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The next in the Torpedo Ink series Annihilation Road is a strong entry.  Savin “Savage” Pajari feels that he is truly a monster and not worthy of love. Seychelle Dubois is a strong female that need protection from her own gifts.  It was fun to see some of the other characters from the Drake sister series in this book.  This is a great read for those who like happy endings.  I know that the next one in the series is a continuation of this story but a bit darker in theme.
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Annihilation Road is the 6th book in the Torpedo Ink series and it’s part one of Davin Pajari a/k/a “Savage” and Seychelle’s story. This first book brilliantly set of the backstory of the two main chatacters. Savage is such a complicated and tortured character who needs his story fully told and it’s no wonder it will take two books to do justice to his experiences. 

Similar to his fellow Torpedo Ink brethren, Savage was “raised” in an orphanage in Russia wherein daily brutality and horrid torture broke many of the children. Now adults, the seventeen TI members, all trained assassins with nightmare memories of their own, have banded as a MC club and settled in an idyllic sea side town near Sea Haven

Savage has a propensity for violence. Although a sexual sadist, he hates being touched and feels nothing but self loathing and welcomes death as he runs out in front of an oncoming truck to save a child. But instead of the Angel of death, salvation appeared in the form of small woman who pushed him and the small boy in his arms to safety. 

Seychelle Dubois is such a remarkable woman with healing gifts that beckons Savage’s shredded soul back to the light. It is no easy job, Savage needs a lot of emotional and mental work. But when their eyes connected as she lay injured, Savage felt his dying soul ignite with life. Despite trying to stay away, Savage is drawn to Seychelle; he can’t forget her. 

It was great to touch base with other members of the club, especially with the club’s president Czar and his wife Blythe who have rescued and adopted five children from the horrors of being sex trafficked and abused. I fear these children will grow up as broken adults, their nightmares following them into adulthood. But it’s a blessing these abused children have the love, guidance, and protection of the club. 

The slow build to this relationship was beautifully done. I am rooting for Seychelle and Savage to navigate this rough road together, towards their HEA and looking forward to reading the rest of their story in Savage Road. 

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*3.5 stars*

Touch of paranormal and a whole lot of family…

This author knows how to build a world that you can get lost in! Savage and Seychelle were so different yet, once they found each other, they fit together and within the Torpodo Ink family naturally. Their courtship included a lot of heat but also a lot of conversation. There was a lot to work out and neither was afraid to talk to it out…

Savage’s past had shaped him. Doesn’t life do that for everyone? Seychelle the same. Very different, they had opposite takes on how their relationship would be. Or even could be. The chemistry between them kept them going, even when they struggled with each other and people who couldn’t let them be. Danger found them but so did love and, despite all Seychelle’s (mostly) fears, they were going to find a way. If a bit repetitive in spots, I like the characters, the family they created out of a bonding, life and death past. 

I’m always up for another visit with this rough, tough, yet loving, MC family and am looking forward to the next!
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Savage runs with a biker gang known as Torpedo Ink. They are in fact more like family since they all went through something very horrible as children. They have each others backs and celebrate when a member finds their one person. Savage is a killer and a sadist but he's that way because the people who kidnapped him and killed his family made him that way. He never thought he'd find a woman who would love him because he's very broken. 

Seychelle has a gift that lets her heal people somewhat or at least help them live longer if they are very sick. She can also feel what they are feeling and help if they are anxious, mad, or feeling other emotions. She's a singer but there's a guy who thinks he controls where and when she can sing and she's not happy about it. So when some of the guys of Torpedo Ink ask her to sing at their club, she says she'll think about it. 

Seychelle runs into Savage when she spots him trying to save a child from getting hit by a vehicle but he's not gonna make it out of the way in time until she pushes him out of the way and gets hurt herself. Savage can't believe someone risked their life for him so he goes to the hospital to see her and is instantly attracted to her which doesn't ever happen to him. He tries to leave her alone because he knows he's broken and any woman who he ends up with is going to have to deal with his demons. 

