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The Promised Neverland, Vol. 20

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Are you waiting (im)patiently for the 20th volume of The Promised Neverland? Your wait will not be in vain! I was definitely blown away by this finale, and I cannot wait to talk about this final book with all of my students who are loving this manga!
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I received an ARC of Promised Neverland Vol. 20 from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. This was a great conclusion to Promised Neverland's universe, for those who stuck around since the kids escaped Grace Field House. We are also reunited with a key character from the beginning of the story, who in turn receives a fitting conclusion to their storyline. Hopefully enough people who got into the title through the animated version will stick around for the manga, since I heard the animated version's second season was a mess.
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Okay I waited until the eARCs were up on Netgalley before I wrote my review.
Please for the love of everything don't shoot me for this because I think this may be pretty controversial.

I...didn't like the end of TPN. I REALLY didn't like the end. Enough that just between the three months when I originally read this to when I'm writing this review, I dropped it a whole star. I'm going to try to be as unspoilery as possible for THIS volume.

My biggest gripe with this was the lack of stakes. This series has been brutal. Like Game of Thrones level brutal. Killing main and side characters off left and right. Up until the last five volumes of the series, there was a sense of danger at every single turn. That Goldie Pond arc? Literally the best with the level of tension and terror it caused. I loved it. I didn't think people would make it out alive. People didn't make it out alive. It made this cruel, dark world believable . It made the end goal of the orphans very difficult and it made me love this series. So it is VERY hard for me to come to the end of this and not like the series in the end all because of the last two volumes.

Volume 19 really depicted the turn in the story, but really it was the last five volumes as a whole that just fell so flat.  That feeling of the characters being in constant danger was gone.  The story never felt like they were at any threat. It stopped being believable that they just "somehow" got out of every single situation unscathed. I get wanting all your characters to have happy endings, but this was excessive. This story promised hard choices and tough decisions, and it did not deliver in the end at all. It deux ex machinad the crap out of every situation. There were characters who were clearly supposed to die who didn't because "reasons," and that pisses me off.

If you're going to write a story that's like this, then you have to keep the same pace if you want the ending to have any punch. Sadly, the conclusion of TPN left me feeling sad and cheated, to the point that I'm not purchasing this series because of it.

If you like this series, I'm seriously glad for you. I wish I could too. I envy you, and I hope you enjoy it every time you reread it and rejoin the journey of these characters.
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The long awaited finale did not disappoint! This was a series I was not ready to have end but at least it was a good ending. For those who have been following Emma and her family make sure you read this and find out if they make it to the human world. This tackles the issue of how to handle those who have hurt us but because they are also trying to survive. It also talks about the reflections of the world of the demons and the world of humans. My only regret is that we do not get to see how the children end up once they have “grown up” but it does leave room for each of us to have our own futures for them.
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