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Annihilation Road by Christine Feehan is the 6th book in her Torpedo Ink series. Brief refresher: Czar, who is married to Blyth (Sisters of the Heart), is the president of Torpedo Ink, and together with the men and women he brought with him to Sea Haven they built their Torpedo Ink MC club in Casper, which is close to Sea Haven.  Each of these members have suffered terrible abuse in their childhoods in Russia, being forced to all become lethal assassins; each still very much trying to find the light inside their darkness.  They are all determined to protect each other, and in each book, one of our heroes meets their mate.

Savage is the hero in this story, and he is convinced he could never find a woman meant for him, as he is the most dangerous and damaged of the Torpedo Ink members.  On his motorcycle, he notices a young boy walking in the street, with an oncoming vehicle close to hitting the boy; he runs to save the child, knowing it could cost his life, and just when the truck is near, a woman pushes him out of the way. He needs to know who was his savior.

Seychelle Dubois, our heroine, is recovering in the hospital from injuries she suffered saving Savage and the young boy.  When he comes to visit her, Savage finds himself attracted to this brave woman, but he knows he cannot allow himself to become involved, knowing he is sadistic and filled with pain.  When he senses her abilities to help others, including him, he kisses her and walks away.  However, best laid plans do not always work.

Seeychelle, who is also attracted to Savage, is also a singer, with her music making people happy; her singing and love of music promotes her special gifts of being able to read and heal fractured minds.    When Savage discovers that his Torpedo Ink brothers want Seychelle to part of their band, he makes it his business to become part of her life, and making her his woman, despite Seychelle worry of his version of romance being filled with pain. 

Seychelle was always visiting the older ladies from Casper/Sea Haven, and Savage notices some bad people watching her.  He makes it known that Seychelle is his, and the Torpedo Ink members take turns to follow the bad guys to help protect her.  

What follows is an exciting and violent adventure, as well as a highly sexual erotic romance between two people who ended up needing each other.  I did love Seychelle, and at times Savage, who I found too sadistic and need for pain, even on her.  I love all the members of the Torpedo Ink family, including the equally lethal female members (Lana & Alena), and the ladies who become part of them (Blythe, Anya, Breezy, Soliel, Scarlet).  I did like the part where Libby (Drake sister) explains to Savage how to help Seychelle, when she absorbs the pain of others, which could cause her to shorten her life.

Annihilation Road was so well written by Christine Feehan, though I thought too much was devoted to sex and sadism. The entire Torpedo Ink members are an amazing and wonderful group of characters that we fully care for.  Again, I will note that Feehan does have a lot of sex scenes, and in this book the sex scenes were in the forefront, with rest of the story being more in the background. Annihilation Road was a good story line, with a second book on Savage and Seychelle coming next month (Savage Road), which promises to be even more sexual.
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1 star - Not for me

DNF 58%

Trigger warnings: Cheating. Stalking, Discussions of human trafficking, rape and torture. 

This book started really well. I was enjoying seeing Savage fall head over heels for Seychelle. His dominant lifestyle was still being worked out between them though when this book went downhill quickly. About 45% through this book Savage cheats. It made me instantly hate Savage and want nothing to do with this book anymore, which is why I am stopping.

