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<i>Elves on the Fifth Floor</i> is about the Greco-Aidens: a family of two moms and three kids who move to the city of R. after a newly elected president forced them to move due to hate towards their kind of family. The Greco-Aidens didn't get what they expected after arriving in the city of R. where people are scared of strangers. No one wants to open their door to any of the newcomers or talk to them. The only one open to the Greco-Aidens is a young inventor Olivia. As Christmas draws nearer, the family gets an offer from the North Pole: Santa Claus wants <i>their</i> help getting presents ready for the children of the city of R. The Greco-Aiden family accepts and the next day they welcome ten elves into their home but that's just the beginning of an eventful Christmas. 

This was a short and fun middle-grade story. I really enjoyed the story and the dynamics as well as it being a Christmas tale featuring a family with two moms, which we NEED to see more of! The only critique I have for the book is that it felt a bit rushed, which I understand is due to it being less than 150 pages AND a middle-grade. All in all, a very enjoyable read, and I couldn't stop reading it!
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This story is definitely targeted towards the younger end of Middle Grade which I wasn't expecting so it took me a few pages to adjust my expectations.
That being said this was such a cute little story. It's so festive, so absolutely perfect for this time of year, the diversity in this story was great to see, the illustrations throughout where beautiful and it's just a really fun festive story.
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That was such a nice reading and the illustrations are so cute too! I need to admit that I took too long to finish this book (and that may have affected my enjoyment a tiny bit) but I'll blame college for that!!
Elves on the Fifth Floor was one of the cutest books I've ever read and I wish I had a book like that when I was a child, a book that shows that it's ok to be queer, that queer people are allowed to not just exist but have a family. It was nice seeing that, though the last few chapters seemed a little bit too fast-paced and confusing, that doesn't change the good feeling that I felt reading this lovely story.
So, yes, I think that this is the kind of book that everyone should read not only as a child but as an adult too. It was a lovely ride and, since Christmas is so close, I hope lots of people consider giving a chance to this heartwarming adventure!!
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This was really fun and cute, a perfect christmas story for younger kids that is filled with diversity. It's really important to show queer families in books aimed towards the younger demographic and the fact that more and more are getting published every year makes me really happy.
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This was really short and really cute! We have two moms and their kids trying to start a new life in a new town, a town where adults ignore strangers and don't let the kids talk to them, but then something magical happens and adventures start for these kids. It's a really adorable Christmas story to read no matter how old you are. I may not be the target audience specifically, but who doesn't love a Christmas story with elves, presents, magic and Santa? I know I do!
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This was a sweet holiday story that brings together a town that is usually very separated. The new family in town gets notice that Santa needs their help, but they need to recruit help from a couple friends to.... but that is hard when you're not supposed to talk to each other.
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This is a cute children’s book about an LBGTQIA couple who move to the town of R with their three children because lesbian led families are not accepted in their old country.  Nothing bad every happens in R because everyone keeps to themselves. The family is asked to help Santa’s elves prepare gifts for Christmas for some of the children of the world.  This would make a nice read-aloud to small children. I like the inclusiveness of the story but some of the fantasy elements were a bit much for me.
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Just amazing! Loved this book! Loved the family was led by two mamas, loved their hope, loved their belief in magic and Christmas, loved the element of surprise towards the end - all of it!

The illustrations are uh-DORABLE! The font was even great - super kid and late-night friendly. 

We need more of these books! Diverse, goodness in character's hearts, imagination!  Yes please!
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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley

My boys and I really love reading this together. Sweet cute story
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The book didn’t really hold my sons interest. We would read a while and he would just be done. Loved the different types of families represented throughout the book. Just wish there was more depth to the characters.
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Children loved to be read to and this is an excellent addition to their yearly stories.  It's unique and a lot of fun!
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This colourfully illustrated short chapter book is a joy. I read it in one sitting. The way that the two mum family is portrayed here is brilliant, so natural and just a part of the story and we definitely need more children's books like this. Everyone loves a Christmas story and this one will delight young readers. I can imagine lots of children wanting to volunteer to wrap presents with the elves. One little part that I totally loved was the idea of 'lose a minute' where everyone gathered together before they started their work. I love this! I love the characters in the book and I do hope now the author will develop these and that we as the readers will get to know them and the place in which they live ' R 'even better. This is a Christmas book that goes further and allows so many more families and children to see themselves in books and that makes my heart sing. 

With huge thanks to NetGalley and the author and publishers for allowing me to spend a Christmasy afternoon in September.
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It was a fun and cute holiday read , definitely an amazing read for every kid that wants to experience fantasy at their doorstep
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This was such a quick fun whimsical Christmas-ey read for me.

If I read this when I was still a little kid, I would definitely favor this book so much.

I loveeee Christmas time. Personally, I start my Christmas from November😉 but it really doesn’t hurt to start Christmas early this year by reading this. I truly feel nostalgic because this is the kind of story that I prefer when I was a kid. The family, the adventure, the Santa, the children, the elves too!

The family of 5 with 2 mommies that choose their children over everything. The adventure to save Christmas. The Santa that makes every kid wishes comes true. The children with such an innocent heart and the elves that are very magical. The art is perfect too! I loooove them!

- Thank you NetGalley and Undercats for the e-ARC -
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<i> Thank you to Undercats and Netgalley for this eARC in exchange for an honest review.</i>

This was such a beeautiful lgbtqia+ story wrapped up in a cute Christmas story, helping to spread acceptance and love. 

We follow three siblings whose two mums moved to the city, R. as the place that they had lived before was no longer safe for them due to being gay. However, R is safe - if untrusting to strangers. This is such a gorgeous story with so many styles of family (not just Mum, Dad, kids) and I love to see it. I wish I'd been able to read this as a kid in the 90s - it wasn't the easiest place to grow up knowing that you were questioning. 