They spend time together and Savage is pretty upfront with her about what he needs but she knows because she catches glimpses of what he does when the rage in him gets to be too much and he needs a release. Each member of Torpedo Ink was trained from a young age to be killers and their paranormal gifts were honed and they were trained to use them which helped them survive the hell they were put through. Now they seek out pedophiles so they can save the child victims and kill the offenders. That's what they've been doing in some of the other books. Unfortunately, all of the members are a little messed up mentally because of how they were raised and the abuse, torture, and hell they went through as children.

Seychelle has made enemies of a couple of different guys because she wasn't easily persuaded and helped a woman who was in trouble and now a couple of guys have her in their sights. So while Savage and Seychelle are getting to know each other better the club members are also keeping her safe. 

This is the 6th book in the Torpedo Ink series and I have been looking forward to this book the most because Savage seems like the most broken. He's a sadist, his nick name is whip master for a reason. There are actually going to be two books just about Savage because one book couldn't do him justice and I'm looking forward to that one as well even though I have a feeling it will be more in-depth in regards to Seychelle and Savages relationship and how he's "training" her to like and accept the pain that he needs. 

This book and this series isn't for everyone. The guys can be crass, rude and rough because they use a lot of bad language and can be quite graphic. Because of all these things I wasn't sure that this series was going to be for me but I just keep coming back to read each book because I've gotten to know these characters and what they've been through and how hard they've tried to put the torturous childhood they had to some use and when they find that one person they were meant to be with, it's nice to see them get a little happiness in their lives for once. 

This isn't an easy read but Savage is so much more than a sadist. He's also a guy who cares a lot about his club members. We get to see what his gift is and how he's been using it without them even knowing it. After that bombshell explodes, we see why Savage is so full of rage and in need of an outlet to release it. I would definitely read this series in order otherwise you might be a little lost.

Disclosure: I was given an E-arc of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Annihilation Road is the sixth book in the Torpedo Ink series by Christine Feehan. A steamy paranormal romance full of drama and suspense. The characters are well-written, with intriguing backstories and heated chemistry.   Annihilation Road is a complete story; however, another book forthcoming (Savage Road) completes their journey.
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Savage is that and much more so when he gets shoved yes... Seychelle did so much more than shove him out of the way of a truck... She shoved him into wanting more for the first time in his dark life. 
Seychelle has led a sheltered life and what she senses inside Savage startles her to say the least. But she isn't afraid... She wants this... him...
Every member of Torpedo Ink has a special ability and finding the light to their dark is a slippery slope. Savage knows he has found his light but can she handle the truth of what is to come?
Dark, Twisted, and Savagely good reading! More, please!
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Annihilation Road is the sixth novel in Christine Feehan’s Torpedo Ink series. This is Savage’s story. Readers won’t only get one book, but two books this time around for Savage and the woman he falls in love with within his book. (Don’t worry, the next book releases January 2022.)

Storyline/My Thoughts: I was a little taken aback by having two books for Savage, but after reading Annihilation Road, I was left with more questions than answers. Now, I know why Christine Feehan has two books for Savage. Savage is Reaper’s brother and the Torpedo Ink’s other Enforcer. He’s a sadistic monster who doesn’t believe a stranger risks her life for his one day. It confuses him that this woman would save him. Now, he has become intrigued by her and wants her in his life. However, he’s hesitant to let her see the real him because it may end up scaring her away.  

Seychelle Dubois is trying to live her life until she saves Savage, and he won’t leave her alone. She gives him one kiss, which has him wanting her in his life permanently. The minute these two get to know each other, they realize they are complete opposites. Seychelle isn’t sure of Savage and his way of life, especially in the bedroom. Savage realizes that Seychelle may have her own abilities that may do more harm than good, especially physically and mentally.

