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This book was received as an ARC from Berkley Publishing Group through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own. 

Having your own dreams and aspirations is something all of us strive for, but we never have control on the road to get there. For Letitia her dream was in math, but she ends up working for an elite society directed to science. She is so focused on winning the Rosewood Prize for Mathematics that she just blinds herself from the community members especially, Lord Greycliff. Then Grey and Letty have to work together and foes turned friends turn into romance. This was an unexpected love story of two subjects that are not my forte. i am not going to lie, I was nervous reading this book and was hoping it wasn't filled with difficult science and mathematic vocabulary, but I was happy to see Elizabeth Everett focused on the relationship between Grey and Letty and the value of the Athena's Retreat which always draws my attention. 

A satisfying romantic story combining the drama of the prestigious goals that await our paths, Elizabeth Everett remarkably crafted a joyful read. This book deserves 5 stars.
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A fun historical romance with STEM representation. An easy read, and very enjoyable. There was other health representation as well which I always appreciate.
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This was a fun, historical romance with the dash of science that I expect from this series. Letitia and Grey aren’t my favorite pairing - to be honest, I’ve been wanting a love story for Grantham since he was introduced - but I did enjoy their dynamic. 
I liked that Grey was apologetic once he realized that the story he’d heard of Letitia’s past wasn’t accurate and that there was no disbelief on his part. I especially enjoyed that he was always supportive of the women’s work at Athena’s Retreat. I just can’t wait until it’s Grantham’s time to shine!
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This was a fun romance by the author.  I thoroughly enjoyed the character development and look forward to reading many more.
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I loved this book. It is such a swoony, sexy romance. A broken hero and an unconventional and broken heroine, Grey and Letty are amazing. I just love their enemies to lovers story. And this love story is set against the backdrop of 1840s London and Athena's Retreat, a women's club for scientists and mathematicians. Letty helps to run the retreat and there is a lot of societal pushback against what the women are doing there. I love historical romances that pushback against the stereotypical norms of the time and you get to see women and men breaking free of societal bonds. And that is this book. I love it and it's beautiful and I can't wait to read the third book.
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Bridgerton meets women in stem is my favorite new plot. This was a fun read and reminded me of the stem filled novels I've read (the love hypothesis and the kiss quotient. It's probably why i enjoyed reading this so much. So fun!
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A Perfect Equation is an enemies to lovers’ story which I thought was delightful and I absolutely enjoyed. Letty Finley has been put in charge of Athena Retreat, a club for London’s women scientist, but doesn’t like the fact that she shares this responsibility with the one man she loathes. Nobleman William Hughes, Viscount Greycliff, caught Letty in a compromising position 6 years ago with his cousin and she’s been ostracized from good society. They both have a low opinion of one another but slowly learn that they have misjudged one another and see them in a new light. However, they both have different goals to achieve and unfortunately, they come in conflict with one another.

I love it when I come across something fresh and this story of a feminist mathematician trying to break the mold of what a woman’s role in Victorian England is brilliant. The fact that a group of women created their own social club in order to hide their experiments and work behind closed doors, makes for some interesting encounters when you just never know what might happen. For Letty, the author made math poetic and something to get lost in which made math look warm and comfy. The other characters in the story brought the whimsy and humor which definitely brought the story to life. A Perfect Equation is definitely a great addition to the Secret Scientists of London series, and I look forward to more. I would recommend reading the first in the series, A Lady’s Formula for Love, because you’ll really enjoy A Perfect Equation better to understand the setup for this storyline.

A Perfect Equation is a smart, funny and delightful story for any historical romance reader and shouldn’t be missed.
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Letty is a STEM heroine for the ages. Loved this historic romance promoting slightly seditious women. The whole Rosewood thing made me crazy though. The romance between Letty and Grey was just right.
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I love romance books that have "nerds" in them. This was a great addition to the ever-growing genre.
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I picked this up not realizing it was a sequel, but I still really enjoyed it! I love historical romances with a feminist twist, and this was exactly that.
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By Elizabeth Everett

A Perfect Equation truly was perfect in every way. 
From the plotting, pacing, and precociousness, I found myself devouring those pages, and finding it difficult to put down. 
I loved the characters – Letty and Grey, and the slew of other side characters, with the enemies to love trope, as well as the fun banter and the satisfying steam.
The character stories had depth and reading about their pasts and the history they share, made me love and understand them even more. 

Definitely pick this up for the romance, humor, amazing writing, and fabulous characters.

Thank you @berkleypub for the free ebook
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I loved this sequel. Grey and Letty were characters that we had met in A Lady’s Formula for Love and this time it is their chance. 

With Violet and Arthur away, Letty and Grey are in charge of Athena’s Retreat and keeping the club running and safe. Letty and Grey both have other things going on in their lives though that add another layer of challenge to their new task.

This enemies to lovers story is so sweet, there is also a bit of forced proximity with having to work together. I loved how political elements and other characters in the story melded in as well. 

