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Back to back stories! Wow, this was a lot to take in.

In Annihilation Road, Seychelle Dubois meets Savage Pajari when she pushes him and a child out of harm’s way from an oncoming truck. Savage immediately notices that Seychelle is special, making sure she is taken care of before she is taken to the hospital, but not before being questioned by deputy sheriff Jackson Deveau. At the hospital, Savage gets access to Seychelle’s room by telling the nurses that he is her fiance. 

Once in there, Savage sees Seychelle’s broken and bruised body due to saving him. He can’t understand why she risked her life for him, but Seychelle lets him know it was worth it. Savage is hypnotized by Seychelle’s voice and the way his name has a melody to it when she says it.  Savage’s body reacts to Seychelle in a way he never thought it possible and the only thing he can think of doing is leaving her to heal while he looks for release elsewhere. Something Savage notices from their hospital encounter is how Seychelle seems to have a healing feeling in her presence.   

Savage doesn’t stay away for too long and soon after finds Seychelle working as a singer in one of the local bars, but he isn’t the only one who noticed her beautiful voice. Among her fans there are two who harbor more than fandom for Seychelle: Brandon Campbell, who is very persuasive, and Joseph Arnold, her resident stalker who is posing as a talent scout. Joseph is very persistent and doesn’t like Savage introducing himself as Seychelle’s fiance. 

Torpedo Ink’s resident musicians invite Seychelle to sing with them, in hopes of a possible permanent position in their band. As Savage and Seychelle get to know each other more, Savage struggles with his past and it interferes in their relationship. After being together for a while, their differences lead them to break up. Seychelle yearns for a family of her own, someone she can trust and be with just like her parents. She is ready to settle down, but Savage can’t give her what she wants, he can’t be fully honest with her yet. Interestingly enough, this may be the first book where a couple struggle being together and trusting each other due to the MC. Seychelle has never been in a relationship and wants to experience it with Savage, but his rank in the club makes it difficult for her to understand why he can’t give her his full attention.

During this book, we mainly get to know Seychelle and Savage. We’ve heard briefly about Savage in previous books here and there, but we don’t get to really know his story until now. We learn how much Seychelle likes helping the community, especially the seniors that remind her of her deceased parents. Throughout the story we get bits of information on Seychelle’s psychic healing gift, which worries Savage when he learns how hurtful it can be to her. Something else that worries him is introducing Seychelle to his BDSM world.

This was a very intense book, and it’s only part one! There’s tension between Savage and Seychelle trying to figure out their relationship, her gift, and BDSM. And then there’s tension between Seychelle and Torpedo Ink due to Seychelle feeling left out. Not to mention the handful of enemies Seychelle acquired all of a sudden. Oof, we’re still not done yet, and although a couple of things are resolved in this book, Savage and Seychelle’s story continues in Savage Road!
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3.5 Stars

I want to preface this review by stressing the need to check the trigger warnings before you start the book. If you’ve been keeping up with the series and the members of Torpedo Ink, you know that Torpedo Ink did not have happy childhoods and Savage is one of the most damaged. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should at least give you an idea of what you might be exposed to should you read the book. I also want to emphasize that all of the sex between the main characters is completely consensual – the majority of the horror and the torment that prompted the trigger warnings happened in their childhoods when the members of Torpedo Ink were stuck in the ‘school’ in Russia.

Savage is a tormented soul, resigned to a life of loneliness and protecting his Torpedo Ink brothers and sisters. He’s also one of the most violent members, but there is a reason for that that Ms. Feehan reveals during the book (this particular reveal was an ‘oh my god why didn’t I realize that sooner’ moment for me). Seychelle stumbles into Savage’s life unexpectedly and he’s shocked to realize that she helps quiet the darker thoughts in his head. They both do their best to stay away from each other, but they inevitably end up drawn together and have to work out how they fit in each other’s lives.

