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Arya Winters and the Tiramisu of Death

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I really wanted to like this more. I thought the premise was interesting and Arya is cool with her dark, gothic baking, but to me something got lost along the way. I didn’t quite “get”
Arya. I guess I just didn’t understand what her deal was most of the time and why she acted out like a child most of the time. Also the mystery moved so slowly and the resolution felt weird to me and like it came out of the blue.
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This was such a fun who dunit with some bizarre twists.  Arya was a character I can get behind coz I feel that 
a flawed personality seems more realistic. Arya sets out to investigate a murder of a neighbor she considers a friend. She is quite anti social and therefore surprises everyone in the village by seeking them out.  She finds a host of entertaining neighbors. She also encounters her handsome neighour who she crushes on. He has things to hide as well. 

I hope to see the next installment of the book assuming this is a series.  Crossing my fingers.
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Really interesting story with great characters. Very much appreciate a neurodivergent lead who is unapologetically different and doesn't really change or become magically "fixed" in the end.
The killer is unfortunately obvious from the moment they are introduced and I don't think that was intentional on the author's part.
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A main character who bakes for a living and a murder in a small English village. Sounds like your typical cozy but this  ok definitely isn’t.  Arya Winters, the main character, can be abrasive which makes her hard to warm up to. She has no issues telling it like it is, even if it hurts everyone around her.

A mystery with surprises, it also is a a lot more graphic than many cozies and the talking of sex and language was a surprise to me in a cozy mystery.  If you want someone more out of your cozy that gives you some questionable behavior and quirkiness this is probably the book for you. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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"Arya Winters and the Tiramisu of Death" is a fun novel, not as cozy as you'd think the sub-genre's staples tend to be but "not cozy" enough to fit into another sub-genre.

Arya is a baker extraordinaire, happiest to be left alone, living in a very interestingly-named town called Trucklewood, where she has moved soon after her aunt (and closest relation) has passed away. In her brief stay, Arya has made herself as unavailable to her fellow citizens as she can, working tirelessly to keep up with the constant stream of orders that come her way.

When her ex's uncle is found murdered almost ritualistically, Arya plunges into getting to the bottom of the mystery, even though it forces her to make contact with other people, the sort of thing she prefers not to do.

Amita Murray should first be congratulated for coming up with Arya: rare are the instances where we get women with as much agency as Arya, and as much self-awareness. She knows exactly what she wants, how she feels, what she's doing. She wears all the bullet points about herself very lightly - notably her Tourette's, something she never overtly explains to anyone in the novel.

There is a great deftness with which Murray gets down to deconstructing her plot, and though there are multiple occasions where one tires of Arya, it's a mark of just how well the writing works. We aren't meant to love her at all. Just like her enough as a person to go along on this journey.

The novel probes some very interesting spaces that seem almost totally detached from the mystery, so much so that it almost feels like a stream-of-consciousness piece than a murder mystery. 

I particularly enjoyed the little details Murray adds, and the fact that a reader has an almost equal chance of guessing the murderer before the denouement. 

Would definitely return to Murray's work for seconds.
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A small English village, a character who bakes for a living and of course a murder.  Sounds like your typical cozy but it isn’t quite.  Arya Winters, the main character, does not believe in the little white lies that grease the wheel of social interactions.  In fact, she can be abrasive which makes her hard to warm up to.  She has issues which makes her interesting and some one I can identify with.  She is also a millennial with the taste of the macabre (she specializes in macabre desserts).  

A solid mystery with surprises, it also is a little more graphic than many cozies and the talking of sex will surprise some people.  But if you want something more than just a fluffy cozy, something that has more substance and a bit more realistic (along with some quirky, questionable behavior and humor) this might be right up your alley.  I would be interested in reading the next in the series.  

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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enjoyed this book and it was a quick read for me.  Easy recommendation to family and friends and our local library.
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Loved it!  Arya, who has struggled with Tourettes (know that this is never specified as her diagnosis) since she was a child is living in the home of her aunt Meera's who was murdered several months ago.  Her aunt took her in when her parents, well, her parents didn't want her but they became estranged short before Meera's death.  Craig broke up with Arya (no great loss) but she stalks him a bit, which is  how she knows he wasn't the one who murdered his uncle Tobias.  But who poisoned the tiramisu Arya made and left on his doorstep. She makes friends (and wants more) with Bran, an author who is also new to the village.  Then there's another murder.  This is a delightful sorta cozy- it's got all the elements:  an intrepid heroine, a love interest, murder, a village, baking.  It's distinguished however by a different sort of attitude from Arya, the detectives, all of it.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  This won't be for everyone but it's a fun read that I very much enjoyed. Can't wait to see more from Murray.
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Meet Arya Winters…
Meet Arya Winters, living in an idyllic English village with an aversion to ‘other people’. Arya becomes involved in all things murderous in this quirky tale which somewhat turns the cosy mystery genre upside down and inside out. An involved plot and a colourful cast of characters makes for a fun read.
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A fairly typical (if slightly sexier) entry into the cozy mystery sub-genre for much of the book, I mostly enjoyed this read. There aren’t many books that have lead characters with Tourette's, especially not women, so that was a nice change of pace, even if it times it felt like Arya’s behavior was just marking off a checklist of symptoms. Ayra is frustrating at times and too over-the-top “not like other people”, but I still found myself liking her. The mystery was compelling enough, and I loved the descriptions we got of Ayra’s horror baked good creations. There’s the typical village full of (often overly) quirky characters who don’t have much depth, but are still fun.  My main problem was the end. I come to cozy mysteries for the cozy aspect, and the end was a real downer., like a romance novel without a HEA, it should come with some sort of warning. I like books that play around with and even stretch genre conventions, but in this case it felt rather mean. I assume that this is the first in the series, but you don’t need to have an unhappy ending to set up further adventures of Arya.
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Another quirky, easy to read cosy mystery which I read in pretty much one sitting.  A whodunit with a twist of food and flavour but also a bit of savoury language and sex which we don't usually see in this style of writing. . This is a bit different form other cosy mysteries I have read and although I got through it rather quickly I must say it isn't my favourite style of this genre.