However, can I just say right here that I love the Elves. :D They are great. And the kids. Oh how inventive! Ha. I'd love to have adventures like this, and I think that my nieces and nephews would love to go on this trip to help Santa! Right down to the clock. Hehe. 

Personally, I'd love to see this become another "Night Before Christmas", Christmas Eve style story. <3 

Though, warning in advance for the mums getting taken away in a police car to the police station for if you are reading or gifting this to younger users.
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2.5/5 Cute but not what I expected.  While I know it was a children's book it seemed to both be too realistic and too fantasy at the same time and the two vibes didn't really mesh.  I was really interested in the children and their CB radio which we got very little of and less about the adults who don't want to do anything with one another (nor is there really much explanation of that as it seems to just be a plot device that gets conveniently sort of resolved in the end without any of them dealing with the adults outside of that specific circumstance).
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Elves on the Fifth Floor by Francesca Cavallo was an easy to read, in one sitting, different Christmas story for children and adults both.  I really enjoyed the premise and characters in the book and liked that there was no heavy handedness in either.  I will definitely recommend this book for everyone.
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Thanks to NetGalley for my ARC

This was a hard book to review for me. I loved that it is a kids book that celebrates diverse families. It does it in a way that seems normal and natural, just like I think it should be. The mothers are loving parents. I thought that the blurb about the book was really interesting; kids who team up with an underground radio, elves, Santa, YES! However, I unfortunately felt this book didn't fully live up to the potential of its plot.

The city of R. is not well defined. The idea of nothing bad happening and people keeping to themselves was described, but really not explained. I don't know how you could move to such a black and white city and not know anything about it. It was an odd concept that felt incomplete. None of the characters really seemed to be fleshed out or distinctive. Considering that elves and Santa are involved in the book I expected it to feel more magical. However, that part of the plot was just told without really being explored. I mean, if you got a message about helping Santa wouldn't you be going wild? Plus, how was this a thing that happened that everyone accepted, but then no one else seemed to find believable? 

I loved the concept of the book, but think it would have been even better with more detail to the characters and more reveal to the story. I would recommend this for kids, and would certainly look for more stories in this series if they come out.
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It's a little early for a Christmas story, but I liked everything about this short picture novel from the intriguing title to the entertaining and cute tale, to the playful text by Cavallo, and the charming illustrations by Wugeditsch. It was original, quirky in a good way, and amusing. The only problem with the ebook was that Amazon did its usual job of mangling of the format in the Kindle edition - turning it into the kindling it's well known for in my experience. This is one of many reasons why I will have nothing to do with Amazon. For example, the page numbers appeared in the midst of the story including on one amusing occasion where I read the following:

    The young man had pulled out his cell phone and was dialing a number.

It made it look like the number he was dialing was 74! The Net Galley viewer presented it much better and was beautifully laid out, but it was in double page format that doesn't work on my phone, which is where I typically read my books. I don't know if this is going to be available in a Kindle edition, but if it is, I recommend strongly against buying that version. The lines were chopped unequally, so some parts of the text would cover the left half of the screen whereas other lines would go the full width of the screen. Drop caps do not work and were messed up. Pictures and text were poorly adjoined. The formatting was, as usual in Kindle when it's anything other than plain vanilla text, messed up to put it politely.

I couldn't read the Net Galley version on my iPad since Net Galley snottily refuses to make its app compatible with older devices, but I was able to try it on Blue Fire Reader and in Adobe Digital Editions, and it was perfectly fine in both of those. So there, Net Galley! Take that! LOL!

The story was wonderful. It was a family of two parents and three kids, who were moving to a new town because of the resentment about their family and marital choices in the place they used to live (which I'd hazard a guess was Texas, especially the way things are going down here lately). They have a small apartment on the fifth floor and make the most of it. One parent, Isabella heads out the next day to begin her new job as a mail carrier at the town's post office. The other, Dominique, stays home with the kids.

When the kids write a letter to Santa about changing plans for a Christmas present, they wonder if it will get there in time, so they're surprised to get a speedy reply in the form of a magical letter from Santa himself! It enquires if it might be possible for some elves work from their home on Christmas Eve, in order to make sure all the presents get distributed in time. Naturally they accept, and this is how elves come to be on the fifth floor, but in a place like this where adults are not known to be overly friendly, the arrival of new people, and the activities on the fifth floor become problematical!

However it all works out in the end. That's not a spoiler! You knew it would! I liked this for its off-kilter take on the world, and for its enthusiastic story-telling and I commend it fully as a worthy read.
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There is so much love, compassion, kindness, wisdom and hope written into this story.   Isabelle and Dominique are realistic and likeable as they work through a move to a new town with three children.  Their relationship is natural and heartwarming.  They are role models for the belief that Love of family is universal and isn't limited by gender. 

There are so many talking points in this story and I found myself wanting to read it to a group of kids just for the joy of talking about the many elements that went into this story.   How delightful is it  to show families that find each other again during the holidays instead of the usual family quarrels?  

I had no expectations starting this book and I'm happy to say that reading it has  introduced me to a new author and illustrator.  Santa and the elves don't overshadow but definitely play a big role in steering the story.  Which will make it a fun read or listen for a wide age range.  The illustrations are the perfect backdrop for the story and reflect the story's actions for younger readers/listeners.

This story both delighted and reminded me that love and hope are always available in our world, sometimes we just have to work harder to find it.  The past couple of weeks (years, really) have left us all with the need to be reminded that love and miracles are out there if we're open to the possibilities.
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