While reading, I was reminded of the saying “One day, someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together again.” This is certainly true for Savage and Seychelle’s relationship. Savage always knew it would take a special woman to love him and deal with his more taboo urges in the bedroom – his woman ends up being so much more than he ever expected or dreamed of. Don’t think this is a one-sided relationship though. Seychelle, with her psychic gifts and sheltered upbringing, can’t stop herself from trying to help others. Savage vows to be one to protect her and make sure she doesn’t go too far. I loved seeing how they each brought out different sides to each other. For example, Seychelle brought out a softer side of Savage that few had been treated to before. Savage brought out Seychelle’s confidence, allowing her to follow her calling and defend those she cares about. I can’t wait to see how much more their relationship develops in the second part of their story.

One of my favorite parts of the Torpedo Ink series is the paranormal aspect. The stories are grounded in a contemporary setting, but each club member has some type of gift or ability that is crucial to the club’s success. I also found it intriguing how each pairing tends to have very complementary abilities. I can’t really say much about Savage’s gift without spoiling a big part of the book, but I was shocked (in a good way) once it was revealed. I went back through some of the other books and it seems like Ms. Feehan has been dropping little hints and easter eggs about it for a while (so bravo to her for pulling off such an unexpected twist).

I would recommend this book to paranormal romance fans who love motorcycle club stories and won’t be put off by some darker or taboo themes and elements. The ending does leave a bit to be desired, but I think Ms. Feehan purposefully left some open threads to explore in the second part of Savage’s story, Savage Road (out in 2022). Overall, Christine Feehan remains one of my favorite paranormal romance authors and I’m excited to see which club member will find their person next (I’m betting on Preacher – fingers crossed).

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Human trafficking (victims, discussed), Rape (Victims, discussed), BDSM, Spanking, Pedophilia (Victims, Discussed), Torture (Flashbacks and Discussion), Child Abuse (Victims, Discussed)
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Ms. Feehan’s Torpedo Ink series has always been a difficult read due to the horrors the members of the club have endured.  I knew Savages book would be one of the most difficult.  However the readers have been given clues in previous stories that despite his intense and often brutal front underneath is the man that will and does protect his brothers and sisters lives with his own. 

The code he lives by puts him square in front of an oncoming truck in order to save a young boys life. A relief to his mind, going out with honor.  As he pushes to take that last step to safety knowing he won’t make it,  he is hit by a body sending him out of danger and taking the hit.  
A dramatic start to head into a complex story line.  So many have focused on the lifestyle that Savage was brutally brought up with, a way of life that he survived but  cannot now live without no matter how he tries to control the needs he has.  That is the point that I continued to keep in mind as he makes mistake after mistake in this story.

Seychelle, an orphan, with a healing gift that she can neither ignore or control.  A woman who gives all without concern for herself.  A woman with fantasies that she’s isnt sure she should have. A woman who has to process each new idea, willing to put her love up front once she comes to a decision, a woman who thinks too much…haha

Again I say this is a very complex story line that will have you aggravated with almost every character at one point or another and then if you are truly a fan of the series you’ll remember that this story is their reality not ours and cheer for Seychelle and Savage to work through their challenges and get their HEA.
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This book was intense.  Definitely not insta-love but a deep story that brings these two characters together.  I love that Feehan decided their story was not done, because they have such a deep story.  This is only the beginning of them developing a beautiful love story.
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Savin “Savage” Pajari is along with his brother Sargent at Arms for Torpedo Ink. His job is interrogator and assassin. Savage will protect his family any way he can even if it’s taking away their strong emotions.  Seychelle Dubois is a singer who can’t seem to control her special abilities. When she sees the sexiest man. she’s ever seen trying to save a small child from being hit by an oncoming truck, she’ll step in to help. Seychelle saves Savage’s life which no one has done for him ever. When he first sees her it’s instant attraction. That attraction just may lead them down a path they might not be able to come back from and just may lead them down Annihilation Road.