Things I enjoyed about this book:

I liked getting to know Savage a little more. He went through a lot and now is dealing with everything he went through. His Torpedo Ink team doesn’t realize what he does for them. He’s one character that either a reader will like or dislike. In my case, I’m learning more about him and feel for his character. Now, I do have a dislike for something he did in this book. I’ll go into detail about my dislikes below.
I was intrigued by Seychelle’s character because she has abilities that help others. There is a negative impact on her when using the powers, but she will learn to use them. 
I love how Christine Feehan has characters from the previous series in the Torpedo Ink books. For instance, the Drake sisters appear in the books because this series is in the same setting. I still need to read those books, and I plan on it soon. 
Things I didn’t like in this book: 

I know I said above that I liked getting to know Savage, but he did something that made me dislike his character in the beginning when he was first winning over Seychelle to be in his life. He should’ve communicated to Seychelle instead of seeking out someone else. I’m glad Seychelle put her foot down with him, but Savage should’ve known for a relationship to work; communication is the key.
There was some repetition in the story, especially when he came to Savage voicing what he needed in the bedroom with Seychelle. I know it’s because Seychelle is hesitant about what Savage is looking for in their relationship. 
Seychelle did drive me crazy with her naivety at times. She lived a very sheltered life. (She left her place and car unlocked, driving Savage crazy.) There was also the issue of trusting people when she shouldn’t and not knowing that bad people had plans for her. 
There is so much going on in this book that doesn’t involve only Savage and Seychelle. There is the drama of another club causing issues with Torpedo Ink. 

I give this book 3.5-stars, and I look forward to reading Savage Road, which continues Seychelle’s and Savage’s story. Hopefully, these two will trust each other’s wants and needs in their relationship. Seychelle’s going to learn that Savage didn’t have an easy life growing up, so she’ll need patience. Savage will also need patience with how Seychelle handles everything in the club. 

Standalone or Part of Series: It’s part of the Torpedo Ink series, but it could be read as a standalone. You’ll miss out on the previous books, though.

Steaminess: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 💫

Trope(s): Instant-Love/Attraction; Opposite’s Attract

Triggers: Cheating, Kidnapping, Emotional/Mental Abuse, Trafficking, Sadism in the bedroom, Rape, etc.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, if you’ve read the previous books in the Torpedo Ink series. I also recommend to Christine Feehan fans.
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Savage fights his demons daily. He hangs on because he must. He doesn't expect anything other than to survive.  But then he meets Seychelle. Can she lead him into the light?
Annihilation Road is sixth in Christine Feehan's Torpedo Ink series.  I love Savage. He struggles and all his brothers know it. His demons are winning and he really doesn't care. And then Seychelle saved him. She brings a joy Savage didn't know was possible for him. But can she accept him as he is? Can she accept herself?
I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Ms. Feehan took us on as we learn just who Savage is.  And holy heck is Savage quite the man. I loved seeing Ms. Feehan pull back the layers that make up this complex man. And Ms. Feehan doesn't stop there. The woman that catches his eye is equally complex.  Her journey to acceptance isn't easy or even pretty at times.  I love that she struggles to accept not only Savage, his family but also herself.  What an unexpected twist that brings to this many layered tale. I mean we have been conditioned to believe Savage wasn't quite irredeemable but darn near close. I love that Ms. Feehan shows us that Savage is much more than we have seen. I adored seeing him through the eyes of not only Seychelle but also her friends.  I love seeing that even as we thought Savage had accepted his demons he wasn't as comfortable in his skin as we have been led to believe. I love that even as he moves closer to acceptance he must also help Seychelle accept her needs and desires. I adored the journey Savage and Seychelle embarked on.  This was a well written story full of unexpected twists as well as characters full of emotional landmines.  I cannot wait to see what happens next as Savage and Seychelle continue their road to a life together.
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Annihilation Road continues the dark story of the members of Torpedo Ink. This series has become a favorite of mine because it blends a touch of paranormal with a fraction of darker romance. The men of Torpedo Ink have lived lives that will haunt them. If you haven't heard of this series before, please check out the trigger warnings if you have triggers.

Annihilation Road is the first book in the series to be a "cliffhanger" of sorts. I will say it isn't one of those SHOCKING type cliffhangers. You know the ones-someone just got shot or kidnapped and the book ends. But, it does have a lot of unanswered questions. Thankfully, Savage Road releases in a month, so you won't have to wait long.

