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Mary – ☆☆☆☆
Mia Benson is still trying to undo her father's wrongdoings, even though she is swapping real paintings and replacing them with forgeries, she feels she is somehow doing good.

Logan Ford is pretending to be an insurance agent trying to find out about the stolen paintings. He thinks that Mia is involved in the thefts. When they meet, there is a simmering spark between them. The banter and fun they have between them is so easy, he is beginning to second guess her involvement.

As Mia learns more about Logan, she wants to tell him everything. But can he help put her father away and keep her out of jail? Is there a chance for Mia and Logan to have a future together?

I have enjoyed this series, it is filled with suspense, excitement, fun, laugh-out-loud antics, and everyone gets a happily ever after. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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DNF at 10%. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series but couldn’t get into this one. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the free ebook.
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I was looking forward to Mia's story as I think she was an elusive character in the first two books. Mia had a hard exterior but I knew she would be vulnerable deep down inside. I liked the direction the author took with the third book, it wasn't so much the heist - as Mia wasn't hands on, she was the organiser/mastermind - it was about the logistics of it and staying undiscovered. Throw in an undercover FBI officer and it made it all the more exciting to read.

I liked Logan's character from the beginning, I loved his back story and I could clearly imagine Mama Mae's house and all the hustle and bustle related to it. I was rooting for Logan and Mia and even willing to look the other way when it came to the laws Mia broke, that's when you know the author has done a good job.

I did have a few doubts regarding the end of the story with Logan's involvement and FBI procedures etc. but I was a fan of Mia and Logan and all for the romance so I was willing to let it be and believe they could get their seamless HEA. Again, it's a testament to the great job of the author making me root for the characters no matter what.

I'm sad this series is over but it ended at the right place and I'm pleased to find out there will be a novella for London to get her story!
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I didn't finish it because I just couldn't get into this book. So stopped reading this one and didn't leave a review.
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Another great book by Sloane Steele — her stories are always great.  Thoroughly enjoyed.  A mastermind thief involved with an undercover FBI agent, what could go wrong?  Get ready to enter the world of art thieves, forgers, hackers, and a bit of Robin Hood’s methods.  You won’t be sorry you gave this book a try!!
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The third in a series, it’s a fun heist and continuation of the story. Enemies to lovers trope…the thief and the undercover agent sent to find her only neither of them knows it! And of course sparks fly and they can’t stop thinking of each other. 

The steamy scenes were definitely something to look forward to and it was a great way to round out the trilogy. Their chemistry was sizzling and it was easy to see why fans would want to see how this played out!
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This is the first book i read in this series and loved, will surely read the rest of the series.
It's fast paced, full of action and suspense. I rooted for the characters and thoroughly enjoyed.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Full disclosure, I binge watched Leverage and Leverage Redemption so I really enjoyed To Catch a Thief.  Book 3 centers around Mia Benson, the person who thought up and help execute the art heists to pay back the victims of her Father's schemes, anonymously of course, but now there is an added danger as she maybe exposed by a very persistent FBI Agent, Logan Ford who  has her in his sights. 
The Series is excellent, witty, adventurous, with Hackers, Forgers, Thieves and Masterminds, all on the side of good but with each theft the danger of getting caught exponentially rises. The chemistry between the characters is excellent which is an added bonus and in book 3 we see Mia come out of her shell to become a very strong determined person who will stop at nothing despite the danger to right a wrong and bring her Father to justice.
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book.
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To Catch a Thief by Sloane Steele
Counterfeit Capers #3

Mia Benson had a plan to flush her father and uncle out then make them pay for their crimes. She drew a team to her to assist in the project that required a thief, computer hacker, forgery artist, fence and a great deal of nerve. Planning the perfect heist in a Robin Hood endeavor should work if all went well but what if an intriguing FBI undercover shows up and puts a  wrench in things? 

What I liked: 
* Mia: wealthy, focused, brilliant, arti curator, dedicated to bringing her father and uncle in for their crimes against others and  making amends to those they harmed.
* Logan: FBI agent, savvy, puzzle solver, raised in foster system, caress about his foster family, fun, charming, handsome, conflicted.
* Seeing how Mia’s team are doing and reading about how they accomplish their heists. 
* Knowing that Mia is making inroads into achieving her goals
* The insight into how Logan and the FBI pursue the thieves
* The romance between Logan and Mia
* Meeting Logan’s foster family – wonder if there is a spin-off series that could be written about them
* Meeting a few other characters in the story that I wouldn’t mind hearing more about in a future book…if the author is so inclined. 
* Hoping for a HEA for the two
* Wondering if London, the forger, is in a relationship or will have a story of her own.