Annihilation Road is the sixth book in Christine Feehan’s Torpedo Ink series. It’s the story of the worst of the abused children who became Torpedo Ink. His special power helps his fellow members to deal with their strong emotions. A sadist in the bedroom bringing pain to his partner because of his childhood in an abusive situation along with the rest of his family. Loyalty, and doing anything for his family. The taking of his family’s emotions has him needing a release that has him thinking he’ll never have what some of his fellow members have found and isn’t expecting to find. Annihilation Road takas him on a journey of finding emotions he never thought to have when a woman does something that no one else has done by literally saving his life. These two will deal with their feelings for each other and their own emotions as they face their new lives. Danger adds some tense moments as they face enemies from both sides. Obsessions, attraction take them through finding their way to a new version of their lives, but will they be able to come together. Trust in their selves and each other play a pivotal role in either coming together or breaking apart. Christine Feehan’s Annihilation Road sixth book in the Torpedo Ink series keeps the reader wondering what enemies are going to be at the front of the story and which enemy will come out on top. Can these two people come together through the danger coming from his enemies and the obsession around her. Can they overcome their individual hang ups and emotions to find happiness with each other or will all the secrets pull them apart? Christine brings the reader along for the ride through all the trial and tribulations of a unique couple trying to find their way to each other to find a happily ever after. Ms. Feehan also continues the story of Savage and Seychelle in another book after Annihilation Road called Savage Road. This reader recommends reading both even though each can be read alone.
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As I read this series, I constantly question myself why I do? The stories are very dark and very explicit not just on the erotic edge but also the torturous growing years of the members of Torpedo Ink. Yet I can't seem to step away from the series, looking for that redeeming factor, the light at the end of a very dark tunnel and looking for each member to leave their past behind and find a happier future. 
Savage Pajari is the master of arms for the Torpedo Ink.  He is the whip master who can deliver pain with a flick of his whip. He also has the ability to absorb the pain and angst of his brothers and sisters giving them relief. Of course, the impact of using his talent is that when he fills up with everyone's pain, he has to find a safe outlet to release it all. This outlet takes the form of sexual release through delivering pain. 
Seychelle in her own way has a talent for healing by taking on other people's illness. Savage and Seychelle clearly are the Ying to the other's yang. As their romance fleshes out and they find a way to each other is a dark story and takes paths that are painful and may be objectionable to some. 
I've personally had a hard time writing this review because I feel that this book has taken what I've read about consensual BDSM and turned it into something dark and almost nonconsensual. Though from the author's point of view I suppose the fact that Seychelle stays with Savage despite her misgivings is a form of consent?
Definitely not a story for the faint of heart.
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Christine Feehan continues working her magic in Annihalation Road. It is the sixth book in her fantastic Torpedo Ink series. As usual, the author wove an outstanding story that will keep the readers captivated right up until the end. 

I would just like to say that all of Christine Feehans characters are absolutely amazing ! Although I do believe that Savage and Sechelle are two of my very favorites. It goes without saying that Savage was a very broken man. He had a dark history that was pretty hard for him to overcome. He recognized those flaws and did everything possible to shield Sechelle from the worst of them. Sechelle had a lot more spunkiness than anyone could have imagined. She was extremely selfless with her own gifts, yet stronger than it seemed at first. I thought these two were the perfect balance for each other. Of course there were ups and downs in their dark journey, okay it seemed like there was some sort of cheating that was later explained .... sort of. There was the usual suspense going on, as well. Sechelle had a very dangerous manipulative stalker that was revealed early on and of course Savage wanted to be her protector. Sechelle was very stubborn about not wanting to endanger Savage or anyone else so they spent a lot of time butting heads. 