I have had some issues with this series from Feehan, but having a character cheat is an instant turn off for me.  It has really made me question if I will read any more of this series.
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I received an electronic ARC from Berkley Publishing Group through NetGalley.
Feehan turns the focus to Savage Paraji as this series continues. Her letter at the beginning explains this is the first of two books about his relationship with Seychelle. Those who may be triggered by his sexual needs should skip the second but should be okay reading this one.
As expected, Feehan weaves the suspense with the budding romance. In this case, we see a true dominant who sees himself as beyond repair find someone he feels he can trust and move into his world of pleasure mixed with pain. Seychelle sees more about him than he knows himself. Savage's hidden gift is revealed and as readers have suspected in prior books, it is a critical part of how the Torpedo Ink family functions. It's not going to be as easy on an intimate relationship. 
Feehan is a master of her craft as she continues to reveal plot points and share the dangers surrounding this lifestyle and group who is tighter than most families. The supernatural abilities blend in with the overall story and enhance the suspense. Looking forward to the continued overall plot in future volumes.
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I have waited a long time for Savage's story. Christine Feehan has captivated me again with  Annihilation Road. She has created a love for him and a sense of concern for him throughout the other books in the series. Not sure how I feel about the fact that there is a second book and not a clear ending to Savage's story.  I love how Torpedo Ink takes something terrible and turns it into something  good.
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The latest installment of Christine Feehan's Torpedo Ink series focuses on Savage Pajari. A solid supporting character since the beginning, Savage finally enters the spotlight as a main character. Like all in the series, Feehan catches the reader up with previous characters while they take their turns fading a bit into the background. Savage is a complicated character, and if handled incorrectly would be extremely unsympathetic. Once Savage meets Seychelle Dubois (which is luckily very early in the book), her sweetness and interest in him allows the audience to soften towards a hard man. This is the first part of their story, and will have their continuation in the follow-up coming a month after Annihilation Road's publication -- readers and fans of the series will be in for a treat to really have the time to explore these characters the way they deserve to be. 
This series has been a little uneven for me, likely mostly based on mood at the time of reading each book, but it is a solid series that I keep returning to and am looking forward to the next part of Savage and Seychelle's story.
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This was an interesting read and I love the care Christine Feehan has taken with Savage's story and her readers. The letter at the beginning of the book is fabulous.
Savage is a sexual sadist and nothing will ever change that. Seychelle hasn't felt much of anything until she meets Savage. I loved his care, even when being a stupid jerk.
Her voice reminded me a little of the Dark Troubadours as well as Joley, so it was interesting that her gift was closer to Libby. I loved the crossover between the two series. Definitely a reminder to do a re-read soon.
Overall, a good addition to the series. I'll have to read it again for the subtleties of the stories (I tend to race through the first time to find out what happens;)). I am looking forward to they second story.
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This series takes you to some dark places. the reasons behind all need for these men to have different sexual preferences is tough to read sometimes. this book is not a light and easy read, While the series is great and a good read
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Good book! This book had all the feels! It had suspense, intrigue, action, and two definitely broken people! It did have a little, I guess paranormal type feel to it?! I'm really not into that at all! But I did really enjoy reading this book! It was a little different than my normal read! I will definitely recommend this book! Its well worth reading! I really felt for the characters! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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Annihilation Road is the six installment in the Torpedo Ink series and I can’t believe that we are already on book 6 already! Time has really flown by with these books. Of course, with how fast this author writes, it should come as no surprise to any of us right? This is a book that is unique to Feehan, this is the first time I have ever read her do a duet featuring one pairing. But Savage is the most intense character I believe she has ever written. She has written plenty of alpha males over the years, however, Savage is a whole another element that some of you might not quite be ready for. Now, this is the first book, so I imagine that the second book will be even rougher so I will really have to prepare myself for that one. Feehan really has explored certain kinky elements more especially in this series. But in this one Savage is a sadist. So to say that this is a different level is saying something, and it won’t be for everyone. But I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and Feehan led me down a road that I trusted her completely with and I am so grateful for that. So let us begin….keep in mind this review HAS SPOILERS!!