Savage is possibly the darkest of all the characters we have met so far. This book is a dark dive into a kink that might make some readers (me included) confused. However, if you read the story as an observer to another couple's love story and sort of distance your own feelings, Savage and Seychelle have a deep love. Once I stopped projecting my thoughts onto Seychelle, I could appreciate the story more!
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Annihilation Road is the sixth book in Christine Feehan’s Torpedo Ink motorcycle club/ PNR series. While all the heroes in this series have some serious issues stemming from the horrendous abuse during their childhood, Savage from the beginning has been the one that I wanted to know more about, how he copes with his past and what woman would be his future.   

Quick Wrap Up:
Seychelle saves Savage from getting hit by a car, this act of selflessness intrigues Savage enough to begin a friendship with her.  Seychelle has a bit of a stalker problem, a psychic ability she can’t control and some darker sexual desires that Savage promises he can fulfill.  Their friendship becomes full on relationship with the gritty, sexy, dirty but deeply emotional bonds that I have come to love in this series.  

Savage and Seychelle’s story is spread out over two books and in the beginning of Annihilation Road Feehan lays out why.  This book examines how they fall in love, the relationship building while laying the beginning of the sexual sadist that is ingrained in Savage.  I understand why Feehan set it up this way.  The darkness, sadism that is part of who Savage is had to be eased into, she couldn’t insta-love this one.  Seychelle has to be slowly introduced and really comprehend how the trauma of Savage’s past has impacted, and will continue to impact, the relationship they could have.   

As with all the books in this series, it’s gritty, edgy, dark and there are some triggers.  For me, Feehan uses all these to create dynamic characters that I want to succeed, I want them to find their HEA’s, to not only overcome the abuse but find their person that “gets” them.   She weaves the found family of the MC with the paranormal with steamy sex scenes and I am her for it.  

I will say there are two negatives to this book that I feel like I need to just put out there.   One being Savage does cheat, I get why it happens, how it impacts the characters but I didn’t enjoy it.  Two this book can be a bit slow, there is not the action of the previous books and while the character development is very well done, I felt in the middle it dragged.  

Annihilation Road didn’t end on traditional cliffhanger but more on a happy for now but you know there is more coming so I am looking forward to the conclusion out in January.  

CW:  This book contains child abuse (sexual, emotional, physical), cancer, cheating.  

*I received an e-arc from Berkely Publishing Group and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Annihilation Road is out December 28, 2021.
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"He was a monster and monsters weren't meant for the world."

Savin "Savage" Pajari truly believed this about himself as he ran to rescue a small boy from being hit by a truck. Wrapping himself around the little boy, Savage prepares himself for the pain of being hit. At the last moment, he's pushed to safety, and was saved. Savage turned to see his rescuer had been hit, and felt an immediate attraction, as well as a natural physical response, to the young woman, something that didn't happen. Savage follow Seychelle to the hospital wanting to thank her and to prove to himself that he didn't feel anything for her. Savage fails, and falls hard for Seychelle. Could he have found a woman that would accept him, and his lifestyle that included his Torpedo Ink family as well as his sexual proclivities?

Seychelle Dubois's a nurturer, and a woman that needs to be needed. She's has had a rough and lonely life. She became care provider for her parents at a young age. Seychelle hasn't felt any true attraction toward a man until Savage. As a psychic healer, as well as having the ability to see a person's physical, as well as their mental pain, Seychelle is slowly killing herself because she can't control the need to help. She can see the pain that Savage is in and what his gift is doing to him, as he assists his family with their emotional pain. Seychelle's drawn to Savage, and his need to give pleasure/pain and fears that she LIKES it, and what does that say about her as a person. Seychelle struggles in accepting Savage's lifestyle as well as her own dark needs. The question is can Seychelle come to terms with the things she needs to be fulfilled, and happy with Savage while living with the rules within Torpedo Ink.