This book was classic Christine Feehan. It had a good deal of well written suspense, a little bit of darkness, and a whole lot of sexy chemistry going on for the entire story. I loved it ! I can't wait for the next part of Savage and Sechelle's journey.
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Just wow.  For anyone who has followed the Torpedo Ink series fully, we knew it would be a dark ride for Savage, so much so that Feehan prepared readers to expect his story to be spread across 2 books released in quick succession ('Annihilation Road' & 'Savage Road') - and in my opinion, this book is delivering!  Savage is a sexual sadist, and while that's not my personal kink, I thought the subject matter was handled well for both Savage and Seychelle.  I think Savage's journey is pretty realistic, given the background that has been painted for him from the onset of the series. This book does have an ending of its own, but also one that you can tell isn't fully written - enter the next addition, 'Savage Road'. Definitely will be one that can't be missed.
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Savage is the most, well, savage of the Torpedo Ink members. His brothers and sisters believe that he is a time bomb, ready to go off over the smallest infraction. What his family doesn’t know is that he has a special gift. He can take pain (mental) from people, but then he takes it on himself. He knows he can’t live like this any longer. Then he meets Seychelle. Savage wonders is she’s been sent from heaven by a God that he doesn’t believe in.

I thought Seychelle was perfect for Savage. Seychelle was a true healer, just like Savage. Also just like Savage, she can take away pain & sickness, but then it transfers to her. She knows she doesn’t have long to live. Then she meets Savage.

I’m not a prude by any means, but this book was a little much for me. I understood the reasons that Savage had his particular sexual needs, but it was like a cloud that just hung over the entire book. It was this thing that you couldn’t put at the back of your mind. The book was mostly about Savage’s needs and the why of those needs. I was about halfway through the book & thought it should have ended then and there. It was just too much. I actually thought DNFing it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s the diehard Christine Feehan fan in me that couldn’t DNF it.

This book is the first of a duet within the Torpedo Ink series. I haven’t read Savage Road because I’m just not interested. It was a sad day when I realized that.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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Another amazing love story from Christine Feehan. A dark edgy and raw hero and sweet giving strong heroine brings us a contemporary beauty and the beast…a spell that can’t be broken but a beast who deserves love and a woman who understands him…can love all of him and accept his love. 
Savage, a man broken as a child by pedophiles training him to associate pain with pleasure…made his satisfaction based on the need to inflict pain and make it pleasure. As we learn more about him, his gifts and why his emotional rage and pain grows and needs to be released, we grow to ache for him and love the man…hope Seychelle will choose to be all he needs. 
As their relationship grows Seychelle could accept and understand Savage and the man he's become, the light and dark sides. She is drawn to helping others, her need to heal and ease others pain. Willing to accept the emotional pain and rage filling the well in Savage in physical form. What she has difficulty with is although it’s terrifying, why she is so drawn to the pain she knows will become pleasure. She frightens herself more than he does.
I love how this couple navigates the journey of their relationship, the ups, downs, how communication and honesty build the trust between them and make them determined to make it, to be all they need to be for each other. 
It’s all woven beautifully through a plotline that advances the series, grows the Torpedo Ink’s standing in their chosen home, highlights the couple’s psychic gifts as blessings and curses, and deals with antagonists who allow us to compare and contrast who the real monsters are. Show how Savage differs. 
It ends with them willing to move forward and I have the feeling Seychelle will grow to accept her darker longings as the balance to the light she needs to give others. Help her find control.  As she moves frther into his world she'll  make it her own. The hardest part will be the club business that she’s drawn into…being kept out of, and how to understand that part and all Savage is asked to do for them, all he does without them knowing and how she’ll willingly help him continue …excited to read Savage Road, next and see how these two continue to navigate their internal and external conflicts and keep this love story growing and going!
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo – ☆☆☆☆

This book is the next story in the Torpedo Ink series. It is a standalone, however the reader will have a greater insight to the men and women of Torpedo Ink if they have read the entire series.

This series is a departure from Feehan's other works in that it explores what happened to the members of Torpedo Ink when they were sent to a school in Russia that was supposed to train them how to use their psychic abilities. In reality, the school was for the children of known or suspected dissidents whom the "teachers" would perform heinous experiments on in the name of science.

