.
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I thought this book has an interesting synopsis, and the cover art sold me. I mean a cute dog with donuts, yes, please!  I listened to the whole book even though it was kind of dull and predictable. I kept listening because I thought something would happen. Sadly, it began and ended that way. I did enjoy the humor of the characters, so that saved some stars for me. 

Thank you, Macmillan and NetGalley, for this gifted audiobook for my honest review.
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I was vey indecisive about whether I wanted to read this book or not. Judging by the cover (Yes, I do judge books by the covers! No, it doesn't always work out well for me. lol), I was concerned that this would be a pretty silly, cozy mystery. Sometimes, I find cozies to be a bit too light and unrealistic, so I didn't have high hopes. Yet, I kept coming back to it. I think I can partly blame that on Jana DeLeon. I picked up two of her series having similar misgivings and was pleasantly surprised by the humor. 

I was also concerned about diving in to the series at book #23. It seems likely that I've missed quite a bit of back story to this point and I'm sure that is true, but I didn't get that feeling at all while reading. I never felt that I was missing something or that there was an info dump to catch me up on the past 22 books. It was just a great story with a stand-alone feeling to it. 

Fortunately, a couple of friends on Goodreads left positive reviews and said I should ignore my concerns and give it a try. I am so glad that I did. I love the humor in this book. It wasn't overdone, but quick little bits that had me laughing out loud a couple of times. It isn't slapstick, but quirky with great dialogue. 

In addition, the mystery part was good. It did not feel like a cozy mystery and I think it was really on the cusp of being too detailed to qualify. Yet, it wasn't graphic or gory. It just sort of toed the line. It told you what happened and how someone was murdered, but without giving the graphic details. Whereas, typically cozies have the murder happen completely off the page and there is just a body that is found. 

One thing I will note is that there is minor animal abuse that can be triggering for some people, but if you read the blurb you already know that. It is just a short moment and, again, not graphic, but it is there. If you can't tolerate any form or mention of animal abuse, then you might want to skip this one or at least that short part. 

I listened to the audio version narrated by Grover Gardner. I thought he did an excellent job and varied his voice appropriately. I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of his voice, but he does fit the part well and I don't have any complaints about his work. I'm happy to see that he has been with the series since the beginning. I like when series are able to stick with the same narrator. I think it gives the characters some consistency. Andy Carpenter will forever have Grover Gardner's voice . 

I intend to go back and start reading to this series from the beginning. I am planning to continue listening to the series and have already purchased the first couple of books. 

My husband listened to this with me while on a road trip and he also loved both the story and the narration. He will be posting his own review separately. 

I would definitely recommend this book. 4.5⭐️
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