We meet new enemies that are a threat to Seychelle. Plank and the Diamondbacks continue to try get something on Torpedo Ink, so they can bring them into submission by blackmailing them. They've made a mistake by hurting one of the T.I. members, and may see what it truly means to betray, and harm Torpedo Ink MCC.

Savage, and Seychelle's story continues in SAVAGE ROAD. Release date: January 25, 2022.
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In the midst of darkness there is light.  I freely admit I am not a fan of S&M, kink.  Call me staid and boring. I am not even a fan of erotica.  Yet I read this series because 1.) Christine Feehan is a talented author.  2.) Through it all, every book, there is the thread of family and light.  In this book, there is a fantastic scene with Savage and some ladies discussing what to get for someones birthday.  Who knew Savage had the dry sense of humor and looking forward to the payback.  I am not glossing over the depravity they all endured, if you read the series or the warnings, you should have the information needed to make an informed decision for you.  Through it all the boys grew into tortured men and women, made their own family and are learning how to live and love in the world today.  I do skim the S&M, and erotica - as mentioned its not for me.  I never knew Savages talent till it was spelled out.  I am not talking about the whip. To think of the guilt that would leave on the rest of the group, knowing now where all that anger and hatred and rage comes from.  To take this dark tortured person and show the kindness, trying to save a boy, helping the old (although Seychelle started that).  Light. Thank you for the arc. I freely volunteer my thoughts and opinions.
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In book six of the Torpedo Ink series, Savin “Savage” Pajari’s story comes to the forefront: his name says it all as this man feels he has little humanity left. Savage, as one of the enforcers and protectors of his MC club, lives life on a brutal scale. Savage is astonished when an unknown woman saves his life when he snatches a child from an oncoming car. She pushes them out of the way bearing the brunt of injuries. Other than his Torpedo Ink family, no one has protected Savage in a very long time. Once Savage spends a little time with Seychelle, he is caught and captivated with emotions awakening he thought were lost to him forever.

Seychelle Dubois has spent her limited life taking care of parents who are now gone and feeling disconnected from the world. She has psychic talents that heal sickness and disease, but take an almost deadly toll on her. Meeting Savage sets her world on fire with a passion and intensity that she never knew before; however, Seychelle is not sure she can live with Savage’s deadly and demanding lifestyle. Not only does the club pursue and dispatch its enemies and abusers of women and children, but Savage has some strong proclivities for pain and pleasure in the bedroom.

While Savage and Seychelle are intensely drawn to one another, they have a difficult road in order to come to agreement and understanding about a relationship Seychelle is not sure she wants or can handle. With a siren like voice, and beautiful heart, Seychelle draws people to her and not always in a good way. Savage is determined to win her over and protect Seychelle from those who would do her harm although he views himself as one of them. As perhaps the most wounded and desperately lost member of the club, Savage is the greatest in the need of salvation before his demons finally take him under. Each MC member has one or more psychic gifts they use to help their “family.” Savage’s particular gift threatens to overwhelm him permanently; however, he is a willing sacrifice to save them and now, Seychelle, as well. Seychelle has the ability to sooth the aptly, in this case, named savage beast and offer him a chance at love; however, what he requires from her is something in the extreme.

The Torpedo Ink stories have continued to take the darker tone especially when it comes to sensual habits compared with the related Sea Haven series. Since all of the members were extremely damaged as children, it is not surprising they have a lot of issues. The theme of redemption for those who thought themselves beyond such is the most compelling part of these books showing how what was meant for evil can be turned into good in respects to Torpedo Ink saving trafficked children. This particular story is being told in two parts with the next book, SAVAGE ROAD, releasing a month later. Ms. Feehan says she researched what happens to children who are terribly abused and what that means for them as adults. According to the author, these two books can be viewed as standalones because of the nature of the subject matter which takes the bondage and kink to the darkest levels yet. She further states that no important facts for the series will be in these books so readers will not miss out if they chose to skip them. This book is very hard to rate because while the writing is good, I am not a fan of the subject matter for this genre so readers will have to decide if this story is for them based on the information given.
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4 1/2 STARS!