Torpedo Ink, formed by the survivors of the school, is a motorcycle club and its main mission is to rescue children that have been taken, stand up for those who can't, and to protect their community.

Each member of Torpedo Ink has one special psychic ability that is different from the others. Savage's ability is to pull the anger and rage from his brothers and sisters, which allows that person to think without the cloud of that rage coloring any decisions they need to make. However, Savage does not have an easy way to release all of the pent-up anger inside of him other than to inflict pain on others or himself.

When he hears Seychelle sing, a feeling of peace comes over him. Seychelle is a healer, and her ability to take others’ pain and suffering (including the illness) is slowly killing her. She has never been taught how to control her psychic abilities and her nature is to help even when it's hurting her.

Savage and Seychelle lead very different lives, and while Savage tries to stay away from, and then remain only friends with Seychelle, he realizes that she is the only one who may be able to calm his soul. And he may be the only person who can help Seychelle control her abilities so that she can live a long, fruitful life.

Feehan's writing brings the reader in slowly and lets you get to know the characters and how they feel about events as they are happening. With this book, you can see how Savage tries really hard not to fall for Seychelle as he does not want to ease his pain by marking her body.

There is a second part to this book – Savage Road – that has not been released yet.

Triggers: Extreme physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of children

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the sixth book in the series – and I would definitely say that you should read them in order, as our understanding of Torpedo Ink and what the men and women have lived through to get here. It is pretty harrowing, amazing, and somehow life affirming.

Finally, the man who believes himself to be an absolute monster and the one who takes on all the pain and rage from his friends and doles out the punishments to others. Somehow his backstory is even more harrowing than that of the others, so be prepared to be shocked and understanding... and then furious with him for his behaviour too. He is flawed, but far more human than he gives himself credit for... and it is a pleasure when Seychelle gets under his skin and makes him feel. But the road is not easy to believing he has value, so the ride is not an easy one.

Seychelle is a really interesting and engaging character, with a gift that one might think of as a curse, but with Savage's help, there is hope for her, as well as intense chemistry and definite signs of love.

Great to catch up with the gang, their new loves, children, and reformed attitude to life. Enjoy!
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All the guys of Torpedo Ink have something special they do. I don't know if Savage's was mentioned before, but we find out in <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Annihilation Road</a> and his fierceness is completely understandable. All the members issues are understandable, but with Savage his special gift also enhances his anger. He is a powder keg and his brothers and sisters have been getting increasingly worried about him.

Then Seychelle risks her life to save his. The minute he opens his eyes and sees Seychelle is the minute he falls down a road untraveled and steep. It was so much fun to watch the things Savage would do for Seychelle and her friends that were so awkward for him! His bad ass rep just might be on the line! 

Seychelle seems to be a quiet, reserved person. But deep down there is a part of her that has been yearning for what Savage has to offer. Even if he thinks there is no way she will ever love that side of him. They are both surprised, and Seychelle is still even uncomfortable with what she is finding out about herself.

Seychelle possesses a certain gift that puts her in danger both from crazy stalkers as well as health-wise. She knows what happens, but she tries to control things herself. This is not good enough for Savage, especially with the stalker problems. Thankfully, Savage and Torpedo Ink are there to help her. She's very unsure about the club and doesn't really want to be involved, but at the same time they are incredibly helpful to her.

I absolutely loved the different sides of Savage we see in <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Annihilation Road</a>. I went into this book not really looking much stuff up about it on social media, etc., so when I hit the ending I was left with a "what the hell" kind of moment. I could see it being an ending, but really it wasn't. I thought I was going to burst with frustration until I got online and found out <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Savage Road</a> was a book two of Savage and Seychelle's story. Well, that was a big relief. Their story is emotionally rough, but that is to be expected creating a relationship for someone like Savage. I loved every minute of it and you can bet <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Savage Road</a> will be read as soon as available which is coming up, January 25th, 2022.
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Annihilation Road is the 6th book in the Torpedo Ink series and it’s the first in a duet about Savage Pajari, the sergeant-at-arms for the MC and his love interest. Seychelle Dubois saves Savage from being hit by a vehicle and it intrigues him to meet the woman who would risk her life in order to save his. One touch, one kiss later and he knew that this was the woman for him. Save is a sadist and he never thought he would find a woman to ease his pain and be able to handle the man he was trained to become.