What I didn’t like: 
* Knowing that there are men like Mia’s father and uncle scheming and conning and stealing for those unlucky enough to fall for their cons. 

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley and Carina Press for the ARC – This is my honest review. 

5 Stars
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So good!

In terms of adventure and keeping you on your toes this series has been fantastic!
This books is the story of Mia, the woman who set it all in motion in order to get her revenge on her father. Throw in an undercover agent and things heat up. Though in a bit unexpected ways!

The writing flows beautifully and honestly there was a great deal of mental action from Mia, she was truly a remarkable character. Logan is an honest, as straight-forward guys as he can be. But Mia is the same with him, so their relationship while still build on secrets is very honest. Their intimacy, their trust is different from any similar relationship I've read in similar stories.

This was refreshing, fast paced, always intriguing and the crew once again spices things up. I was looking forward to reading this book and it not disappoint.

I received a copy of this in exchange for my honest opinion.
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3.5 stars

Honest to God, I didn't know this was a series. I found out after I started reading this because some things didn't make sense and I went back and saw this was book three so after I Catch up with the first two books I finally dive in with this and... okay, as a conclusion of a series it was great. This was fun and mysterious and action packed but with the romance... I didn't liked it that much. I like Mia and Logan separated. Their interactions with their families and friends/coworkers were great and I loved it but I couldn't get on board with them together.
I have to say my favorite character was London and I hope they get at least a book or novella because I'd love to read more of them.
Overall as a Suspense series with a little bit of romance this was fantastic. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review
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This is the third book in the  Counterfeit Caper series and I think this was my favorite.  It certainly was the most emotional and yet the most exciting, kept me turning pages as fast as I could to find out what was happening next.  Mia Benson is the daughter of one of the biggest crooks in Chicago, who left the country five years ago.  Mia has wanted to get her revenge on her father, and pay back all the people he took advantage of.  She has been the mastermind of the group who have helped her steal back art that her father had given his friends.  However, although she is the brains of the operation she has not usually participated in the heists.  This book features Mia as the one who is getting her feet wet in this book. And then she meets Logan, who happens to be FBI.  Sparks fly between them, and then the story really begins.  A fun, fun read.
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In the conclusion of the series, we get to see inside Logan and Mia’s relationship. They belong together but are working on separate sides. He is an FBI agent and she is the mastermind behind all of the art thefts that have been occurring. Even though she is doing it for the right reasons, when the truth comes out it could be the end of them. 

  I enjoyed the banter and relationship between Logan and Mia. I also found it entertaining to see Mia being a natural when it comes to the con. The conclusion was well worth the wait and you really need to read these in order so you know exactly how much Mia changed throughout the series. I deducted half a star because it was a lot slower paced than the other two books in the series. 

  I highly recommend this series, as well as, the books she has written under her other pen name. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
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In the third installment of the Counterfeit Capers series, Mia Benson finds herself needing to distract a certain FBI agent who is quickly closing in on her Robin Hood scheme. When she begins getting closer to him to find out what she knows, she never counts on actually falling for him. 