Annihilation Road Is A Fiery Hot Edgy Romance That Features:
Savin “Savage” Pajari-alpha male, sergeant at arms for the Torpedo Ink Mc, Sadist, likes control, is scarred but protective and has a sweet underbelly
Seychelle Dubois-orphan, singer/songwriter, generous, loving, lighthearted nature
Annihilation Road starts off with the kick-off to the story when Savage is in town and when he sees a young child about to be run over, he runs over to save the child and as he is about to be hit by the car thinking he would die, someone happens to push him out of the way and takes the hit for him…..a young woman whose beauty takes his breath away. He tells himself he should walk away right then, but he is captivated by her and only wants her more than ever. He gives into temptation and visits her at the hospital to make sure she is faring well, and posing as her fiancee, he meets this woman who saved him, a vicious man not worth saving, and is stunned by Seychelle. She is beautiful, but sees beneath his tough exterior and to the deep soul of the man. She sees past his gruff dialogue and finds him entertaining and not offensive. There is a connection that they build in those sweet tender moments in the hospital but he walks away even though it’s the hardest thing he has ever done. What he doesn’t expect is to be drawn to her once again and fight for her and seeks to win her heart. But he knows it isn’t easy, and life with him will be extremely difficult but as they explore this newfound relationship, there is a threat to Seychelle, and only with her beloved protector will she find an exquisite love worth fighting for no matter the risk or pain involved…

Annihilation Road is a story that I was extremely nervous about. Now if you want a background on how this story came to be, Christine Feehan does have an explanation on her website HERE, and I really respected that Christine Feehan was willing to go here because it is highly rare to see this in a romance and that is for good reason. But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t nervous to read this one, because if this counts, other than Fifty Shades of Grey, I have never read a character that is a sadist. So this was definitely a new experience for me, and I was curious to see how she would handle this book, especially since we get a continuation of this one in “Savage Road” which will be released in January 2022. I will say that this book will sweep you quickly away into the story, and it really kicks off so fast. The connection that begins with Savage and Seychelle, is powerful and it has a magnetism that only this author can craft in her delectable ways. The interactions between these two is so delicious. Savage is such a tough teddy bear at times, he is heavily scarred and intimidates many people, but he doesn’t Seychelle. She sees through that tough exterior he has as a shield very quickly, and her reaction to him really baffles Savage so much. He honestly doesn’t know how to handle her and it’s Magnifique. I absolutely adored seeing their dialogue and how they banter with each other.

Seychelle sees humor in so many aspects, and that is not what Savage is accustomed to. Even though Seychelle is apprehensive about Savage, she senses the darkness in him, she also sees the good man that is hidden deep inside him. I did love seeing that aspect and seeing what she was willing to sacrifice. It is not an easy road for these two. Savage has certain needs and it’s not something he can just push away or he could explode and hurt someone he truly loves. Ever since he was a child, it has been trained in him to be a sadist. He has very dark needs and only a special woman makes him want to try for more. He wants more with Seychelle than he has ever had with anyone else. He is willing to fight for her, but he also knows he needs to be patient because he won’t be a gentle lover most of the time. Seychelle upon learning of his true nature is apprehensive because she is sure she will fail him in giving him what he needs in her. She doesn’t know if she can even handle it or to be tolerant of the pain he wants to give her. But as she explores this deeper side to Savage, she sees so many sides to him, and as she begins to fall in love with him, she wonders if she can take him in his full beast mode.

Now I had one major issue with the book and it wasn’t even that the hero was a sadist. I actually really respect the author for writing his story, because it needed to be told. But there is something that Savage chooses to do earlier on in the book. Now they aren’t 100% committed to each other yet, however, they are very close to it. Savage feels the beast coming really strong and he is worried he will lash out at Seychelle, so he goes to another woman to fulfill those darker needs that he knows Seychelle isn’t even close ready for. Now, this isn’t the first time we have seen this (something similar happens in book one, the only difference here that some readers may really STRUGGLE with, is that this is full-on cheating) I do consider this scene cheating, because even though they aren’t quite 100% together, its pretty close to it and even though I understand in some respects, he really hurts her here and also I feel like he didn’t grovel nearly enough in the way that she deserved. But while I did have issues with this scene, it wasn’t enough to take away too much of the overall rating of the book. This would have been a 5 if it hadn’t been for this moment in the book.

Overall I found Annihilation Road to be a journey of self-reflection, newfound love that is packed with heights and its lows, it’s a story that will battle within and discover the essence of selfless love and its powerful healing capability. Its a story that will enhance its readers to another level and reach a stunning yet intense love.
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Annihilation Road is a biker/bad boy/alpha book, which Christine Feehan does brilliantly, but it is also mixed with a paranormal aspect. 