There was a slow and calculated build to this story because it takes time to build trust in a relationship. Seychelle is a healer and she is alone in the world. There isn’t anyone to protect herself from her own powers. Savage makes it his business to know what it would take to have Seychelle as his woman. I like the path that this story is taking because she is a woman who won’t easily submit to Savage, yet she craves the pain and pleasure aspect of what Savage offers. She isn’t sure she can give Savage all he needs and so they put the brakes on things. There is a lot of soul searching in this story along with a ton of drama from 2 individuals who won’t leave Seychelle alone.

With any Torpedo Ink story there is plenty of interaction from the other bikers and their women from previous stories and Torpedo Ink business. The author has created a diverse and interesting blend of individuals and together they are a band of brothers that make a close-knit family of misfits. There is a touch of humor but what draws me into this story is that these men and women find themselves finding a person that gets them. They find someone to love them warts and all. Annihilation Road is rough and gritty, but it is first and foremost a love story for Savage and Seychelle, and that is worth the read. The next installment arrives in January and I can’t wait to see how this story concludes.
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ANNIHILATION ROAD is the long-awaited Savage's story, and it is one of the darkest of all the Torpedo Ink books. After all, Savage is known as the "Whip Master." He is a sexual sadist, though author Christine Feehan gives him a heart and conscience.

Reviewed for Fresh Fiction by Annetta Sweetko

Complete review:
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Savage is a sexual sadist. He can’t change who is and he lives a very lonely and painful life. He and his siblings has been through a very traumatic ordeal. Savage really doesn’t think he will ever have a mate who can accept him and his past.

However, he meets Sychelles whom rescue him from a near death incident. She is the first person to really see him for who he is. The reality is startling but fascinating. The two begin a relationship that is very complex.

I admit that I didn’t read any of the other books in the series, so I was waddling through this one with a little difficulty. However, I enjoy the writings of this author and found myself once again looking to start a new series. To be honest, what attracted me to the book was the idea of bikers and the paranormal elements. I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Let’s get down to the chemistry between Savage and Sychelles. This is not for everyone! This a bit darker in nature than some readers will like. There is pain and even triggering moments. Savage is a different kind of hero so some of the cookie cutter behavior that a traditional romance reader would like is not in this book.

As mentioned earlier, the story between these two is very complex. There is a lot of background to uncover. They both have a dark past filled with a lot of trauma. Th book ends on a HEA which kind of annoys me, but I understand why the author needs more time with them. I plan to continue the series and now I must go back and read the previous books.

Overall, this is great for fans of darker reads.

~ Samantha
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3.75 stars-- ANNIHILATION ROAD is the sixth instalment in Christine Feehans’ contemporary, adult TORPEDO INK erotic, paranormal romance series, a spin off from the author’s Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart series which in turn is a spin off from the Drake Sisters series. This is Savin “Savage” Pajari, and singer Seychelle Dubois’s story line. ANNIHILATION ROAD can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

WARNING: ANNIHILATION ROAD contains scenes, and makes reference to graphic violence, rape, murder, torture, child prostitution, and abuse against children, women and men, and may not be suitable for more sensitive readers. The violence is a part of the history and lives of the Torpedo Ink crews. The eighteen original Torpedo Ink members are the sole survivors of a Russian pedophile ring, and as such work towards rescuing children and women in similar situations. 