This is a delightful romance heist story. Having read the other two, I was excited to get my hands on this one, and it did not disappoint. Mia was the character who I found to be the least fleshed out in the other two books, and I was glad to get to know more about her character. While this book focuses less on the actual heists, I feel like this gives the romance a bit more time to shine. A heads up to potential readers, I would recommend reading this series in order. Not only are the heists connected in each book, there is a major plot point that is introduced in book one and carries through all the books. Normally, I find that romances can be read out of order, but this is definitely an exception.
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It’s a finale worth waiting for and doesn’t disappoint. Logan and Mia are meant to be, but will her Robin Hood act be a deal breaker? The act of switching forgeries for original artwork is creative and reckless. Mia is learning to master the art of the con and is more of a natural than expected. I’ve enjoyed reading the series and becoming caught up in the heist. Highly recommend reading the books in order. My review has been given voluntarily after reading an early copy.
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To Catch a Thief by Sloane Steele is the 3rd and final book in her Counterfeit Capers series.  I enjoyed the first two books in this (Robin Hood Heist style) series, and looked forward to reading To Catch a Thief, as it was the final book.  Happy to say I loved the satisfying conclusion.  Refresher: Jared and Mia (cousins), plan their series of heists as payback against their fathers.  A number of years ago, their fathers were exposed for a Bernie Madoff financial scam, causing many people to lose their money; a number of those people were put into financial binds. The fathers are in hiding, leaving the children and their wives to suffer the backlash against them; even though they had no idea what was happening. Years have passed, and now both Jared and Mia have inherited from their mother’s trust funds, which they plan to use to help out all those people who were hurt financially.  The series revolves around those people who Jared and Mia hired to help them. Audrey (Data) is a hacker, Nikki is the thief and London is the forger.
In To Catch a Thief, Mia (the mastermind) is the lead in this story.  Mia has always been known as the Ice Queen (cold, bossy, determined to payback her father), but over time (previous books), she softened up, especially working with the three ladies that she and Jared had chosen to help replace paintings with forgeries (selling the good paintings and secretly giving those harmed by her father and their cronies money to help them recover).  I loved how Nikki and Audrey would walk Mia through her on site events, especially teasing her.  It was fun, and I liked the banter between them.  
Logan Ford, is an FBI agent, who is undercover as an insurance agent to try and find out why all these forgeries are showing up.  He has Mia Benson on his list, as people who are art connoisseurs, and tries to use her to help him find out about what is happening in the art world.  Slowly, Logan finds himself attracted to Mia, and is determined to win her over.  What he doesn’t know is that Mia and her team, suspect he might be a cop, since his knowledge of art was poor.
Mia allows herself to open up to Logan, and eventually become romantically involved. However, part of her tries to keep him from knowing the truth about her involvement and her team’s safety.  Mia discovers her father has so many more hidden paintings that she can never keep up, and decides to work with the FBI (and Logan) in trapping her father, which puts her in the forefront of being behind the heist, even if she used the money to give to those who lost everything.  Logan was unhappy to learn that Mia was behind the heists, even if it was for a good cause, but he worked with her and the FBI for the sting against her father. He also wanted the names of those who worked for her, which she constantly said she worked alone.  Will Logan be able to accept that Mia technically was a criminal?   
What follows is another wonderful exciting story, in the world of hackers, thieves and forgers, as well as playing robin hood (payback to the victims). There was plenty of action, intrigue, suspense and a couple we rooted for.  Mia in this book, turned into a great lead, who I really got to like. I did like Logan, though I was not sure if he would be able to stay with Mia.  I do not want to say too much more, since you should be reading this without spoilers.  To Catch a Thief was very well written by Sloane Steele, and I totally loved the storyline revolving around the heists; lots of fun.  To Catch a Thief was a fun, as well as suspenseful story, with a fantastic group of characters.
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To Catch a Thief wonderfully concludes the Counterfeit Capers series with a story that although slow to start soon had me engaged. Not to mention was full of heists, as Mia her crew ramp up Mia's plan to play Robin Hood and steal from her father's friends to lure her father and uncle out of hiding. And with undercover FBI Agent Logan Ford edging ever closer to discovering who is really responsible for the spate of forgeries that have recently surfaced. This was an entertaining read. That, combined the mystery, heists and romance really well.

Would recommend.
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I’ve been obsessed with Mia the mastermind since book one! I love her with Logan, the undercover FBI agent. And the conclusion was just perfection!
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Mia and her team are switching counterfeit paintings just before they go for auction. Mia’s father was involved in a scheme that stole millions and Mia is using the art counterfeiting to get money back to the victims of that scheme. While working on her latest heist she meets Logan and realizes that he is a undercover cop. As they try to pump one another, con one another, their personal connection heats up. What will happen between the cop and the criminal?
The love story keeps heating up throughout the book and the tension comes from two sources: the stress of the actual theft and the seeming impossibility that the love affair can turn out right between the thief and the cop. This seems to the the final book in the series and things all around get closed up right and tight. While it might be able to be read as a standalone I would suggest patrons start at the beginning of the series. I would recommend this book to my patrons.
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Another great book in the series, this one focusing on Mia.  While it was my least favorite of the three books, I still really enjoyed it.
Mia is the mastermind behind the "Robin Hood" art thefts and forgeries.  But when Logan, an undercover FBI agent, gets close to Mia, she has a hard time separating her mission from her feelings for Logan.  Can they figure out a way to work together for justice, or will Mia have to turn herself in for the greater good?  
Not as much romance as I like in these books, but great story line.  Love Logan's family.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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