A wickedly raw addition to Christine Feehan's Torpedo Ink series! ANNIHILATION ROAD brings us the long awaited story of Savage, the most damaged member of the family and it was just as emotional and heartbreaking as I was expecting. I feel like this book is best understood if you have read the previous books in the series because a lot of build up of the tortured life they led as children takes place along the way through various character's stories. The family and club interaction was a tad light in this particular book, but Seychelle's storyline added an additional depth. Overall an enjoyable read with lots of triggers and moments some won't understand, but written in an emotional, strong voice that shows why he needs what he needs.

Savage has been festering in the background of every book prior in the series so I went into this knowing he was going to be the most haunted and scarred from the get go. I never expected his past to be filled with such loving sacrifice that he gives day in and day out to his family. He's ending up to be one of my favorite characters even if he does have thought defying hang ups that make him distant.

Seychelle is a complex character. She too sacrifices herself for the good of others which is commendable, but she comes across as a bit too much like a head buried in the sand damsel in distress for my liking.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who likes a dark, tortured MC who is a solid family behind the scenes but lead tainted lives of emotional torture from their past.
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4.5 Stars

This book starts as Savin Pajari (Savage) has accepted that it is his turn to die, so he lays his bike down on the asphalt and scoops up a kid who is about to be flattened by a large vehicle. He knows he won’t survive the impact. However, he does, because he has been pushed out of the way by Seychelle Dubois. She takes the hit, and her leg is permanently scarred because of it.  Savage is so impacted by her selflessness that he has to find out more about her. He visits her in the hospital and claims to be her fiancé to get past the judgmental ‘gatekeeper’ at the front desk, and to talk to her. It turns out that she really ‘sees’ him. She looks past the rough and tough edges and sees into his heart and finds him worthy, where he has never felt worthy before. 
This is such a revelation to Savage. Some of the paranormal elements of this book appear in the way these two protagonists communicate with each other.  She gets glimpses of his past from the images in his mind, so she can actually see the hell that he lived in as he was growing up. 

Every one of the Torpedo Ink members lived through an abusive childhood in Russia, as their parents and often their siblings were murdered and they were secreted away to live in a school run by killers and pedophiles and trained to be assassins for Russia. As a result of this traumatic childhood, Savage his been trained to be a sexual sadist. On the surface, that term may turn readers off from this book; however, Christine Feehan writes Savage with heart, and makes him into a loving sexual sadist, who truly cares for Seychelle, and brings her into his world slowly. Readers understand why he is the way he is, and can accept it within this story, even if it is not behavior they might choose.

This book examines the conflicts within Seychelle and Savage as they both figure out what they really want, and how to live with those wants and needs. Most of the conflicts are internal, and Feehan is masterful in writing about a tough topic with sensitivity and care. There are a few external conflicts as well, and these keep the book intriguing and moving along at a smart pace. There are some lovely and joyful interactions with older residents of their community that add some levity and fun to a tough subject. Readers get to see the humanity of Savage and the beautiful heart of Seychelle and are left with the knowledge that these protagonists will find their way to their own HEA ending.  This book is a complete story; however, there is another book forthcoming (Savage Road) that completes their journey.
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3.5 Hearts I usually love the writing of Christine Feehan and while I mostly enjoyed this book I had a couple problems. So let's get that out of the way. 

I hate a book where one of the main characters cheats and Savage cheats. It really turned me off. Also this book doesn’t have an ending. Well I mean it does, but in the next book. Also, other triggers like rape, torture, sex trafficing, etc Read the warning Feehan has at the beginning of the book before starting it.

Ok that being said I mostly enjoyed this book. I liked Savage in most cases. Sometimes he pissed me off so that means I was invested. Seychelle was an interesting character. I loved the powers that she has and how she used them. She has such a calming personality. 

Another good book from Christine Feehan but be prepared.