I can't say I liked Arya as she annoyed me a bit but that is what made her who she is in this story. It was a bit too abrasive for me and the sex to me just wasn't required.
All in all it was alright but not a favourite.
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Well, this is indeed a cozy read. 

Things I loved:
- Baking. I’m enchanted by how Arya is baking cakes, tiramisu, cupcakes, and granola with her spooky style—Dagger Chocolate Fudge, Goblin Cupcakes, Monster Muesli, Vampire Granola, and many more! 
- Herbs things. Auntie Meera is a herbalist, but some people called her witch. But all her journals and some mentions of herbs are attractive for me. 
- The neighborhood. They’re lovable, even though Arya is rude to them all the time, but every people seem having their charms and actually care for Arya too. 
- The romance. Well, more to the Branwell side. He’s cute, lovable, and I like his way to approach Arya with all the brilliant remarks and the understanding. 

Things that didn’t work for me:
- Arya herself. I really can’t connect with her personality. Yes, I know she’s being rude for a reason, and she built walls around her. But, sometimes I think she’s not being fair. She’s okay to be rude to people, but when her friend canceled an appointment with her, she’s going mad and even wants to hurt her friend. 
- The romance. Haha funny that I liked and I hated the romance. But the truth is so. It didn’t end that well, when actually I had hopes for it, not that I hope that it will be happily ever after or bla bla bla but at least a good closure. 

Thank you NetGalley and Polis Books for the opportunity to read this eARC. All opinions are on my own.
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Arya is finding life very tough when both her Aunt Meera and neighbour, Tobias Yards are murdered. 

She is also having difficulties socially and generally coping in Trucklewood, near Croydon.. Arya is up to the 

challenge though and is  persistent in trying to solve the murders even with her tics, general  anxieties,  

and anti-social behaviourisms.  

This is a lively read as our baker/sleuth sorts through suspects clues and countless red herrings. 

A bittersweet, interesting read.
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This was definitely a cozy that has laugh out loud moments.  Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley. My review opinion is my own. 

Arya is hard to like but I appreciate honesty and finally this cozy protagnist is a honest speaker and does not suffer fools. She is  a baker in a small English village who becomes involved in a murder investigation. Hijinks ensue and soon suspects abound.  It was a realistic look at someone with Tourette's syndrome and I appreciate the author creating a book about a disabled charcter.  The supporting charcters are colorful and the small village a delight to imagine while reading . I enjoyed this and give it 4 stars.
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I really didn't like the main character of this book and I ended up not finishing. I understand the author was trying to creating an anti-heroine, but I couldn't find anything to like about her.
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Arya is all of us during Covid- leave me alone and let me do my thing-but that thing is now making her money and thanks to her aunt's will, providing her a place to do it in. Only her aunt's death just isn't being dedected to her happiness. Reluctantly she realizes she need the help of Bramwell to not only clear her ex's name from murdering HIS relative, but to stop the string of murders that seem to be occurring in town. Add in a detective to seems to spend more time coming up lines to hit on Arya with, and her bumbling fashion Q co-hort, and it's no wonder Arya gets pulled in. As she meets her fellow villagers while seeking out the truth, Arya learns that no one is an island, and we all need people, and to be needed. It's a fun cozy, with food descriptions perfect for Halloween baking, so if you're looking for some out of the box ideas for this year's (fingers crossed) Halloween party, there are plenty here! Don't miss this start to a new series!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read this book.
I'll be honest I was only able to read 5% and that 5% made me want to read more..
However I had an issue with the digital copy, every time I left the book (to sleep, to feed the family and the likes) I'd bookmark and/or close the app, but when I came back I'd be right back at the very start, even when visiting the bookmark page it just didn't work. 
If I was able to read the whole book in one sitting that would be awesome, the characters are very compelling, and I want to know what happens! 
I am lowering my rating only because I was unable to read the whole book.
Happy reading.
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Not my type of book. Not your typical heroine, and definitely not a typical cozy. Contains some decidedly unsavory bits—in every sense of the word. 
All that being said, Arya’s internal musings (are well-written and) provide a surprisingly insightful and touching glimpse into the psychology and mental musings of the lonely and don’t-quite-fit-in-here members of current society.
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A quirky, witty, and macabre mystery. Arya Winters and the Tiramisu of Death had me laughing out loud as I kept turning pages. Arya isn't your typical cozy mystery heroine, and while the tone is lighthearted I'm not sure I'd call it a cozy -- but I would call it a terrific book.
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Tourette's, situational-humor, verbal-humor, baker, shyness, murder, murder-investigation, amateur-sleuth, England, small-business, small-town*****
Despite comprehending the emotional devastation that comes with the ravages of Tourette's, I still laughed my sox off at the way Arya managed to put ordinary people down and yet got along well with a choice few who did not judge her by her tics. And she turned out to be a great sleuth! I think it's great to have a main character who's so far from ordinary, or rich, or beautiful, etc (yuck). I really loved this book and hope to read more about Anya and her quirky bakery projects!
I requested and received a free temporary ebook copy from Polis Books/Agora Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
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