This is the 6th book in the Torpedo Ink series and each book features a different member. This book is about Savage, which I have been looking forward to. His name definitely fits his personality. 

Savage and  Seychelle's story continues in Savage Road, which will release in early 2022. I can't wait to see what happens with this couple and the other guys in Torpedo Ink
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"She wasn't afraid of him. She had a smart mouth, sassy as hell, but no sense of self-preservation at all. He was going to have to change that."

If you like broken bossy badass bikers with a side of paranormal, then Annihilation Road will rock your world. It did mine. I'm still processing, my mind whirling with everything that happened and what's still to come. I can't get enough of this series.

Each book in the Torpedo Ink series features a different member, but the club business is ongoing and the danger and suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat from book to book. This one focuses on Savage... and he is... savage. I knew it would take a special woman to see beyond his brokenness, and Seychelle is definitely that.

I love how the author creates such unique characters with different gifts that somehow work together in ways you wouldn't imagine. Thank goodness for talented word wizards with the imagination that I'm lacking. You make my world go round. Thank you. I'm so excited to see where the next ROAD takes me. The line forms here...
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It took me awhile to write this review...I read the book 4 times before writing....This book is the beginning of the story of Savage...We fans have been anticipating his book for quite some time. Ms. Feehan did not let us down in this first book (his story is so complicated, it will take 2 novels). 
Savage is perhaps one of the most damaged of Torpedo Ink, and he knows it. But what he never realized is that deep, deep down he still had feelings, and a heart....and needed love. 
The unexpected happens in the form of Seychelle. She saves his life...literally...he can't believe it. This opens a door that Savage never thought would be meant for him. 
Their love story takes time to develop....Savage has been so brutally abused as a child there's many issues to get through as a couple...but he is steadfast in his love for Seychelle and they are slowly working through things. 
Then there are his unusual proclivities in the bedroom.......
This book touches on that and may be a trigger for some but the next book, where he trains Seychelle to his way of things may be one some people will need to consider. 
As always Ms. Feehan has done her research and handles the subject matter well with her readers in mind.
Like all Torpedo Ink novels we learn more about the other members (I love how we get glimpses of their individual personalities with each book). And, of course there are happenings that will be resolved in future books, so you will be kept hanging!!
This first book is really about how they meet and fall in love and I think fans of the Torpedo Ink series will really enjoy reading it...I did, and I will read it many more times...
Thank you NetGalley and Thank You to the publisher for granting me this copy.
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I read every Christine Feehan book I can find and usually love them but this one just didn't work for me. I felt that the S & M was a bit extreme and I couldn't enjoy the relationship between the main characters. Library patrons will probably want to read it due to the author's popularity but I can't recommend it. If that's something you enjoy then you might like the book.
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I am half way done reading this for the 2nd time, and it is as good as the first time.   Savage and Seychelle seem perfect for each other.  I really like their honesty with each other.  While I am reading every book by Freehan, I am not re-reading all of them.
Looking forward to Savage Road.
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So, I had some problems with this one - Seychelle never really got on board with Savage's needs. She participated - willingly, yes - but never appeared to be looking for that kind of sex. It happened, and she talked herself through it, and he made it good for her... but she did not seek it or particularly invite it. She was also at a disadvantage due to her health and her stalker situation and her loneliness... it felt a little like he was taking advantage of her. The book ended with her still just allowing these things to happen *to* her, for the tradeoff of his and his family's attentions/affections.
I've followed this whole series (Ms Feehan is one of my absolute faves) and while it's a dark and twisty story, I've always gotten the impression that the men found compatible mates against all odds - until now? Seychelle wasn't so much compatible as she was malleable, and that made me uncomfortable.
I'm sure I'm not getting the right vibe and I trust Ms Feehan to tell her tale - but this particular couple did not ring any bells for me
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I enjoyed reading about a character from this series I've been interested in. I like the author and this is another good one from her. I'll definitely continue to read this series and I can't wait for the next one.
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