Told from dual third person perspectives (Savage and Seychelle) ANNIHILATION ROAD follows the building romance and relationship between Savin “Savage” Pajari, and singer Seychelle Dubois. Savin ‘Savage’ Pajari  and Seychelle Dubois met the day Savage saved the life of a young child as Seychelle saved the life of our story line hero. Taking the brunt of the hit, Seychelle landed in the hospital as Savage claimed our heroine as his own but all is not well with Seychelle Dubois, an empathic, psychic healer whose inability to control her powers is threatening her life. Not only is Seychelle’s life in danger but Seychelle has a couple of stalkers, stalkers who are using every means necessary to get to our story line heroine.

Savin ‘Savage Pajari is a sexual sadist; a product of the abuse,  the torture, and the environment in which he and his Torpeo Ink family grew up. Unable to watch his family suffer, Savage used his own psychic powers to ease the pain and suffering of the people he loved, but more importantly, Savage was used and abused in ways we can only imagine. Unable to leave the demons behind, Savage needs to inflict pain and suffering, and our heroine is ripe for the challenge.  Meanwhile, a rival MC is targeting the Torpedo Ink MC, especially member Alena Koval who was betrayed by a man she thought she could love.

The relationship between Seychelle and Savage is one of immediate attraction. Seychelle is an innocent who had spent her life looking after her parents, a life that is now affected by the people she once loved. With the voice of an ‘angel’ Seychelle is asked to audition with the Torpedo Ink group, a voice that can soothe and control the people who listen. Savage Pajari is a man who needs control, and his family is well aware of his sadistic nature, a side of our hero he is unable to restrain.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters including most of the Torpedo Ink MC family. We are introduced to Seychelle’s neighbors Doris and Inez, Brandon Campbell, Joseph Arnold and guitar player Hank. The requisite evil has many faces.

ANNIHILATION ROAD is a story of family, friendships, relationships and love; a story of obsession, power, control and denial; a tale of desperation,  domination, and sexual savagery.  The premise is detailed, emotional and heart breaking but there is some repetitive text and situations; the romance is unconventional; the characters are charismatic, dynamic and broken. Seychelle and Savage’s story continues in SAVAGE ROAD  January 2022.





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I have wondered since we first started learning about our dear Torpedo Ink men, that Savage would be a tough one to write. But leave it to Ms. Feehan who created him to come up with a woman to be able to love him.
Savin “Savage” Pajari considers himself a monster. He is an assassin and is good at his job. He can get information from suspects and keep them alive for as long as needed. He knows his time is about up. He can no longer contain his rage and know there is no cure for what he lives with, day in and day out. He can draw the raw emotions from his brothers and sisters, enabling them to continue their activities. But he knew he could not continue and had begun distancing himself from everyone. Preparing to end his miserable existence. 
Then Seychelle Dubois literally pushed herself into Savage’s life. She shoved him out of the road and took the fall from a truck rumbling down the road. Savage and the boy he was racing to save were okay, but this beautiful woman was down with bad road rash, a possible concussion and much more. He found himself drawn to her in a way that he had never felt before. 
Savage went to the hospital and checked on Seychelle, lying to the hospital staff, telling them he was Seychelle’s fiancé so he could see her. There was something about her that spoke to him, and his body responded in a way that it never had. They visited, he kissed her, and then he walked away, expecting to never see her again.
Seychelle did not understand why she felt so attracted to Savage. His wild looks fit his name. Tattoo’s, scars, wearing his club colors, he was different than any man she had been around. 
Seychelle lived her life separate from other people. She always found herself healing other people when she was out and about. She had been warned that she was wearing her body out by healing everyone, but she just couldn’t resist when she felt someone in pain. She also used her voice to calm and heal those around her. She sometimes would sing in local bars, simply because she felt the need to heal.
Savage and Seychelle met up again in a bar where she was singing, and a couple of Torpedo Ink brothers wanted to listen to her and get her to sing in their band. 
From that night on, Savage and Seychelle are thrown together, and even though Savage knows that he is bad news, he cannot give Seychelle up. She makes him feel very protective of her, and yet wants to introduce her to his world, showing her a bit of his depraved lifestyle. And Seychelle is intrigued but confused as to why she responds to Savage and his need for control and obedience from her. Why does she respond to and desire the dark temptation in his eyes and his need for pain.
The road ahead is filled with obstacles and evil people. Seychelle has a stalker, and she has angered him by helping girls that he was controlling with his voice get away from him.
Torpedo Ink has multiple problems brewing with the other MC’s. Someone is attempting to create a war between clubs. Why and who? And Savage doesn’t want to expose Seychelle to Torpedo Ink business, knowing that it could put her in more danger. He is torn between the woman he has found himself in love with, and his loyalty to his club. There is so much he cannot tell her until she is fully committed to him, and that she would be committed to the club as well.
Seychelle feels cheated because everyone one knows what is going on in the club except her. She felt they were simply using her, and that they wouldn’t accept her. 
Savage and Seychelle have a long road ahead of them. But with dedication and the deep love that has developed between them, I believe they can be successful. 