Letty and Grey must fight against their preconceived notions to explore their feelings for each other and find if they can meet their personal goals while being with each other.

Thank you so much for the ARC- it was a pleasure to read and the opinions above are my own.
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“Everyone knew a woman’s place was in charge, if you want something done right.”

A Perfect Equation, the second book in Elizabeth Everett’s Secret Scientists of London series, picks up about a year after the events of A Lady’s Formula for Love. When Violet and Arthur Kneland have need to leave London, Violet has to leave someone in charge of Athena’s Retreat while they’re gone. Enter Miss Letitia Fenley and Lord William Hughes, the Viscount of Greycliff. Both have their own reasons for protecting the women’s social club. And both can’t stand the other. But just as quickly as their truce unravels, it can be stitched together again with unspoken words, soft caresses, and truths revealed. As outside forces threaten the ladies’ secret society and a ghost from Letty’s past returns to threaten her dreams, Letty and Grey will find themselves unexpectedly on the same side – and in each other’s hearts.

I loved Violet and Arthur’s story in A Lady’s Formula for Love, so I was excited to see where the story went as Everett focused on new main characters. That being said, readers will really want to read the first book before embarking on A Perfect Equation. While the main characters are different, Everett frequently mentioned prior events and referenced things even the secondary characters did in the previous novel. While readers can follow Letty and Grey’s romance without having read the first book, much of the little details and throwaway comments from the characters will be lost on any reader who hasn’t read A Lady’s Formula for Love.

I really enjoyed Grey and Letty as main characters. Letty has a no-nonsense, take no prisoners attitude when it comes to men in general, but her hackles were more than raised the second Grey entered a room. Everett created such palpable tension between the two that you just knew it was going to be explosive if they ever gave into their chemistry. I thought Everett did a fantastic job fleshing out their stories; Letty and Grey’s lives might have crossed paths in the past, but that history played out so well in this book. There is a very strong misunderstanding/misinformation trope running throughout their story, so fans of that trope will especially love watching Grey and Letty get together.

Everett’s writing continues to be entertaining and socially aware. I absolutely love this series for the strong and intelligent women it features, women who are at the front of their science and mathematics fields. Women who are on the forefront of advancement, yet have to fight society for their spot. Victorian women in STEM is a romance sub-genre I will gladly get behind.

There are plenty of things to love about A Perfect Equation: strong women who know their rightful place, entertaining scenarios for pretty much every character, and some great representation. If you enjoy historical romance as well as smart (and sharp) women in STEM, this newest release from Elizabeth Everett will surely be an entertaining read for you.
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This book was explosively good! Elizabeth Everett has once again created a fabulous story about a smart, brave woman and a man who develops the good sense to love her. Letty and Grey were marvelous characters. They both won my heart from the very beginning. Letty's fierceness and Grey's determination made for a romance that never faltered in carrying the story to its fulfilling conclusion. I loved their mutual insults and their palpable sexual tension and I loved the way they learned to truly appreciate each other. Woven through this was an unflinching portrayal of the many injustices and barriers women of the era experienced, making for not just a swoony read but a powerful, feminist one too. Everett continues on form, and I can't wait to read the third book in the series.
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***Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
A slow burn, enemies-to-lovers historical romance that involves the fight for women to be able to study Math and Science and be treated as equals. Great read!
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I loved the witty banter throughout this book! I loved the chemistry and I just overall loved this book immensely. It was everything I needed/wanted. Give me more please! 

Letitia being a mathematician gave me much joy as I am also a woman with a career in math..let’s face it we are spoken down to, disregarded and have to fight like hell to succeed in our field. So go Letita! 

I love a quality enemies to lovers story and this provided me with the proper dosage I asked for!
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DNF - genuinely not sure why i requested this but i tried to read it and just wasn’t a fan :/ just not my favorite genre of romance
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THE PERFECT EQUATION is such a perfect example of how we need more heroines in media who are academic geniuses and have gone through lots of efforts and struggle. But they are also human and must have their HEA.

Letty is a mathematician , genius, sensitive, swept off by a rogue who betrays her. Socially ruined she finds a solace in the scientist's club by Violet. Whose step son has quite a reaction to Letty but is also sure she is the one who waylaid the rogue in question

Enter Grey (the stepson above) with his prejudices (I got such great reverse pride and prejudices vibes while reading the book) grumpy, determined to keep his emotions in full check, but unable to resist Letty.

As they navigate their bittersweet hate love story you see a beautiful relationship building!

Have you read it yet?
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this book was so cute and precious!!! i really enjoy romances at the moment and this sweet one did not disappoint! Thank you so much netgalley! this was splendid!!!
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From the cover, I was expecting this to be a cute, low-angst romantic comedy. Instead, I found it to be a high-angst feminist treatise. I prefer the feminism to be woven more smoothly into the story and not to be so in-your-face. For me, reading it was a distressing experience, and I wasn't able to finish. I'm sure other people would love it. It just wasn't for me. 

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.
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