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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This is book 6 in the Torpedo Ink series and it can be read as a stand alone.  This is my first foray into this series and I want to read the previous stories to see how some of the previous couples came together.  Seychelle Dubois saves Savage's life by pushing him away from a truck and is hit herself in the process.  For him, it's lust at first sight.  Both Savage and Seychelle have some problems in their past but it seems together they can overcome anything.  Steamy sex scenes and some difficult subjects covered. I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I loved Annihilation Road! Feehan's Torpedo Ink series is one of my favorites and this one book doesn't disappoint, Although book 1 (Judgement Road) is still my top read in the series, this is definitely my second favorite.
I felt that with Savage and Seychelle's story she really focused on the characters and their relationship. The paranormal aspects, subplot, and the secondary characters simply supported the development of their relationship.
Savage has always been a dark character in the other books in the series and readers rarely heard much from him. I was expecting his book to be very dark and depressing, and while it definitely had it's moments it wasn't as dark as I thought it would be. Because Feehan focused so much on developing their relationship, Savage became much more three dimensional, and I liked that readers get to see the lighter side of him.
Seychelle did a bit too much flip flopping on whether to stay with Savage, but she made up for it by standing up for herself and not letting Savage completely take over her life. Her hesitancy on entering into the relationship was justified and while she didn't fear Savage, she did fear her own desires and her ability to meet Savage's needs.
There was a "cheating" incident that left me feeling a bit torn. I don't like cheating of any kind in my romance reads, but I did think it was handled well and while I didn't like it I did understand why it happened. It came before they were officially a couple, and before Seychelle had a real understanding of what Savage needed in a partner. I also appreciated that Seychelle was given time to be angry about it and that she called Savage out on his disregard for her feelings later on.
There was more development around Alana's story and I'm hoping her book is coming soon,
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This book was just as compelling as I expected it would be. This book does have triggers a plenty, so please take caution with the author's note. 
Savage is a sadist, and it is so deeply rooted in him, that no amount of therapy or treatment could cure it. Believe him, he's done miles of research. One day, he sees a kid about to be hit by a big truck. Without even thinking, he lays down his bike, and sprints to save the kid, but knows he won't be in time. Unexpectedly, something slams him in the back, giving him the missing momentum to get out of the way in time. He didn't expect the beautiful, curvy Saychelle to be his savior.
Saychelle is a giver by nature. She had been taking care of her sick parents most of her life, and didn't realize how much of herself she was giving to other people. When she meets Savage, she feels and instant pull and connection with him. She never expects to fall in love. 
This book was telling a lovely story. I feel like the arc needed a little more editing personally, but hopefully the finished copy will iron those out. Still enjoyed it, and can't wait to read part 2!
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Savage and his woman are so complicated they need two books to tell their story.  This is book one and sets the stage for book two, Savage Road.  Savage is one of the gift children who was brutalized due to his parents' political leanings.  Surviving by following Czar, he and his group of brothers and sisters of Torpedo Ink are still trying to adjust to the quiet town they reside.  This is a mixture of romance and biker politics.  

Savage's skill is a form of psychic healing.  It reminds me of an old Star Trek Next Generation episode.  Instead of being a diplomate that pushes negative energy to a sacrificial surrogate, Savage pulls rage and pain from his brothers and sisters when they need it.  For him to meet a woman who can heal similarly, but physical instead of emotional, it is kismet.

Seychelle is a gorgeous redhead who knows she has an expiration date.  Her method of healing which she has zero training is literally killing her.  Her soft heart doesn't help.  Meeting Savage is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because he can help protect her but a curse because she is pulled into the dangerous motorcycle club world.

Seeing a crazed stalker in this story always makes me wonder about stalkers.  Like how do they pick a person to stalk?  And perhaps if a stalker is "adjusted" with a beatdown, they may walk away?  I don't know.  I just find stalking such wasted energy and stalkers to be horrid.  On the flip side, Ms. Feehan also covers how a "bad boy" group can change its image.  Whilst Czar may have ulterior motives to helping the elderly in the community by using Seychelle as the connection, it is still a wonderful thing.  I love this biker "habitat for humanity" service they are providing.  It appeals to me on several levels.

This book is not the end for Savage and Seychelle.  This book does not end in a cliffhanger.  It feels slightly unresolved and that makes sense when the next book comes out.
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