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Fantastically Dark MC Read

Let’s start out first by saying that if you have a hard time handling extreme darkness don’t read because it does not deserve to get fewer stars because of this reason. With that said some of us are drawn to the writing skills that Ms. Freehand gives us with her fantastic series of the Torpedo Ink MC. This is the story of Savage who is a sexual sadist and has been fighting his demons throughout. A very special woman comes into his life that could help Savage with his past if only he’ll let her. Seychelle has special powers as well that would prove very useful with the members of Torpedo Ink. 

To say that this story drew me in is an understatement. For me I felt extreme sadness as to how the members of Torpedo Ink were raised up from children to become child assassins. Their pasts consumed me but I admire the way they have changed their lives to helping others and trying to overcome what they endured. I have loved each and every member that I’ve read in this series and it has become one of my favorites. I always look forward as to what Ms. Freehand can bring me in more of the Torpedo Ink series.
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The next in the Torpedo Ink series Annihilation Road is a strong entry.  Savin “Savage” Pajari feels that he is truly a monster and not worthy of love. Seychelle Dubois is a strong female that need protection from her own gifts.  It was fun to see some of the other characters from the Drake sister series in this book.  This is a great read for those who like happy endings.  I know that the next one in the series is a continuation of this story but a bit darker in theme.
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Annihilation Road is the 6th book in the Torpedo Ink series and it’s part one of Davin Pajari a/k/a “Savage” and Seychelle’s story. This first book brilliantly set of the backstory of the two main chatacters. Savage is such a complicated and tortured character who needs his story fully told and it’s no wonder it will take two books to do justice to his experiences. 

Similar to his fellow Torpedo Ink brethren, Savage was “raised” in an orphanage in Russia wherein daily brutality and horrid torture broke many of the children. Now adults, the seventeen TI members, all trained assassins with nightmare memories of their own, have banded as a MC club and settled in an idyllic sea side town near Sea Haven

Savage has a propensity for violence. Although a sexual sadist, he hates being touched and feels nothing but self loathing and welcomes death as he runs out in front of an oncoming truck to save a child. But instead of the Angel of death, salvation appeared in the form of small woman who pushed him and the small boy in his arms to safety. 

Seychelle Dubois is such a remarkable woman with healing gifts that beckons Savage’s shredded soul back to the light. It is no easy job, Savage needs a lot of emotional and mental work. But when their eyes connected as she lay injured, Savage felt his dying soul ignite with life. Despite trying to stay away, Savage is drawn to Seychelle; he can’t forget her. 

It was great to touch base with other members of the club, especially with the club’s president Czar and his wife Blythe who have rescued and adopted five children from the horrors of being sex trafficked and abused. I fear these children will grow up as broken adults, their nightmares following them into adulthood. But it’s a blessing these abused children have the love, guidance, and protection of the club. 

The slow build to this relationship was beautifully done. I am rooting for Seychelle and Savage to navigate this rough road together, towards their HEA and looking forward to reading the rest of their story in Savage Road. 

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