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Every City Is Every Other City

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I thought this was an entertaining book.  I liked the characters and the plot line.  I was a little unsure in the beginning how a location scout/PI combination was going to work out but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the two jobs worked together.  I'm definitely intrigued by Gord and would be interested in continuing his story.

I listened to the audio book and really enjoyed the narrator.
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I really enjoyed this mystery! The two storylines kept it interesting and the protagonist is likeable and relatable. I will definitely check out other titles by this author.
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Oh boy, where do I start? First off, let me make it clear that I am reviewing the audiobook version of this novel. It is very important to make the distinction, because I feel I might have liked the story better if I had read it instead of listened to it.

My issue, unfortunately, was with the narration. The main protagonist comes off as depressed and bored throughout the book, even though the story does not call for it. There is no emotion in his voice; he sounds completely flat. Which is bizarre because all the other characters have life and vigor. I don't know what was the idea behind that creative choice, but it ruined it for me. I never once believe he could fall for Ethel and that she could fall for him. Even when he said he wanted to see her again, it didn't sound like he did. At all. The chemistry was lacking and honestly, I'm not sure if it's because of the writing or the narration.

The story itself was... okay. I think it might deserve a 3.5 stars rating, perhaps even a 4, but I'll stick to 2.5 for the audiobook version. 

Thank you to NetGalley and ECW Press Audio for this ARC. I offer my review freely.

Pub date: 15 July 2021
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His first book in quite a while, and worth the wait. Low-key humor, engaging characters, and two radically different parallel plot lines all fit together. Gordon Stewart is a film location scout/manager and part time private eye who starts out doing a favor for a friend, finds a body, and gets involved in a case way bigger than he can handle unless he picks his spots. If you’re looking for a book where you can think “This could happen” on just about every page, with plenty of opportunities for “I’m glad it’s not happening to me” then this is the book for you.
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My thanks to Net Galley and ECW Press Audio for the chance to review.

Gordon Stewart is a P.I and movie location scout.  He is asked by a coworker to help find her missing uncle  who she thinks killed himself.  The story.goes into the investigation but veered into another subplot,  male suicide statistics,  and things about movie sets.  Ethel, his love interest was fun. Dry narrator.   I did not hate this but was not wowed.
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